Armed Robbery of a Pot Shop In Victoria\

I have warned in at least three previous blogs about the crime wave that Mayor Lisa Helps is bringing to Victoria through her quasi-legalization of federally illegal pot storefronts. On October 27, there was another armed robbery of a pot shop in Victoria, the third, and that is just in the last three months. Are you listening yet Mayor? Legalized pot shop bring crime.

Here is the posting from the Victoria Police Department web site about another armed robbery, the third this year

Victoria BC – VicPD detectives are investigating the report of a robbery that occurred in the 1700-block of Cook Street on Tuesday evening.

VicPD officers were called for a robbery at the Ocean Grown Medicinal Dispensary at approximately 8:35 p.m. The suspects fled in a vehicle. VicPD officers gave chase, but were unable to locate the suspects.

It was determined after initial contact with the people in the store that the two male suspects brandished firearms. During the robbery, the victims had their hands bound in the store by the suspects.

The investigation is in the early stages and VicPD investigators are continuing to gather information. VicPD is looking to see if there is a connection between the previous dispensary robberies this year, although it is too early to say if there is any connection.

another armed robbery, where is our protection?Instead of protecting you, Lisa Helps is bringing Gangs, Guns and Ganja to Victoria

Lisa Helps is ignoring the first duty of government and endangering citizens through her policy of turning a blind eye to weed shops with incidents like an armed robbery becoming common in Victoria.  I’m telling you, just as I have told you before, it is going to get worse.

Drug addicts and gangs want two things, money and drugs. Lisa Helps has made both available to them in a one stop shop. It’s insanity, not responsible leadership and that is why this armed robbery was not unexpected

another armed robbery requires Vicpd to deal with gun violence

Do you want Victoria to be known as a tourist destination or a drug destination?

We are headed down the road of being a drug destination and turning our beautiful harbour into a refuge for addicts, dealers and other violent criminals.

  • How long before somebody is killed in an armed robbery?
  • How long before tourists start getting robbed downtown?
  • How long before we see motorcycle gangs cruising the downtown, driving our tourists away?
  • How long before parents with kids don’t want to bring their children here because they don’t want them seeing all the dope shops?
  • How long before our legitimate stores start closing down because of their proximity to a pot shop and all the problems they bring?
armed robber was a result of Lisa Helps failure to do her duty
————–Mayor Lisa Helps————-

With the drug policies of Lisa Helps, it is all coming. She is destroying Victoria

Mayor Helps says she is going to regulate these pot stores with security rules.

She cannot regulate drugs because you can’t regulate criminals. That’s why we have jails and prisons.

If criminals would follow rules, regulations or laws, they wouldn’t be criminals

Victoria needs to remain a preferred tourist destination based on its culture, based on its diversity, based on its restaurants, based on the friendliness of its people and based on its harbour, not based on its drug scene.

www.breakingthecode.caLast week a cartoon I had posted about the escape of Tyler Fong drew the ire of Mayor Helps in the following tweet

I don’t appreciate this kind of disrespect.

To which I responded with, I would like to remind Mayor Helps of a few things

  1. Truth can never be disrespectful; while every half truth or outright lie is rooted in disrespect as they are self-protective attempts to deceptively manipulate a person’s thinking and/or actions
  2. What was disrespectful was these guards not doing their job properly, and thereby, allowing Tyler Fong to escape
  3. The ultimate disrespect was to the public who was endangered and to our police who were tasked with having to re-capture Fong because of the failure of the guards

My cartoon was not disrespectful

Mayor Helps’ comment was not about my joke. I believe it was about my disagreement with the mayor regarding her quasi-legalization of pot stores in Victoria, and that not wanting to fight that fight with me, that she decided to play the “politically correct” card and hoped doing so would lessen my credibility, and thereby, blunt my criticism of her drug policies which invite motorcycle gangs to Victoria and threaten to turn Victoria into a dope destination instead of a tourist destination.

another armed robbery because Lisa Helps invites criminals to VictoriaI will now expand on that response

Mayor Helps, while Mayor Stew Young, and company, of Langford are busy exporting their crime, you seem intent on importing it just as quickly

Despite the exceedingly hard work of the VicPD, are we now witnessing the surrey-ization of Victoria, compliments of an insane drug policy?

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