Farmacy Victoria is a Criminal Enterprise

Farmacy Victoria Even-name-is-lie

I don’t normally blog about an individual pot shop. However I make an exception when some shop starts spreading its lies on social media. Accordingly, here is a recent tweet from Farmacy Victoria. “We are no Shady Dispensary and our Doctors are professionals.” It is absolutely correct about one thing. It is not “shady”. It is far worse than shady. Farmacy Victoria is a full on criminal enterprise.

Farmacy Victoria High End InteriorFrom the deceptive pun in its name to its high end interior atmosphere, the owners of Farmacy Victoria have created a slick image, but do not be fooled

It is owned by criminals. Moreover, it is run by criminals and supplied by criminals. And any money spent there is funding biker gangs and/or other criminals to commit more crimes.

Farmacy VictoriaDo you remember this part of the quote? “Our Doctors are professionals.” It’s another lie. It has no doctors

The quote implies that there are multiple doctors on staff or on site. The truth is there are no staff doctors or doctors available on site. They use every trick in the book including flat out lies.

There is a nurse in a separate building within the same parking lot. Laughably, Farmacy Victoria refers to that building as its “Clinic”.

It doesn’t just lie about doctors though. According to comments on Reddit, these criminals also run a 30 second Skype script scam. They use every trick in the book including flat out lies.

Moreover, its web site also has a section titled “Cannabis 101” about the medicinal qualities of pot. It is full of self serving misinformation.

Nurse-taking-man's pulse
You have a pulse so you can purchase weed

Anyhow, back to the doctors. When I called I was told the following sign up process, including the medical exam, takes less than 10 minutes. Therefore, it must be one heck of a thorough medical exam

First you go to the clinic and see the nurse. She/he has you fill out a membership application. Then the nurse questions you about why you think you need to use pot. Your membership will then be approved and you can buy marijuana.

What pot can you buy after approval?

If the ten minute medical exam by a so called “nurse” and the lies about a doctor didn’t tip you off that this is a sham, their menu of available marijuana products should. You can buy just about anything you can imagine.

Farmacy Victoria - Taxes
Farmacy Victoria says it is legit because it pays all its taxes. If supposedly paying all your taxes made you legit all the other criminals in town would pay theirs too

The Farmacy Victoria lists 36 different varieties of weed, not including edibles or other forms. But out of those 36, only one makes reference to a CBD level.

CBD is the active ingredient in weed that has the medicinal affects. Therefore, without ample CBD levels there is no medical benefit.

While Farmacy Victoria has only one weed for which it lists any CBD level, it has two different varieties of hashish. Hashish is a concentrated derivative of pot. Its only use is to get a person high.

Farmacy Victoria

Additionally, Farmacy Victoria sells seven different varieties of “shatter”. Shatter has a THC level 5 to 6 times higher than normal BC bud. There is nothing medical about shatter. In fact, it is so potent that it often causes psychotic breaks in its users.

Our kids cannot help but to notice Farmacy Victoria

The shop is at the intersection of Hillside Avenue and Scott Road. This is exactly across the street from the main entrance to Hillside Mall. It is also clearly visible from the McDonalds restaurant parking lot and the Dairy Queen parking lot. Additionally, each are within metres of it. Kids frequent all three of these places.

RCMP make huge marijuana bustThese guys obviously think they are above the law. The RCMP and the Victoria Police Department should show them that they are not

Due to its location, it falls within the jurisdiction of the VicPD. Also, it is subject to action by the RCMP because it is in violation of federal laws.

Busting Farmacy Victoria would lead to a treasure trove of other criminals. This operation was not set up on a shoestring budget. Accordingly, the reach and depth of the organizations which supply, manage and/or own it is obviously vast.

Seizure-takes-your-house-car-and-moneyFarmacy Victoria is also a perfect target for Civil Forfeiture

I see cars, houses and business real estate in the province’s future if it files suit against Farmacy Victoria. Why should the bikers and crooks make all the money? Remember

  • It is well financed
  • It operates in a manner meant to deceive the public
  • The property it is on is worth a lot of money
  • It is part of a sophisticated criminal organization, from grow ops to retail
  • The business tries to position itself as a private club by making buyers become members, but it is really a retail business selling mostly recreational pot while pretending it is a medical facility
  • It is openly violating federal law

Farmacy Victoria has brought violence before in the form of an armed robbery. Unless it is shut down, it will be a centerpiece in the coming fight to control the pot trade in Victoria

If Lisa Helps gets her way, soon the City of Victoria will be licensing criminal enterprises like Farmacy Victoria. You need to stop it now

Victoria news media The city knows it will be licensing criminals to commit crimes. Just read the warning sign if you don’t believe me. It is a quote from the city.

It’s absolutely clear. If our elected officials proceed with their stated plans, they will be licensing criminals to run criminal enterprises.

Readers, you have the power to protect Victoria. It is time to do so

Accordingly, we have started a Protect Victoria GoFundMe page. The purpose of the page is to stop the city from its reckless actions.

Also, we are hiring a Victoria lawyer. We will instruct him/her to file for an injunction against the City of Victoria. That injunction will ask the courts to temporarily forbid the city from licensing pot shops to violate federal law.

Victoria news media
Every pot shop you see tells you Lisa Helps believes she is above the law

You need to join this lawsuit

This suit is open to the class of people who might be negatively affected by a pot shop. Accordingly, you qualify if you believe you will be damaged because of your proximity to a pot shop. This might be because you own a business, because you are a landlord or even because you are an employee. You can protect yourself and your business while you protect Victoria.

Join the lawsuit. Your time for action is now. It won’t cost you a cent unless you decide to donate. That said, we could use your donation. We need your help to protect Victoria.

Ptotect VictoriaAlso, if you are in favor of medical marijuana, please realize that the City of Victoria is destroying its credibility within the medical community by allowing regular pot to masquerade as medicinal pot.

Folks, I have invested countless hours and put up my own money to start this because I care about Victoria. Now, if you care about your business, it is time for you to make an investment.

Therefore, please do all of these three things so that you can help protect Victoria and yourself.

  1. Join the law suit
  2. Make a contribution to the GoFundMe page
  3. Share this on social media

It time to protect Victoria. It is time to take our city back. Join us, please.

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  1. It looks as though you have finally figured out how dispensaries work and you are angry about it.

    I think you are a very sad, angry man who is completely wrong on this issue. I hope your campaign totally shits the bed, and I can’t wait until pot is legal so we can stop wasting resource chasing down people for doing things that should have never been illegal to begin with. Prohibition only makes drug abuse worse.

    • You cannot be more wrong about labeling me angry. I am immensely disappointed in the rise of dispensaries, not angry at all.

      Yes, I have figured out how most work. I’ve always known. They pretend to care almost wholly about health, but in reality they are about getting people high and addicted. They are run by charlatans who fund organized crime and take advantage of people.

      By the way, medicinal pot is legal.

      • Sorry Hal but you offer no proof of the claims you make. I am a success story as a result of using CBD and THC Gummy Bears (for sleep). Im a very active 48 year old who became house practically bound as a result of severe arthritis in both knees. I had to give up work and rely on my young family to assist me. I’ve had my children watch as their mother’s knees gave out and I’ve fallen, no child should see a parent suffer like this either emotionally of financially. Prescribed medication made me sick and did not help, I was a lost cause. I’ve never taken recreational drugs in my life and was hesitant. I had a very thorough medical exam (not the ten minute job you claim!) The doctor was reluctant to prescribe to me as he was an advocate of me having the surgery I was much in need of, but was being denied due to my age. I have been using Farmacy for over a year now and it has changed my life. I am back at work and have been able to put off the surgery that was not even a guarantee of a life long pain, free existence. The staff at Farmacy have proven invaluable in the advice they have given me. I owe them my all for the help they have offered and for giving me a new lease of life. If you want to have a go at the true criminals in the drug industry take a look at the big Pharma. They are gouging the wallets of the sick and needy. I was off work and unable to pay for my prescribed meds, how is that good practice. Look up the number of deaths as a result of pharma drugs in comparison to medical marijuana. Then tell me we have a problem!!!!! How much of the tax payers money does the pharmaceutical companies invest back to the people? You’ll find they look after themselves. I know there is a place for Pharma, I don’t contest that but you have no basis for targeting a natural product like marijuana. It’s simply a plant which you will find is the origin of most of all of the legal drugs we use. If you want a fight please put your energy and time into a more worthwhile cause.

        • Angela,

          I am sorry that you suffer as you do, and I am truly happy that marijuana seems to help you. In fact, I have always said that I believe THC (high in CBD content) can help with many afflictions. So please, do not paint me as an anti-pot activist.

          Read more of my blogs and you will see that I am not anti-pot. However, I am anti-potshops. They are illegal and the proof of that is undeniable if you read the Criminal Code of Canada or listen to Trudeau’s comments when he recently came to Victoria.

          As far as shatter and other high potency bastardized forms of marijuana go, they are causing mental problems in non-frequent users. Again, the proof can be found on the internet.

          Accordingly, I stand by my statements:
          1. Pharmacy Victoria is a criminal enterprise.
          2. It has no right to prescribe marijuana.
          3. It sells dangerous forms of marijuana.
          4. Its principle business is getting people high, not healing them as most of the pot it sells is low in CBD, the cannabinoid that actually helps people.

          There are “legal” avenues available to those in need to obtain medical pot. I simply believe that those needy people should obtain their pot through those legal sources rather than through the criminal shops whose principle supply comes from other criminals, such as biker gangs, etc.

  2. Hal,

    Why would you invest heavily in an anti Marijuana campaign? Have you not seen the tax benefits already making a huge difference in states all across the US?

    The Canadian Federal Government will legalize marijuana in 2017 period. It’s not stopping and fighting it is a waste of time and money. The sooner we licence these business’ the sooner they have to abide by regulations and file taxes. Money that can be spent on mental health, education etc.

    The sooner the process is legalized, regulated and taxed the sooner you’ll see there is no “criminal” element. The only lawyer that would take your money and fight for you is a lawyer that sees you as a cash cow. They’ll fight for you as long as you pay but they know damn well it’s not going to do anything.

  3. Actually, there is no proof that thc has an effecton on the brain. They even admitted that they have no efficient proof to carry on that theory. We could go on and on I am sure. Thanks for letting me leave my comment.

    • Proof, as with beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Suffice it to say that there is proof that Shatter causes psychotic breaks because of its extraordinarily high levels of THC. Since high levels cause that reaction, it is ipso facto that lesser levels are also doing something negative to the brain, even if to a lesser degree. Combine this with the fact that the undeveloped brain is more easily damaged than the developed brain and I think the conclusion is that THC, as most doctors aver, damages that undeveloped brain.

      All this is misdirection though. My blog on Farmacy Victoria was not about the medicinal value of pot. It was about the criminality of the business, its ties to biker gangs due to its supply chain and its blatant attempt to mislead the public by promoting itself as a “medical” facility when it is dedicated to getting people high, not to curing anybody. Farmacy Victoria is run by well funded charlatans and criminals who enrich other criminals.

      Thank you for your comments.

      • 6 litres of water can kill an adult. According to your personal thinking, drinking water everyday is causing us damage at a smaller rate, isn’t it?
        If as you say, this is not a rumble about the medical effects of pot but about a criminal enterprise, I suggest you to bring your evidence to the police and they will take care of it accordingly.

        • Are you really that stupid or stoned that you wish to compare water to weed? Water, in moderation, does not kill brain cells, unless you want to tell me it killed yours because something sure did. If people want to look for proof of the negative effects of weed on the mind, they need look no further than your idiotic email/comment.

      • If you do any research at all, MIT released a study concluding that cannabis does not kill brain cells or cause any significant damage to the brain. As your your earlier claim that they have only 1 CBD strain and multiple THC strains, this is because CBD does not not have varying effects based on strain so you only need one where as THC has different effects depending on the strain. Also, THC does way more than just get you high and is not addicting in any way other than why wouldnt someone want to partake in something that has very little possibility of negative side effects. I think you are just a very misinformed individual who is stuck in the “reefer madness” ideology and cannot see that marijuana should have never have been deemed illegal while alcohol and tobacco get to roam free even though they are proven to be way more damaging to the body.

        • (1). The MIT study did NOT include high potency derivatives such as shatter and hashish.
          (2). The principle business of Farmacy Victoria is centered around those high potency derivatives which are designed for the SOLE PURPOSE of getting one high and are causing temporary schizoid mental breaks in users.
          (3) Despite those undeniable facts, Farmacy Victoria bills itself as a “medical clinic”, yet it openly pushes non-medical and dangerous derivatives of marijuana in order to create addiction.
          (4) I did not write the laws. The Government of Canada wrote them and those laws prohibit Farmacy Victoria and its ilk from selling pot. Thus, the owners thereof and the staff thereof are CRIMINALS. Those are simple facts about which you seem in denial.

          • 1. Marijuana in any form, be it herb or concentrates does not cause addiction.

            2. These “psychotic breakdowns” to which you are referring were not caused by cananbinoids of any sort they were simply cases in which the individual had an underlying mental disorder which was surfaced by the drug use which could have surfaced by a multitude of things such as prescription drugs or high stress.

            And just for your information, shatter and other concentrates are one of the safest and purest ways of getting a dose of THC or CBD as it completly eliminates any combustion in favour of vaporization. Just because something is potent does not mean you have to use it in high doses. You wouldnt buy a bottle of everclear to chug the bottle, its called moderation

            • (1). Health Canada disagrees with you, And its opinion does not even take into account the highly concentrated derivatives such as shatter and hashish. It says marijuana can be addictive and can CAUSE psychotic breaks and even long term damage, ESPECIALLY IN THE YET NOT FULLY DEVELOPED BRAIN.
              (2). If smoking is such a pure form of ingestion (which it is not), why don’t doctors prescribe opiates to be smoked rather than taken as pills?
              (3). There can be medical benefits to weed, but I would like a legitimate doctor to prescribe the use in individuals, not some quack who makes a living writing scripts after an internet interview, and certainly not the criminals who run pot shops and line the pockets of organized crime.
              (4). Addiction can be physical, psychological, or both.

              • Alright first off, the number one rule of finding the truth is NOT to go to a government source. That is what they wrote into law and what we are trying to have changed due to its inaccuracy. Find credible sources such as the MIT study i mentioned earlier.

                And again you showed your lack of attention as i said vaporizing not smoking which is a different thing entirely. I suggest you educate yourself and realize that the only reason drugs are criminal is because the government is to ignorant to see the increasing number of facts proving them wrong before you start spouting off all these lies.

                • (1). Is that the Rhyse rule? My rule is, don’t blindly accept the opinion of an institution whose study was funded by the the marijuana industry. Oh, and by the way, MIT doesn’t even have a medical school; its reputation is built on its engineering expertise.
                  (2.) Vaporizing is still ingestion into the lungs. So, maybe doctors should prescribe opiates to be “vaped”. Let’s not lose sight of your implication either. It is that a dangerous substance is no longer dangerous if “vaped”.

                  • Your a lost cause. Just know that 10 years down the road you will be the kind of people society. Laughs at for theiir ignorance. Good say.

                    • And ten years down the line, if you have a child, I pray that he/she will have been able to see the truth which you find so frustrating, and therefore, will have been successful in avoiding mind altering and dangerous substances such as shatter and hashish.

  4. If you did some more research you will learn that thc does have medical purposes. Also, why is it ok for children to go into the liquor store with their parents while they buy Alcohol.? After all , Alcohol kills !!!! Your comments on children and the medical marijuana store is silly. I have never seen a child go in or around any pot stores.

  5. Oh my god you’re a jackass if you think cbd is the only medicinal cannabinoid. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

    • You should follow your own advice. Tell me the other medical cannabinoids present in pot in measurable quantities. Then tell me these guys aren’t liars and criminals. You’re the fool, but thank you for your comment anyhow.

      • lol, Actually you should probably do some more research. Pot has cured cancer and helped children. The prescriptions your doctor gives you probably would kill you before pot.

        • LOL. Actually, you should probably learn how to read. I didn’t say that medicinal pot was ineffective. I said that FARMACY VICTORIA are charlatans and criminals because while extolling the values of medicinal pot it sells ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY recreational pot because the pot it sells has high levels of THC which is the cannabinoid that has the psychoactive effect. CBD, of which their pot has little, is the principle cannabinoid with the curative effect.

          This is exactly what I warned would happen when criminals are allowed to control the pot business.

          • Way to go Hal. I am trying to teach my young children not to be fooled by these charlatans, crooks, greedy, non caring scum of society who do not care for our young. They should not have their Farmacies where children are in proximity of McDonald’s and Dairy Queen. Next thing you know they will be beside schoolyards. Yeah sure sure, pot cures cancer. I could think of another word that starts with F like their Farmacies.

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