The Surrey-ization of Langford-Gangford

The Surrey-ization of Langford-Gangford 1

The May 18 announcement of the addition of one hundred new RCMP Members to Surrey and Delta foretells the Surrey-ization of Langford-Gangford.

In Today’s Blog Posting You Will Learn

  1. What the Surrey hiring process of more RCMP reveals about Stew Young’s many statements

  2. What the May 19 attack on a fifteen year old boy in Langford tells you about the attacker, and about the boy

  3. Why the hiring of 100 more RCMP in Surrey will have a profoundly negative affect on Gangford-Langford

  4. What Stew Young doesn’t want you to know about Langford’s civil filing opposing the land use at the Devils Army Clubhouse


What the Surrey Hiring Process of More RCMP Reveals About Stew Young’s Many Statements

The Various Press Releases Made Clear:

  • This addition of new RCMP was sought through a Delta-Richmond MP, Kerry-Lynne Findlay
  • Ms. Findlay, made the announcement on behalf of federal Public Safety Minister, Steven Blaney, (Nobody is sure exactly when any new RCMP Members might arrive -I am being told that the new Members will be phased in over the next five years- anyhow, here is the quote, “They will be here, we hope, sooner rather than later, but there is a process between governments that’s being worked out right now,”)
  • Surrey’s request for more officers was forwarded to Ottawa by the province. A federal government spokesperson, when asked how much the officers would cost, said the details were still being confirmed.” (My sources tell me that this request was started in December of 2013)


rcmp_recruit training womenWhat Those Facts Reveal About Stew Young’s Recent Promises to Add More RCMP

They tell you that you don’t just snap your fingers and magically have more RCMP. Do you see the process now? It is a process I revealed to you several blog postings ago. Admittedly, this particular process was longer because it involved a very large number of new RCMP, as well as additional federal funding, but it was started in December, 2013, a year and a half ago. Only now though can they announce new Members on the way, and they reveal that actually getting those Members is still a multi-year process.

Look carefully at those facts and you cannot help but to realize that Stew Young running around town talking to every media outlet about how he was hiring new RCMP was nothing but blah, blah, blah meant to impress you. The man had no plan, and still has no viable plan to make Langford safe for you and your family, as he appears, even to the extent of threatening citizens with lawsuits for opposing him, hellbent on continuing to develop certain areas of Langford at the expense of the deterioration of other areas as gangs invade the city, thereby adding to the gangs that were already present, as Stew continues to spout hollow rhetoric about more RCMP.


What the May 19 Attack on a Fifteen Year Old Boy in Langford Tells You About the Attacker, and About the Boy

In the article from the Times Colonist, the attacker is quoted as saying, “I want your sh*t.” It is also stated, “The attacker was “dressed in black and wearing a ski mask.”

The Would Be Victim

Having spent some fifteen years interacting with “the street”, I can tell you that when somebody references “your sh*t” that they are specifically referring to drugs. Take note of the fact that the attacker did not say “I want your money”, which is what a normal robber would say to a potential victim unless the robber knew something. Ergo, the logical conclusion is that the attacker knew this potential victim had dope on him, and if he was a random victim (some kid sitting beneath an overpass) that this particular kid was using drugs of some nature at the time and the attacker saw him doing so, or if instead, he was a pre-targeted victim, that this kid was dealing dope of some kind.

halfwolf halfmanThe Predator

From the attacker’s garb, “dressed in black and wearing a ski mask”, we know that he is a seasoned predator who is always prepared to strike at any time. Who else carries a ski mask on a warm, sunny day? By the fact that he did not make a demand for money, but instead, demanded drugs, we know that he is not a drug dealer, but a drug addict, therefore, a product of Langford’s ever growing drug problem.

All of This Beggars a Few Questions

  1. Why is a fifteen year old kid involved in drugs? This is the second instance in the last few months of a Langford teen being set upon for drugs.

  2. Did the police conduct any investigation as to what this kid was doing sitting under an overpass with drugs in his possession?

  3. Did they at least point out to him that they knew he had drugs and advise him to straighten up?


Why the Hiring of 100 More RCMP in Surrey Will Have a Profoundly Negative Affect on Gangford-Langford

There is no doubt that the drug business is a highly profitable business. Nevertheless, as with any other criminal activity, the drug business is about risk/reward. Although the greater profits of the drug business, versus other criminal enterprises, translate into the drug dealers being willing to gamble higher risks, there still comes a point whereat the risk is great enough that drug dealers will seek to change their modus operandi.

What Are The Risk Factors for Drug Dealers?

  • Getting robbed, beaten or killed by a rival drug dealer
  • Getting robbed, beaten or killed by an addict/customer
  • Getting their individual faces so well known to local police that it is difficult for the dealers to continue to successfully operate in a given community
  • Getting the various locations at which they deal their drugs so well known to local police that it is difficult for the dealers to successfully operate
  • Getting arrested, and subsequently, getting a sentence that actually incarcerates them and that does so for a period of time that is actually meaningful.

The Increasing Risk Factors in Surreyrisk-factors

At present, Surrey, in addition to other gang wars and territorial disputes, is involved in an ongoing, high profile war between South Asian and Somalian descent dealers over the low-level drug trade, a war that has seen some thirty shootings within the last two months, with this war even spilling over the border from Surrey into Delta.

Crime will always be exported to neighboring communities, a fact which Stew Young’s neighbors know very well.

With Surrey-Delta poised to put one hundred more sets of eyes and boots on the street, the risk factors there are escalating. At some point those risk factors will reach a level that you will see a mass migration of dealers to the fertile (unprotected) land in proximity to them, namely Langford. Add to this risk increase the fact that with the higher levels of government now involved, the courts within the Surrey-Delta area will soon follow suit by increasing the punishment level for dealing drugs, further exacerbating this migration.

The Article Specified “Low-Level Drug Trade”

Please note that the articles about this drug war in Surrey, as with the link provided most immediately above, all point to the fact that this current war is over the low-level drug trade, meaning addicts and addicted dealers mostly. While the low-level drug trade has been increasing in Langford over the last three years under the uncaring eye of Stew Young, it has yet to reach the level of Surrey on a per capita basis and will not do so until even more of the bigger and mid-level dealers in Surrey begin to flee to Langford, which will happen as soon as the first or second group of the extra one hundred RCMP Members will form an “intelligence unit” and begin to immediately target those mid to high level dealers.

Biker Gangs Actually Plan Their Activities

hells angels jacketThe Hells Angels have been watching all this unfold and understand what is coming. That is why they installed one of their puppet clubs in Langford. They wanted to be on the front end of this change. Please remember that the Hells Angels are a dominating factor in the drug trade in Surrey and that they now have a direct pipeline to Langford from Surrey through the Devils Army.

Nothing Is Free

No gang is going to willingly cede an unprotected territory such as Langford to the HA or the DA, so other gangs will follow, along with their minions. The gangs know Langford is unprotected and will likely remain so because they understand how the hiring process for RCMP works; they know that no significant police re-enforcements are coming to Langford anytime soon because it is just not possible, especially with the one hundred officer commitment already made to Surrey-Delta, and even more especially with Stephen Harper’s announcement on May 21 of the funding for more RCMP to deal with terrorism. Those new Members even further diminish the number of potential Members who might be available for Langford.

It is a sad occurrence when the criminals understand the dynamics of a city better than that city’s own government

It Is Not Just This Blog That Point Out Stew’s Lack Of Forthrightness; There Are Public Officials Doing The Same, Albeit With A Bit More Diplomacy Than I

Are you starting to see the picture yet, the one Stew Young is happy to ignore as he pushes for more development and addresses Langford’s drug woes with rhetoric and misinformation to the public. How many times must politicians from other municipalities publicly call Stew out on his lies with statements such as: “I think Stew is speaking out of turn, quite frankly,” Screech said. “We haven’t even met with the RCMP yet.” [My bold] And how many times must the RCMP tell you that Stew has misinformed you with comments like: West Shore RCMP spokesman Const. Alex Berube said “he cannot comment on whether Chomyn intends to ask for more police resources. “It’s simply too premature.”

How much evidence do you require before you understand that Stew is a failure as a mayor? Here are more of his tricks, below…

What Stew Young Doesn’t Want You to Know About Langford’s Civil Filing Opposing the Land Use at the Devils Army ClubhouseGavel

Let’s put this stupidity about chasing the Devils Army out of Langford with an injunction to bed once and for all. Before showing you why it won’t work and never could have worked, you should be aware that not a single addition to the file (Supreme Court File # 151633) has been made since the original filing on May 01. That’s right, there has been no paperwork filed by either party since the initial filing by the City of Langford three weeks ago.

Before you read the reasons why this injunction won’t work, you need to be aware that I went through the Langford Bylaws carefully and the only mention I could find of the word “clubhouse” was one reference citing a golf clubhouse.  So whatever bylaw Stew and Company are referring to with their “Bylaw Violation” speeches must be a matter of interpretation, rather than a clear violation of a black letter law, further obscuring any legal challenge to the Devils Army “right of congregation” at 2775 Spencer Rd. 

Now, Those Reasons Why This Bylaw Enforcement Action Is A Sham Played By Stew Young On You, The Citizens of Langford:

  • Applications of this nature can take anywhere from several months to a year, or more, before they are even heard.

  • Once heard, if ever, there is no guarantee that the City of Langford will prevail in court.

  • Even if an injunction is actually issued by the courts, that injunction only applies to the Devils Army use of the property under the conditions outlined by the court, not to other uses, uses which by themselves can trigger a further court battle, with the attendant delays which were inherent in the first court application. A bylaw violation is not an eviction notice.

  • Even if Stew Young is successful in somehow getting the Devils Army out of its current facility on a somewhat timely basis, there is nothing to stop it from renting another facility within Langford from which to run its clubhouse.

  • Are you going to be the guy who tells the twenty bikers who roll up that your facility is for rent, but just not to them?

  • Even if you find the courage to refuse to rent to them, if the facility which is for rent is zoned to allow them to use it as a clubhouse, [although my research makes me skeptical any such zoning restriction actually exists other than by implication which is subject to interpretation] you, and/or the City of Langford, whoever refuses them, would, arguably, be discriminating against them.

The Devils Army is in Langford for as long as it wants to be and it is here because Stew Young made Langford attractive to it. Stew Young has run yet another con on you. Are you starting to understand that Stew will say anything that he believes might shut you up, or might create a nice sounding quote in the newspaper or a compelling sound bite on radio or television?


Stew Flim-flam copyIn Summary of Stew’s Lack of STEWardship 

  • For the past three years as the problems in Langford have been growing, Stew has been busy ignoring them while building his legacy of “development over all else”.
  • When the crime finally rose to a level that was undeniable, Stew and Crew decided to address it with bylaw officers.
  • When you would not buy into the idiotic “bylaw officer solution” and when the Devils Army arrived, Stew started his song and dance about hiring twenty percent more RCMP, something that Stew knew then was not possible.
  • When this blog, the RCMP and a neighboring mayor called Stew out on his scam statements about hiring more RCMP, Stew brought out the “bylaw” idea again, telling a gullible media and you that he was kicking out the Devils Army with bylaw infractions, something you now know, and that knew at the time, was not a solution at all.

Have you had enough of Stew’s BS yet? I Have Said This Before and I Am Saying It Again. The RCMP Will Not Be Riding to Your Rescue. Amalgamation or the Solution Offered Below Are Your Only Viable Options

As you read my proposal, look at Esquimalt which has a proactive attitude toward keeping crime at bay. Although it has gone through some shifts in policing, it eventually contracted with the City of Victoria to police Esquimalt, and from all I can gather, successfully so.

langg-col border copyThis Bikers Arrival, The Dramatic Increase In Crime In Langford And The Threatened Spread Thereof Is Stew’s Gift To The West Shore And The Lower Island

With your understanding of all the elements and obstacles ahead, and with the only intelligent comment from Stew regarding what is now happening in the West Shore being his comment that this new threat in Langford is not just a Langford problem, but a regional problem, we are now at the point where other West Shore municipalities must quickly react to avoid Stew’s lack of leadership which will further spill crime into their communities. In other words, Stew’s reckless management of Langford has forced those other communities to reach into their pocketbooks and add to their policing budgets.

I propose the following solution

  1. Langford should attempt to negotiate with the City of Saanich to provide policing for Langford, much as Esquimalt did with the City of Victoria. If Saanich and Langford can reach an agreement, which they should be able to within a few months, provided Saanich is willing to come “on board”, Langford, within the time constraints imposed by the Devils Army presence, will have a professional police force that is familiar with most of the criminals in Langford and will have canine units, intelligence units, rapid response teams, etc. Of course, there is nothing to say that Victoria might not want to throw its hat in the ring. Please note that both cities have a vested interest in what goes on in STEWville and might see any policing contract as a way in which they could assume greater control over their own destiny, especially with the mangled management of Stew in regard to policing and the problems Stew’s lack of diligence is creating for the entire lower island.
  2. The portion of the West Shore RCMP which is presently assigned to Langford should be absorbed into those other West Shore communities, effectively beefing up the police numbers within those municipalities, something that is required of them now that Stew has caused them to be threatened. As an added bonus, the Members consolidated into the other West Shore communities would already be familiar with the areas, the residents and a large number of the drug dealers and other criminals with whom they would be dealing.
  3. The City of Langford and those other West Shore communities should develop a joint plan that projects growth, and then proportionately budget for future police, with those West Shore communities still being policed by the RCMP immediately asking for more Members.

By now it should be painfully obvious to you that Stew Young is doing nothing and intends to keep on doing exactly what he has been doing, playing political games through misinformation and the creation of false hope. Perhaps the time for a march on Langford City Hall has arrived.

Canada's political marchjpg

You need to demand a solution!

Important: City of Langford Feedback Form

If you are not going to share, at least use the link included with this post to make the City of Gangford aware of your displeasure.

Please click the link and please send your thoughts to the city. If you get a response from the city, please share it with me,, so I can alert everyone as to the “blah, blah, blah” produced by Stew Young’s public relations machine.

Do you agree or disagree?  Participate in the discussion at the bottom of the page and share this article on social media with one of the links below.  Make yourself heard!

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  1. very good. I recommend reaching out to community. Set up kiosk at goldstream market; educate public and campaign with petitions and lobby for action. You need to draw more attention to your opinion. change starts with one. perhaps informally partner with community policing volunteers and inform public of what is really happening in city of langford. Awareness and education is everything.

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