Times Colonist’s Irresponsible Articles in Toons

Times Colonist outs my roommate and me

The Times Colonist irresponsible articles continue beyond the article it ran about my roommate and me on August 18, 2012 naming her as a witness in the murder trial of Wyatt Prince and naming me as a witness. Also, it named me as a confidential informant who worked with the police. Further, it even stated anTC reporter louise exaggerated amount as to what my pay had been. This was my reward by this pathetic rag for allowing a confessed murderer to reside with me for over a year.

Times Colonist refused to remove the article

Immediately following the article, I fired off a quick email to the then editors of the newspaper complaining. I told them that they had placed my roommate and me in added danger. I also sent an email to Louise Dickson, the reporter responsible for that article. I asked them to pull the article from the internet.

tc editor obeeThe Times Colonist refused to remove its article or correct its content. This was despite multiple emails by me to it and to others.  Finally, in December of 2014 with the article having been on its internet site for over 850 days, the Times Colonist quietly pulled it.  I believe a vociferous Twitter campaign by me finally embarrassed the newspaper into quietly doing taking down the article.

Other journalist acts of irresponsibility by Times Colonist

Additionally, following that article and seemingly having learned nothing from its previous experience with me, the Times Colonist committed what I believe to be a series of other of journalistic indiscretions. times colonistIn one instance, it informed the public that a mother who had been the victim of a home invasion by a drug gang was co-operating with the police.  In other words, it set up the mother and her four year old child for possible retaliation by that gang. I will not link you to that article.

I found this action by the Times Colonist reprehensible and utterly irresponsible.  While the Times Colonist did not reveal the mother’s name, it conveniently overlooked the fact the gang knew whose home it had invaded.  I believe the Times Colonist needs to remove that article from the internet also.TC owner John Kennedy

Times Colonist misreports facts in stabbing

Then on January 20, 2015, the Times Colonist went an entirely different direction to show a lack of journalist integrity. It published an article about a Langford drug dealer having been stabbed. It is that article that inspired the series of satirical cartoons sprinkled throughout this posting.

In that article, the headline implied that the man had been accidentally stabbed when the Times Colonist had no reason to believe the stabbing was accidental.  In fact the headline read: ‘Horrible freak’ stabbing that ended Langford man’s life.

The truth was that the man had been stabbed TC Board whole truthin the leg and that the weapon had cut the man’s femoral artery, causing him to bleed out and die.  Whether that femoral artery was cut on purpose or by accident nobody except the killer really knows. Although, you can bet a dollar to a stale doughnut that the killer will claim he accidentally cut the artery rather than admit to intentional murder.

The real truth is, as briefly stated later in the article after the Times Colonist had grabbed your attention through its misleading headline, times colonist CARTOON bleeding heartthat the victim “suffered extensive injuries including a black eye, a fat lip and a stab wound to his forearm“.  So, the Times Colonist would have you believe that he got beaten up and stabbed twice in a “horrible freak stabbing“.

[Where do you find any journalist integrity in the implication of what the Times Colonist reported? It gets worse though, the Times Colonist used that headline knowing it was not a “horrible freak stabbing“. This is evident as it briefly mentioned the other injuries later in the same article.]

Drug dealers sell death and sometimes reap what they sow

Times Colonist eulogizes drug dealer and makes excuses for drug dealing

The article went on to eulogize the dealer.  It times colonistinterviewed his family and talked extensively about how he had been trying to turn his life around, but lost his great job with a construction company. In other words, the Times Colonist made an excuse for the fact that he was dealing drugs.

[Would the first thing you do after getting laid off be turning to drug dealing? Is getting laid off an excuse for dealing drugs?  The Times Colonist knows very well that your kids might read the article and see its excuse as a legitimate excuse for dealing drugs. SHAME ON THE TIMES COLONIST

The article continued making excuses for him though. It talked about how “It was hard not to fall back into what he knew“. In other words, it was hard not to be a drug dealing criminal.

Times Colonist hides more facts

The article did mention that he was out on bail for drug trafficking times colonistcharges at the time of the robbery.  However, it failed to mention that he had previously been convicted for drug trafficking.  My guess is that this omission was because truth would have taken away from “heart touching” feeling that the Times Colonist was trying to create regarding this drug dealer’s violent death in the violent world that he c-h-o-o-s-e to enter.

[Why else hide the truth from the reader?]

You have the power to call the Times Colonist to the carpet

This article needs to be pulled from the internet, just as the article about me and my roommate needed to be pulled and just as the article about the home invasion victim cooperating with the police needs to be pulled.

Are we watching the “End of Days” for the Times Colonist?

RIP_The newspaper business as a whole has been going through some difficult times. This is particularly true for newspapers in lesser populated urban areas. Why?  It’s called the internet.  People are increasingly turning to the internet for their news.

Reasons why people use the internet for news

The consumer of news who became addicted to newspaper is an aging demographic with more patience than those who are growing up today.

  1. The internet delivers the news immediately.

  2. You don’t have to fumble about holding and folding large pieces of flimsy, uncontrollable paper.

  3. The internet allows the reader to more easily find the exact news of interest to the reader.

  4. With ad blocking the internet can be virtually advertising free.

  5. Advertising on the internet can be targeted to a specific group so the user is not paying for viewers that have no interest in the business services or merchandise being offered.

times colonistThe Times Colonist seems to me to be acting out of desperation with its news coverage. You cannot gain credibility by destroying credibility.

The only way for printed newspapers to overcome those challenges is for them to establish a “credible” presence on line. The Times Colonist seems intent on destroying its own credibility by turning hard news stories into quasi editorials. In those editorials, it omits facts, as is the case with the drug dealer getting stabbed. And itsensationalizes other stories by putting forth unnecessary information that puts others at risk.

times colonistIf the Times Colonist cannot overcome the business challenges that lay before it, it needs to at least “go gently into the good night” and act with dignity in doing so.

You people need to raise your voice and demand that the Times Colonist begins to act like a responsible newspaper in its reporting.  It will do nothing unless it hears you. And you might actually be helping it adjust to the new era of “reporting the news”.

That’s my opinion, what’s yours?

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