Two Armed Home Invasions in Victoria

Can anybody spell “Drugs“? Can anybody spell “Mayor Lisa Helps“? How about spell “Legalized Drug Shops“? In recent months there have been three armed robberies of weed shops in Victoria. Now, suddenly we have two armed home invasions in Victoria.

Can you wrap your head around the fact that drugs attract crime? More importantly, can you get Mayor Helps to wrap her head around that fact? We get pot shops and them home invasions start, why?

From CHEK News

The Churchill is a redesigned heritage building on Yates Street, with one bedroom condos starting at $1,000 a month.

Not a likely place for an armed robbery to occur, according to Victoria Police spokesperson Cst. Matthew Rutherford.

“Two men with what appears to be handguns entered a suite.

police investigating ARMED-HOME-INVASION.jpgOne of the males suffered minor injuries, and they had some money taken.”

Once the two suspects entered the building, they took the elevator to the fourth floor.

They kicked in the door to the condo, and threatened the two men inside.

Bobby Tiez lives one floor above.

“This morning, I came back from work just to grab something. There were like six police cars out here and apparently they’ve been robbed, you know, like right in the morning.

Their door is broken, it was a pretty easy access to there.”

Other residents say they often hear partying from the condo.

Just hours before, one of the victims in this home invasion mistakenly kicked in Tiez’s door.

“He thought that our place was his place, and he couldn’t tell, like they are pretty much identical floors. He thought that he was getting locked out of his place, so he kicked down our door thinking it was his.”

Shortly after eight o’clock this morning, the report came in of a home invasion.

Cst. Rutherford says one of the male victims suffered minor injuries.

“This type of thing is unusual in Victoria, but again, our investigation will reveal what exactly transpired and this is just the initial stage.”

Police are continuing their investigation.

The victims declined an interview.


Let’s try a fact check with a few logical questions to see if you find drugs as a root cause of this armed home invasion

  • Are home invasions random? In other words, does one just pick a random door in a random condo building and kick in its door?
  • Does somebody do a home invasion without first determining or believing that there is cash or other easily transportable and resalable items of value within the residence?the site of one of the home invasions
  • What type of legitimate businessperson keeps items of the nature described in the above question in his residence, and keeps them in sufficient quantity that would lead criminals to believe that taking the risk of doing a home invasion in a busy condo building would be lucrative enough to offset the risk factors?
  • Are criminals who have access to handguns probably involved in crime at a somewhat higher level than the average street thug?
  • Before doing a home invasion, is it not likely that the invaders know the residents or know something about the resident whose home is being invaded?
  • From where or from whom would the home invader learn such information. Put another way, is it not likely that the invaders knew their victims or that they knew of them through criminal activities and/or criminal associations of the victims?
  • Do you really think the victims were something akin to local jewelers who people knew brought their work home with them instead of leaving it in a safe st work, or perhaps wealthy individuals who were known to keep lots of cash around their residence?
  • If these were higher level criminals doing the home invasion, as the evidence suggests, and if these invaders knew their victims through the victims’ associations and/or businesses, again, as the evidence suggests, does it not follow that the victims were involved in higher level crimes as were the invaders, i.e. drugs, or that they had connections to quasi-legal income from marijuana shops which yield large amounts of cash?
  • To check the obvious conclusions from those questions, above, ask yourself two more questions, “Would anybody have a reason to do a home invasion at your residence and do you fraternize with the types of people who are friends with people who might do home invasions or who might conclude that doing a home invasion themselves at your residence would be financially lucrative?”

If you doubt the obvious conclusions about what was going on here, remember this quote from the article, “Just hours before, one of the victims in this home invasion mistakenly kicked in Tiez’s door”. [It was explained later the same CHEK News article that the home invasion victim mistakenly thought he was kicking in his own door.

So, in a twist of irony, the home invaders knew where their victim lived, but it seems their victim did not. Do you think there is any chance that a drunk or “drug high” victim owed the wrong people and was desperate? Can you find a plausible way that this home invasion did not involve the drug business?] What type of person is so out of control or worried that he kicks in his own door instead of calling his landlord or a locksmith?

Despite the exceedingly hard work of the VicPD, are we now witnessing the Surrey-ization of Victoria with armed robberies and armed home invasions, compliments of the insane drug policy of Lisa Helps?

home invasions sparked by Victoria pot shopsFACT: There are now 17 weed outlets in the City of Victoria!!!!!!

FACT: Criminals congregate where they make their money and with weed shops sprouting up like, well, weeds, criminals are making their money in Victoria

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