2 of 3 Nanaimo Pot shops to Re-Open


Chandler Grieve, @CTVNewsChandler, of CTV News Vancouver Island reported that two of the three pot shops closed by the RCMP are scheduled to give the finger to the RCMP and to the Laws of Canada by re-opening tomorrow, WITH INVENTORY. Make no mistake here, until pot is legalized, pot shop owners are criminals.

When you attempt to change laws by acting outside of those laws, you are an OUTLAW. I say, arrest them again and charge them again. Then let the courts know the disrespect they are demonstrating for the laws of Canada and to the RCMP

If true, and there is no reason to doubt the report, these criminals are trying to win the hearts and minds of the public, by defying the law. In doing so, they put their employees at risk as they run their prescription scam and further the cause of motorcycle gangs with their money.

Here is the story of their closure and their prescription scam from my blog posting yesterday

I told you in a previous blog how these pot shop owners/criminals would be on TV whining about getting busted, saying how they were helping so many people. Well, today they proved me accurate as the Nanaimo RCMP shut down three pot shops. Trees, Nature’s Society, and Phoenix Pain Management Society were all raided.

Watching the store owners/criminals on TV was pathetic. The one that really tugged at your heart strings, NOT, was the criminal/jerk who manages or owns Phoenix Pain Management Society. He talked about two volunteers of his who were arrested for selling his illegal goods. He spoke of one of them saying, “…a sixty year old senior citizen…she’s a sweetheart, and now she’s behind bars…

What did these pot shop owners think was going to happen? Did they really believe that the RCMP was going to allow them to go on breaking the law?

Let me ask the jerk with the “senior citizen” volunteering for him a few questions

  • Do you make so little money that you have to use volunteers?admitting-you-re-a-jerk-is-the-first-step
  • Do the motorcycle clubs charge that much for their weed, or are you that greedy?
  • If you were so damn worried about your sixty year old volunteer being arrested, why did you have her breaking the law to make you a profit?
  • Would you sacrifice your mother too?

Pot shop owners are criminals who belong in handcuffsThese arrests didn’t come out of nowhere

Each of these people were given “Cease and Desist” orders approximately three weeks ago.  And each of them chose to continue to violate federal law, despite being warned.

Thus, each willingly and defiantly continued to break the law and each deserved to be arrested. As I said, pot shop owners are criminals. You expect criminals to break the law.

People are asking, “Why now?” Because it is against the law, which obviously doesn’t mean anything to the pot shop owners/criminals

Do you understand that the RCMP is protecting you and your kids from criminals and motorcycle gangs?

Where do these criminal shop owners buy their weed?

The cross border trade in marijuana and guns

Pot shop owners are criminals buying from gangsPot shop owners are criminals. They buy from the various gangs that also smuggle their marijuana south of the border to the U.S. There they trade it for cocaine and weapons which they then smuggle back to Canada. Then they sell the cocaine at a high profit margin because the even trade, ounce for ounce, of BC Bud for cocaine creates a very large profit margin.

The guns? They use those to control the drug trade.

These are the gangs that Stew Young’s policies have invited to Langford. They are being allowed to entrench themselves into that municipality because Stew keeps sending its citizens false hopes by challenging their presence with bylaw infractions. Instead, he should work with other municipalities to institute a policing model that might actually succeed in staving off much of the coming violence in Langford.

Gangs are seizing control of the medical marijuana industry

For at least the past year, I am personally aware that gangs have been actively buying up and/or otherwise taking over the licenses of individuals who have the right to grow marijuana for their own personal, medical use. By combining the yield from those licenses, and by also forcing individual licensees to grow more than they are permitted, these gangs are infiltrating and taking over the medical marijuana trade. They are converting what was originally a compassionate, but ill conceived program, into an organized criminal enterprise. This is what criminals do. So, are you surprised? Pot shop owners are criminals who feed other criminals. Criminality begets criminality.

Gangs goals in the production of pot versus medical goals

Let us look at two simple, yet undeniable, facts:

  1. As we learned in other blog postings, two of the main active properties of pot are found in THC, the psychoactive chemical that produces a high, and in CBD, the chemical principally responsible for the physical, medical benefits thereof. Thus, the ideal strain of pot for medical use would be one low in THC and high in CBD.
  2. Far more individuals use pot for recreational purposes than use it for medical purposes.

Pot shop owners are criminals who buy from motorcycle gangs like the Red ScorpionsGangs, and we are talking about motorcycle gangs and gangs like the Red Scorpions, are in the business of maximizing their illegal profits no matter the misery they create for society. Since by far, the largest number of pot buyers comes from the recreational users side of the spectrum, instead of from medical users, do you think that the gangs would prefer to produce and sell a marijuana strain high in THC, the psychoactive ingredient, or high in CBD, the physioactive and curative ingredient?

Thus, with gangs selling pot to the plethora of “supposed” medical marijuana dispensaries that sprout like weeds, and will continue to do so unless some sanity is brought to the medical marijuana industry, these dispensaries will be selling pot with the exact opposite properties of what is medically needed.

Pot shop owners are criminals and watching the store owners/criminals on TV was pathetic. The one that really tugged at your heart strings, NOT, was the criminal/jerk who manages or owns Phoenix Pain Management Society.  He talked about two volunteers of his who were arrested for selling his illegal goods. He spoke of one of them saying, “…a sixty year old senior citizen…she’s a sweetheart, and now she’s behind bars…

Pot shop owners are criminals because they sell an illegal product. As well, these pot shops are accused of TRAFFICKING TO MINORS. They also sell to those who don’t have a script/license. Did you miss that part in between all their whining?

So, despite the prescription scam they run wherein anybody can get a medical marijuana card, they still felt the need to cheat and you are supposed to feel sorry for them.

Getting a medical marijuana card

Pot shop owners are criminals, cartoon by Hal Hannon
–A Naturopath is NOT a Medical Doctor–

While it is true that some might require a medical marijuana card from you rather than sell it “under the table” to you as many do, the process to get that medical marijuana card is basically a sham patched together to create the appearance of being in compliance with Health Canada regulations. In many cases, the applicant simply talks to a weed shop. The weed shop then recommends a naturopath. And the naturopath tells him/her that he/she has insomnia and that the weed helps with sleep. The naturopath then issues a card good to buy edibles [marijuana baked cookies, etc.] By the way, a Naturopath is NOT a Medical Doctor and the pot shops owners are criminals even without the marijuana card scam. They sell an illegal drug.

 First Nanaimo, then Victoria?

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