Lisa Helps’ Medical Pot Shops Continue To Open

Lisa Helps' medical pot shops, by Hal Hannon
Lisa Helps appears to have a green heart

Despite the promises of Lisa Helps to pare down the number of pot shops in Victoria, there is another one opening. So, Lisa Helps’ medical pot shops continue to open. This new one is on the corner of Bridge Street and the Gorge, directly across the street from Tim Hortons. It is called The Green Hart and is another “supposed” medical marijuana outlet.

I don’t know the “business license” status of this particular medical marijuana shop. Perhaps it is licensed to sell paraphernalia. Perhaps it is licensed to dispense medical advice. Perhaps it is licensed for both. Maybe it has no business license whatsoever. I just don’t know.

I do know two things though. I know it is illegal under the federal laws of Canada.  I also know that Lisa Helps was telling us on February 22 that we were going to see fewer of her supposed medical marijuana shops in the future. Now though, Victoria will have at least one more Lisa Helps’ medical pot shop in the next week or so, not one less.

Green Hart Medical Marijuana Store, picture by Hal HannonThe Green Hart, at least by its signage, appears to be offering medical advice.  Even if that is not the case, why would any marijuana shop need a license to give medical advice if it wasn’t to sell pot? It’s not as though anybody who works in them is required to have any medical training whatsoever.

I have no medical training either, but I’ll give you a piece of medical advice anyhow

When you buy buds from shops that sell Devils Army and Hells Angels marijuana, you have no idea what you are buying.

Victoria doesn’t need anymore of Lisa Helps’ medical pot shops

As I have told you, London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart and the BC Liquor industry have expressed a desire to distribute marijuana once it becomes legal. Each pot shop that Lisa Helps allows to open is a further impediment to getting those legitimate and responsible businesses on board. Each pot shop that she allows to open creates more crime. Each pot shop that she allows to open puts more money in the coffers of biker gangs and other criminals.


Lisa Helps' medical pot shops are robbing you
You are paying to get others high with these shyster medical pot shops

Folks, Lisa Helps is giving away what could be a terrific tax base. Instead of making money for the city from pot though, she is giving the bulk of the city’s profit away to criminals.

Lisa Helps’ medical pot shops, although having almost nothing to do with medical pot because they are supplied by and/or controlled by biker gangs, fail to properly maximize the tax windfall that would come from pot if sold by legitimate businesses that actually pay taxes, instead of being sold by criminals who do not. Those lost revenues mean that you do not get to take advantage of the bulk of the tax revenues that would be created by pot sales.

Those are revenues which would, among other ways, normally accrue to you in the form of less personal taxation for city services. That means that you are paying for stoners to get high so Lisa Helps can have her pot shops now, instead of waiting for the federal law to change.

In addition to the crime these pot shops have already created and portend for the future, allowing them is shortsighted and bad fiscal mismanagement.

Here are the facts:

  1. Distributing the biker gangs’ pot makes money for the biker gangs; biker gangs don’t pay a lot of taxes
  2. Allowing pot shops to illegally open puts money in the hands of the criminals who own them; criminals are not known for their honesty in paying taxes
  3. Major drugstore chains and liquor stores DO PAY taxes.
  4. Pot shops will require heavy policing; that policing comes out of your tax dollars, taking food from your kids’ tables
  5. With criminals and biker gangs earning more money they become more powerful, requiring even more tax dollars to police

No matter how you look at Lisa Helps’ medical pot shops, THEY HURT YOU. They hurt you with the damage they do to Victoria’s tourism. They hurt you with the added lack of safety from all the additional crime that surrounds them. And they hurt you with the lost revenues that could save you tax dollars

Tell me lies about Lisa Helps' medical pot shops, cartoon by Hal HannonIt gets even worse though when you realize that you are being deceived. The illegal opening of the Lisa Helps’ medical pot shops could have been stopped at anytime

That’s right, all it would have taken was one simple bylaw. There was no reason for the opening of unlicensed pot shops. Lisa Helps could have, and still can, end the insanity anytime she chooses to do so.

All the city had to do was pass a bylaw that demanded that owners of retail space be required to see a current business license before being allowed to rent out their retail space. This can still be done.

I suggest that Victoria does so as it goes about closing down ALL the current pot shops.  Then it can refuse to license anymore pot shops. It’s that simple.

Another way to close what are incorrectly referred to as Lisa Helps’ medical pot shops would be by encouraging the province to use civil forfeiture. There is nothing “medical” about these shops.

Lisa Helps and the Times Colonist seem to be masters of deception when they tell you they need to bring order to these thirty plus blights on Victoria’s reputation. The only way to “bring order” is to SHUT ALL THE POT SHOPS DOWN.

I feel assured that Lisa Helps knew how to pass a bylaw that would have stopped pot shops from opening. I knew it, and I’m not smarter than Lisa Helps. After all, Lisa Helps has a law degree; I don’t.

Lisa Helps' medical pot shops, by Hal HannonhWe need this bylaw, and we need it YESTERDAY. We also need to initiate civil forfeiture actions against current pot shop landlords who refuse to evict their illegal tenants.

These pot shops all need to be closed by the City of Victoria before Canada legalizes pot. If the city waits, Victoria will face mass law suits from pot shop owners who will claim that the city closed down their legal pot businesses



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