Blair “Crazy” Beaudry is a Predator in Denial

Blair "Crazy" Beaudry is a pedator and coward

Of late, Blair Beaudry has gone on a rampage on Facebook and this blog calling me a liar.  He denies that he was found “Guilty” of certain charges about which I have written.  Make no mistake about it Blair “Crazy” Beaudry is a predator.  He victimizes and threatens any whom he considers weaker than himself.

Blair "Crazy" Beaudry is a predator
Blair “Crazy” Beaudry is a predator and coward

Blair “Crazy” Beaudry is a predator as proven by his criminal record.

The Court Process

Before reading his criminal record, you should understand the court process.  Understanding that process, you should then understand why I say Blair “Crazy” Beaudry is a predator.

Pre-trial bargaining

Agreements are frequently made to combine or even to drop certain charges.  This is done under the plea bargaining process.  It is a process during which other negotiations often take place regarding deals between Crown and the defense.

During these negotiations, Crown’s efforts are often to save court time while ensuring the easiest conviction.  This is especially true when dealing with our liberal judges here in B.C.   Also Crown, as do other government organizations, have budgets and saving court time is saving money.

On the other hand, defense lawyers analyze the charges against their clients and often negotiate with the following objectives.

  • minimize the seriousness of any conviction against a client
  • lessen the number of criminal convictions against a client
  • subject a client to a minimum possible incarceration sentence

I do not mean to imply that there is anything morally or legally wrong with these negotiations.  There is not.  I just hate it when I see Crown get out negotiated.  This seems to be the rule rather than the exception.

 The published record does not include any reference to these negotiations

Almost any agreement between Crown and defense can be struck during this process.  These agreements often include how much jail time Crown will ask for in return for certain concessions from the defense.  It is important to understand though that the judge can make the final decision regardless of any agreements between Crown and the defense.  However, BC courts are rife with liberal judges who actually lie to the public about their authority to make decisions.

Crown and police share information and have a relationship with one another which each value and protect.

With this in mind, please realize that each organization must maintain credibility with the other.  Accordingly, police are unlikely to ask Crown to bring charges against an individual unless police believe those charges are warranted by the evidence.  On the other hand, Crown is careful not to refuse to bring charges that it believes can easily be proven in court.

Thus, I tend to believe in the credibility of charges initially brought, even if they are not further addressed in published court documents.  I simply believe they were negotiated away during the bargaining process.

Blair "Crazy" Beaudry is a predator, coward and clown, cartoon by Hal Hannon
Blair “Crazy” Beaudry, clown

The rambling denial of Blair “Crazy” Beaudry

As you read Beaudry’s initial denial, below, please make note of the fact that it tried to hide the fact that he was the author.  He obviously did not know that my blog site captured his email address and thought he could fool everybody.  The truth is Blair “Crazy” Beaudry submitted the comment from his email address of [email protected] at IP address  I love it when these criminal crud, haters and victimizers try to fool the public because I love calling them out on their BS.

Blair "Crazy" Beaudry is a predator and liarBlair "Crazy" Beaudry is a pedator and cowardIn response to Beaudry’s idiotic denials and calling me a coward

I would like to remind him that he is the COWARD.  Beaudry was the one who tried to stab me in a sneak attack.  It is the one who tried to hide after attempting to stab me.  And it is Beaudry who was the one who hid out after he kidnapped, beat and robbed his friend.  Instead, I continued to live at Douglas Manor, in the heart of the hood, attempting to help people.  And I still go by the Mustard Seed, the Rock Bay Landing and the Open Door weekly.

Now, that you understand the “behind the scene” bargaining that can go on between Crown and the defense and also, understand how some items can disappear from public view, I offer you three items.


Blair "Crazy" Beaudry is a predator and liar


Blair Beaudry Convicted kidnapping


Blair "Crazy" Beaudry is a prwedator and liarI will leave you with this thought.  Being a predator and victimizer is NOT part of being an addict.  The drugs don’t define you, but merely make it more difficult to hide who you really are.

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  1. Only reason I did a.year was beening held on remand while innocent real time was only 6mos for bumping into you in the hood and being a goof

    • What are you going to do if you do see me, try another sneak attack and do another year? Just look for the guy laughing at you. Oops, that won’t work, that’s half of the hood.

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