Word Substitution Fix For Blackberry 10 OS

Word Substitution on Blackberry 10 OS

For the past two years I have had a problem with Word Substitution not working on BlackBerry 10. It seems that somehow it just quit working. I tried everything. First, I backed it up. Then I wiped my device and restored it. Sadly,the problem restored itself. Now, I have a Word Substitution fix for BlackBerry 10 OS to share with you.

Word Substitution Fix for Blackberry 10Word Substitution quit working

Therefore I scoured the internet in search of a solution, but all I found were almost countless complaints about Word Substitution having quit working.

I also found an equal number of false solutions. It was depressing as Word Substitution was one of the features I loved most about BlackBerry.

This solution that follows works for all BlackBerry 10 devices and all versions of OS 10

I am by no means a computer expert, or even a BlackBerry expert. Nevertheless, I am intuitive enough that I was able to determine that this Word Substitution problem is not inherent to any single device. Nor is it inherent to any particular version of the BlackBerry 10 OS.

Also, I opined that when it occurs, it somehow insinuates itself into the OS, and does so irrespective of the user settings. Thus, even if you wipe your device, the problem comes back with your restore.

I had information in my “Contacts” and in my “Remember” file which was invaluable

Wiping my device without a way to restore those files was not an option. It would have taken me six hours or more to re-enter my “Contacts” file and my “Remember” file information. Additionally, to be able to do so I would have required a second BlackBerry as there exists no method to read the backup file created by BlackBerry Link.

I needed to be able to backup those specific files. Then I needed a way to restore those specific files without restoring the hidden settings within the BlackBerry Link backup files that were corrupting Word Substitution. [Using Backup Pro, “Contacts” and “Remember” restore intact just as they were on your device, and I am assuming the other files do so also.]

Word Substitution Fix for Blackberry 10 OS
Backup Pro

Statement of non-affiliation

To start, I am NOT affiliated with Backup Pro, but it is the only solution I have found in two years. There might be other programs that I am unaware of which will accomplish the same things as Backup Pro. That is up to you to research.

Word Substitution Fix for Blackberry 10 OS
Backup Pro Screen Shot

Here is what you must do

  1. Extract your SD card. [You do not want to erase the SD card when completing Step 6.]
  2. Do a complete backup of your device using BlackBerry Link. [This is done as a precaution in case you somehow mess up the procedure, below. Thus, you will be able start over again at an appropriate spot after doing a complete restore.]
  3. Download Backup Pro from ‎BlackBerry World [It will cost you $4.99. You determine for yourself if it is worth the investment.]
  4. Open a “Box” account [free] as demanded by Backup Pro.
  5. Using Backup Pro, backup the specific data you want to preserve. [You will understand this instruction when you open the program or look at the screen shot on this page.]
  6. Security wipe your BlackBerry.
  7. Re-download Backup Pro [It will be free this time.]
  8. Restore those items you need/want from Backup Pro.
  9. Word Substitution should now work, but you will need to redo your substitution  list. [If it worked for you all is good and you can now do a fresh back up using BlackBerry Link. If not, restore from BlackBerry Link and repeat the process.]
  10. Manually re-enter whatever specific information that you did not restore via Backup Pro.
  11. Manually adjust all settings to your liking.
  12. VERY IMPORTANT – Once you have Word Substitution working, do NOT restore from an earlier BlackBerry Link back up. Only restore from BlackBerry Link back ups made after you got it working again.
  13. Re-install your SD card.
  14. Now, back up and restore regularly from BlackBerry Link and from Backup Pro.


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