Weapons and Drugs Seized in Nanaimo Bust

weapons and drugs


weapons and drugsAccording to court records, Nanaimo RCMP caught McKenzie and Baker with an array of weapons and drugs.

Here is McKenzie’s charge sheet from the CSO site showing weapons and drugs seized on June 23.

Document Count Offence Date Statute Nature Accused
79488-1 1 23-Jun-2016 CCC – 91(1) Unauthorized possession of firearm Commit MCKENZIE, DONALD Kevin
79488-1 2 23-Jun-2016 CCC – 91(1) Unauthorized possession of firearm Commit MCKENZIE, DONALD Kevin
79488-1 3 23-Jun-2016 CCC – 91(1) Unauthorized possession of firearm Commit MCKENZIE, DONALD Kevin
79488-1 4 23-Jun-2016 CCC – 91(1) Unauthorized possession of firearm Commit MCKENZIE, DONALD Kevin
79488-1 5 23-Jun-2016 CDS – 5(2) Possession for the purpose of trafficking Commit MCKENZIE, DONALD Kevin
79488-1 6 23-Jun-2016 CDS – 5(2) Possession for the purpose of trafficking Commit MCKENZIE, DONALD Kevin

There were four weapons.  Street sources tell me he had rifles and shot guns.  Just getting those weapons out of the hands of a drug dealer is a coup.  But when you throw in enough drugs for two charges of “possession for the purpose of trafficking”, this was a MAJOR BUST.

weapons and drugsThe knock at the door was a battering ram and a foot

When the RCMP know there are weapons where they are going, they come hard, and they come fast.  They also come with a search warrant. And finally, they come with enough Members to do a thorough job.

After seeing the amount of weapons and drugs seized by the RCMP on this bust, I scoured the internet for information on Donald McKenzie.  It seemed to me that this guy might be connected.  I was wrong.  He had almost no digital footprint that I could find.

So, who is this McKenzie?

Analyzing the type and amount of weapons and drugs found, I came to the following conclusions.  First, those are the types of weapons normally procured from break and enters.  So, McKenzie is probably trading dope for weapons.

Secondly, the amount of dope found indicates he is somewhere above a street level dealer.  Therefore, I concluded he is a mid-level dealer who sells dope to street dealers, and either loves guns or sells guns to gangs or to bikers.

Now, here’s the story behind the story

weapons and drugsNext, I turned to my “street” sources again to verify my thinking

They tell me he’s a dealer who lives in the same house as William Curry, an infamous Nanaimo drug dealer and violent criminal.  They didn’t have much information on  him either, or felt too threatened to share it.

Two people told me that half of the street knew McKenzie had guns There are no secrets in the hood.  Consequently, everybody knew about the ERT raid on McKenzie’s suite.  I can promise you that the crash from the door kick echoed throughout the hood.

So now, I ask again, who is this McKenzie?

I’ll tell you who he is.  I can tell you because I’ve seen a hundred like him.  He thinks he’s a lady’s man because he has the dope to attract the women, and he thinks he’s tough because he has guns.

In reality, he’s a middle-aged punk, 46 or 47 years old, and a wannabe baller [big time dealer], caught up in his own self importance as he rubs shoulders with higher level dealers like Curry.  He probably loves dealing because he thinks it gives him control, and he fancies himself a gangsta.

With him, it’s about weapons and drugs and control.  As result, his lifestyle will probably forbid him ever moving past middle-age to his senior years.  He might well eventually play the tough guy with the wrong person and end up murdered or crippled.

My wish list is this. First, I hope that crown does its job this time and doesn’t get lazy as it did with LaFlam.  Secondly, I hope a judge understands how dangerous guns are and sentences McKenzie to some serious time.

wrong person

McKenzie’s only claim to fame is he lives in the same house as William “Willy” Curry.

According to the street, it transpires that McKenzie’s suite is downstairs from, upstairs from, or next door to Curry’s suite, in the same house.  I suspect there is no coincidence here.

Also, according to the street, William Curry is not the guy to mess with.  He’s a long time Nanaimo drug dealer, and he is responsible for many assaults.  He is vicious and intimidating and doesn’t think twice before beating someone.

Evidently, his younger brother, Michael, is following in William’s footsteps.  You’ve heard the adage, The family that preys together stays together.”  Hang on a minute.  I think they meant “prays”, not “preys”.  These guys “prey” on people.  They are predators.  Make no mistake about it.

Here is the information from William’s rap sheet.  First, realize that rap sheets are like icebergs; you only see ten percent of what underlies them.  Now look at William’s many crimes.

  • Criminal harassment
  • Uttering threats
  • Assault
  • Possession of stolen property over $5,000
  • Possession for the purpose of trafficking
  • Attempt to divert/defeat/obstruct justice, [This type of charge generally comes from threatening or assaulting a witness].
  • Unlawful confinement or imprisonment
  • Assault
  • Three charges with a publication ban [Publication bans are normally used in situations in which a girlfriend or woman was beaten or in the case of sexual assaults].
  • Too many breaches to detail

Now here is the information from his brother Michael’s court record.

Uttering threats to burn, destroy or damage – theft under 5,000 [multiple counts] – possession of stolen property over 5,000 [multiple counts] – robbery – ban imposed charges [multiple counts] – assault with a weapon – assault causing bodily harm – resisting a peace officer – uttering threats – break and enter [many multiple counts].

Hey Willy,  hey Michael, something tells me they’re coming for you.

Well done RCMP.  The streets are now safer.

And they will be even safer when you get William Curry.

God Speed!


Weapons and Drugs - Michael Curry


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  1. Dear Mr. Hannon
    I am writing in response to your article and to advise you that you have posted a picture of my 21 year old son whose name is William David Curry. I have contacted the RCMP and a lawyer and they have advised me to contact you via this post to ask that you remove the picture immediately. This is a case of misrepresentation and defamation of character. You have posted the picture of an innocent man and represented him as a criminal. If you have any questions about this request I suggest you contact me immediately.

  2. Your sources on the street were a little inaccurate. To me sounds like you know the area a little too weĺl, like you are one of the “street level dope fiends who’s trading merch for dope’ to wrap things up. Make as many retaliations as you want before the free wifi you’re using gets cut off!

  3. Hey man. All you proved is that your a dipshit! Know the facts before you speak. More people make mistakes when the assume things they have no idea about. Unless you were a cop that was on the scene….,you were assuming… now im gonna tell you something that your dad told your mom a long time ago….Fuck Off

    • Again, you’re a coward who hides behind anonymity. All of my reporting was also backed up by court records. Now I’m going to tell you something that your dad told your mom the day you were born, “I think we fu*ked up this time dear.”

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