A Transgendered Change Room Dilemma


I feel the need to address the controversy about the transgendered that has been on television and in the newspapers lately.  I believe that the individual who is at the center of those news pieces is entitled to the same dignities as you and I. He is entitled to respect and to protections under the law. However, I do not believe that he has a greater entitlement than the general public or than you or I. Nevertheless, it has now been brought to our attention that we have a transgendered change room dilemma. Now, we must solve it.

The current configuration of public change rooms is a problem. It forbids a comfortable way to allow the transgendered to use them.

How does anybody know if a person claiming to be transgendered truly is? Other than an anatomical inspection there is no test to determine physical sexuality. Therefore, how do we know if that person is not just a prankster? Is there a way to determine if the claimant is a pervert or a pedophile?

Regardless, such a physical test would be highly invasive. First, it would be illegal.  Secondly, it would only give a useful result if the individual had completely transformed his or her body. Therefore, it would not reveal the true intent of the individual.

What about public rights?

transgendered his and hers'Should an individual, even if sincere, have the right to steal the peace of mind of any member of the public? What about those in an as yet unfinished stage of transformation? What are their rights when compared to the rights of fully transformed individuals?

Would you be happy with your young grandchild even observing the anatomical parts of the opposite sex? I can tell you that there is no way that I will allow somebody with different body parts to be naked around my young kin. This is especially true if based solely on their word. I don’t care what is politically correct and what is not.

If an individual has the wrong physical parts for a change room, would you feel comfortable that the individual is sincere? If they have all male body parts or all female body parts, then they can use the gender correct changing room.

Should you be forced by law to endure your discomfort about such things? Should you be forced to visually teach younger children about such things? Transgendered individuals represent only .3% of the population. Therefore, should such a small minority be allowed to determine what decisions we make concerning the sexual education of our youth? Moreover, what about the sexual safety of our kids?

First, the city should not be forced to build special change rooms only for transgendered individuals. Secondly, there is a simple and cost effective solution is for the city. It can install privacy drapes for everybody in all current change rooms.

transgendered privacy curtainsI have compassion for the individual who felt slighted.  Additionally, I also have compassion for the plight of all transgendered individuals. However, until this or a some similar solution might be found these individuals will simply have to change at home before attending the facility of their choice.

The transgendered are on the cutting edge of society, blazing a new trail.

Sadly for them, it takes our laws, rules and facilities time to catch up with the evolution of ideas. It has always been this way, and always will be. The truly beautiful thing about Canada is that it is willing to change with the times to accommodate everybody.

That’s my opinion. What is your opinion? Please comment and share this.

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