Aaron LaFlam, His Next Crimes Are On Crown

Aaron LaFlam

I have been researching the case of Aaron LaFlam, a thirty-nine year old fraud artist and mail thief who was recently arrested, AGAIN, by the Nanaimo RCMP. According to police, “Aaron Rene LAFLAM has been charged with 3 counts of Theft of Mail, Possession of Stolen Property and Mischief in relation to damaging community mail boxes.” LaFlam appeared before a Nanaimo Provincial court judge on Monday May 30th. He has been remanded into custody to await his next court appearance.

Aaron LaFlamWhy is Aaron LaFlam facing provincial charges instead of federal charges?

In checking both the federal and provincial court dockets, I see Aaron LaFlam is charged in provincial court ONLY. This is crazy and wrong. Mail theft can, and should be, prosecuted as a federal crime, especially when part of a repeated pattern.

Crown Counsel has a responsibility to protect you by charging any criminal to the fullest extent of the law which the evidence will support.

It is then the job of the courts to determine guilt and sentencing. When I don’t see a federal court appearance for Aaron LaFlam, I know Crown Counsel is being lazy.

It is widely known throughout the criminal community that federal charges risk more jail time than provincial charges. Accordingly, shrewd defense lawyers like to capitalize on Crown Counsel laziness and plea bargain to avoid federal charges. That has obviously happened here.

Aaron LaFlamIn the past, I have been critical of the courts and of the prison system. Now, Crown Counsel is failing you too by making decisions that belong to the courts.

The foundation of the Canadian  justice system is supported by four pillars.

  • First, there are the police who attempt to prevent crime by catching criminals.
  • Second, there is Crown Counsel whose job it is to prosecute criminals.
  • Third, there are the courts whose job it is to determine guilt and to sentence criminals. After any finding of guilt, it is the court’s job to decide what sentence might be needed. The courts must issue a sentence that rehabilitates and punishes the criminal while protecting  society.
  • Fourth, there is the prison system which determines such items as parole.

The only people doing their job in our justice system are the police.

I have written much about the “catch and release” program of the BC courts and its leniency. You have watched criminals go free to commit murders. These weren’t just ordinary criminals. They were repeat, violent offenders deeply involved in drugs and a criminal lifestyle.

You have watched our prison system put murderers in minimum security prisons. These are often facilities that don’t even have fences.

Aaron LaFlam
Community mailboxes are not safe

Now, you are expected to sit quietly as Crown Counsel fails you also.

Aaron LaFlam stole mail and fraudulently cashed cheques. Think about this. There were seniors struggling to get to their cheques who arrived at their community mailbox to find out they would not eat that night.

Who is Aaron LaFlam?

Aaron LaFlam is a career criminal. Recently released from prison after doing some two years for the same types of crimes. When let out of prison, he immediately resumed where he had left off. Therefore, it is obvious that “rehabilitation” failed.

That being the case, his next sentence needs to be more severe. Accordingly, you would think Crown Counsel would bring charges that could lead to that more severe sentence. But it did not! Instead, it brought charges that are certain to lead to a lesser sentence. 

A judge cannot find a defendant guilty of something with which the defendant is not charged. SHAME ON CROWN COUNSEL. YOU DESERVE BETTER REPRESENTATION.

Crown Counsel is obviously slacking and seems more interested in

  • Procuring an easy conviction
  • Cashing their pay cheques
  • Heading out of the office
  • And getting home

Aaron LaFlamHow do we know there was enough evidence to sustain a more severe conviction?

Reading the RCMP press release, Postal Inspectors were specifically brought in to deal with the rash of mailbox thefts. Thus, two police agencies were working this file.

There was a search warrant issued. One cannot obtain a search warrant on a whim. Accordingly, EVIDENCE of probable criminal involvement has to support the likelihood of a person having committed specific criminal acts in order to get a search warrant. That search warrant produced enough EVIDENCE to sustain an arrest.

The quality of the police work of the Nanaimo RCMP is a matter of public record, from the arrest of Peter Alexander to the conviction of Braiden Rathy. Therefore, EVIDENCE for a stronger prosecution exists and the need for that stronger prosecution is demanded by the record of Aaron LaFlam.

In order to have avoided federal charges, the defense is obviously pleading the case out. No defense attorney takes a plea bargain with less than compelling evidence against his/her client, and LaFlam is too well versed in the ins and outs of the court system to accept a plea unless he knows THE EVIDENCE IS UNDENIABLE.

I can guarantee you that there were countless hours of surveillance at a considerable cost to you. Now, Crown Counsel wants that money and time to have been wasted.

If you or a loved one uses a community mailbox, your family could be Aaron LaFlam’s next victim when he gets out within a year or so.

Call Nanaimo Crown Counsel Now at 250-741-3711

Demand It Protect You

Insist It Do Its Job

 Demand Federal Charges Against Aaron LaFlam



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  1. There is an ethical problem with making statements of this nature. First of all the court of public opinion can convict an individual without a fair trial, rendering the jury selection process nearly impossible. Secondly sites like this provide a place for people to an opportunity to spread unfounded rumors and gossip, something society would be better off without. People who engage in these activities are less have than honorable. Shame on all of you for contributing to this shameful behavior and next time you have something to say, say it to the person in question.

    • There is no ethical problem with my blog. The ethical problem lays with LaFlam and his criminal activity. It also lays with the lack of full prosecutorial force. Lack of honor? This site tells it like it is. If you don’t want the truth, browse Clown News Network. Unfounded rumors? I simply looked at LaFlam’s criminal record. You are entitled to your ignorant beliefs and the public is entitled to the facts, which is exactly what they get from my blog. If you don’t like the truth, don’t read my blog.

      • It’s not person in question I have an issue with it’s that anybody make comments without a shred of proof and effectively hide behind an electronic wall. I know this man personally and despite what you might expect he has taken some important steps towards success. Including but not limited to upgrading his education, enrolling in university to become a tradesman. I find it hard to believe that society benefits by keeping a man, or a woman locked up at a very high price when they could become a productive member of society! Furthermore the comment the comment that his girlfriend was also involved is completely false, she fought with him to stop doing it and refused to have any part of it. That’s what I take issue with, people who make statements that are utterly false! I also happen to know that before they became a couple the very same person and his other half were both rude and abusive towards her. I’m proud to say La Flam’s presence put a stop to this behavior. Hopefully you can see that a difference of perspective or opinion does not make someone you don’t agree with ignorant. Thank you for taking the time to consider my input.

        • I attempt to give readers the opportunity to comment, as I have done with you. Every statement I personally made was supported by the evidence. If LaFlam is now turning his life around, I am delighted. Regarding society benefiting, incarceration is also about showing the criminals the error of their ways. If that is successful, society obviously benefits.

    • I’m sorry. It hurts when it’s family. Just always be able to hold your head high for what you do, because you cannot control him, but can control yourself. I said a prayer for you.

  2. I lived beside this Aaron laflam and was witness to the rcmp serving the warrant . I am glad that he was caught as now I know why he was coming and going at all hours of the night. I also witnessed him continuously using meth on a daily basis. His girlfriend/ roommate was also apart of his mail thefts , but she was not charged. The rcmp must have taken atleast 20 big totes of stolen property as well . My grandmother was a recent victim of mail theft and her pension check was stolen . I believe that Aaron Laflam should be convicted in federal court , he is a repeat offender that can never be rehabilitated , and should spend a lengthy jail sentence…

    • I am obviously in complete agreement with you. The problem in BC is that our Crown Counsel loves to plea bargain and fails to take into account the work put in by police. As well, crown also ignores the victims. I feel badly for your grandmother. Please encourage her to get DIRECT DEPOSIT. She will get her cheques a day sooner and they will never be stolen. Thank you for your comment.

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