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Hal Hannon - flowered shirtHal Hannon is a recognized bridge expert and former newspaper columnist.  Hannon spent his early years in Texas after having been kidnapped with his siblings by his father following a Canadian divorce proceeding.  There he was orphaned at fourteen years of age.  This split him apart from his siblings and required that he make his own way in life.  During those formative years he worked a variety of jobs.  By nineteen years of age he found himself in Topeka, Kansas attending Washburn University.

Married with successful children

Hannon met his future wife in Topeka at a bridge tournament.  Shortly after, they were married and moved to California, following her parents there.  His wife and he raised two children, a girl and a boy, who have gone on to find successful careers. Their daughter landed in the golf business and their son became a university professor and author.

In the two decades when their children were growing up Hannon and his family moved from state to state.  In doing so, he started construction companies and other businesses.  He would then run them for a year or two and sell them.  After the sale, he moved to yet another state and repeated the process.  It was a good living and those experiences gave Hannon a strong sense of self-reliance.

An ambitious and varied work history

During his twenty plus married years, Hannon also worked as a New York Stock Exchange licensed broker as well as for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  Additionally, he was the principal of a Christian high school.  He also owned two art galleries specializing in 17th and 18th century graphic art, and founded two golf club companies based on five utility patents that he had authored.

An avid golfer who at one point averaged four under par, Hannon was preparing to join the U.S. PGA Senior Tour on his 50th birthday when heredity entered his life.  He suffered a major heart attack and underwent quadruple bypass surgery.  This ended what had been a life long dream.  With no health insurance available in the U.S. because of what at that point became a pre-existing heart condition, Hannon returned to his native Canada where he could depend on its health care system.

A heart attack changed everything

Having left his grown kids behind in California who were already well on their way to their career of choice, and having left his then ex-wife as financially well off as he could, Hannon landed, almost broke, in Vancouver’s east side with all its drug problems. As he had done all his life, Hannon quickly assimilated into his new conditions. In Vancouver he met a young lady with a drug addiction who quickly became his roommate and friend.

Within two years, his roommate’s addiction created problems with the security of their living situation and they moved to Victoria.  They resided together for the next twelve years.  With dedication, she was finally able to overcome her addictions and find an industrious man more age suitable with whom to share her life.  She and Hannon still talk almost every day and Hannon is delighted with the opportunities she is now creating in her life.

A new calling

It was during the fifteen year period in which they lived together in the drug troubled areas of Vancouver and Victoria that Hannon developed an instinctive sense of drugs, of addiction, of drug dealers and of street life. Additionally, his relationship with his roommate during those years and with his roommate’s friends from the corner strolls ingrained in him the painful trip most of these ladies took to arrive at their corner, touching his heart.

Hal HannonMurder has consequences

It was also during this time period, fighting against slum landlords for the disadvantaged, that a friend of Hannon’s roommate came to him confessing a murder.  This put Hannon in a position of having to risk the enmity of many of the street friends he had acquired over the years. As those who know Hannon would have expected of him though, he did not shy away from what he considered his duty.  Instead, he worked with the police to see to justice for the victim’s family.  He even testified in court against the murderer.

After having done his duty in violation of the “street code”, and despite having been attacked with a weapon twice, Hannon did not back away from those on the streets.  He kept up an active presence earning the respect of many and the grudging respect of others.  He can often be found today near one of the shelters.  There he offers his help to people in their recovery with a ride to court or wherever.  He might take them to the hospital or even out for a warm meal.  Hannon says it is his hood as much as it is anybody else’s and he will not be chased away by those who condone murder.

Out comes a book

Hannon attributes his time in the hood for allowing him a sad expertise about the “street”.  It is an expertise that has touched his heart about the plight of the marginalized in our society.  He says it is that fifteen years that pulled his book, Breaking the Code, kicking and screaming from his gut and that has driven him to share his insights and wisdom with you in his blog.

At sixty-eight years old, Hannon is still active in his pursuit to make a difference.  He is a scheduled featured speaker at high schools.  In his book, he shares his expertise about the nightmare of drugs.  He also teaches about the perils of street life.  He wants our youth to know how to avoid the pressures that attempt to draw them into those elements.  Additionally, has presented to police about understanding and interacting with the the street community.

Hannon says that he doesn’t know where all this will lead.  But that he will count himself successful if he is part of saving even one teenager.  Hannon says God took golf from him.  He did so only to replace it with an even better dream, and he is grateful for the life he has now.

He begs you to please read his blog daily and share it with your friends and children.


  1. I found your comments on tattoos, particularly “prison and gang tattoos” extremely offensive. I have a body full of tattoos, all of them in Latin and in black ink. I must be an offensive uneducated idiot or a “tattied thug”… Honoring my family, military service- historically significant tattoo’s, and past MISTAKES I have made. Educate yourself, and as a writer a public “motivator” I implore you to take your opinions out of your issues and state factual proven information… Like how much body artwork has become mainstream and the world’s MOREYS and CULTURAL NORMS are changing. Browsing the rest of your literature and scare tactic like videos leave me in no surprise that rural America and likely the rest of the world that is uneducated and cutoff from progressive or even modern thinking and information can follow and listen to people like you. Drugs don’t kill people, people kill people. THEY did dope- the dealer didn’t put a gun to their head and say “do it or I’ll kill you”. Simply put I find your writing jibberish- trivial- mislead and misleading…. Sieg heil my national socialist friend- though I would have to say you seem neo fascist…. Or did you think my uneducated ass wouldn’t know the difference. Go watch CNN and blow it out your ass.

    • As I said, “a tattoo is most often nothing more than a statement by the bearers thereof that their persona is incapable of projecting who they really are.” I made the point that this was especially true for those who cover their bodies head to toe with them.

      So, you wear your tatties, to honor your family, not to honor yourself. You prove my point. That said, even your tatties could not hide the hate that drives you to call people Nazi’s because they disagree with you.

      As far as any video by me. I never posted a video, so this is just more of your desperation to be relevant in a world in which you are obviously too insecure to exist without hate and tattoos to hide behind.

      Regarding CNN, my pet name for it is “Clown News Network.”

  2. Will you be doing a page on Ben Kilmer and what really happened? So many of us know it wasn’t how the police are saying. There’s so much more to the story.

    • Shannon, I think you will get an excellent idea of what happened with/to Ben Kilmer if you just read the comments herein. Frankly, I can’t seem to get hooked up with any new or straight information beyond what the readers here have. Trust me, I’m trying, but many of the early comments left on this site about Archbald and Daley were nothing more than thinly disguised efforts to figure out who my informant is/was. With that level of scrutiny felt here one can only imagine the paranoia of law enforcement, and therefore, the reticence to come forward with any information. They like their jobs.

  3. Hal….any insight into the biker killed by police at Departure Bay? Seems the police are not letting us know this type of information with some frequency these days. Protecting the right of the few over the rights of the many.

    • Carjackings are almost overwhelmingly one on one crimes by an individual, or sometimes two individuals, with the intent of robbing the victim of his/her car, and I have no information at this point that would lead me to think that this situation evolved from a carjacking that was outside of that norm or that it was other than described by the police. I do not trust the IIO because they often seem focused on justifying their existence by vilifying the police. As far as police secrecy goes, once the IIO assumes jurisdiction then police need to be careful what they say so that their words cannot be in any way twisted. In situations wherein the IIO has no jurisdiction [no serious injury or death of a person as a result of police action], the police often release the information they do so as not to corrupt the investigation or even to solicit a hoped for response by an unknown perp. Also, there is almost always information that is held back so that the police can later determine the credibility of those that might come forward and/or even of a confession. As do you though, as a member of the public, I find this lack of available information quite frustrating.

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