Another Gangford Stash House, Hi Stew!

Drugs & Crime Besieging Langford 7

Surprise, surprise, surprise, at least to those who refuse to listen. Police busted another Gangford “Stash House”, Hi Stew!


Are You Listening Yet Stew? mayor stew young x'ed

This is what I have telling you for the last months

Here are a couple of quotes from the Times Colonist newspaper [The underlined sections are my underlining for emphasis]:

“Dozens of police officers, including emergency response team members, seized drugs, weapons and vehicles and arrested eight people with suspected gang ties after carrying out simultaneous early-morning raids in Langford, downtown Victoria and Vic West.”
“West Shore RCMP confirmed an RCMP emergency response team assisted Victoria police in the arrests at 940 Walfred Rd., a newer two-storey duplex in a family area at the end of Jacklin Road in Langford.

Do You Get It Yet Stew?

This is what I have been warning about. This bust was at a duplex in a family area of Langford. You needshooter-300x230 more RCMP and to get more RCMP, you need to stop putting development ahead of everything else. You need to protect families. We don’t care about Stew Young’s Empire. We just want our kids, our wives and our neighborhoods safe.

Listen up Stew, there will be blood coming soon [that’s why this text is red] and it will be on your hands because you had the ability to stop the gangs before they got a stronger foothold.

These Are Not All Island Gangs; They Are Principally Gangs From The Mainland.

They tried initially to setup in Saanich and Victoria, but found the situation in those municipalities inhospitable. So naturally, they setup shop in Gangford where Stew Young keeps his head in the sand and focuses on development at any and all costs. Do you remember his famous quote? “This isn’t a threat. I’m just saying if you criticize development, then I’ll use whatever resources there are under the law to shut you up.”

Do You Remember This Warning Stew?  Here It Is Again From Other Than Me

If you want to understand exactly what is happening in BC, you need to look no further than reading this quote from Gangstersout Blogspot:

They were paying a portion of their drug profits into a fund to murder rival drug dealers. That is what the Quebec biker war was really about. Murdering rival drug dealers to obtain a monopoly on the drug trade. That is a historical fact that is consistent with the —— original mandate.”

That is what’s happening here in BC as well. All the lies and denial cannot change that.”

The first duty of any government is to protect its citizens.

gov 1st dutyIt is not to fund development or build bridges to nowhere. Does that sound as though Stew Young understands the first duty of government, or does that sound as if he puts development above your safety?  Remember, the threatening quote above was from the year 2010. With that in mind, do you think His Honor has grown more comfortable holding the reins of power, or do you think he has mellowed.

Stop With The Rent-A-Cops And The Bylaw Enforcement. Get Us Some Real Cops And Protect Us






How a Stash House Work

Higher up gang members do not like to expose themselves to the every day risk of selling drugs on the street. Accordingly, they find homes in quiet areas and keep the principle amount of their stash in that house. From there, they distribute in larger quantities, generally an ounce or more, stash house drugsto select buyers.

They use “select” buyers because they want fewer people to know about their stash house and because with fewer people in the know, should they get busted, there are fewer people for them to look at as the possible informant.

Those few select buyers then sell their drugs to other “mid-level dealers” who then sell to “street level dealers” who supply smaller dealers and/or drug addicts directly. Sometimes the “mid-level” step is bypassed.

Not Every Stash House Yield Drugs

When the higher up gang members set up a stash house, they attempt to bring the drugs in and off load them as quickly as possible. The less time they have the drugs in their possession, the less the chance they will get robbed and the less the chance that they will get busted with the drugs in their possession.

For this reason not all police raids yield drugs. It is a little bit hit and miss as there is a luck element to police raids.

When Gun Violence Comes, It Generally Comes To Stash Houses Or Select Mid-Level Dealers’ Homes

  • If you are out to rob somebody for drugs, you pick a target that you hope has lots of drugs or lots of money. Why rob small when you can rob big?
  • If you run a stash house or are a select buyer, you generally have weapons gun-and-bloodstainavailable to you to protect your money and your drugs. For this reason, the home invaders come in large numbers, and also, generally with weapons.
  • The ideal stash house is in a family neighborhood because it attracts less attention and because it is more difficult for the police to surveil, which is another reason you need MORE RCMP.
  • The recent spate in home invasions is about robberies at stash houses or at select dealers’ houses.
  • As well, some of these home invasions are debt collection raids by soldiers of higher up dealers.

The point of the above being that anytime there are weapons, citizens are in danger.

Some Of The Busts Were In Victoria & Esquimalt

Indeed they were. This is where the lower level dealers live (street dealers), along with the user-dealers and addicts. The drugs simply made their way down the food chain from Langford.

Important: City of Langford Feedback Form

Included with this post is a link to the City of Gangford feedback form provided by a reader.

Please click the link and please send your thoughts to the city. If you get a response from the city, please share it with me.  You can email me at [email protected].

My voice is limited; yours is limitless

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  1. If only west shore community, langford specifically, was like strathcona community in east Van and pull together with rally, walks and workshops to foster sense of unification after violent crime against women. Why is collective community voice so quiet here? I moved from vancouver and there’s not really a sense of unity here. I blame city hall for not facilitating a sense of community. They don’t invest in the people – it’s selective with developers etc. It’s different out here than the village neighbourhoods like Sidney, oak bay, james bay etc whete community feels solid and unified. Plus lots of new transplants here from mainland and Alberta who aren’t really sure how to get involved and find safe, transparent place to voice their questions and concerns. Doesn’t feel like tight neighbourhoods here but a large expanse of cheap new homes packed together like Lego. It’s poor community planning. City hall is bolted shut other than usual soapbox “feel good” statements from Stew. Big development and affordability brings big population growth but not necessarily the sense of community that we all crave and need. Is it demographic or all city hall’s apathy and lack of involvement and inability to listen to needs of peopl? How to fix that? I don’t want to move. I’ve invested too much. I care. And so do you.

  2. I don’t have facebook but this is good place to contribute to dialogue and get your voice heard – the people need a loud committed voice like you…

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