Archbald, Daley, Kilmer, Chad Wilson & Cartel Dope

This is an extensive update to my previous blog about Dan Archbald and Ryan Daley. That said, let’s get one thing straight from the beginning. The evidence shows that the murders of Dan Archbald, Ryan Daley, Ben Kilmer, and now, Chad Wilson are all related to the dope on the Astral Blue.

Who was Chad Wilson?

Although I have not yet found collaboration, I was told Chad Wilson was not just a member of the Hardside Chapter of the Hells Angels. Instead, he was actually the president of that newly established chapter, 2017.

That understood, somebody obviously placed the failure of the dope smuggling operation of Daley and Archbald on Chad Wilson’s shoulders. In fact, Chad Wilson paid for that failure with his life. Please allow me to explain.

Why do I say Chad Wilson was murdered because of Archbald and Daley?

One is not made president of a chapter (if my source is correct about his position) unless having earned the respect of the club. What have you seen happen lately that would cause the murder of someone of that stature, or for that matter, the murder of any full patch member? The only thing big that has occurred was the dope deal with Daley and Archbald.

There is a reason that the DEA and the RCMP are still crawling all over Squamish.

Here is part of the article on the murder of Chad Wilson by Kim Bolan of the Vancouver Sun

Chad Wilson wearing Nanaimo Colors
Chad Wilson wearing Nanaimo Colors

A full-patch Hells Angel with the Hardside Chapter was found murdered under the Golden Ears Bridge on Sunday.

Chad Wilson, a former Hells Angel in San Diego, then Haney, joined the biker gang’s newest chapter when it formed last year.

Several of his friends had reported him missing the night before his body was found in the 20000-block of Wharf Street, Postmedia has learned. [Hal’s Note: In fact, his crew biked into the RCMP detachment, patched out and leathered up, in order to report Chad Wilson missing.]

Firefighters were first called to the scene about 11:30 a.m. Sunday. They immediately called in the Mounties when they found Wilson’s body.

Friends of Wilson’s, wearing their death-head patched Hells Angels vests, soon showed up at the scene.

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team is working with Ridge Meadows RCMP on the case.

Let’s dig a little deeper though because in my mind, the murder of Chad Wilson and the circumstances surrounding it point to cartel involvement and tie into the Archbald, Daley and Kilmer murders. Take a few minutes and follow my logic here please.

The Hells Angels prefer keeping a low profile. They want to foster the type of image associated with motorcycle runs for kids. Murder and dope slinging are antithetical to that image.

So, they go about the dirty end of their dirty business hiding in the shadows and using affiliate clubs/gangs to carry out the more visible dirty work. Notice the deaths of Daley, Kilmer and Archbald. These were not public executions. No, they were murdered in the wilderness because the Hells Angels hoped their bodies would never be found.

According to my sources, Chad Wilson was President of the Hardside Chapter of the Hells Angels

Yet the murder of Chad Wilson was the exact opposite. It was intentionally made to be a public spectacle in order to send a message

  • The Hells Angels showed up at an RCMP detachment wearing their patches
  • Chad Wilson was not dumped out in the woods somewhere
  • Friends of Chad Wilson wearing vests with the Hells Angels’ death head even showed up at the murder scene

The Hells Angels send messages for only two reasons. They want people to understand that you do not wear their colors and betray their trust and you do not rat them.

Yes! Daley, Archbald and Kilmer all betrayed the Hells Angels. However, they did not do so as patch wearing members. So there was no trust to betray.

In the case of Chad Wilson, simply picking the wrong person for a job would not rise to the level of being a betrayal of trust. No, a betrayal of trust would have to involve, not just doing something stupid, but actually intentionally crossing the line.

I do not believe Chad Wilson crossed any line, intentionally or otherwise. He may have made a bad decision, but he did not betray the trust of the Hells Angels. In fact, Chad Wilson had done yeoman’s work on behalf of the Hells Angels. Here is more from Kim Bolan on that.

Chad Wilson's profile picture
Chad Wilson’s profile picture

Chad Wilson’s work on behalf of the Hells Angels

  1. In 2013, Wilson was charged in Spain with B.C. Hells Angel Jason Arkinstall and two associates after police there seized half a tonne of cocaine from a sailboat that had arrived from Colombia. [Hal’s note: Does that sound familiar?] The Spanish government said one of the B.C. bikers was on the vessel, while the others were waiting in Spain. They were arrested in a restaurant in Pontevedra, a port in the northwest of Spain. Officials said the drug conspiracy was linked to a member of the San Diego chapter of the Hells Angels — the same chapter that Wilson had joined as a prospect on Jan. 28, 2005.
  2. Wilson became a full-patch Hells Angel a year later on Jan. 28, 2006. Within a few months, he was in a jail cell in South Dakota, charged along with fellow HA member John Midmore with attempted murder for an Aug. 8, 2006 gunfight with members of the rival Outlaws biker gang. Several bikers and passersby were struck. One Outlaw was paralyzed by Wilson. But both he and Midmore claimed self-defence and were later acquitted. Wilson, however, pleaded guilty in April 2009 to being an alien in possession of a firearm. He was sentenced to four years in jail.
CIA Map of International illegal drug connections

Messages are directed at somebody. Otherwise, there is no need for them. I believe this message was from the cartel, not from the bikers, but that the bikers were ordered to deliver it.

The cartel is not the Hells Angels though, and it judges people and their actions by an entirely different yardstick than do the Hells Angels. To the cartel, failure, no matter the reason, is a death sentence.

Chad Wilson failed, and I believe the bikers were under orders by the cartel to carry out his murder. The cartel is not trying to create a “good guy image”.  Instead, it wants to send an entirely different message, one of brutality and zero tolerance. That is their style. Their message is simple. “If you mess with cartel business or fail at it for any reason, you will be executed.”

What you need to understand is that nobody is bigger than the cartel, not the mob and not that bikers, be they Hells Angels or otherwise. Therefore, when the cartel ordered the execution of Chad Wilson and that a big deal be made of it, the Hells Angels had no choice but to comply.

Chad Wilson had an entourage, maybe not these two at the time, but he had an entourage
Chad Wilson had an entourage, maybe not these two at the time, but he had an entourage

Why do I say the bikers executed him? Commonsense tells you that the only way Chad Wilson would have been alone is if he was meeting somebody he trusted.

  • The only people he trusted were his Hells Angels’ biker buddies.
  • Chad Wilson was not a loner. Therefore, he did not sneak away from his entourage in the middle of the night to go to meet some non-bikers whom he did not know or absolutely trust.
  • And nobody stormed his house to take him captive and carry him off somewhere to be murdered.

Chad Wilson was executed by people he knew and trusted, or he was taken to his execution by those friends. Hell, his buddies knew he had not gone missing when they showed up at the RCMP detachment. They knew because they were told he had been murdered and directed to go to the RCMP detachment and express concerns about him being missing.

Whose dope are the bikers selling?

Before you run off and declare that a cartel could never exercise any control over the Hells Angels, ask yourself a simple question. If the cartel decides that none of their dope reaches the bikers, and instead, that it will sell to a different group or sell its own product through a network it establishes, what dope are the bikers going sell?

Remember, the cartel controls dope WORLD WIDE. Sure, some dope will reach the bikers, but they cannot compete with the cartel.

In other words, THE BIKERS ARE ADDICTED TO CARTEL DOPE because without the cartel’s dope they are no longer significant players in the dope business, save the many marijuana derivatives which they profit from with their control of the weed business.

Police have publicly stated a different theory

Police experts have postulated that this murder of Chad Wilson was because of a flare up of a fight within the Hells Angels between the old guard and the young guns. I don’t buy into that for the reasons I have given herein.

I also take note of the fact that the police, in a need to keep its investigation details quiet, and with an obligation not to cause undue public concern, might not reveal a concern about the cartel to the public.

The Cartel is taking over. This is why we see more and more gang activity in Nanaimo, Surrey, Langford and even Victoria. It is also why there is an increasing number of Canadian criminals murdered in Mexico…

Soon you will no longer recognize the drug landscape because it will look like this…

That is my theory/opinion…

What do you think?


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  1. Hey

    I’m wondering if the third person still alive in the photo you posted will still be alive or will he be the next hit in a year. Or was third man still alive the one getting rid of the other two for personal gain.
    Chad Wilson was hit last year and Hardside Hells Angel Suminder “Ali” Grewal was just killed in broad daylight while in line at a drive thru in Surrey bc, three days ago.

  2. Hi Hal,

    Are you still online? Haven’t seen much posting lately, but I wanted to chime in and say you absolutely nailed it with this case! Big article was released yesterday in Vancouver Sun. You couldn’t have got it more exact.

  3. Do you think that given the connectivity between Wilson, Archbald and Daley (possibly Kilmer too) and the fact all three were presumably led unknowingly to their deaths by people they knew and had no reason to fear, that we are looking at one killer or the same team of killers between the three men? Any leads in this case from your contact? Regards

  4. Hello Hal, I stumbled across your blog early last year and was surprised because I know you from a few years back. You may or may not remember me, but for now I wish to remain anonymous and the name I am using is a pseudonym to protect my identity. I meant to comment on this particular post awhile back, but life gets in the way and now it is already the middle of March! I am connected to 2 of the 4 people who were murdered (the people, not the murders themselves, just to clarify!) so that is the reason I wish to remain anonymous. A few things were made to clear to me by my contacts from when I first read this to now, so probably better I am not posting until now anyway.

    You are right about a few things regarding the dope on the Astral Blue. The three men who were kidnapped and murdered were mules for the cartel. Archbald and Daley were tasked with getting the dope to Canada and Kilmer’s work truck was going to be used to transport the dope. There were a few trucks that would be used, but since Kilmer actually recommended one of the men, he was forced to pay with his life. As long as Archbald and Daley stayed in the Ucluelet Harbour they would be safe since there were cameras and eyewitnesses. They arrived on May 13 and only were kidnapped 3 days later when they left the harbour. Kilmer was kidnapped by associates of the Bikers that same day. Archbald and Daley stayed at the harbour for around 72 hours while they contacted their connections and hoped that losing the dope would blow over (no pun intended!). When the Bikers didn’t come for them at the Harbour they thought they would be safe and be given another chance, but the Bikers don’t forgive or forget and were given orders by the Cartel that these 3 men were to be taken care of immediately. Associates of the Bikers took care of these 3 problems quickly and decisively.

    You are wrong about the murder of Wilson. If you noticed, he was murdered 6 months TO THE DAY after the 3 aforementioned men were kidnapped and murdered. The Cartels and Bikers need each other. The Bikers need the Cartels to move H and coke north and the Cartels need the Bikers to move the marijuana south. Make no mistake, even though marijuana is legal the Bikers still control the majority of the cannabis flow since the government mismanaged everything on the road to cannabis legalization, but that’s a different argument. The point is – the Cartels need the Bikers marijuana, the Bikers need the Cartels H and coke.

    The order was given from the Cartels that Wilson should die as well, but as you pointed out since Wilson didn’t betray the trust of the Bikers and he didn’t rat on the Bikers, his brothers did not and would not kill him. The Cartel waited for 6 months for the Bikers to take care of Wilson and then there patience ran out and their associates grabbed him and executed him. Wilson thought he was safe since 6 months had passed. You incorrectly pointed out that the Astral Blue was the only big thing to happen. No, it was the only thing you heard about since the mules fucked up. There were lots of things going on and Wilson thought he was safe, but same as the Bikers the Cartels never forget or forgive either. Wilson was too trusting and that cost him his life. The Bikers showing up at the police detachment was PUBLIC and not a sign of weakness, but a show of force to both the Cartels and the RCMP that they were united and not frayed or fractured by the murder of a full patch member. The Bikers showed up at his murder scene and that was even more public and another show of force to the Cartels and RCMP that they were united and it was a message to the Cartels that the Bikers were not to be fucked with any longer, that any more violence or meddling in their interests would be dealt with decisively and violently. If you look at the violence in Mexico, the Cartels murders and executions always happen publicly and quite often the bodies are left under a bridge. Wilson’s murder is a clear sign of Cartel involvement. The other 3 murders happened out in the middle of nowhere. The Bikers (like the Mob) don’t want a lot of attention and you were right that those bodies were never supposed to be found.

    This could have gotten a lot more violent, but the Bikers have shown enormous restraint. The Cartels and their associates are walking lightly right now.
    Keep on shining your light in those dark places Hal. It needs to be exposed.

    Josh 😉

  5. Hal, your articles about the drug trade around the Vancouver coast are well researched and well written. Thank you for taking the time to compile all this info and release it to us.
    I think the cartels are definitely gaining strength and gaining more ground. Here and around the world.
    I spend a lot of time in Mexico every year, and always knew there was crappy cartel weed going around, but this year was different. Now they have guys pushing coke and meth on the streets. ..aggressive salesmen, just like the time shares. They’re pushing meth on the locals and coke onto the tourists.
    Everyone there seems to be happy with the new presidente, because they say he’s anti-cartel and has taken the military off the streets. Well, there’s waaaay more drug activity now, so I’m not that impressed with what’s happening there.
    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks and keep up the great journalism.

    • Thank you. For the record though, not all share your opinion of my writing or me. My only regret is that I have a difficult time ferreting out more information for you and my readers.

      • Big article in the times colonist about the fate of dan and Ryan. Impressive how accurate you were from the beginning. Good work. Any updates of your own? Thanks hal

      • Wow. Well you called that one, the latest Vancouver Sun article almost agreed word for word, almost as you had way more details. I’m curious though, Suminder Grewal is dead almost a year later. The same guy in the picture and connected to Chad Wilson. Wondering if the third guy in the picture will be the next year’s news hit or if he turned on those two to take over the lead?

  6. I agree, Northerner, dogs and security systems.
    Even if a homeowner doesn’t or can’t have a dog, make your home look like a dog resides there, from the outside.
    -Buy cheap, big metal dog dishes, and put one outside each door.
    Scatter dog toys beside each dish, put water in the dish, move the toys around every few days, to make it look like a dog moved them, etc.
    -Put up a few ‘Beware of Dog” signs outside.
    -Hang a dogs leash, inside glass patio doors, so a thief will see the dog leash hanging inside on the handle and they will not want to proceed.
    The last thing a burglar wants to contend with, is a barking/biting dog.
    -Make sure your glass patio doors can’t be easily lifted up and out, burglars use suction cups to lift them up quietly. Glass patio doors are the number one entry point for a burglar.

    Put out the biggest pair of men’s boots that you can find or already have, outside the doors too. Or even just one boot at each door, laying on its side, then a week later, add the other boot, then stand them up, mix up the pattern, in case your house is being watched.
    Use cheap boots, ones you won’t care about, if they get stolen.

    Put as many barriers between you, your loved ones, and a burglar: get good, solid doorjams to house really strong dead-bolts, close and lock doors with strong locks going into lower floors, so if someone breaks in the basement, that basement door being locked and then loudly kicked in by a burglar, will give you time to call the police and alert your family.
    -Keep flashlights by the bedsides of all family members and teach them to turn their flashlight on and point it at their window if they hear something outside. The light will show through even with curtains shut.
    Most of all, never tell anyone that you don’t have a dog, even a neighbour. People talk, gossip and have loud voices. You don’t want info spread around your neighbourhood or in your local coffee shop, that you don’t have an actual dog.
    Same goes with security systems, if anyone asks, say yes, you do have a security system.
    If they want to see it, tell them they can’t. Get those security system stickers on your doors, windows etc, even if you don’t have an actual security system installed yet.
    You are allowed to fib to keep yourself, your loved ones and your home safe.
    I am back to drinking coffee…how can you tell??

    • When I lived in the U.S. here are two things for my daughter which I though were clever. 1). I put a bumper sticker on her car that said, “If you want my gun you will have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers. 2). I taught here that every time she exited her car she was to put the drivers seat in the “all the way back” position.

      • That is brilliant about that bumper sticker and what you told your daughter to do.
        I am still chuckling!
        Another bumper sticker I saw recently read, “Too many idiots, not enough bullets!”
        My hubbie put up a sign on our property that reads, “Forget about the dogs, beware of the owner!”
        On one of our locked high-gates, we have a sign that reads, “I can get to the fenceline in 2.6 seconds, can you?” And we attached a blownup picture of one of our Dobermans, with his teeth showing and his barrel-chest.
        Dogs are definately human’s best-friend.

  7. Hi Hal,

    Can you say anything more on how Ben Kilmer was connected to the bikers, Archbald/Daley, and the dope on the Astral Blue? As I have theorized previously, I believe he was—however I have based that primarily on my instinct and feel like I am missing a piece of the puzzle.

    There was so much publicity from the wife while Ben was missing. And now radio silence. And yes I fully understand the grief cycle and what losing your soul mate entails so I’m not making this comment from an insensitive or ignorant stance. It’s just that she drummed up the support of thousands of people. The community rallied behind her. Countless search hours, tips, prayers, $$$ for her kids via Go Fund Me… And now nothing. I wonder if it’s that she can’t or won’t say anything?

    Something I found odd was how adamant she was about what a “good person” Ben was during her press conference with the RCMP and her many FB posts. Loving husband and father, etc, etc. I’m sure he was, but who was she trying to convince? To me the focus was always more on their life story, how and where they met, what his favourite pastimes were, than on the circumstances leading to his disappearance. It always irked me. Always sounded more like a eulogy than a search and rescue attempt. Apologies if any of that is offensive. It’s simply my thoughts and opinion.

    As always, your insight is appreciated Hal! Many thanks!

    • I am sorry for my silence of late. Double pneumonia and I had a dispute that needed to be settled. It was an epic battle, but scary.

      In any event, there is not much to be said about Kilmer that doesn’t threaten a lawsuit. I can just tell you that I, nor any of my acquaintances, know of any drug smuggler who did so without his/her family being aware.

      There are just too many alarm bells:
      1). Lots of money suddenly,
      2). Trips surrounded by secrecy,
      3). Lack of friendships with co-workers,
      4). Telephone conversations nobody is allowed to hear, etc.

      To believe a man or a woman could smuggle drugs and their spouse not know is to believe the moon doesn’t determine the tides.

      The BC connection will soon leak. This did not happen for no reason.

  8. As always I think you are skimming as close to the truth as one could want or need to be. Great article. In other news, this may interest you…in regards to ben kilmers death, “a friend” of mine took the steps to request a coroners inquest re kilmers body, and apparently there is no coroners report, or the results are being withheld. Maybe there is a legit reason for this but I thought a coroners report was public knowledge. Anyways His experience in the community has led him to question whether kilmers body was even found at all, and this is a ruse in the name of a huge international investigation.

    • Thank you. That is a fascinating thought, almost sounding “conspiracy theory-like”. What makes it double fascinating to me is that I have a couple of police sources who are telling me that only a handful of people are “in the know” on Ben Kilmer and that ANY LEAK WHATSOEVER will be met with a thorough internal investigation. I think they are still smarting from my original article on Archbald and Daley.

      A final thought is that the “suicide” story is very convenient for police. Authorities can claim the family’s wishes regarding releasing information need to be respected following such a tragic event. That argument allows police to omit any details that might have led to the suicide finding.

      I never trusted silence or darkness, and never will.

    • Coroner’s reports are public but it can take a year or so for them to be filed and released. You can request that a copy be sent to you when it is available, or just keep checking.

      • Yes and No. Here’s the final legal say.
        Coroners Act of BC, Div. 3, Section 26, Disclosure of Records: (2) A Coroner in BC may prohibit or restrict a person or class of persons, or the public, from attending all or part of an inquest, and may prohibit publication of all or part of the proceedings of an inquest, if the Coroner has reason to believe that doing so is necessary to protect:
        (i) a person from undue interference with a person’s privacy
        (ii) a personal security
        (iii) a persons right to a fair trial
        (iv) national security
        (v) the security or well-being of a child victim or child of a victim

        Copies of toxicology reports and/or postmortem reports require a court order and consent from next-of-kin.
        When a death occurs in BC, the Coroner has three sections to facilitate.
        1. Conclusion of natural death
        2. Coroner’s Investigation
        3. Coroner’s Inquest
        When it is not a natural death, the Coroner has the authority to collect all information, conduct interviews, inspect and seize documents and secure the scene.
        Section 11 and Section 13 gives the Coroner absolute seizure and inspection powers to
        gather the facts, issue warrants to conduct autopsies, toxicology panels, microscopy findings, and any additional procedures in preparation for a legal Inquest and to complete the investigation.

          • I love you too, Hal, and I am so relieved you are recovering well from that double-pneumonia.
            You gave us all quite the scare.
            True to form, nothing can take you down.
            You are needed, very much.

            • God will call me when He decides my friends and enemies here on earth have tolerated enough. Until then, I thank Him every night for the opportunity to love my family and friends.

  9. You may simply email me at [email protected]. We can continue with private emails from that point forward or we might each choose to give the other a cell number for texts and/or voice conversations. I look forward to hearing from you, and I assure you anonymity and/or secrecy, whatever it is in those regards that you might seek.

  10. Excellent article, Hal! You are very thorough, accurate and also, intuitive with your findings.
    I always know I can get straight forward answers from you, and you are always correct.

    When I first heard about Chad Wilson having been murdered, and found under that bridge, I felt where he was placed especially, was a sign.
    A sign of possible retaliation to come, and of anger.
    There is talk of worse, yet to come.
    More troops have been called in and everyone is on edge.
    Things (signs) are going to get worse, right?…not better, from this latest murder.

    Did you hear about that recent horrific middle of the night, home invasion in Nanaimo?
    Seniors were tied up, beaten, robbed and their car stolen.
    Also, the perps cut their phone line before entering the home.
    Officials said it was a case of wrong identity, it was a targeted attack, but on the wrong seniors.
    Who would target a couple of “targeted” seniors?

    Everybody should get dogs, and train them well.

    • Thank you Jen. Although I’d be a little more reserved with that “always right” part. I truly believe that the cartel is moving to Canada in force and that the various gangs will all soon be here. I had not heard about the seniors. That is so sad. The world is becoming more and more dangerous, and I blame much of that on our wholly inadequate judges and crown prosecutors. It seems as though nobody gets outraged anymore.

    • Hi Hal
      Hope you’re recovering.
      I’ve posted before, about the Astral Blue etc
      Coincidence that the retired folks are good friends of ours. They have no ties to organized crime, whatsoever. I can guarantee that. However, the whole deal is very strange.
      They are very traumatized.
      Google Donnie and Marie Biggs @ 253 Garner Crescent, Nanaimo.
      So unbelievable

      • I am lost because I am not sure if you are just pointing out the brutality of the home invasion of the Biggs or are somehow intending to tie that home invasion into the Astral Blue ownership? Help me out here please.

        • Hey Hal,
          Suminder Allie Grewal, murdered, two out of the three in photo. Did third guy order hit to take over the Chapter or is he next? Both died at 43 and Suminder shot in broad daylight by two young guys from Alberta. Someone is sending a message. How involved in Chad Wilson’s business was he. What’s your take?

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