Armed Robbers Hit Another Illegal Pot Shop Again

Armed Robbery of Burnside Dispensary

At around 7:30 P.M. last night [June 27], armed robbers hit another illegal pot shop, AGAIN.  Armed robberies of illegal pot shops are becoming common in Victoria.  This is what I have warned you and Lisa Helps about on many occasions.  When you combine drugs and money [yes, pot is a drug], you will attract bad guys who combine guns and greed.  It is not rocket science.

Armed robbers hit Burnside Dispensary
The Burnside Dispensary’s run down interior

The armed robbers hit a sleazy, criminal enterprise known as “Burnside Dispensary”

The Burnside Dispensary is located 3175 Harriet Road in Victoria.  Like all of the illegal pot shops Lisa Helps has encouraged to setup in Victoria, it advertises itself as meeting medical needs. However, it’s main business is getting people high.

The company’s motto is “live healthy and happy naturally

The “healthy” part must be a joke.  I say that because, like other pot shops in town, most of what it sells are pot derivatives.  Some, like shatter, produce psychotic breaks because of high THC content.  Just remember, “natural” does not mean “safe“.  After all, heroin is natural.  And so is cocaine.

Victoria Police are looking for two armed robbers and an automobile

At present there is no description of the armed robbers.  However police have identified a car that they believe was involved in the robbery.  It is a grey BMW 335i.  It bears B.C. plate number: BA5 34P.

Is it a stolen car?

Probably.  If not, the license plate likely is.  These days criminals realize that there are cameras everywhere and that their car will be on video, if only seen approaching the building.  Therefore, cops will go store to store in the areas surrounding any major crime and ask about video cameras.  After all, neither the criminal, nor the car just appeared out of thin air.

There was a guy in Vancouver who did bank fraud.  He always picked banks that he could approach from side streets so his car would not be on camera.

Armed Robbery of pot shops will be common
Lisa Helps betrays the legal pot trade

I warned about pot shop wars.  You need to understand that when you are talking about pot shops, you are talking about criminals.  And criminals do not like competition.

Is this robbery one criminal pot shop owner telling the criminal owner of Burnside Dispensary, Rosetta Duncan, that her prices are too low?  It’s possible.

After all, Burnside Dispensary advertises that it has the lowest prices in Victoria.  By the looks of the dump, it almost certainly has the lowest overhead.  Hell, look at the “pricing board”.  It doesn’t exactly ooze “class”.

Pot pricing board
Burnside Dispensary pricing board

Did these armed robbers come from out of town or from the mainland?

At this point, the police probably don’t even know for sure.  That said, I would guess that it is 50/50 whether they are local or from Langford, Nanaimo, or other points North.  Nobody is likely to come from the mainland and target such a rundown shop.  Being local is possible because of the “off the normal trail” location of this pot shop.

Additionally, the police only mentioned one firearm, but there were two robbers.  Why didn’t each of them have a gun?  It seems to me that armed robbers who have the money to travel from from the mainland can afford two guns.  Furthermore, with the one gun versus two gun scenario it is likely they are not gang connected, but amateurs.

Will these particular armed robbers ever be caught?  If I am correct about them being amateur, probably, and likely fairly quickly too.  Let’s hope so.  Because they will rob again if not caught, and the next time somebody could get hurt

There are now at least 29 pot shops in Victoria which have received an illegal license to operate or are in the application process to do so.  Criminals own each of these pot shops that attract more criminals.  Furthermore, each of these pot shops present a danger of violence to you and your family.  The evidence is clear with Victoria’s increasing home invasions, increasing armed robberies and its rising crime rate, one of the steepest in Canada.


Do you live or own a business in the same building as a pot shop?  If you do you should check to see if your business insurance, renter’s insurance, or building insurance is still valid.  Insurance companies typically do not provide insurance to criminal enterprises or buildings that house them.

[UPDATE #1, as of about 10:00 P.M., June 28]: It appears one of the armed robbers has been caught.  Police arrested the man running on foot through the backyard of a house on Obed Avenue.  This was within blocks of Burnside Dispensary.  One of my police contacts tells me that he had the stolen car with him.  Obviously, as I speculated, an amateur.

[UPDATE #2, as of about 12 Noon, June 29]: Victoria Police now say the man arrested was NOT one of the armed robbers, but simply a getaway driver.  The two robbers are still on the loose.


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