Billeting Homeless Is More Insanity From Lisa Helps

Billeting and your neighbourhood

With Lisa Helps it is one disaster after another

First was tent city.  Then came 29 city licensed, but still illegal pot shops downtown.  Now Lisa Helps wants to expose you and your family to the dangers of billeting homeless.  Lisa Helps is preying on the kindness of Victorians and endangering them with another inane plan to help drug addicts and criminals.

Billeting homeless will make rising crime rate even worse
Billeting homeless will make rising crime rate even worse

At a time when drugs are becoming more prevalent and Victoria is experiencing one of the highest crime rate rises in Canada, Lisa Helps wants to encourage billeting. 

This is dangerous.  Do not let your kindhearted loved ones or neighbors get sucked into her reckless idea.

Can you say “rape or “robbery“?  How about “assault” or “arson”?  Or maybe “intimidation” or “identity theft”?  Have you ever heard of “burglary” or “battery”?  Or perhaps “forgery” or “fraud”?  Have you ever been threatened?

How do you react to overdoses in your guest bedroom?  Do you like being worried that your drawers will be rifled through?   Do you mind a drug deal happening in your yard or your basement?  No?  Then how would you like to wake up to the acrid smell of crack cocaine or the putrid odor of crystal meth overpowering the aroma of your morning coffee?

Billeting homeless is just more insanity from Lisa Helps.  Do you want used rigs in your front yard?  How do you feel about your neighbors bringing these troubles to you?  Moreover, how will your neighbors feel about you bringing these troubles to them?

Do you want to billet a working girl who brings tricks to your home?  Have you ever dealt with bed bugs?

Mural of OD deaths
Billeting homeless will bring this to your neighbourhood

How would you like an OD in your basement?

Can you say fentanyl?  How about carfentanil?  Do you want your elderly parents taking in a street person?  And how about your grown kids and their children, your grandchildren?  Or maybe your brother or your sister should take one in?

Is not giving the homeless their own building akin to billeting them?

Every facility ever given them they have destroyed.  Look at the trouble at the current Johnson Street facility now.  Additionally, the Travelers Inns that went out of business were converted to apartments to help the homeless.  However, those facilities are now drug ghettos and crime laden.

Do you remember spending a million dollars on the courthouse lawn?  The province actually had to excavate the land to decontaminate it.  Do you recall all the additional police required?

I fought to help addicts being evicted from various facilities.  Therefore, I am not against the homeless.  So don’t accuse me of being heartless.  However, I am opposed to billeting homeless because it will be a disaster.  Ask a cop, off the record,  if he/she would billet one of these people.  The answer will be a resounding, “No”.  But Lisa Helps wants you to play Russian Roulette with your family’s safety

Billeting homeless will not work
This protector and hero is why Canadians billeted

We billeted heroes during the war.  Billeting was for those brave souls who protected us and fought for our freedoms.

But it was not designed to honor and serve the criminals, nor was it meant to help drug addicts or the homeless.

In my mind, simply using the word “billeting” in the context that Mayor Helps uses it is a disgrace and dishonors our veterans.

That aside, billeting homeless is dangerous and will be another Lisa Helps disaster.  Here are just a few common sense questions

common sense regarding billeting homeless
Lisa Helps stinks from lack of common sense

Lisa Helps has come up with another half thought out, libtard, knee jerk reaction to a problem she appears unable to handle.   First we had to deal with tent city.  Then we had to suffer through her illegally licensed pot shops.  Now, she is bringing us this billeting insanity.

  • What are the legal implications of billeting homeless?  Furthermore, does it violate city bylaws?  Moreover, if yes, will the city just ignore laws as it has done with Escort Agencies (brothels) and pot shops?  Or will it amend the laws to fit its dangerous agenda?
  • The RTB (Residential Tenancy Branch) controls all residential tenancies in British Columbia.  Therefore, would the RTB govern billeting homeless?  If not, who would govern these tenancies?
  • Would granting a tenancy create a legal right for the billetee?  If so, how could you evict a billetee?
  • Do the police have the legal right to remove a billetee?  Probably not.  Therefore, what would happen if a homeowner should want a billetee removed?
  • Will an expensive court hearing be required.  Probably, after all, billeting is a civil matter involving a contract, whether written or oral.  Additionally, there is no legal precedent to fall back on.
  • How can homeowners run a background check on prospective billetees?  Apartment management companies like Brown Bros and others who rent suites often rely on a credit check to determine if they want to rent to a particular individual.  Obviously though, these potential billetees will fail that credit check.  Therefore, a credit check is pointless.
  •  However, the highest percentage of homeless are drug addicts, so how is one to be safe?  Accordingly, how about a criminal record check?  You don’t have that ability.

This rogue mayor must somehow be put in check


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  1. worst mayor ever, Victoria will take years to recover from the actions of this woman, what is her end game,, destroy the city and then retreat back to Ontario, is the city council as messed up as her , or just gutless

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