Blair Beaudry Wanted & Dangerous

Blair "Crazy" Beaudry is a predator

This is where drugs lead. They don’t call it dope because it makes you smart. I featured this coward, Blair Beaudry, in my book after he tried to shank me in a sneak attack. He just proves the non-existence of a street/bro code. Now the inside scoop is that he and three other clowns, took a fellow addict hostage because the guy inherited $20,000+.

Blair Beaudry and friends were idiots

They then beat and tortured him to get his PIN.  Then they used his ATM card every 24 hours to drain his daily limit from his bank account. But the idiots allowed the guy to escape after one day. Blair Beaudry, (pictured herein) now has a Canada Wide Warrant outstanding. If you see him; call the police, but don’t approach him; Blair Beaudry is wanted and dangerous. All cowards are dangerous.Blair Beaudry - idiot

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