Blair “Crazy” Beaudry arrested on Canada wide warrant

Blair "Crazy" Beaudry arrested on Canada wide warrant 2

Blair “Crazy” Beaudry Now In Custody

Blair “Crazy” Beaudry is the dope addict, alcoholic fool I told you about in January.

As I said then, this is where drugs lead; they don’t call it dope because it makes you smart. I also featured this coward in my book after he tried to shank me in a sneak attack.

He preached but did not practice the “street code”, turning on his own

Beaudry’s actions that preceded these latest charges and arrest were even more cowardly, and the fact that he did what I describe below just proves the non-existence of a street/bro code.

The crime & the escape

Blair “Crazy” Beaudry and several other clowns, took a fellow addict hostage because the guy inherited $20,000+. Next, they then beat and tortured their victim to get his PIN. Then they used his ATM card every 24 hours in an attempt to drain the victim’s daily limit from his bank account.

After allowing the victim to escape [they were probably doing a hoot at the time], Beaudry ran and hid, instead of manning up. It is difficult enough to hide from police when they are actively looking for you, but add a dope habit to the mix and you are done like dinner. Thus, Blair Beaudry, [pictured herein] has now been arrested.

What was the plan?

Blair "Crazy" Beaudry - stooge
What was the plan?

When you read what these clowns did, you must ask yourself what was their master plan?  How did they plan on not getting caught for their crime?  In other words, after they had drained their victim’s bank account, what was their exit strategy?

Were they going to murder him so he couldn’t tell the cops what happened, as did Wyatt Prince?  Or were they going to tell him that he wasn’t allowed to talk to the cops because of the “street code“?  Perhaps they were they just going to let him go and hope he kept his mouth shut?

This is dope for you and this is the sophistication level of criminals whose only motivation is to get dope.  Make no mistake about it though, people like this are dangerous, but they are dangerous not because of the intelligence level behind their deeds, but rather, because of the sheer stupidity behind them.

Let’s hope he doesn’t get a bleeding heart judge

Accordingly, as long as he doesn’t appear before Madam Justice Susan Griffin (about whom I wrote in my book), Beaudry will hopefully soon get the full measure of justice due him for his vile acts of depravity and cowardice.  His next schedule court appearance is February 19th in Victoria.

I can’t help but wonder if he was caught in Gangford. I will let you know as soon as I do.

My voice is limited; yours is limitless

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  1. So…I’m not a blogger and never been on the streets or even close to being there and I have read everything of yours except your book…which I will soon…one thing bothers me. You lived with your “roommate” who was an addict for 15 years and supported her addiction by $3000-$5000 per month ….why? Just interested in the answer. I am not a judge.

    • I did it because I believed in her. I knew that someday she would land on her feet and fulfill her dreams and because I promised her that I would be there for her. My faith was rewarded. She is clean and sober now, reunited and living with her son in a house that I was able to help her purchase. She has a job, as well as a horse she sees every day, and most importantly, she believes in herself as much as I did/do and has gained self respect. It is wonderful to see and to be a part of.

      If you do get around to the book, don’t chastise me for the many typos. I wrote it when I was dying of cancer. It is in remission now and I am cancer free. God has been good to me.

      Thanks for the question and comment.

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