Brandon James Seguin, Rapist/Skinner

Brandon James Seguin is a punk.  While out on bail when he should have been in jail, he did a violent home invasion wherein he batted his male victim in the knees to disable the guy.  But that is not why I am so outraged.  After all, when you choose drugs as a way of life that kind of stuff often goes with the game.

I’m outraged because this vile excuse for a human being raped a friend of mine.  Wearing a mask, Seguin entered the apartment through a sliding patio door.  Then, he first disabled the male with the aforementioned baseball bat.  Next he proceeded to rob and rape the lady.

How Brandon James Seguin seduces a womanHalfway into his sick deed, he removed his mask, wanting her to see who he was.  He was proud of raping a woman.

Brandon James Seguin is a trophy hunter

Then before leaving, he stole her identification.  He’s a damn trophy hunter and wanted that ID so he could relive the moment over and over.  Trophy hunters normally have more than one victim.  So this guy is probably a predator with multiple victims.  Ladies, you need to be aware of this the next time that he “macks” on you or asks if you want to do a “hoot” with him.

On the street, rapists are known as skinners

On “the street” and in jail, males who sexually assault women are known as “skinners”.  When skinners  like Brandon James Seguin go to jail, they are segregated from the rest of the jail community and put into “Protective Custody”.  This is because other inmates will beat a skinner like a dusty rug on a sunny afternoon in the summer prairies.  They talk big, threaten and strut, but their nuts are so shriveled that a squirrel couldn’t find them.

Brandon James Seguin Rapist/Skinner, Punk, Low Life, Scum
A.K.A. Matt Oliveira (, A.K.A. Bee Benny (what a childish name).

I am outraged that this nineteen year old piece of human trash was free on the streets to commit his depraved rape.  You should be outraged too when you look at the charges for which he was not given actual jail time.

The rape about which I am speaking occurred in January of this year.  But this pond scum was hiding so deep that it took me over two months to sleuth out his aliases and find his Facebook page.

The alarming thing is that prior to that rape, he had already been charged with and found “Guilty” of several charges

  • Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking, Over $5,000.  Folks, $5,000 is a lot of drugs, indicative of a level of dealing that ranks him far higher than a simple street dealer.
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance (illegal drugs, a separate charge from the possession charge, directly above).
  • Break and Enter (I guess breaking into your house, car or business doesn’t make him a threat to your safety).

The criminal record of Brandon James Seguin

Document Count Offence Date Statute Nature Accused City Of Offence
161123-2-C. 2 19-Dec-2013. CCC – 355(a) PSP Over $5,000. Commit SEGUIN, BRANDON James. Victoria B.C.
161123-2-C. 3 19-Dec-2013. CCC – 249(1)(a) Dangerous operation of motor vehicle. Commit SEGUIN, BRANDON James. Victoria B.C.
161123-3-B. 1 14-Feb-2015. CCC – 733.1(1) Breach of Probation Order. Commit SEGUIN, BRANDON James. Victoria B.C.
161123-3-B. 2 14-Feb-2015. CCC – 733.1(1) Breach of Probation Order. Commit SEGUIN, BRANDON James. Victoria B.C.
161123-4. 1 20-Mar-2015. CCC – 766(1) Application by Surety to Render Accused. SEGUIN, BRANDON James.


Document Count Offence Date Statute Nature Accused City Of Offence
162530-1.    1 12-May-2014. CDS – 4(1) Possession of Controlled Substance. Commit SEGUIN, BRANDON. Victoria B.C.


Document Count Offence Date Statute Nature Accused City Of Offence
163214-1.    1 02-Jul-2014. CCC – 348(1)(b) break and enter and commit indictable offence. Commit SEGUIN, BRANDON James. Victoria B.C.


Document Count Offence Date Statute Nature Accused City Of Offence
164547-2-C.    1 14-Feb-2015. CDS – 5(2) Possession for the purpose of trafficking. Commit SEGUIN, BRANDON James. Victoria B.C.
164547-2-C.    2 14-Feb-2015. CDS – 5(2) Possession for the purpose of trafficking. Commit SEGUIN, BRANDON James. Victoria B.C.
164547-2-C.    3 14-Feb-2015. CCC – 92(2) knowingly poss prohibited weapon w/out licence. Commit SEGUIN, BRANDON James. Victoria B.C.
164547-2-C.    4 14-Feb-2015. CCC – 117.01(1) Possession of firearm,etc. contrary to order. Commit SEGUIN, BRANDON James. Victoria B.C.
164547-3.    1 20-Mar-2015. CCC – 766(1) Application by Surety to Render Accused. SEGUIN, BRANDON James.


  1. Yo what up! heres my dirt on that mexican rapist faggot. Update his nickanme he often goes by “Benny Pebs” and he doesnt introduce himself to you with his real name. IF he had when i met him I woulda been like OH that’s the guy that homie dannibus was tellin me about how he was at this kids house and all 4 of these punks had to jump him. although all 4 of these punks didnt manage to steal his 10g gold chain they did leave a black eye on him. pretty good considering they had bats. I qas quite outraged by people who dont conduct business respectfully and was planning a rush of their TRAP..

    I probably see dannibus almost every day or once every 2 days i consider him my respectable homie. However unluckily for some reason for the following 3 weeks we didn’t chat, Now a week after he tells me this I’m outside Logans pub around the side. I think “Rifflandia” or something at the soccer field was goin on. I meet Brandon Seguine but he goes by name “Johny” too bad he didnt tell me Brandon Seguine cuz I had a quick release blade in my pocket and baton at the time. However I probably would have used just my fists.. unless i read this about being a skinner cuz i dunno I have never had the chance before to do anything to a skinner but if i could remove a punk like this from the Earth and none would be the wiser I would go for it. Nyway he is slangin some 2 gs of pepsi for $60 however he wouldnt let me try some…

    .Ok this is the time in the story wheere my imaginary friend with the funny hat comes into play. He gives Brandon or Johnny or Benny the Pebbz and his buddy a couple nice hand bumps of their reall good shit that they sell cuz they dont believe in cuttin shit and u either pay more or get less but what u get is as clean as u possibly could in this city and generally they made less sellin it this way but still refused to sell cut. cuz ud sell a hal g of this for 60 but stuff cut 50/50 u could sell for $40 and on $60 sometimes they only made $20 sometimes they made $35 but that was rare depending on price of the best shit they could find travelling between 3 conisseurs and having pick of 15 pure kindss. Anyway benny likes this stuff.

    The next lil week this friend in the imaginary hat decided to detox from opiates but when shit got bad he called benny for the occasional point to help it when it was bad and to ween off. So for next week in half they built relationship. then funny hat guy leaves friends place they detoxed and went home. this time they call brandon over for some Down again cuz detox wasnt quite successful. sametime benny wants to talk pepsi business. with Brandon faggot comes a guy named Ransom. from what ive heard Ransom is quite the hardcore dude and i havent heard reports of him acting disrespectful in ways so no diss to him although Ransom should stop chillin with low lifes like Seguine and Justin Time (this guys a POS to) anyway guy is quite the looker like 40-50 just straight chizled from the streets with knuckle tats and cold look.

    When they arrive they make a spectacle of shoiwn off Bear Mase which he doesnt keep a cord on so he could easily flip it… i think it was supposed to be menancing but this funny hat guy isnt really afraid of nothin so it wasnt workin.. meanwhile ransom was quite keen on showin off a 10″ big ass blade that he had on his side. funny hat guy pulled out like a 2G roll to pay for $60 of dizzle… then they discussed future working together… Ransom kept falling asleep and funny hat guy was super nice to him like they whats up man u alright… he kept wakin up thinkin people were robbin him.. he musta hard hard life. however even tho funy hat guy decdied to sell C to get buy he made sure to not rob people and work respectfully and carry the cleanest best possible a dealer for the people thats a necesary evil. in fact if clients called him too much he would ask him if they had an issue and needed to be cut down to weekends etc cuz he grew somewaht attached to his clients… ok ANYWAY i dunno why they didnt rob funny hat guy then when there was 2 g on table and like 2 oz of pepsi but they were prob just TOOO bitch even when funny hat gave brandon his favourtie SOG blade to examine… didnt have a piin so u could just use momentum and flip it open.. had seatbelt cutter window breaker… He loved his SOG knife.

    Ok so maybe once more brandon comes over and they have one of these interactions again. Then a couple days later funny hats homie said his side connect for $600 a oz got cut offf… around that time brandon phoned them to brag about new shit he had. funny hat asks hey can u get side. hes like what u wanna pay im ike well one oz and like well if u can get 2 for 1200 that would be great if its more theyll grab one… brandon had diff kinds one was like 5 or something and other was like i think 675 each….. so they ask for 2 of the $675… Funny hats friend gives them $600 of their cash towards stuff they want. now this is one of those conisseur friends he has built up trust with for long time and would never think of breaking that trust or fuckin over this bud he has mad respect for. obviously they had been up for few days and was not quite thinking the most clearly… really too bad at this point they didnt know seguine was seguine.

    SO they go back home to await seguines arrival with the side.. has homies $600 and puts in $750 of own cash. he stick it in top drawer. seguine pops over. wants to make sure no one shome… “no ones home” but gf was chillin out in bedroom.. to bad a homie wasnt in there or girl didnt know how to hold the fully auto ketchup rifle that was stashed in there… so brandon comes over once again unnecarily flaunting how loose his mase is in guys face thinking thats a threat… funny hat guy actually offers to exchange his mase thats fucked for his with saftety strap ya know so brandon stopped being so concerened with his loose might shoot off bear spray… which is a dumb fuckin weapon to think of blowin off in house cuz u arent gonna be able to see ot jack someone after that… anyway! seguine wants to see the cash…
    “buddy wheres the dope” ,
    i gotta see the cash.
    “i got the cash dont worry about that do u have the dope i gotta make sure its good
    ” oh yeh i have it just lemme see cash
    . “well just show me a speckle of it to check out”,
    I dont have it my buddy has it hes gonna drive it here.
    “ok well get the shit and ill give u cash”.
    well i need cash to go see him
    “well tell him to come up with the shit and ill give u cash”
    then he goes buddys outside right now gimme cash so i can see him and he keeps pressin im like look im gonna go get him and bring him up
    So funny hat leaves and leaves brandon fuckin in house lookin bewildered…
    like i dunno why he thinks funny hat was born yesterday they aint given cash till they see goods especially since half of cash is someone who might bury someone.

    So funny hat goes out to street and sees a van with a familiar face. KYLE HARVEY (not a horrible guy i think he was somewhat in dark about this ordeal but stil a huge douche loser). he was in passenger side wiith his gf driving… gf apologised later to funny hat months down the road when she was no longer with kyle and said so sorry she didnt know… funny hat forgave her she was clearly being douped by SEGUINE. anyway upon seeing this person kyle harvery funny hat recognizes he feels more trusting.
    Although not good friends with harvery hes been friends of firneds of lots of people he knows and he should know better to fuck over funny hat cuz funny hat knows a lot about him.. anyway so he sees kyle asks kyle hey did u bring the shit he says yes. funny hat says park around back ill meet u down there… so he runs back in front of building on way in has reflection… soo if kyle brought shit then seguine wasnt tryin to pull a fuckin fast one why did he want the money, ok wait maybe he wants money to siphon some off for himself so kyle didn tknow how much and he could middle himself in… okay well funnyhat understand this… mind u at this point he doesnt know that its brandon seguine himself.
    so he goes upstairs and says hey yeah its kyle harvery i know him so i told him to come up sorry for doubting u heres the shit. brandons quite mad that he left him alone in house i guess has gulty concious and knew people wanna fuck him up so thought people might swarm the house and fuck him up.. once again really to bad didnt know was seguine cuz wow coulda called homie that brandon jumped weeks before as well as guy whose money he had that hes about to rob and a few boiys woulda been geat time for that…. if only we knew then what we know now… anyway

    so gives seguine the money and goes down the back to grab Kyle. kyle comes up with gf… when funnyhat enters seguins counting the $1350… the broke ass bitch looked like he hadnt see that kinda money in a while.. dunno why he didnt leave when funny left to grab kyle.. anwyy kyle comes in and theyte like k wheres the shit… funny gets ignored… him and brandon lock themselves in bathroom and argue.. id also like to mention that brandon had been feedin funny lots of down to dope him up. Um yeah previously when brandon sai dhe was gonna take money and go to meet person he was gonna leave all his shit there like his dope… ok so they come outta bathroom or actually funnys at bathroom door the fuck wheres the shit.. they come out. seguine has to go run down to van with gf to get it kyles gonna stay… it looked like he left his bag… this shoulda been RED FLAG but funny was up for coiple days and was doped up… in fact he had Kyles ID from a night he saw him at fox and fronted him a $40… haha funny thanked him for the use of it cuz he rented out a ustorage in his name with it for some automatic kethcup packs… haha so he actually gives kyle back his ID and says since ur comin thru with this here. ANyways A LOT of fucking time passes. Funny is starting to realzie whats goin on… he calls brandon brandon says yeah im at van theres one OZ of good stuff one OZ of cheaper stuff. funny responds
    “I dont care just bring the good shit up”
    to which 5 minutes later he still hasnt come up… waits another 5 min hes been watchin out window but miusta missed van leavin cuz he goes downstairs with kyle to see if vans there and its not
    they go back upstairs… once again even if they had known at this point that they had jacked him doubt he woulda brought violence to Kyle
    maybe to seguine cuz he arranged it
    but this person likes to let small debts go wont punch ur face in for $50 and generally believes hes here to help Earth and be a positive force… funny thing about being a positive force is removing RAPIST ROBBING PIECES OF SHIT helps the Earth…
    anyway fuckin eventually he callss seguine


    brandons on way nback with shit
    van pulls in Kyles like im comin with to see gf.
    right away kyle jumps in van and girl has some bullshit story aboout cops blah blah blah brandon jumped out FUCK.

    2 DAYS later his hommie dannibus comes by and he tells him benny the pebz did that and hes like the fuck thats seguine thats the fuck that robbbed me… and funy hat also tellls his other buddy about it… but other buddy didnt clue in it was seguine too bad cuz if he did he randomly came across his path a couple weeks before and coula showed him his hide out…. eventually investigations point to seguines palce near princess but i dunno funny hat dunt wanna bum rush a moms house

    during plots of revenge seguine gets arrested for his bank robbery deal and goes to jail.. fuck right when revenge about to be had.

    HE XFERS to PC (protective custody) SO HE CAN HOPEFULLY FIND SEGUINE AND STAB A PEN THRU HIS EYE and hopefully make some revenge on Justin TIme as well… and maybe even Dan P who likes to stab good fuckn people and kill them for a Gram of Down and show no remorse…. and he hoped his good homie was there since he wasnt GP and had gone a while.

    BTW PC dont meen shit lots of people just go there that a normal cuz they dont wanna put up with bullshit immaturity of GP where vrything is muscled and u dont get coffee and theres way more of edge… PC way more people were down for conversation and boardgames and it wsnt any extra custody than GP really. However Brandon had already gone to william head.

    Dan P was a bit to connected in there to mess with.. which kinda sucks how u get clout in jail for stabbin people and braggin about it…. would funny have even if he wasnt connected i dunno sometimes its best just to not cause any added negative karma to the world and let Karma take its course. who are u to play god..


    i DID get confirmation in jail that our boys did indeed fuckin leave him to a pulp and lots of others afterwards so YES there is some Justce he got beat the fuck out of.. he went to PC and super PC and even super PC he got beat.. lets hope someone gets at him at william head.

    I feel super bad for this kids mom… his moms actually a good lady and surprisngly goodlookin for that pos mom also he has a sister whose rep hes desrotyed. feel bad for rest of family their DAD got shot by cops when brandon and his sister were young kids. Saw a video on news of brandon when he was six and he lost his dad… It was hard not to feel for the little brandon seguine… and sucks how that his dad got shot by cops prob made him into quite the hater for society… but i mean do a life of crime then and fraud businesses… doesnt mean u gotta make other peoples lives shit robbin em and FUCKIN RAPING… I can never understand raping how that could be pleasurable immeausrably traumatizing people for the rest of their lives… ive actually gone to quite the extent to watch out for girls at raves and have stopped at least 3 obvious rapings and hopefuly more.. I have a friend who was taken at the gay bar drugged n raped for 3 days and thrown in ocean.. also there was a group of fuckin in langford who happened to pick up and rape for days on 2 diff occasions two of my beautiful friends i think of has bohemiean goddess sisters… and lets say they arent in langford anymore YAY…..

    PLZ if you come across seguine I know of people with money on him. Maybe dont kill him cuz killing is wrong but u know maybe we could dismantle his thumbs so he cant use bear spray… and maybe we should remove what he would uise to rape with since he has abused the privlige to have them an is obivously incapable of loving intamacy. Also maybe we can fucking carve something in his face so vryone knows hes a rapist like in Inglorious bastards.. I dunno what symbol maybe just knife in SKNR yeeaht that would look nice.. i dunno maybe if u get him u could hostage him and offer the girls he raped EXTREMELY large strap ons with sandpaper to have their go with him… yes.. punishement should suite the crime… alright im out….


    btw apologies im not proof reading im late and have risked breaching curfew wtiting this so u know what a pos brandon is!

    • forgot to mention the worst part of the story… as well as stealin the cash he had to also take funny hats favourite sog knife… and thats pretty low they were sentimentally attached a nice weapon can become a personal attachment especially with fine craftmanshipe but no u couldnt just take someone for $1350 which is a prelly low sum of money in realirty and why do that when u can have good relationships amd earn more in the end and not having a city that you dont feel safe returning to and u grow up there and u make a shit name for urself harm all those around you. clearly no care for anothe rhuman beings in the world just pleasuring full ego to point your ego has just kileld ur soul. and u live only to fuckin pleasure low level tendencies omes with no brain function,,,, and uve been fucking people over since you were of a very young age and by the time u realize that the life u lead is the life u live and u realize u gotta walk this path uve paved and ur fuckin self need is so bad u dont mind fucking someones knees up that might have been an athletic pro and giving them injury that might not recover an then traumatizing girl for rest o life… fuckin sik

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