Colin Lamontagne, Accused Murderer, Rearrested

Colin Lamontagne

Colin Lamontagne is in custody again.  He was arrested after RCMP executed search warrants on two locations in Nanaimo.  They uncovered a cache of drugs, weapons and stolen property.  This guy should have been in jail, not out on bail.  He was arrested for the murder of Shaun McGregor in April of this year, but some liberal judge released him on conditions.

Colin Lamontagne making bailWhat are these judges thinking?

Do they really believe that a career criminal and outlaw motorcycle club member will obey conditions?  Did the judge really think this biker would  give up crime and go to work at a McDonalds?

Among the items seized during the arrest were precursors to GHB, four industrial barrels of actual GHB, loaded handguns and a PIPE BOMB.  Additionally, several high end stolen vehicles were recovered.

Colin Lamontagne is now in custody for more than murder

He has been arrested and is also charged with aggravated assault, forcible confinement, and breach of his recognizance.  Colin Lamontagne is scheduled to appear in court on December 7.  Let us hope he gets a judge that understands the words, “danger to the community“.  [Read below about the murder excerpted from a previous blog]

You didn’t know there was an outlaw motorcycle club murder in Victoria?

On the night of April 9, 2015 thirty-four year old Shaun Alexander McGregor was found dead.  Then the attending police determined the death to be “suspicious” and called in the Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit.  As a result of an April 16 autopsy, it was then determined that the death was a murder.  My street contacts, research and logic tell me this was an outlaw motorcycle club murder.

LogicResearch and Logic

This posting is mostly a product of research and logic.  But do not underestimate the logic side.  Logic is how police solve crimes.  And it is logic that allows you to fully understand the news stories you read.

It was logic that led to me being the first to identify Derek Fast as the truck thief in Sooke.  Logic led me to being the first to identify Brandon Seguin as the bank robber in Oak Bay.  And finally, without logic I would not have been the first to identify the failure of the Wilkinson jail guards to properly guard Tyler Fong at Royal Jubilee Hospital.

It is also research and logic that told me the murder of Shaun McGregor was an outlaw motorcycle club murder.

That same research and logic that led to those revelations is telling you that the murder of Shaun McGregor was an outlaw motorcycle club murder.  Before explaining why though, let me first digress for a moment and give you a different warning based on logic.

Pot shops in Victoria will bring more crime and violence.

Lisa Helps has allowed pot shops to sprout everywhere in our city.  As I have been telling you, these shops are supplied by outlaw motorcycle clubs.  Some are actually already owned by these biker clubs.

outlaw motorcycle club murderVictoria needs to understand the type of vicious criminals that Lisa Helps is inviting to town.  These are the same criminal organizations responsible for the murder of Shaun Alexander McGregor.

These pot shops MUST be closed before the outlaw motorcycle clubs like the Veterans MC and the Hells Angels MC gain an irreversible foothold.  We must stop buying pot from outlaw motorcycle clubs unless we want to see more murders and violence in Victoria.

There is a solution that does not fund the outlaw motorcycle clubs and does not allow a pot shop on every corner selling dangerous derivatives like shatter.  These pot shops MUST be closed to institute that solution.  You can read that solution with this link.

Now, let’s get back to the McGregor murder.

Police stated an autopsy was needed to determine the cause of death of Shaun McGregor.  Since an autopsy was required to make the determination, one should be able to safety draw certain conclusions.  First, had the death occurred as a result of a beating, a stabbing or a gunshot, the cause would have been obvious without an autopsy. Accordingly, the cause of death was probably strangulation.  It is often difficult to determine the difference between a drug overdose and a strangulation.

Outlaw motorcycle club murder
Anthony Hammond (Screen Left), Veterans MC President & Colin Lamontagne

Although the police have not said so, further investigation by police revealed it to be a likely outlaw motorcycle club murder.

Police issued a press release and asked for help in locating a Chelse Burns in relationship to the death of McGregor.  Whether witnesses put her at the scene or other evidence put her there, has not been revealed.  Perhaps her phone number was on McGregor’s phone as a recent call.  Or maybe her fingerprints were found at the scene.

My research revealed that Chelse Burn is strongly connected with a Colin Lamontagne.  Colin Lamontagne is a known Hells Angels associate.  If I could follow this trail, the police obviously could.

Please look carefully at the above picture.  Anthony Hammond is disgustingly wearing his military medals on his outlaw jacket.  Ex-military can be criminals.

outlaw motorcycle club murder
Veterans MC Three Piece Patch

Why do I say it was an outlaw motorcycle club murder?

The three piece patch says it all.

The Veterans MC is not the innocent club it would like you to believe it is.  Also it is widely known that the Hells Angels consider the use of a three piece patch to be its exclusive property.

Thus, any club using the three piece patch can only do so with the approval of the Hells Angels.  Accordingly, despite its innocent sounding name, the Veterans MC of Ladysmith is a puppet club of the Hells Angels, just like the Devils Army in Langford.   Yes, ex-military can also be criminals.

outlaw motorcycle club murder
Colin Lamontagne

Colin Lamontagne, alias Finnigan

Lamontagne is not a well known figure in Victoria.  He operated mostly in the Nanaimo and Duncan area of Vancouver Island.  He is well known as a meth dealer.  It is his association with Chelse Burns and outlaw biker clubs that leads to the logical conclusion that this was an outlaw motorcycle club murder.

Lamontagne is also known as a tough guy.  He throws his size around the way a peacock spreads its tail.  He stands some six feet tall and tips the scale in excess of three hundred pounds.

Lamontagne is nothing but a thug.  His charges include assault causing bodily harm, obstruction of justice, possession for the purpose of trafficking, possession of a prohibited weapon, uttering threats, and manufacture of drugs.  He is exactly the kind of guy to commit a retaliation murder or a murder for hire.

Here are the clues as to why this murder likely occurred.

  • McGregor was basically a Nanaimo, mid island criminal, mostly involved in B & E’s.
  • Lamontagne is also a Nanaimo, mid island criminal, but heavily into drug dealing.

    Outlaw Motorcycle club murder
    Wilkinson Road Jailt heavily into drug dealing.
  • Strangely though, the murder took place in Victoria.
  • McGregor had just been released from Wilkinson Road Jail.
  • Chelse Burns was also arrested, or will be soon.
  • Chelse Burns is a known associate of Lamontagne (they were arrested together in the past, see court record below).

Lamontagne and Burns Criminal Record from CSO website which judges wish to hide from us

Outlaw motorcycle club murder

Shaun Alexander McGregor, Criminal Record [with the exception of the first charge for meth manufacture, all other charges were for property crimes]

oullaw motorcycle club murderDo you see it yet?

To my thinking, this was a premeditated murder.  It was carefully planned and executed.  It seems that Lamontagne had some kind of beef with McGregor.  If not Lamontagne, then the beef was with the Veterans MC or with the Hells Angels.  Lamontagne may have been acting on their behalf.  The Hells Angels often use puppet clubs to carry out their violence.  This murder was unlikely to have been “personal” to Lamontagne as the different backgrounds of McGregor and Lamontagne suggest they would have had little contact with one another.

outlaw motorcycle club murderIt likely happened like this

When McGregor was released from jail, he was suddenly unprotected.  Accordingly, Chelse Burns likely lured McGregor to the apartment at Fernwood Manor.  Perhaps she used drugs or sex as bait. She might even have said it was to celebrate McGregor’s release.  Since Lamontagne was there, it is almost certain that Lamontagne put Burns up to it.

There are little other circumstances that would reasonably have brought McGregor and Lamontagne together.  This is especially true when you consider that they are both mid island guys getting together in Victoria.  Therefore, this was an outlaw motorcycle club murder.

outlaw motorcycle club murder
Hells Angels clubhouse, Nanaimo, BC

Outlaw motorcycle clubs spawn violence.

This is exactly the type of violence one can expect from these outlaw motorcycle clubs.  They wish to control every facet of the drug and marijuana trade.  Accordingly. they are ruthless in their measures to gain that control.  They are also paranoid.  They will kill somebody just as insurance, just in case.

Murder is a drastic step.  Don’t ever make the mistake of believing that a murder is simply a murder.  There is always a “back story” to a murder, and now you have it.

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