Colin Lamontagne Was Arrested in Murder of Shaun McGregor

Colin Lamontage arrested in murder of Shaun McGregor

It is not often I respond to a comment with an entire blog. But I made an exception for the comment, below, because it is so misleading.  Remember, after police announced arrests in a Victoria, Begbie Street murder, I told you who they arrested.  Simply put, I knew this by research and logic.  Accordingly, Colin Lamontagne was arrested in murder of Shaun McGregor and this was an outlaw motorcycle club murder.

Colin Lamontagne was arrested in murder of Shaun McGregor
Colin Lamontagne

My first comment in response to me supposedly “grabbing at straws” is “but I was correct”.  Accordingly, it was finally announced that Colin Lamontagne was arrested in murder of Shaun McGregor.

The comment of which I speak is below.  It is from an anonymous writer.  Frankly, I question the words of those who refuse to attach their name.  This comment came from SilviaX, [email protected]Colin Lamontagne was arrested in murder of Shaun McGregorHere is my point by point response to that comment

  1. According to you Lamontagne was kicked out of the Veterans Motorcycle club.  But whether true or not, that does not alter the connection between Lamontagne and outlaw motorcycle clubs.
  2. Even if Anthony Hammond left the Veterans Motorcycle Club two or three years ago, the connection with members and the Hells Angels still exists.Colin Lamontagne arrested in murder of Shaun Alexander
  3. I did not state that the Veterans Motorcycle Club owned any downtown Victoria pot shops as you incorrectly state/imply.  Instead, I stated that some of those shops are owned by the Devils Army.  Anyhow, as all of these motorcycle clubs are puppets of Hells Angels, it makes no difference which particular motorcycle club controls the pot shops.  Consequently and ultimately, they are controlled by the Hells Angels.
  4. Blue Knights does NOT have a three piece patch.  It has a four piece patch.  It makes no difference though.  The “three piece patch” rule is a rule the Hells Angels would like to enforce in all countries.  But it cannot.  It’s presence is not strong enough outside of Canada to do so.  Conveniently, every example you showed was a non-Canadian patch.
  5. Rob Ford was not part of my blog.
  6. Veterans Motorcycle Club is a puppet club of the Hells Angels.  And you have shown no evidence to the contrary.  The murder of Shaun McGregor was an outlaw motorcycle club murder.  This is despite your denials.
  7. The age of the pictures has no bearing on their authenticity.

Read the update on the Lamontagne story here 

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    • Technically speaking a goof is somebody who turns in fellow prisoners to the guards. So I’m not a goof. I’m a rat, and I love ratting murderers. Next time you want to call somebody a name, see if you can unscramble your alleged brain enough to get it right. Finally, you’re a coward. A real man would use his name. I use my real name. You can’t nut up as much as a rat does? By the way, I know far more about you than you realize. I’ll give you a hint. You sent your email from the area of Cook and Bay, by Queens Park. When you play with me, you play well above your intellect. So, go smoke another bowl and enjoy your ignorance.

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