Courts and Crown Refuse to Protect Women

Tomislav Mlinar

In yet another miscarriage of justice, a B.C. court and a lazy crown prosecutor released a pervert, Tomislav Mlinar, onto the streets to prey on women.  I often complain about our courts, but this is almost beyond comprehension. There is no justice for the victims of this predator.  Now, courts and crown refuse to protect women.

Tell me lies cartoon by Hal HannonThe facts presented herein were excerpted from an article by Louise Dickson for the Times Colonist.  Although I have zero respect for the individual or the newspaper due to what I deem inappropriate reporting, I will credit them for the information herein.  The Times Colonist and/or Louise Dickson have:

On his Facebook page, Tomislav Mlinar identifies his occupation as “God”.  However, Mlinar is nothing more than a predator with a camera and a sick mind.

Tomislav Mlinar shot videos up women’s skirts at Mother Nature’s Market and Deli in Cook Street Village.  He set his phone to “record”.  Then he put it atop his backpack and set his backpack down near the legs of women wearing skirts.

This activity was reported to police when an employee of the deli observed it.  Mlinar had already left the store by the time police arrived.  However, they spotted him at a nearby coffee shop.   They then asked to see his phone and he agreed.   As soon as he unlocked it though, he began deleting pictures.  He said they were intimate pictures of his girlfriend. When he did give police the phone, they still found upskirt pictures on it and arrested him.

Tomislav MlinarTwo search warrants revealed even more victims

Then, in order to protect Mlinar’s rights and the integrity of the investigation, police obtained a search warrant to examine his phone more closely.  That search revealed a video and more upskirt pictures. Accordingly, police then obtained a search warrant for Mlinar’s residence.  During that search police seized Mlinar’s computer and all digital storage devices.

In one video, Tomislav Mlinar was even heard egging his victim on.  He said, “Take it off; take it off”.  One can only imagine what he might have been doing at that moment with the hand that wasn’t holding the phone.

A forensic search of that electronic media revealed that Mlinar’s perverted activities weren’t limited to one or two times.  That search also showed that he violated women by doing more than taking upskirt pictures.  There were videos of his neighbours in various states of undress.  As well, there were additional upskirt pictures.  The evidence revealed that Mlinar had committed his vile acts over at least a one year period of time, from June 2013 until July 2014 when he was arrested.

When you continually repeat the same offense, you are deemed to be a serial offender.  With what police found, Mlinar is a serial predator.

Tomislav MlinarCareful police work and extensive evidence was then ignored by the crown prosecutor.

The last violation of which we are aware occurred over two years ago?  Why did it take until now to resolve this case?  Should it take two years to hammer out a plea agreement?  Imagine Mlinar’s victims waiting to see justice done and having to wait two years.  The Wyatt Prince murder investigation and trial in which I was involved took less time.

It gets worse for these women though.  They waited two years and then the crown and the courts gave them no justice. Instead, Tomislav Mlinar got a slap on the wrist, and they got a slap in the face.

The crown who gave Mlinar this sweet deal is a woman.

What was the sentence?  Mlinar received a nine-month conditional sentence followed by two years of probation.  Oh yea, he isn’t allowed contact with his victims.  Additionally, he is restricted from a having camera until his probation is over.  I guess the message with the camera restriction is, “You need to take a two year break”.

Here is what his victims get

They get a lifetime of suffering.  They are left with the following questions.  Where exactly does safety lie in my life if I can’t be safe in my own bedroom, in my own bathroom or going shopping?  After this, how should I respond when a man looks at me?  These women can never be returned to the same kinds of emotions that they experienced with a look or a comment or a gesture or a glance from just about any man.  Their lives are now colored by Mlinar’s actions.

Tomislav Mlinar

Here is what the sentencing judge had to say

“The allegations are serious.  The impact is clearly demonstrated in the victim-impact statements.  All of them expressed views of the violation of their privacy, violation of their personal space, antagonism toward males, the feeling of insecurity within their own homes.”

“The sentence is a light one, but it takes into account the risks of a trial and having evidence that is compelling and real excluded on principles of the charter.”  [What risks? He had already confessed and agreed to abide by whatever sentence was given him.  This kind of misleading statement is why the public can no longer trust our courts.]

Them why did you let Tomislav Mlinar off so easily Your Honour?

You were under no rule that required you to accept the plea agreement.  You were free to impose a different sentence.  When the agreement between crown and defense was reached, it was made clear that you could choose a different sentence.

Why is Mlinar not required to register as a sexual offender?

You are part of the problem your honor, not part of the solution


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    • I am with you my friend. I don’t understand our court system. Crown are too lazy to prosecute, preferring to shuffle justice aside for a lazy plea agreement, and judges treat the criminals as if they have more right to freedom than the public has to safety.

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