Creep Catchers is a Warning of Government Failure

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Creep Catchers exists for three reasons. The first is because of the under funding of our police.   The second is because our crown counsel is lazy and unresponsive to the needs of the public.  Third is because BC’s liberal judges believe every criminal is good at heart and because they misapply precedent.  Thus, Creep Catchers is a warning of government failure.

Creep Catchers does not practice “vigilante justice“.   It does not seek to catch, try and convict, but only to gather evidence to bring to the police.  Then the “justice” is supposed to come from the courts.  But only after the police review the evidence. People need to understand the meaning of the word “vigilante” before they throw it around because it sounds alarming.

Creep Catchers is focused on gathering evidence against pedophiles.  Pedophilia exists in two realms

little girl playing on swimgThere are two basic types of pedophiles.  First, there are the pedophiles who haunt the areas around schools and parks looking for easy targets. Our law enforcement is organized and funded well enough to catch these predators.

But secondly, there are the pedophiles who hunt on the internet.  These predators fall under the definition of cyber-crime. Here we fall far short.

Cyber pedophilia is a less visible crime.  Therefore government isn’t as eager to fund it. There are no votes for preventing a crime that nobody knew was about to occur.

Police do not have the resources they need to deal with the cyber pedophile

The reality is that the police cannot adequately protect our youth from the internet pedophiles. They simply do not have the financial resources needed to do so.

Creep CatchersI am a police advocate, but without money police cannot have manpower. And without manpower, organizations like Creep Catchers are needed.  Our society needs to protect our youth. Since government refuses or is too stillborn to do so, it falls on the citzenry.

I understand the police frustration with organizations such as Creep Catchers. I understand their worries that somebody will get hurt.  And I understand their concerns that it is an uncontrolled organization.  All of these are valid.

Cyber StalkerCould somebody get hurt?  Absolutely!  But better the pedophile get hurt, or even the cyber warrior, than your teenage girl gets found in a ditch somewhere.  Or worse yet, never found.

Until government properly funds cyber-crime units, Creep Catchers and similar organizations are needed

Accordingly, I applaud these organizations.  And I believe that they perform a valuable service to society.

Some may question their motivation, but motivation should not be part of the equation.  This is about our kids.  And when it comes to protecting our kids, the thing I care most about is results.


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  1. You hit the nail on the head.
    Police, especially Mounties, don’t have the funding. In fact RCMP grossly underfunded and underserviced. Very frustrating internally…
    Again a big fat zero increase for 2016 federal budget by Trudeau.
    I know many police members who applaud CC. Better someone than no one.

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