Derek Fast is Sought in Police Manhunt

According to his t-shirt, Derek Fast thinks he is fast, but he will not be fast enough to avoid the RCMP net forever

Derek Fast is sought in a police manhunt, but he’s an old hand at fleeing from police. He also fights with police and ignores “Court Imposed Release Conditions“. Additionally he’s an old hand at stealing cars and other property. Now, which should come as no surprise to the courts which continually release him, the headline is, Derek Fast is Sought in Police Manhunt.

Does the following news story remind you of Braiden Rathy‘s crime spree?


Derek Fast, Tannya Barns Charged In Vancouver Island Crime Spree Alongside 2 Others

Derek Fast is sought -
Derek Fast, from approximately 2012

CP | By The Canadian Press
Posted: 12/10/2012 6:56 pm EST Updated: 02/09/2013 5:12 am EST
VICTORIA – More than 100 charges have been laid against four people after police on southern Vancouver Island uncovered a treasure trove of stolen property.

A regional police crime unit focused on two men that police say are prolific offenders and obtained search warrants for their homes.

Officers found laptops, iPods, GPS devices, cameras, jewelry, wallets, purses, personal documents and many other stolen items from towns all over southern Vancouver Island.

The crime unit believes many of the items were taken during vehicle break-ins.

Twenty-six-year-old Derek Fast faces the most charges at 46 counts…


Derek Fast is sought -“The street” always knows. Sources confirmed Derek Fast is sought in the manhunt.

As soon as the news about the RCMP conducting a manhunt in Langford for two individuals hit the news, I started working my street sources. Information came on my second telephone call. I was told Derek Fast is sought, that he is the perpetrator. Several other sources confirmed this. Derek Fast is a longtime criminal here on the island who mostly commits his crimes in Langford and the West Shore area.

Here is a link to a Saanich Police Bulletin about Fast from Nov. 2012, followed by Fast’s court record for the last five years or so

As with all these repeat offenders, please note the many breaches of “Conditional Releases“. BC’s courts bark a lot, but never bite.

Derek Fast is sought -

Derek Fast is sought - www.breakingthecode.caDerek Fast’s latest escapade tied up important RCMP resources at a significant cost to the taxpayer

These operations are not free. Imagine the cost of putting fifty or sixty RCMP Members on the ground for a day, of putting the RCMP helicopter in the air, of deploying three, four or five dog teams and of bringing in RCMP Members from outlying areas. This was a tremendous effort caused by a man who is involved in a futile run. Just like Blair Beaudry, he will eventually be caught. Luckily for him though, he will get to face one of our liberal BC judges.

According to RCMP, Derek Fast attempted to run down two RCMP Members with his stolen vehicle

An intense four or five hour manhunt started with Derek Fast stealing a pick up truck from the Sooke area early on the morning of September 25. Fast was spotted later that morning in Langford with his girlfriend, Jaime Catt.  Rather than surrender, he pushed the gas pedal of his twenty-five hundred pound weapon to the floor and aimed it at the officers who were approaching to question him. Thankfully, he missed both.

A vehicle pursuit ensued with Fast in short order crashing the stolen truck. Fast and Catt then jumped from the pickup and took off on foot. Catt was apprehended fairly quickly.  Fast though somehow avoided the police. So, Derek Fast is sought still. He got past the RCMP search perimeter which was in a forested area and made his way into Goldstream Park.

Police recovered a firearm from the stolen truck, but it is unknown whether or not Fast has another weapon or firearm. This guy is obviously very dangerous, so call 911 immediately if you see him. DO NOT APPROACH HIM

Derek Fast is sought -
—-Crystal Meth

Also, according to street sources Fast is deeply involved in the drug scene

I am told that he is a small time dealer of Crystal Meth who supports his use habit by doing B & E’s and by various acts of fraud such as identity theft.

Those under the influence of Crystal Meth are quick to anger and are extremely violent and unpredictable. So again, do not approach him if you see him. Just call 911.

Fast’s Facebook page…

Derek Fast is sought -
——Fast Money

His Facebook page is illuminating. Among his friends is a whose who of drug dealers and violent offenders. They each have their own extensive criminal records.

Interestingly, in perusing his page, I could not find any identifying pictures of him. I suspect this is an intentional omission as he wants to avoid being recognized by any of his fraud victims.

For a demonstration of what appears to be the only thing of importance to Fast, you need to look no further than this picture of money from his page which substitutes for a “profile picture”.


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