Devils Army Vs Gangford Vs Stew Young

Devils Army Vs Gangford Vs Stew Young 1

Folks, you need Stew Young to manage the crisis of the Devils Army.  He also needs to respond to the rampant crime and the drugs.  However, he doesn’t seem to recognize or care about that.  In Langford now, it’s Devils Army vs Gangford vs Stew Young.  Sadly, the only thing which Stew Young seems to have any interest in is the crisis with his public image.

In doing so, he lies about how many police he has hired.  He lies about how many he will hire. He runs around talking to an willingly unquestioning media.  It is as if they are in bed with him.  They don’t question his factual misstatements about the Devils Army or anything else.

It reminds me of how the Times Colonist treats Lisa Helps and her illegal pot shops.  The city enters into a criminal enterprise and the press ignores it.

Let’s get back to Stew though.  He makes idiotic comments about the Devils Army not being a threat.  Then he tries to blame everything that has gone wrong on the cities of Victoria and Saanich.  Stew wants to force those cities into doing what he is incapable of doing.  He wants them to handle his responsibilities to you.  He does all this while he feigns a new found concern for the safety of women.

When you are in a crisis, you need a leader on whom you can depend for facts, for truth, and for leadership.  Langford is in a crisis created by Stew Young and Stew Young is lying.  He spouts off with misinformation.  He says whatever comes to his mind, facts be damned.  Then he blames others for the ills his policies have brought to Gangford.


Let’s look at just a few, out of many other examples, of Stew Young’s comments over the last ten days wherein he lied to you as he pandered to voters and to various media

Stew Young Statements About Hiring More RCMP

Comment #1

Langford Mayor Stew Young wants to see five to 10 Mounties added to the West Shore RCMP detachment to combat a recent spike in crime… Young said Monday. “We got a report that said our crime was up 16 per cent — well, then maybe I better go hire 20 per cent more police officers.” [That’s a nice sound bite.  It totally panders to the press who seem to willingly buy everything Stew says.  The problem is that it doesn’t mirror what he actually did or tried to do].  The truth is that 20% more officers would be twelve new officers.  If he wanted to add twelve, why did Stew and his Stooges only authorize three additional officers at their council meeting?

Comment #2

Up to 10 more RCMP officers will be hired this year for the West Shore detachment – according to their needs in addressing the uptick [sic] in crime.

Comment #3

The addition of five to 10 officers would be the largest staffing increase West Shore RCMP has seen, Young said.

Now, Let’s Look At The Truth


At Tuesday’s meeting, Chomyn requested funding for four additional officers so the detachment can set up a crime-reduction unit… [This echos the way I told you RCMP request new recruits.]

West Shore RCMP spokesman Const. Alex Berube said he cannot comment on whether Chomyn intends to ask for more police resources. “It’s simply too premature.” [I was happy to see the RCMP finally call out Stew on his lies, rather than backing Stew’s play as it had done in the past.]

Colwood And View Royal Mayors Say

Both Hamilton and Screech said there have only been preliminary talks about adding new officers, and certainly no firm numbers.  “I think Stew is speaking out of turn, quite frankly,” Screech said.  “We haven’t even met with the RCMP yet.  They have asked to meet with us and we know there will be a request for additional manpower … but it’s all a bit early to be stating anything definitive.”

Stew’s Evaluation Of The Devils Army Situationstew young flustered 3

Stew Said Comment #1

“From our perspective, it’s just like any other development in Langford that doesn’t comply with the zoning. Whether they’re a biker gang or not, they came into town and bought a piece of property [My Underline], did renovations without permits, with no notification to our staff at all.”

Stew Said Comment #2

“Whether they’re a biker gang or not they basically came into town and bought a property [My Underline] and did a renovation without permits, no notification to our staff at all, then we looked at their zoning and you can’t have 50-100 people like there was there on the weekend.”

The Reality

They leased the property. They DID NOT buy it.

RCMP Warns Stew About The Devils Army

The RCMP had just told Stew Young about the Devils Army moving to town. Trying to sound professorial and in control, this was Stew’s idiotic response to the voters and the media.

“We don’t condone criminal activity,” Young said. If they’re a legitimate biker group [My Underline]or whatever, that’s fine. I’m hoping they are, and there are no issues.”

As I pointed out before Stew, they did NOT warn you that it was Martha’s Motorcycle Mamas.  Did you really think that the RCMP would come to you about a biker club that was not criminal; did the name “Devils Army” not give you a clue?

dunceStew Says He Is NOT Concerned About The Devils Army, That The City Was Already Discussing Hiring More Cops

Young added that he’s more concerned right now about the rise in high-profile crimes being seen in the city before the clubhouse went in. “(Criminals) were already in our community before (the clubhouse) was opened up. [Author’s Note: Yea, lots of them whom Stew ignored]. We need to bring down the guys who are on our trails lurking around,” he said, referencing the recent spate of public assaults in the region.

Young said he is “very concerned” about the criminal activity that’s been happening recently in the community, and the biker clubhouse isn’t the reason for it. [I think I would feel a whole lot more comforted if I had a mayor who recognized that the Devils Army is a threat to Langford.]

According to the Times Colonist Young said, the city was already discussing increasing the funding given to the West Shore RCMP detachment so they can add officers, and those additional resources were planned well before news of the clubhouse reached City Hall.

So, additional police were planned “well before” the Devils Army clubhouse?  Then why did Stew never tell us about it  Why, instead, was Stew speaking of hiring only more Bylaw Enforcement Officers?

Then there is this quote from the RCMP.  Constable Chomyn told the Times Colonist in March that besides the high-profile incidents, much of the spike in calls can be attributed to a few prolific offenders on break-in and theft sprees.

So Stew, my questions are these.  Bearing in mind the comment by the RCMP, why would you be making such a plan to hire more RCMP if the spike in crime was an anomaly?  Where is the evidence of those discussions?  With your track record, I think the people deserve proof.

According To Stew It’s Saanich’s And Victoria’s Fault That Langford’s Crime Is Up.  After All, They Dissolved The Regional Crime UnitNot_My_Fault_Sign_2403161

Stew, they dissolved the Regional Crime Unit because they got tired of paying for your developments

Less than six months after the successful regional crime unit folded, the mayors of Colwood, Langford and View Royal want the province to force its resurrection in response to a crime spike in the West Shore.

It wasn’t long after the regional crime unit — which targeted prolific offenders — disbanded at the end of 2014 that serious crime in the West Shore started to rise, said Langford Mayor Stew Young.

Everything was going great until the last three to six months, when we saw a spike in violent crimes,” Young said.

It’s doing so much damage to our community because it’s not there.”

Stew, it was bad enough that you export Langford’s dope and crime to other communities, but it became absurd when you expect those other communities to pay to come to Langford and clean up your mess.

Now Stew, After Blaming Saanich And Victoria, Wants To Force Those Cities Into Paying For His Developments

kid-cryingMommy they don’t want to play with me; make them play with me

Since Saanich and Victoria no longer want to voluntarily support the building of STEWville, Stew wants to force them into doing so.

Less than six months after the successful regional crime unit folded, the mayors of Colwood, Langford and View Royal want the province to force its resurrection in response to a crime spike in the West Shore.

Stew On Zoning

As you may be aware, the City of Langford has sued the owners of the Devils Army leased property for bylaw violations, owners who are now trying to sell the property. Maybe this whole zoning plan rescues Stew and us from his mismanagement, but I have my doubts especially when Stew runs around making idiotic comments like this, “Young said that if the clubhouse hadn’t been located near a school or placed prominently in a residential area, the city might have turned a blind eye to zoning infractions.Zoning+Bylaw

I’m sure that will play out well in court, having the mayor say he would turn a blind eye.  Now all the defense has to do is grab some other Stew quotes wherein he says that he is not concerned about the bikers, but about the other attacks on women that are not related to the bikers.  How about quotes wherein he says the bikers don’t represent a threat to women or children?  Stew, there is a reason why lawyers tell their clients to keep their mouth shut before court.

Readers Have Told Me That The “41” Signs Are Now Down; This Is NOT a Sign of Victory; Do You Remember What I Told You?

“The show of solidarity in the ride and party will not be meant to impress the public.  It will only be meant to impress other gangs and the independents.  The public will soon forget it.  However, it will be constantly on the minds of the other gangs as they fight for territory.”

devils-army-clubhouse-langford no signsThe Devils Army does NOT care that it lost its “41” signs.  Those signs served their purpose.

They sent a message to the unaffiliated street dealers and to the other gangs.  The signs said their days of running with free reign in Gangford had come to an end.  Those other gangsters and dealers now know that the Hells Angels have come to claim Langford.  In fact the only person in Langford who appears not to get it is that fool, Stew Young.

Stew will probably be out there touting the sign removal as a victory.  It is no victory.  It is simply a loss that he is incapable of recognizing.

The Possible Solution For Gangford Is To Somehow Get Stew To Start Telling The Truth.  He Needs To Focus On Langford’s Crime Problems Instead Of On His Own Public Image

I propose the following Langford gang solution

Langford should attempt to negotiate with the City of Saanich to provide policing for Langford.  If Saanich and Langford can reach an agreement, which they should be able to within a few months, provided Saanich is willing to come “on board”, Langford, within the time constraints imposed by the Devils Army presence, will have a professional police force that is familiar with most of the criminals in Langford and will have canine units, intelligence units, rapid response teams, etc.

Of course, there is nothing to say that Victoria might not want to throw its hat in the ring

Please note that both cities have a vested interest in what goes on in STEWville.  Accordingly, they might see any policing contract as a way in which they could assume greater control over their own destiny.  This is especially true with the mangled management of Stew in regard to policing and the problems Stew’s lack of diligence is creating for the entire lower island.

The portion of the West Shore RCMP which is presently assigned to Langford should be absorbed into those other West Shore communities.  This would effectively beef up the police numbers within those municipalities.  This is something that is required of them anyhow now that Stew has caused them to be threatened.  As an added bonus, the Members consolidated into the other West Shore communities would already be familiar with the areas.  Therefore, many of the large number of the drug dealers and other criminals with whom they would be dealing would already be on their radar.

The City of Langford and those other West Shore communities should develop a joint plan that projects growth.  Then they should proportionately budget for future police needs with those West Shore communities still being policed by the RCMP immediately asking for more Members.

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