Hells Angels, Did They Kidnap Makayla Chang?

Did Hells Angels Hire Steven Bacon to Kidnap Makayla Chang?
Did Hells Angels Hire Steven Bacon to Kidnap Makayla Chang?

[UPDATED – 6:07 PM PDT, March 31, 2017 & April 07 & April 12, May 18]

Is there a Hells Angels connection to the disappearance of Makayla Chang?  I don’t know, but let me tell you what I have been able to dig up.  I have beaten the street for information, and what I have found is very alarming.

As you might recall, Makayla is the sixteen year old teen who went missing from Nanaimo and has not been seen or heard from since March 16 of this year.

I don’t like the nagging feeling I am getting.  It seems to me that there are too many coincidences in her disappearance.

Father Kerry Chang and daughter Makayla Chang
Father Kerry Chang and daughter Makayla Chang

Coincidence One

Makayla Chang is the daughter of prolific offender Kerry Chang

Kerry Chang is infamous in Nanaimo, and is rumored to be connected with the Hells Angels.  Since the Hells Angels basically run crime in Nanaimo, it is difficult to be a big time criminal there without a Hells Angels connection.

That understood, Mr. Chang recently got busted with a loaded semi-automatic handgun and $7,000 in cash.  Accordingly, he was sentenced to 90 days in jail.

This money supposedly belonged to the Hells Angels. Is this some kind of a threat?

As an aside, what I can’t understand is why this guy was out on bail.  After all, his criminal record is almost beyond belief.  Also, with that in mind, it’s astounding that he got only 90 days for a loaded semi-automatic weapon.

Coincidence Two

Steven Michael Bacon
Steven Bacon is being sought in connection with the disappearance of Makayla Chang

The RCMP wants to talk with Steven Bacon in connection with the disappearance of Makayla Chang

Bacon is 53 years old, 5′ 11″ tall and weighs 209 pounds.  He is also rumored to have connections with the Hells Angels.

Please take notice of the teardrop tattoo under his left eye.  In the old days, this meant that you had murdered somebody.  I don’t know how fresh the tattoo might be or if it is from the old days, so I can’t assign a murder meaning to it.  Accordingly, it might just mean that he did jail time.

Whatever its exact meaning is though, the tattoo makes it clear that he is part of the criminal world.

Coincidence Three

Nanaimo Courthouse
Nanaimo Courthouse

Kerry Chang was sentenced on March 16, 2017.  This is the very day that Makayla Chang went missing

Folks, I don’t like coincidences, and this set worries me.  Accordingly, I fear that Makayla Chang, an innocent 16 year old child, might be a pawn in a dope game.

I fear that it is possible that she is being used as insurance.  Perhaps the bikers are holding her to make sure they get their $7,000 back, or perhaps they are afraid of what her father might say to the police while in custody.

There was a time when reaching out to family members, especially children was taboo.  However, the dope game is now more dangerous than ever.

The dealers think nothing of their customers dying of a fentanyl overdose.  With the Hells Angels puppet clubs, like the Red Scorpions, the game has become even more vicious and the ground rules have changed.

Here are a few more of the many faces of Makayla Chang

She could be anywhere on the mainland or anywhere on the island.  Accordingly, contact the Nanaimo RCMP with any information, and please, pay special attention to her lip piercings.  One cannot easily hide the holes they produce.

Additionally, Makayla, who also sometimes goes by the name Kayla, is 5′ 1″ tall, has green eyes, weighs 110 lbs and is fair skinned.

Let’s bring her home safely

Makayla Chang
Two faces of Makayla Chang
Three different looks for Makayla Chang
Three different looks for Makayla Chang

[UPDATE #1 – March 31]

Makayla’s grandmother is now reporting that Makayla was living with Steven Bacon and might be involved in an inappropriate relationship with him.  True or not?  I don’t know; I hope not, but it does not necessarily mean that the possibilities I outlined are incorrect.

Bacon could still be holding her against her will, either for his own depraved reasons, or at the behest of, or under pressure from the Hells Angels.

On the other hand, they might be voluntarily hiding out together for whatever reason(s).  However, that would require outside help or a significant amount of planning.

[UPDATE #2 – April 07]

Nanaimo RCMP is reporting that it has spoken with Steven Bacon, but has given no update on the whereabouts of Makayla Chang.  I do not like this one bit.  It makes me fearful for her.

[UPDATE #3 – April 12]

There was an interview done on April 11, 2017 with Kerry Chang, the father of Makayla Chang.  In that interview, Mr. Chang said he feared that Makayla was being “held against her will“.

Since Steven Bacon has been located and interviewed by the RCMP, one can only speculate who Mr. Chang believes might be holding his daughter

[UPDATE #4 – May 18]

Sadly, the fears I have been expressing for the past two months and that all my detractors have been haranguing me for have come true.  It was announced today that Makayla Chang has been found deceased.  Her death is being investigated as a homicide.

It is my understanding that Steven Bacon has been located again.  That being the case, I will bet you that Steven Bacon will be found to somehow be connected with this murder.  In any event, now begins the hopeful, yet tedious and painstaking gathering of evidence to charge Makayla’s killer.

A murderer must be made to pay which is entirely different than there being justice

NEWS FLASH: Notice nobody is asking the whereabouts of Steven Bacon.  Make what you will of that.  For me, this means that he is alive and that the RCMP know exactly where he is.


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  1. Well Hal, no more need to speculate or make assumptions. This is Makaylas Dad Kerry Chang.
    Yes Hal once again….”Out of jail”
    So, let’s start from the beginning.
    You seem to make a reference to my conviction that I was given a short sentence, first off, the conviction was ” occupy a vehicle knowing a firearm was present” and not as you claim “Posessing a loaded firearm” , which would likely result in a Federal Sentence .Big difference Hal.
    Second, you claim my association to the club as the reason to why my daughter was missing…? Are you retarded? Over $7000….you are kidding right?
    For a man who “beats the street” gathering information, your sources seem to be a lil “misinformed” or underminded, and from what I gather, the information you recieve is devulged from the “Youth” you seem so be so fond of. To me, there go the “Red Flags” you mentioned. Really creepy if you want my opinion.
    Anyhow, I’m putting you on my “To Do” list, as you have done nothing but drag our family name through the mud. You have disrespected my Daughter,and yes…..i do take that personally. …especially now, and following the tragic outcome.
    So, just thought I’d give you fair warning Hal……cause after all, like ‘YOU’ said,…” I’m a very dangerous and violent criminal “

  2. steven bacon has been in Nanaimo the whole time.He was visiting friends by where my daughter lives every other day for the past 3 weeks and I also seen him at the dollar store last saturday and I had a few to say to him

  3. Kerry is a good guy with a bad lifestyle but he’s not involved. I personally believe you shouldn’t have posted this article because her disappearance is certainly not related to him. Before I left that lifestyle for recovery I knew Kerry fairly well and I know he would give his own life to protect her. If he owed money he would pay it back no problem, the HA wouldn’t take his kid. I’m sure the police believe that as well. Bacon is an obvious pervert and he is highly suspect, but I truly believe this has nothing to do with her father….. Kerry doesn’t get in debt…. I wish I could help find her, I really feel for the family. I don’t believe you are doing any good by posting this, it’s based entirely on speculation that is entirely flawed by your hatred for the HA who have nothing to do with it. If you want to help I’d advise you to dig up more on Bacon, find out where he is, not bother with the Kerry angle. I’m surprised this website can exist with the amount of defamation of character on it. You should find a more productive hobby and pray for your enemies instead of attacking them with slander. Love your enemies, try to help them change their ways by teaching at risk children before they become criminals. You’re doing no good for the world with this blog, you’re just stirring up hatred. So many children need guidance to avoid addiction and crime, why not put your effort into that? Or work with ex convicts who are trying to get out of the lifestyle, if you hate crime so much why not help alleviate it through teaching. You seem so passionate, so put that passion into something useful that will change lives for the good. With the right attitude and motives we can move mountains. Hatred is a waste of energy Hal, use that energy to create love. God bless and protect Makayla where ever she is.

    • Thank you for your thoughts and opinions. I don’t believe, and never stated or implied, that Kerry Chang was complicit in his daughter’s disappearance. That said, there is no doubt that his lifestyle is what put Makayla at risk. Therefore, despite his heartbreak, he needs to shoulder the part he played in this entire affair, no matter what that part was.

      As far as finding Bacon goes, I suspect, unless the RCMP have him stashed somewhere for his protection so he can witness for them against a perpetrator (doubtful), that Bacon has not “gone to ground”, but is actually in the ground. As much as I dislike the thought, very sadly, I have equal fears for Makayla.

      After the first two weeks there was almost no chance that my posting could help anybody. Once those weeks had passed, Makayla’s situation was beyond your ability, the public’s ability and my ability to help. Thus this posting morphed into being simply a report.

      As far as helping others goes, there are many who are in recovery whom I believe will tell you that I helped them there with my “hard truths”. There is still room in this world for truth over political correctness.

      As far as the HA goes, I will not quit hating them and the drug dealers they supply and support. I am not Christ and cannot, or maybe simply will not, love those who destroy the lives of others, but hope He makes use of me anyhow. I also hate Norteños, the Red Scorpions, the Devils Army, and the U.N. gang, all of whom I have written blogs about.

  4. I will ask the Police to take this down IN CANADA we dont have freedom of speech anymore U were asked nicly by People that know GRAMA Aunties Uncles Cousins and Family and Friends which I Am

    • Please tell the readers when Canada revoked the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I am certain they would love to know.

      As far as you being friends or family goes, if true, why do you choose anonymity, and why are we just hearing about this today as opposed to hearing about it in your many other comments?

  5. Oh Yes I am Arrogant and Pompus when I see something that should not EVER be challenged I THINK YOU R GRABBING ATTENTION TO SELL YOUR BOOKS you say your post was seen 100,000 times LOL wonder why and IT HAS NOTHING |TO DO WITH SUPPORTING MAKAYALA she is a CHILD as we r not Adults at 16

  6. Steven Bacon has disappeared again, the RCMP latest report says his whereabouts unknown, I wonder why he is in hiding again. I also wonder if it has something to do with Kerry Chang getting out of jail soon.I feel terrible for Dolly Chang, and I hope there is a happy result, but im starting to lose hope as its been over a month.

    • Yes, I know about Bacon’s disappearance and strongly suspect that he is laying in a field somewhere. I guess it is also possible that the police have him stashed for his own safety, but I don’t believe that to be the case. Regarding Makayla Chang, I am very fearful for her, and have been almost since she went missing.

      • yes I suspect that Bacon is probably dead.
        I wonder if that is the real reason of the coincidence of makayla disappearing the day her dad went to jail. Hearing about Bacon’s behaviour before and after Kayla’s disappearance, its sounds like Bacon was a liar and a creep. He probably planned to take Kayla away once she turned 16 and when Kerry couldn’t track him down. Many folks did try to intervene, and im so very sorry for Dolly Chang. Trying to manage teens is hard, and when they are exploited by the likes of Bacon, its tragic. She fought hard against that asshole, and she loved Makayla and provided a home she was kind to the other teens that were Kayla’s friends…. I hope most– that she is reunited with Kayla–soon!

        • Thank you for your comments. This saga is one born of drugs. You brought tears to my eyes as I think of Makayla and Dolly Chang. Dolly Chang’s grief aside for a moment, I hope Bacon is dead and that he is tortured in hell every day for eternity.

  7. Makayka’s family needs support for her safe return. Not some speculation on your part. This young girl is related to my family and you are a big disappointment in what her family is going through right now. Keep your negative comments to yourself.

    • In other words, newspapers, radio stations and TV stations should not report on field searches. etc. My speculation actually represents a “best case scenario” when compared to what is actually happening. I feel for you and her family, but her whereabouts is news and in Canada news is reported on. By the way, everybody is claiming to be family, but most are anonymous family. Hmmm

  8. Yes my baby cousin needs to be found…but pls don’t spread this ridiculous garbage! This is nothing more than speculation and gossip which unfortunately takes time away from furthering the real search, as police have to check all leads. Pls, just focus on the facts

    • I am truly sorry for your distress, and I fear for your cousin. Please understand that the police are required to investigate all possible scenarios, and I can assure you that what I postulated in my blog posting was an actively considered possibility at the time I posted it. Furthermore, there is little that has occurred since my posting that precludes variations of that scenario. Of course, there are many other possible scenarios also. My prayers are with Makayla.

  9. Your blogs are complete bullshit your a fuckin clown you should keep your pipe dreams you write about make believe crimes !

    • So there is no crime in this Makayla Chang thing and the other crimes, like murder, drug dealing, armed robberies, etc. are “make believe”? If you had an extra brain you’d be a half wit.

    • Its a free world with freedom of speech and he is not the only one who speculates that theroy ya nutball. We all want this young lady found and if she is caught up in a world that can be horrid and unforgiving ALL the possibilities need to be explored!

      • In fact, in an interview done yesterday, April 11, 2018, the father, Kerry Chang expressed a fear that Makayla was being held against her will.

  10. Don’t you think this borders on a conspiracy theory? Someone posted this on her facebook page which can only add to her family’s anxiety.

    • It is just a possibility and is clearly stated as such. Frankly, if I was the family, Makayla being held as insurance would be the most favorable of any of the other possibilities, especially considering the RCMP is searching the bush for her.

      • Enough is enough the ha isn’t interested that shit….I’ve known mykala for 8 years I’m asking you politely to delete this

        • So,
          1. You don’t know how to spell her name.
          2. She is not listed as one of your friends on Facebook.
          3. You are not listed as one of her friends on Facebook.
          4. From your picture, you appear to be about 20 years older than her, making friendship dubious.
          5. You claim you know what isn’t true, but have nothing to say about what is or might be true.
          6. How would you know what the Hells Angels’ interests may or may not be?
          7. Is saying you are “asking me politely” some sort of implied threat that there are other ways to persuade me to pull my posting?

          With that understood, if you do know her, you know her through associations which you choose, for whatever reason, either nefarious or not, to obscure. With all of the above, I do not give your comment any credibility, and sincerely advise you that if you have real information you should go to the police with it.

      • I’ve known Kerry for years and I also know a thing or two about HA’s. And it is still taboo to use children. Children are innocent! I think that everything you wrote is bs. I also think that when writing a post people shouldn’t assume things or fabricate ideas. Pointing fingers even in an assumption is bs. I could come up with many ideas of what could have happened but it’s best to not! Just keep our eyes and ears open and report it if you see her or the Bacon fellow.

        • Thank you for your comment. My quote was, “There was a time when reaching out to family members, especially children was taboo.” I also made it clear that this particular blog posting was based on speculation. Additionally, I stated that “puppet clubs” might not hold the same values as the parent club.

          • It seems to me that you r an attention attick. You have many mistakes .in your posting. ASSUMING makes an ass out of you. I hope the HA have seen your blog, and have spoken to you. I hardly think that Bacon has assoication with the HA He preyed on teens for over a year now and has alarmed many businesses that would see him hanging ith the young kids . YOU REALLY NEED TO REMOVE THIS WHOLE POSTING as you r not helping one bit

            • 1. I call it as I see it and labelled my thoughts as speculation. Incidentally, there are police who have thought or are thinking along similar lines to me.
              2. Speculation and assumption are not the same.
              3. No, I am not helping. Please tell me how pulling my blog would help.
              4. Are you helping? NO!
              5. Are other news media who report on the story helping? NO! Should we then muzzle the more mainline media too and have them pull their stories?
              6. By the way, you seem to be assuming that there is no connection between the HA and Bacon. If you are not assuming, how do you know there is no connection?

              Finally, you say Bacon prayed on teens for over a year now. How do you know this, or are you just assuming that also?

              • Wow YES IM HELPING … ,Posting Posters ect ect, You too our ASSUMING… I KNOW for a fact that he hung out with the young kids at Tim Hortons also a personal friend expressed he worked in a Pizza place where all staff was concerned he was hanging out with the young kids . ALSO I know this to be true that her Grama had reported him to the police several times, all RED FLAGS You seem to want to backlash on people saying everyone is a family friend, You have been asked to remove this post but clearly are not . You dont even have anything written of his past last being charged with forcible convinment , how about that ,you need not reply as you think you know it all, and I will not entertain this rediculous ussumption I truly hope her grama has not seen your Blog with your Pictures you made for your poster she needs Support

                • 1. My blog, with its many pictures of Makayla Chang, has been read over 100,000 times all over BC, and to a lesser degree, throughout Canada, yet you want me to take it down. I wonder how many have studied your posters.
                  2. Is my blog helping or your posters helping? NO! If they were helping, Makayla would have been found.
                  3. You assume those who comment claiming family status are actually family. I make no such assumption, especially when they, as do you, post your comments anonymously.
                  4. I don’t know your personal friend who knows people at a pizza place who gossip about this matter, but who cares? How does knowing a few details about Bacon’s past help to locate Makayla?
                  5. Finally, it is arrogant and pompous of you to tell me what I “need” do or “need” not do. If I want your advice, I will ask for it, but do not hold your breath.

                  • You are such a good, and this conspiracy theories sound like your taking Crack hits. You don’t even know her father real name as you stated in your last update you called him “Peter” who the fuck is Peter? . Secondly you are very under educated head that has something against HA. And honestly putting HA in the spotlight for this is a very touchy thing. You sir should take this down for not only the friends but the family too. You don’t know Makayla, you don’t know her family or friends. Your theories at the moment aren’t needed. Very inconsiderate. Fucking goof

                    • 1. You obviously meant to say I am such a “goof”, not such a “good”, a typo.
                      2. Yea, unlike you, I don’t like groups that murder people and sell drugs, so yes, I do have something against the HA.
                      3. I don’t do dope of any kind, so spare me your dope talk.
                      4. And what exactly will taking my post down do for the family? Please enlighten us.
                      5. Thanks for correcting my one typo of Kerry versus Peter.
                      6. And thanks for displaying your total illiteracy and ignorance.

                      Now, go play with your coloring book.

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