Donald McKenzie Released by Liberal Judge

Broken Justice

A firearm loving, drug dealer has been released by another liberal judge. That’s right folks. Donald Kevin McKenzie is back on the street ready to commit more crimes. When it is not crown prosecutors who are failing you, it is bleeding heart liberal judges.

liberal judgeMcKenzie is the forty-six year old, scumbag dealer who Nanaimo RCMP arrested last week with a door smashing search warrant. They found McKenzie with four long guns. Additionally, he had a substantial amount of cocaine and methamphetamine. Finally, he had GHB, the date rape drug.

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, but don’t tell that to a BC liberal judge.

Donald McKenzie is a 46 or 47 year old drug addict and criminal. He is not going to change what he does simply because some liberal judge orders him to change. If people changed because they were told to, we would have no jails or prisons.

How a liberal judge thinks

I can release him to the custody of his father.” Here is a reality check for this judge.

  • Since McKenzie is middle-aged, his father is in his mid-sixties, a senior citizen. He can exercise no authority over his son. It’s not as if he is dealing with a twelve year old.
  • This is the same father whose care and leadership allowed his son to turn into a drug addict and dealer in the first place. Why would things be any different today?
  • I have never met an addict who quit doing drugs because a court ordered it as a condition of bail.
  • The only way that a severely addicted addict can make a living is by doing crime. McKenzie will have little choice but to sell drugs to support his habit. And he will not let his habit suffer, despite what the court might want to believe.
Document Name Access In Custody Year Of Birth
79488-1 MCKENZIE, DONALD Kevin 1 N 1969

This is an absolutely ABSURD decision by a judge who obviously DOES NOT HAVE A CLUE about the real world.

Our RCMP just spent tens of thousands of dollars surveilling McKenzie. Then, knowing he had weapons, they risked their lives to arrest him. Finally, this liberal judge decided that weapons aren’t dangerous and that he is a better judge of character than the police. In fact, this judge obviously thinks people change because the court orders change.

McKenzie’s father has neighbors. So Your Worship, “What would you have done if McKenzie’s father lived next door to you or a member of your family?


How about safety?

Does safety count in bail decisions?


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