Donald Trump Gamed Hillary Clinton And The Media

Donald Trump laughing

Donald Trump is the master of games. After all, he starred in a reality game show called The Apprentice. The premise of the show was simple. The contestants had to earn the vote of Trump and/or other business executives as to their performance at a particular promotional task.

In other words, Trump oversaw an election every week for 14 years. Accordingly, he used the skills he learned on that show to steal the U.S. Presidential election. Using those skills Trump played Hillary Clinton and the media like a trusty sand wedge in the hands of an old golf pro.

The New York Times or CNN will never explain what really happened because they would be admitting they were duped

Donald Trump - The ApprenticeThe Donald Trump strategy was brilliant

To win an election you must get your message out to those who might vote for you.  Therefore, Trump’s strategy was twofold. His goals were to get his message out to his people and to also block Hillary Clinton from getting her message out to her people.

First, Trump picked his target audience as those who had been hurt by disappearing jobs. He identified them as “blue collar” workers and/or inhabitants of rural America. He needed to tap into their anger.

Next, he identified Hillary Clinton’s potential voters.  He viewed them as “inner city”, or “white collar”, or Hispanic, or black, or female, or a combination of the above.

He then set about his plan.

Donald Trump tweets
Donald Trump masterfully pulling the strings of Hillary Clinton’s puppet, the news media, and controlling the news cycle for the day with his Twitter account

To win the U.S. Presidential Election, Donald Trump wanted to keep the media laser focused on him and to keep Hillary talking about him, not about her programs and policies

Trump accomplished both goals by turning the media into Trump haters. He did this by making controversial statements about Muslims, about Hispanics, etc. and by baiting Hillary with her emails and with name calling.

Chris Cuomo taking the Donald Trump bait
Chris Cuomo taking the bait as he goes on an anti-Trump rant on CNN

Trump employed this strategy in speeches and/or on Twitter. He purposely made alarming comments. Maybe he would say something about Putin being a strong leader, or perhaps about the system being rigged.

Then CNN and its Trump hater newscasters like Carol Costello and Chris Cuomo would play it endlessly. Accordingly, he dominated the news cycle.

Next, Hillary would pick up on it and rant about it to her followers. To cap it off, CNN would then cover Hillary’s rant. This gave Trump even more coverage.

If Trump believed the story was dying off, he would “double down” on it. He would repeat it and start the cycle over again.

Sometimes he even walked it back a bit. This gave him a fifth news cycle. In the end, he had Obama accusing him of supporting the Ku Klux Klan. Donald Trump was masterful.

Bobblehead doll of Hillary Clinton
I compare Hillary Clinton to a bobblehead doll because when she gave her speeches she had the annoying habit of continually nodding her head, “Yes”, whenever she made what she believed to be germane points

The media kept saying Donald Trump was stepping on his message. The truth was that Trump had the media and Hillary stepping on Hillary’s message. Trump’s targeted audience heard his policies, but Clinton’s audience did not hear hers. She was too busy nodding her head like a bobblehead doll while trash talking Trump.

With the media focused on tearing apart Donald Trump, Hillary’s followers began to think that her election was assured. After all, how could Trump overcome the onslaught of bad publicity? Therefore, as Trump hoped, her supporters did not come out in large numbers. This played into Trump’s second strategy.

In addition to typically Republican states, Trump targeted Democratic states in which the number of rural citizens and blue collar workers outnumbered or equaled the number of city dwellers

Donald TrumpTo sum it up

  • Trump knew who his followers were and he played only to those followers.
  • He knew that somebody who is hungry wants to eat and doesn’t care about much else. Therefore, he knew that promising a continuing stream of food was all they cared about, not his rhetoric.
  • While reassuring his followers, Trump tricked Hillary into thinking she could peel away Trump followers because of his erratic comments.
  • Trump also suppressed the democratic turnout by tricking the media into making Hillary’s supporters over confident.
  • Furthermore, Trump played on the media bias to trick it into leaving Hillary’s message starving for air time.
  • All the while, he got his own message out to his followers at huge rallies.
  • Finally, Trump picked states wherein the number of rural dwellers versus city dwellers was in his favor.
  • The result was that in those states Trump’s voters outnumbered Hillary’s voters at the polls in the critical states.

When Obama came out to the stump and proclaimed on 17 different occasions that Hillary would continue Obama’s legacy, this was manna from heaven for Trump. Obama actually told Trump’s followers that they could expect more of the same from Hillary. This guaranteed that Trump’s followers would get out and vote

Bakari Sellers
Bakari Sellers on CNN blaming Donald Trump because beyond Trump’s control, somebody with a Confederate flag showed up at a Trump rally

Trump’s strategy worked too well. Even the day after Trump won the election, haters like Bakari Sellers and Van Jones were still talking hate.

Their duty as citizens was to help to bring the country together. Instead, they were ranting and stirring up protests and riots against Donald Trump in major cities

The day after the election Sellers made the following comment. My young daughter was “inconsolable” this morning after Donald Trump won the election. Mr. Sellers, I have a question for you. What young girl is “inconsolable” about an election unless a parent filled that young girl with hatred and/or fear? Kids just don’t naturally care about such matters.

Van Jones
Van Jones – Another hater who got tricked by Trump

Then, Van Jones, another Trump hater and CNN pundit showed his stripes. The day after the election, this clown brought up the idea of Trump internment camps. How can that do anything but create fear and division? Van Jones revealed himself to be nothing but a hater who got sucked in by Donald Trump.

The irony here is that Trump tricked all his haters into helping him get elected because their hate drove them to steal Hillary’s air time.  They used it attacking Trump

To understand the Clinton campaign, here are a few points to ponder

  • The media would have skewered Donald Trump if Hillary had won and Trump’s followers had protested? Where is the outcry from CNN and the New York Times about Hillary’s followers? Their bias is evident in their silence.
  • I proved Khizr Khan is a Hillary stooge. Look at his Twitter message to me.
  • To where did the dozen or so Trump accusing women disappear? Would they have simply vanished if telling the truth?

Donald Trump is a brilliant strategist. He built a great company using the laws that Hillary helped create. More tellingly, he was an integral part of raising a great family. America is in good hands. Donald Trump just might make America great again


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