Drug Smuggling, Dead Men, Sailboats and Ecuador

Drug smuggling route of Archbald and Daley
Drug smuggling route of Archbald and Daley aboard the Astral Blue

Those who know me personally know of my connection to the F.B.I. I am a dual citizen of both Canada and the USA. I spent 44 years of my life down there and married into an F.B.I. family. Thus, I have many law enforcement contacts south of our shared border. Accordingly, when a reader asked me a question about the two men who were found murdered near Ucluelet, a review of the circumstances made me suspect a very large drug deal gone bad. As larger deals tend to involve cross border commerce, I reached out to my U.S. contacts in order to bring you this story of drug smuggling, dead men, sailboats and Ecuador.

This was drug smuggling at the highest level

My F.B.I. contacts then put me in touch with other U.S. law enforcement officials from other agencies. It took a few weeks to piece everything together. It was worth the wait though because what emerged from these anonymous sources is an incredible tale.

Read on and gain an insight that most people do not have. Read on and learn how major drug smuggling operations are run.

Drug Smuggling Cache
The interior of the boat full, probably similar to this

Any business having to do with drugs is a paranoid business, as well as a dangerous business. And the greater the value of the drugs the greater the paranoia and the danger. With this load there was no shortage of either.

Because of the paranoia every part of a drug smuggling plan is on a need to know basis.

Drug smuggling demands you keep secrets
In the drug business keeping secrets is mandatory

There are only two ways to get significant quantities of dope out of South America, by air or by water.

Whether flying or sailing, there are three basic parts to such a plan:

  • Acquisition and delivery of the dope to the ship or plane
  • Then the  sailing/flight and the delivery of the dope to its port of destination, which could simply be an improvised runway or a meet up close to shore with another boat on a dark night
  • And finally, the unloading of the dope
The Astral Blue was used for dope smuggling
Archbald & Daley smuggled the dope aboard the Astral Blue

Those who deliver and load do not know the destination of the plane or the boat or who the actual buyers are. And the pilots or sailors have no idea who loaded their craft. They only know their course and their port of destination.

The people who unload it when it arrives do not know from where it came or who the pilots or sailors are.

No person or group of people knows anything more than they absolutely need to know to perform their job.

This protects the operation to some degree from rats. It also protects the higher up individuals from arrest and conviction.

Running the gauntlet

Daley and Archbald were boating, not flying. When you bring dope by boat from South America to Canada, you risk drawing the attention of the U.S. authorities as you skirt up their west coast. Archbald and Daley took a few commonsense precautions.

Drug smuggling aboard the Astral Blue with Archbald and Daley
Drug smuggling aboard the Astral Blue, notice that they swing out WIDE AROUND PORT ANGELES

Archbald and Daley staged their voyage from Ecuador even though the dope was purchased in Peru. While dope is available in Ecuador also, leaving from there draws much less heat than leaving from Peru because Peru is a “prime source country” and Ecuador is not.

To accommodate this plan, as a condition of sale, the sellers to Canada likely had to assume the extra risk of getting the dope from Peru to Ecuador. Had they not been willing to do so there would have been no sale. The Canadian buyers were at risk only after their ship was loaded.

July 7 Update: Since I initially posted this route readers have come forward saying the ship sailed from Panama. Perhaps it sailed from Panama and stopped in Ecuador to pick up the drugs. Then it proceeded from Ecuador. Therefore, Ecuador was its first departure point with drugs. Accordingly, it is accurate and fair to say it sailed from Ecuador to Canada. That is even if it made other stops along the way.

This was a long and time consuming voyage

This distance from Ecuador to Ucluelet is approximately 7,500 kilometers. The Astral Blue probably cruised at between five to eight kilometers per hour. Therefore, that is likely a fifty to sixty day cruise provided nothing goes wrong.

Guns protect drug smugglers
Ryan Daley holding two shotguns

Old fashioned commonsense and technology are the enemies of smugglers

Ships have something known as a “waterline”. A waterline is a point on the hull of the ship where anything above it is above water and anything below it is under the water. The lower a ship’s hull sits in the water, the heavier the load aboard that ship.

This is one way law enforcement catches people drug smuggling. They simply observe how low the ship sits in the water.

Drug smuggling adds weight to a ship
Police can tell how much weight the ship carried

Evidence of a waterline remains on a ship even weeks after it is unloaded.

This is because ocean water has a salt content and salt is a corrosive. Therefore, chemically testing the hull of a ship will reveal the previous waterline.

In turn, this reveals how heavy a load the ship carried by the location of the waterline. Additionally, by analysis of the depth of that line in the paint it will also reveal for how long that ship was in the water with that load.

Radar surveillance catches many smugglers

This was the reason that Archbald and Daley cut a wide birth around Port Angeles. Port Angeles is an official border between Canada and the U.S. As such, it has a heavy concentration of radar to warn of any ships that might be close by. By keeping its distance from land, the Astral Blue hoped to avoid scrutiny.

So, now that you understand drug smuggling somewhat better, here is the full story and what went wrong

Drug smuggling doesn't always succeed, Archbald and Daley exiting the harbor after dumping the dope at sea
Daley and Archbald exit the terminal Ucluelet Small Craft Harbor, May 13

Daniel Archbald and Ryan Daley were hired to bring a significant load of dope from South America to Canada. When they were skirting around Port Angeles an air reconnaissance plane doing a routine patrol just happened to be flying low over approaching watercraft.

The gig was up

Archbald and Daley knew that their waterline showed them to be carrying a significant load of something. They also figured that the recon flight saw their waterline. Therefore, they panicked.

They realized that because of their waterline that they could never get to port without an inspection. Accordingly, they ditched the dope overboard before arriving at the Ucluelet Small Craft Harbor.

The song says, “You don’t draw your gun on the old Lone Ranger…” Well, you can add one more to that, “You don’t dump the biker’s dope.”

Dan Archibald and Ryan Daley in better times

Did they dump the entire load of dope at sea?

What do you think? Do you think these two flew all the way to Ecuador and then spent two months at sea in order to come back empty handed? Or do you think they might have stashed a couple of bricks?

I suspect the backpacks they were carrying as they left Ucluelet harbor might have had a little something more than travelling supplies in them.

What do you think the bikers figured? Do you think the bikers thought Archbald and Daley were above doing such a thing? After all, we are not talking about two choir boys here. We are talking about two guys who make a living dope smuggling.

I am sure they wanted to run, but they couldn’t

The first instinct of those caught in this situation, but not familiar with dope smuggling might be to just run. They might  say to themselves, “I’ll grab $100,000 worth and get the hell outta Dodge, change my name and I’m good.”

WRONG! Do you remember when I told you the dope business is a paranoid business? The bikers choose their smugglers carefully. Before someone is allowed to smuggle any decent sized load, that person must have family whom the bikers know about. The family is the biker’s insurance that the smugglers don’t run. It is an effective threat.

Drug dealing is not for the feint of heart. It is a vicious game and these two didn’t play well enough.

So, in the end it was a lonely and eye opening twenty kilometer ride to their death where the bears ate them and quickly deficated their remains on the forest floor.

Now, the time has come to say “Good riddance to Daniel Archbald and Ryan Daley”

Do you think I’m insensitive? Do I offend you because I speak ill of the dead? Oh well.

Archbald and Daley were prepared to let hundreds, perhaps even thousands, die from overdosing on fentanyl so they could have a new truck or a nicer iPhone.

They didn’t care if they killed your sister, or your brother, or your daughter, or your son. All they cared about were themselves. Sometimes when you dance with the devil you end up in hell.

How do I know there was fentanyl aboard? After U.S. law enforcement alerted Canada that the Astral Blue might be drug smuggling, the RCMP, as a professional courtesy between the law enforcement agencies of the two countries, invited U.S. law enforcement to inspect the ship with them.

If that joint inspection did not occur, at the very least the RCMP followed up with the U.S. authorities and let them know what it had found. My contact told me that multiple ion scans of the Astral Blue showed cocaine and fentanyl all over the ship.

Drug smuggling revealed by ion scan
Ion scanners chemically analyze traces of a substance to reveal what it is

This dope would have been sold up and down the Vancouver Island drug corridor, in Langford, in Nanaimo, in Victoria, in Sooke, and across the lower mainland had it gotten into the biker’s hands.

By the way, did you buy into that crap that the news media is spreading about relatives being shocked by the unimaginable deaths of  Daley and Archbald because they were innocent family men? Don’t!

Before you get sold on the “this was an absolute tragedy” act, here are a few questions for you.

  1. How were two guys without good jobs able to afford multiple trips to South America?
  2. Where did they get the money to spend $100,000 on a sailboat? It obviously came from a money man financing the operation.
  3. Supposedly, they took the boat to Ecuador to save money on harbour fees over the winter. What would the difference in fees between the two countries be over the winter months? Do you think $1,000 or maybe $2,000? So these guys can afford the boat, but they need to go on an eight week sail from Canada to Ecuador to save a few grand. Does any of this make any sense to you?
  4. Do you really believe these two sailed and flew twice between Ecuador and Canada because they couldn’t afford docking fees?
  5. The RCMP called this a murder. So, do you also believe that they took a casual stroll up a remote logging road, twenty kilometers from civilization, and just happened to bump into a murderer who was also wandering around in the wilderness?
  6. If these two were the innocent sailors we are led to believe they were, why would anybody murder them?

This was drug smuggling, and any family member who thought about it for more than a second should have known it.




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  1. In regards to the route of the trip,when sailing from Panama etc, to the BC/PNW area.
    At that time of years,you sail about half way to Hawaii,and then turn and head home to avoid the swells and going upwind on the winds coming down from Alaska,and to get favourable winds and currents from Hawaii to home.

  2. I believe you. But I think rcmp are in on it and local missings… Like rya n shtuka is missing. It’s drug related.

  3. Hey Hal, your blog is super intriguing and this story just keeps sticking in my mind . Any updates or new information from the past few months? Tks!

  4. This is Sad. I went to high school with Dan and was in his graduating class. He was a kind good kid but our high school in Newark Delaware was super messed up. Growing up with kids who use and sell drugs leads to this kind of stuff as a grownup. Other kids from our class were involved in huge drug dealing as well http://www.scentevidence.com/2009/04/rare-look-inside-del-drug-ring.html?m=1 NHS was a rough high school. Easy access to drugs through the party scene at University of Delaware and we had desegregation bussing from inner city Wilmington. Theres a reason the Newark High School ended up having big drug dealers and drug smugglers who graduated from it and it wasn’t as simple as they were bad people.

  5. Organized crime has infiltrated the entire west coast of Vancouver island communities. Something tells me this petty dealer is the sacrificial lamb. Law enforcement are to chicken to go after the higher ups. As with the entire province of bc it bends over backwards to organized crime. Proof the RCMP stayed all money laundering charges on the provincial money laundering case through the casinos. Bc should take a page outta aulcipoco and what the military did to there police force.

    • Sadly, I know from RCMP and ex-RCMP that you are 100% correct about organized crime. It is so bad that one must speculate whether organized crime has infiltrated government, or with the tongue not too far in cheek, government has infiltrated organized crime. I am referring to the provincial level as well as the city level. One simply needs to glance at cities/municipalities such as Gangford/Langford to understand the many question that can arise. I have blogged about Stew Young and respectfully suggest that you read those blogs. Please share any specific details which you might have.

      • Law enforcement in BC (and Canada) operates fundamentally differently than it does in the U.S. There, they see a crime, actively research looking for similar crimes and try to identify a suspect and solve the crime(s) based on that investigation. Here, except in the case of murder or armed robbery, we do little to solve the crime. Instead, we simply wait for enough intelligence to come forward that it identifies the perpetrator. We then go back and try to pin similar crimes on him/her. So, the U.S. is pro-active and Canada is reactive. Anyhow, that’s how I see it.

        • Totally agree Hal, I’m sure our country is easier to pull off crimes in than the US. We never hear about certain crimes ever again so I’m assuming nothing ever comes of the “investigation”. Take Lindsay Buziak as an example, 10 years and you never hear anything.

          • Thank you. Sadly, I believe the Buziak murder, absolutely literally speaking, lays at the feet of a veey few dirty cops and and one or two dirty politicians.

  6. Hi Hal! Thank you for posting this article. Most of what you say here makes far too much sense to not be true. I am from Squamish and have met Dan before, so this case really caught my eye and I was following it in the media, but was very frustrated by the lack of information in the media, and how what they did say didn’t add up. This post and all the comments fill in the gaps and it just makes sense.
    I had my suspicions from the beginning about drugs being involved, and that Ben was involved somehow. It just seemed to coincidental that he went missing the exact same day they did. I also strongly believe the immediate families had some knowledge of what was going on, even if they had no involvement. Squamish is a small town, and everyone knows everyone else’s business. If i heard rumors, then the family heard them as well, guaranteed.
    Thank you for all your research and for sharing your findings, this has been truly fascinating to follow.

    • You should all be ashamed! Ben was a fucking great guy, I knew him very well and he wasn’t involved in any gangs or drug deals. No, he was never a roommate with either of the other two, he didn’t even know them. Go get jobs and lives and stop torturing his awesome family and the incredible memories that those of us who actually knew Ben have. How would you like to lose your best friend and then have the internet tear him apart for it… it’s called cyber bullying. When you die how do you want to be remembered…

      • Unlike your obvious intentions with your comments to my readers and me, I mean you no disrespect, That said, Ben, at least by the definition of some, might well have been, as you put it, a great guy. I did not know him personally as you say you did. This leads me to one, simple and obvious question. Knowing Ben, his entire life’s history, his heart and his head as you claim you do and being his dear, dear friend, and assuming, that you obviously believe that his death was a suicide, as opposed to a murder because had it been a murder that would mean that Ben was into crime, why did you not see his what must have been overwhelming depression and take steps to prevent his suicide, or is it possible that you didn’t know him as well as you believe, or for whatever reasons (perhaps just looking for 15 minutes of fame), would like others to believe you were that tight?

        • Even those closest to a person, and the most caring of people, can often not predict, and certainly can not usually prevent, a suicide. I take what Ben’s friend says at face value, and it is unkind to suggest he is either lying, or wasn’t a good friend to someone he clearly loves and has recently lost. I think you owe him an apology. I have followed your blog with interest. I don’t know Ben, or any of his friends or family, but live in a nearby town. I must say that though there are some interesting theories here, the discussions re. Ben Kilmer are mostly pure speculation. No evidence is presented in support of them. You say your contact told you Ben knew Daley, but I don’t take things as fact without evidence. I read somewhere that there are two Ryan Daley’s who are the same age in BC, and that Ben Kilmer knew one of them, but not the one who was murdered in Ucluelet. I don’t know if this is true or not. You have said yourself that you don’t know what happened to Ben. It seems that lots of speculation has somehow led to conviction that that speculation is true.I feel for Ben’s family, especially if he has no connection to drugs and crime. Coincidences do in fact occur.I don’t feel the family owes the public an explanation; however, as the publicity around the search generated so much awareness of his disappearancee, as well as curiosity and concern, I think it might make things easier for them if they were to state that he did in fact commit suicide and/or suffered from depression, or some other kind of mental health issue – if that were the case. Until then, or until some actual evidence appears showing otherwise, I think we have to accept the word of the RCMP that his death is not suspicious, and acknowledge that we don’t know what happened to him.

          • I owe nobody an apology. You say you don’t accept things as fact without evidence, yet you have accepted this anonymous writer’s relationship with Ben Kilmer without evidence… I do not. I saw this in the Makayla Chang disappearance too. Yes, there is another Ryan Daley who has a criminal record, ho-hum. You can accept the word of the RCMP without evidence if you like. I do not. In fact, I recall when I was referred to as a nutbar for saying it was drugs and murder with Daley and Archbald when the RCMP was mute saying it had no evidence of foul play. Your entire response is nothing more than factless, politically correct speculation.

            • I have been thinking, very seriously, about how to respond for awhile now. I can only speak for myself and would never tell someone else how they should think, or feel, or act. I can’t control anyone else, I can only control myself.

              I feel, all of these deaths are incredibly sad, no matter the circumstances involved. The absence of these men will be felt every day, every holiday, every birthday, every Father’s Day, every bloody-minute, of every, single, day. At the end of the day, they are gone from this earth, never to be seen in the flesh again, and, I have been truly sorry for the loss of them all.

              Even as I write this, I am trying my best to hold back tears, but losing the battle, every word that I type.

              I dropped my kids at school this morning, feeling blessed to be their mother, seeing father’s drop their kids off there too. Seeing father’s kissing and hugging their children, seeing father’s smiling at their children, telling them they love them, and that they will be right there to pick them up, after school. Watching the children hugging their father’s back and waving to them, as they run into the school.

              I barely made it back to my car without totally losing it. Because, as we all know, Ryan, Dan, Ben and Chad, won’t be able to be like those other father’s at morning school drop-off’s, anymore. Their children won’t have their father’s there to hug, kiss and tell them how much they are loved.
              As a parent, and as a daughter who lost my parents much too early in life, this fact alone, has gutted me, totally and utterly, gutted me.

              It has not gotten easier as each day goes by. The pain of what those children of the men who have died have lost, what those wives and relatives/close friends have lost, is still like a knife in my heart. Time has not made it go away, nor has time made it easier to cope. Time is a cruel, cruel joke.

              I can’t even imagine the tremendous horror and massive, continual pain, the surviving loved-ones are going through. And it would be a disservice to them all, to say that I do.

              In a professional capacity, Hal, has been, and is, involved with organizations that he is not at liberty, to write about. Nor should he have to continually defend himself.

              Again, I can only speak for myself, but he is the one man, besides my husband, that I would want by my side, in a time of intervention, disaster or in a leadership role. Seeing him work, is nothing short of spectacular. I trust him, always have, and nothing will sway my opinion of him. He is stead-fast, true, a man you can depend on. And in this era of so many treating others as disposable, that dependable trait is so very rare, indeed.
              His name is known in many higher-up circles; he finds the truth, he is not to be taken for granted, he can hold his own up against any kind of commentator, eloquently, honestly and with guts made of steel.

              I am not related to Hal, nor am I writing this under duress. Hal is much too classy, much too smart, to ever have to stoop to low standards, to get anyone to vouch for him. These words are all my own, as is my sadness at the loss of those men.

              • Jen,

                You are, indeed, one of the most compassionate people I have ever encountered, and an individual who has somehow developed the capacity to see past the wrong in some people’s hearts and examine the positives that their lives bring to those who love them. I am amazed and not nearly as strong as you in these matters.

                However, it seems we do have in common the fact that we each lost our parents at too young an age. My sister, and my twin brother, Doug, and I, had just celebrated our 15th and 14th birthday, respectively, and were looking forward to a happy Christmas that ended up being memorable for all the wrong reasons.

                The positives I take from that is that I learned how to be a survivor, but most importantly, that I never developed the memories of having had disrespectful arguments with my parents. Thus, my recollections all come with smiles and absent any guilt. This was God’s amazing gift to me and I am grateful for it every time I think of them and mourn their loss.

                I truly do thank you for your kind words. I fear though, that continued focus on me rather than on drugs, smuggling, murder, etc. moves us away from those matters which are, and deservedly so, of far greater interest to the reader.

                Again, thank you.


                • Hello Hal!
                  In turn, I thank you, for your supportive and helpful reply.
                  Your words put it all into a healthy perspective and I feel a lot better.
                  I am sorry for the much-too-early loss of your parents also.
                  Just from reading your words about ‘positives’ spurred my healing process and moved it forward, into a much lighter realm. And I needed that, tremendously. Your magic at work again.
                  Yes, you are right, the focus now is back on murder mayhem and drugs etc.
                  But, I wanted to speak up, and I am grateful that you allowed me to, on this platform.

  7. Hello, I have just discovered this blog Hal. I am hooked. I always though these 3 men were connected as it was TOO much of a coincidence. I have gone through the comments here and I am wondering how do we know Ben and Dan were roommates previously? I have googled and came up with nothing. Does not seem like this is public information, even though if true, it’s hugely important info. Thank you!

  8. The location of this case is interesting I’ll say that much. Location location….

    Was the time of death ever publicized? I’m sure it wasn’t but just thought I would put it out there. I’ve always felt d and r were picked up by someone they knew, and were taken somewhere close by where they were greeted by the handlers. Things Didn’t go well from there.


    • Through simple logic, and buoyed by the biology of bear scat, among other factors, the time of death of Dan and Ryan is pretty well assumed to be within hours of them leaving the harbour. Regarding Ben, although less has been said about it, I think it can be safely assumed that his end came very soon after leaving his vehicle.

      • My thoughts too. A secure location where they could’ve been taken under the guise of getting paid up could have been less than 20minutes away from the harbor. So if the time of death was say three hours after pickup it would make sense they were taken somewhere first, I would assume?? It will be interesting to see the results of the investigation of the recent bust in Ucluelet. I mean how could a coke dealer with guns and cash in uki not know anything about dan and ryan…

    • Read between the lines. Ben could’ve received some bad news from dan and Ryan in the days leading up to his disappearance. It’s pure speculation but bens suicide could’ve been fuelled by the reality that he was looking at the same fate as dan and Ryan and chose to do it himself lest his family were to be harmed.

        • What about the true fact that none of the many dogs that were brought in by professional Search and Rescue groups, the RCMP’s elite sniffer-dogs, cadaver dogs that are the best in western Canada, and civilians’ personal but trained dogs…all didn’t find his scent after it left the pond?
          Even if he had walked through the pond to try to rinse his boots of scents in the water, his boots would then take on pond water microbes along with his scents, and his clothes would still carry scents. With all that alleged hiking to where he was found, his body-sweat would increase massively and his human scent would be heightened.

          There is no way on this earth, that not even one of those dogs wouldn’t have found and then followed his scent, (and yes, dogs can find scents on or across any road…if you don’t believe us, then you have never owned/trained a sniffer-dog) that led to where he was found, unless he was carried, driven; part-ways, or had a jet-pack on.

          Also, a “mountain man” joined the search teams, a man who knows those back-country areas better than most, and can follow and find traces of anything, yet, his searches turned up nothing. Why?

            • Excellent blog thank you Hal. I have been following this story for months. I picked up on it in the summer. It caught my eye because we are sailors that live in the north but keep our boat in the gulf islands, which is where we were when I first heard about it. As soon I read about it, my first thought was drug running. We circumnavigated Vancouver Island a couple of years ago and stopped in Ucluelet. It’s way out of the way for someone clearing customs. Then I read that no family members were there to greet the crew after 2 months away. Those two things alone raised my suspicions. Victoria, Sidney or Bedwell Harbour are all much more convenient places to clear. The last factor that really gave me pause is that they planned to spend a few days surfing in Port Renfew. I didn’t buy that one bit. Surfing before seeing family? No way

              Then I read the sad story about Ben Kilmer, and not believing much in coincidences, I felt the 3 disappearances were somehow related. My theory is that all three got in over their heads in some sort of drug running operation. They all went missing on the same day, under mysterious circumstances. There is a prior connection between Ben and Ryan, another coincidence?

              I don’t buy the theory that Ben was suicidal and suddenly ran from his van with it running. He was found many kilometres away from his vehicle. I believe that he ran AWAY from someone that was pursuing him, and he was caught as he got to the pond, and carried off to a waiting car. That would explain the failure of trained sniffer dogs in following the scent past the pond

              Police have ruled the death to be not suspicious. I wonder how difficult it is to make a murder look like a suicide? Dillian Mallard was recently convicted in the shooting death of his father. That death was initially ruled a suicide

              Anyway, none of the above is anything that hasn’t been discussed at length here. I just wanted to weigh in with my two cents. I have really enjoyed your blog Hal

              • Thank you, Northener. I am certain that my readers appreciate the perspective of an actual sailor as much as I appreciate it. I want to ask you a few questions, not to be nosy and/or in your personal space/business, but to pick your fertile brain regarding matters that I believe you can shed some light on because you are a sailor.

                1.) Why does/would one keep their boat in the Panama region, as opposed to Canada, or some northwestern U.S. port?
                2.) Keeping a boat in the Panama region, what viable reason(s) might one have to sail it to Canada with our less inviting boating environment?
                3.) Might one expect that a person owning such a boat as the Astral Blue would have a significantly better financial lifestyle than either Archbald or Daley?
                4.) What do you make of their multiple trips to Panama for boat repairs?

                • Hi Hal

                  Thank you

                  I’ll try and answer some of your questions.

                  Sometimes people do shop for and purchase boats in other countries. For us, we were looking for a very specific kind of boat, a classic design by an accomplished designer. We live in northern Canada, and flew to Los Angeles to sea trial and inspect the boat we wanted to buy. Then we paid thousands of dollars to ship it to Puget Sound. There’s nothing cheap about the process, or in owning and maintaining a boat. I would think the Astral Blue would be in the $100,000 range, and that’s just the boat. Then there’s insurance, maintenance and upgrades, and slip fees. These latter fees cost us at least $10,000 a year. So yeah sailing is very expensive

                  The other thing about boats we noticed is that they deteriorate and devalue quickly if you don’t maintain them. For that reason, it can be harder to get financing, especially for an older boat. We didn’t require financing but I do believe it can be tough to get it for an older boat

                  Regarding repairs, if the boat had issues, they would need to make repairs. We did, especially in the first year. But multiple trips for repairs? I can’t see that, not with the distance involved and cost to get there, time off work, etc. Sometimes we ask the boatyard to haul our boat for maintenance and repairs, and sometimes we fly down ourselves to facilitate that. But we wouldn’t do this multiple times, we don’t have the time off work for that, nor the money

                  It’s strange to me that if they would travel that far to buy this boat, unless like us they wanted a very specific boat or got an extremely good deal. And if they got a good deal, it’s odd that they would buy a boat with major issues, unless they were unaware of the issues

                  The only people that we know that keep their boat in a southern foreign port are either retired, or semi retired, and spend several months aboard each year. Slip fees are expensive, as is keeping your boat on the hard in a boatyard. It’s a major financial commitment, and I just don’t see how it would be worth it unless as I said, you got an extremely good deal, or wanted something very specific, or had lots of time and money to travel there and enjoy the yachting lifestyle. You would need both time and money

                  As to why bring a boat home to Canada, it’s hard to say. Maybe they were hankering for a big adventure, sailing excursion? Personally I love sailing the west coast. The BC west coast up to Alaska is some of the best cruising in the world. I wouldn’t trade it for warmer places, because it’s so accessible for us and so beautiful, and practically we couldn’t afford to keep it south

                  Hal I hope that helps

                  • That was wonderfully educational. Thank you very much. With that information to chew on, even those readers skeptical of the drug connection should give pause to their doubts. May your voyages be filled with fair winds and calm seas.

                    • Hi Northerner! Your boat info is greatly appreciated. We are pleased you are “on board” with Hal’s terrific blog.
                      Please, can you comment on the port damage that the Astral Blue has? Daley and Archbald stated it happened during a storm on their last trip to BC.
                      In looking at the pictures though, you can see the damage looks sharp and localized, like it might have been from being hit by another boat? Some stated it was in the gunwale but the damage is situated much lower than the gunwale. Right?
                      The pictures of the Astral Blue in the marina are online if you google it. Unless you can get to that marina and see it in person, but the port side is facing the open water. She might have been moved again or seized by the courts, since our last check.
                      Vessels get moved a lot at marinas, depending on available spaces etc. Also, they get rafted together. We call it ‘piggy-backing’ but really it is called, “rafting,” as you know too. She was rafted last check.
                      Could that type of damage happen in a storm? Our suspicions lay with the Astral Blue being hit by another boat during their last voyage.
                      Also, Hal wrote many times about the water-line in heavily laden boats, and the officials watching out for that especially if suspicions arise from possible drug-runs. But there are still skeptics out there in cyberspace, who don’t believe that it was loaded with dope, and that the salt water leaves a water-line, etc.
                      In the end, Hal was right again, as we too agreed about what was loaded. Any thoughts?

                    • Me again! Oops, I got my port and starboard mixed up, in my recent reply to Northerner, from earlier today.
                      The damage is on the starboard-bow side.
                      I chose the wrong week to cut-back on caffeine, and my brain is not happy about it.
                      Also, it looks like someone pulled the pictures of the boat damage from the net.
                      Not sure why, but someone I guess, didn’t like the damage being seen by everyone.
                      Unless I just can’t find them again.
                      But, maybe, Northerner, and other fellow-sleuths, you might get to see the Astral Blue in person sometime, and see the damage close-up.

                  • Hi Jen

                    Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to directly respond to you

                    Yeah you are right it’s the port side that’s shown so I can’t see the damage. It’s too bad the starboard view photos aren’t online anymore. What did the damage look like?

                    In a storm I you could damage a boat by dropping a spare anchor on the deck or other equipment, but it sounds like this was on the outside of the hull near the bow? A swinging anchor that came loose could really whack the hull

                    I can’t see a circumstance where a storm would damage the hull unless you were dismasted, or a spinnacer pole came loose. But that said, you would not be flying that sail in a storm anyway.

                    If the damage was big scratch, or gouge on the hull, that would sound like a hit. I would need to actually see what it looks like

                    BUT my no means am I any kind of expert whatsoever in sailing in storms. I’d much rather be in port in a storm

                    The waterline issue I’m not sure. Our boat is an older classic design and it’s heavy. I would think it would take a ton of weight to change the waterline. I did try to find similar boats to the Astral Blue to see what it was, but I couldn’t find one. It certainly seems like a classic boat, especially looking at the bow, which is very similar to ours. Thie Astral Blue looks to be a center cockpit, cutter rigged, and it has the chainplates mounted on the outside, which is relatively rare

                    I’m not sure I’ve helped with anything, although is it interesting to participate

                    • Actually, although you can certainly find a way to exchange information with Jen, out of love of my readers and respect for your opinions, I prefer it when everybody can read it. Thank you for your insight.


                    • Hi Hal

                      Sorry I wasn’t trying to have a private conversation
                      I was confused as to how to do a reply on the site and wanted to reply to the thread we were discussing. But it seems it worked anyway so that’s good:)

                    • No apologies are needed. Of course, you are free to exchange whatever information you might want to with whomever you want to. I would never make a rule against that. The site though, by default, does not show your contact information in order to protect you from harassment and/or spam. That said, you or anybody who posts here may request that I pass yours/their email address on to any particular individual(s) and it would be my pleasure to accommodate you/them. I just want you all to know that the readers and I appreciate your participation. 🙂

                    • Northerner, your reply above, to my queries was much appreciated. Yes, you replied correctly. It is helpful to other readers for us to converse on this blog, then everyone can learn from each other. We are all in this together. And your input is truly wanted and appreciated. You have boating expertise and I thank you for taking the time to write back as you have.
                      Hal honours all of our privacy and he is a man of high-caliber and I respect him, always have. People are silly to doubt his connections, he has his foot in the door to many organizations.

                      The damage on the Astral is a string of gouges on her starboard-bow…close to the gunwale. Literally a string of gouges. We had our suspicions too that a storm could have ever caused that, especially when boater acquaintances of ours, instantly upon seeing it all, exclaimed, “That is most likely done by another boat slamming into them.”

                      Your description of what the Astral has on her, is interesting, and surely leads us to thinking that she is a rare boat indeed.
                      The ion scans and police sniffer-dogs proved she was loaded to the hilt with dope, but it was dumped or transferred to another boat possibly, way out in the ocean, before nearing land. Most likely at night, in total darkness. If only boats could talk, right?

                    • Hal thank you for that. I appreciate the opportunity to participate

                      Jen thank you, that’s really interesting what you say. We have a photo somewhere of our boat after we sideswiped it into the dock at Mosquito creek. It’s a big long gouge, maybe 8 feet or so long. Impossible to buff out

                      If another boat hit the Astral Blue there may very well be paint in the gouges. That would certainly be a sign that it wasn’t caused in a storm

                      I suppose you could also get damage like that if another boat were to come alongside and raft to you, especially in less than calm seas

                      Regarding the boat being loaded with dope that was dumped, seems to be this isn’t the first time this has happened. I remember reading a story about someone finding a big stash on a island

                      I imagine the drug enforcement authorities are paying attention out there to unusual activity. I suppose they use AIS to see who’s out there at night, and could spot two boats coming together?

                      We were making an overnight passage one night down the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and thought that we were being paced, and probably tracked by a ship over in US waters. I thought it was odd at the time, but knowing what I do now maybe it’s not

                    • Hi Northener! Thanks for your note from Nov. 30th.
                      That 8-foot gouge on your hull must have been nasty. Especially as you said it is not able to be buffed out.

                      We had wondered too, if bumpers were not put down in time with whatever transpired with the Astral, that being hit by another boat would cause all that damage.

                      We have since discussed this recently, with another mariner who agrees, that the damage most likely was by another boat coming alongside, in rough seas, with no bumpers down. Your opinion is invaluable too.

                      We are trying to understand why a sailor would do that without first putting bumpers down?

                      Also, to fix a string of deep gouges, would it be terribly expensive?

                      I agree, most likely your vessel was tracked, coming down the Straight of Juan de Fuca. The officials are not taking chances anymore. We can’t blame them, our water-ways need to be protected. And to stop with whatever the vessels might be hauling.

                      The Port of Vancouver has over five hundred security cameras alone. Yes, over 500.
                      So, you can imagine how watchful the officials are of the docks/marinas on our Island too.

                      Hopefully, in time, more information will come to light about the Astral. But, like all mysteries, sometimes their histories, die along with them. She is a beautiful vessel though.

                    • Hi Jen

                      I agree that it’s a logical explanation for the gouges that they were caused by a boat coming alongside in rough seas. As to why someone wouldn’t put out fenders, perhaps there either wasn’t time, or they were surprised at night in the dark

                      Anything to do with boat repairs is expensive. We chose just to buff our scratches the best we could. Otherwise you’re looking at painting and fiberglass repair and I’ll bet that would cost a pretty penny

                      I wonder if the dope was transferred to another boat that came alongside, rather than dumped? Or some of it…

                      You’re right though, we will probably never know. Hopefully this is a lesson for folks who might think it’s worth the risk to smuggle drugs. NOT

  9. Hal.
    Would it be possible that the natives that died and went missing near Tofino found some of the ditched dope ?
    Or maybe they met with Dan and Ryan off shore and picked up the dope?

      • Hi Hal,
        Please can you explain decomposition? I realize the coroners are looking for time of death, method of death, who it is, possible answers to many questions from all involved. But would knife wounds show as in scrapes and gouges on bone? If a knife hits a bone? Do bones decompose?

        Also, how long would DNA exist at a crime scene? Hours? Days? I understand there are many factors at play in any murder and weather is paramount to outside crime scenes, but from your experience, could DNA still be around five months later?

        I appreciate your expertise with this, and I understand if my questions are strange.
        I do understand why immediately the coroners office took over after finding Ben, but the major crimes teams stepped away. Or did they? Reports online state only the coroners office are taking over, I think. Wouldn’t finding him ramp up the investigations? As where he was found becomes another crime scene?
        Thank you.

          • Yes, of course, there is no rush. Thank you for your work with this and for your patience with all our questions.
            I would rather learn from you as you understand about crime scenes etc.

            It is Halloween tonight so we all will be out and about with the ghosts and goblins, and recovering from the sugar-overload, for days afterwards!
            Take a week if you would like. Never feel rushed. You always put out high-quality info, so whatever you put together will be dynamite!

            Plus, there are no more bodies found yet, so things will simmer down.
            Or that is what the killers want us to think and do!
            There are still about five men missing in this area.
            With the identical patterns the killers leave, I am thinking there will be more news alerts.

            Happy Halloween everyone!!

            • We learn from one another. I used to tell my kids to hurry up and tell me how it is while they were still young enough to know everything. That advice is valid whether one is 12 or 72.

        • I was wondering the same thing re the decomposition. After 5 months of hot weather and animals would there be enough remaining to determine a cause of death?

      • Hi Steelybird,
        I think you brought up great thoughts in your note regarding the dogs. I understand your line of thinking and I feel it too, but I also feel, that dogs can be trained to just maim and hold someone down, and at the most extreme, to kill. I have had dogs my whole life, each having been trained to do different things, each highly intelligent to follow commands.

        A witness came forward and said they saw Daley and Archbald getting into a white vehicle that day. Plus, apparently there is a video somewhere, of this said-vehicle in the parking lot, and the men walking towards it. I don’t know if it will ever be released to the public but things get leaked all the time.

        The time-line works, for when Kilmer was last seen, just after 10:30 am that day, to when Daley and Archbald got into a white vehicle just before 2:00 pm, to when Kilmer’s work truck was found, way into that evening. He was reported missing at dinnertime, when he didn’t show up. His van was not located till that evening. He could have easily and with time to spare, driven to pick up Daley and Archbald, then to where his van was found abandoned. We drove it at a very leisurely pace and had oodles of time leftover.

        We feel the three men were followed by the killers after they drove away from the dock because the killers were not going to let Daley and Archbald get away alive. They must have been pretty peeved that millions of dollars just got tossed away. These are not average, reasonable business men, but cold-blooded killers, with a lot of oeopke waiting for that shipment to arrive. Like Hal has said, these men would kill anyone.

        How much involvement Kilmer had, if any, we might never really know, until people start talking. He might have just offered a ride to some old friends that day, who needed one?
        Daley and Archbald and also Kilmer, were intercepted and were forced to pull over somewhere, and well, we all know how it ends.

        The road where his van was found is surrounded by heavy, thick, tall brush and trees.
        No street lights, no vehicles on it. It is very eery being there as vehicles do not travel much on that road and the foliage is so thick that you literally step from the road into heavy forest and disappear. Houses are not closeby. It is a good place for a scary movie to be filmed. We walked around there and it gave us the ‘heebie-jeebies!

        • Hi Jen,

          I’ve so enjoyed reading this blog and in particular your comments and thoughts. Thanks to Hal for hosting this. The only issue I see with your theory above is that I believe Ben Kilmer’s vehicle was first seen running on the side of the road around noon that day. It was again noted at 3:30, 4:15 and the police were called at 6 pm as it had been on the side of the road with the motor on for 6 hours by then.

          From what I understand, he disappeared some time between 10:30 am and 12 pm that day. My own hunch is that he was being chased and abandoned his vehicle.

          I have a few questions for you….in prior posts you mentioned both law enforcement and the criminals watching the dock after the Astral Blue arrived. I couldn’t tell what was conjecture vs. fact. Did the locals really all know what was happening? And was this because it was so unusual to have a boat of that size/stature arrive in the Ucluelet harbour?

          Thanks so much for all your comments — keep ’em coming!

          • Hi Beach Girl!
            I appreciated reading your note and I too feel, it is good we all are talking about these murders. We need to get to the bottom of this latest horror. Mostly, we need to find these cold-blooded killers, get them off the streets, get them and all that they represent: drugs that kill, away from our families and dear friends. Too many are dying from drugs, so many…and one death is too many, in my books. Things gotta change.

            I think we all are so shocked and deeply saddened for the surviving family members and of course, horrified that there are cold-blooded killers running around amongst us, in this day and age. Murders that happen right in our vicinities creep us all out and take away any feeling of safety and as we all know, ends lives so quickly. Snuffed out in a milli-second.
            That isn’t right, it goes against our grain of wanting to survive, wanting to see our children’s smile another day, wanting to laugh together, and of course wanting to love our fellow-man. Sorry, I am being wishy-washy, but seeing pictures/videos of Kilmers’ kids, just brings me to tears, and hurts my soul something awful.

            I didn’t know about those other sightings about civilians seeing his van those times you stated. Well, that all sure puts a wrench in my predictions! I wonder why no one called the police as soon as the first sighting happened? I sure would have, given that the road is something out of a scary movie, and with his door left open and the engine running. My husband said he himself, would have pulled over immediately, and he would have called the police right away. But that is us.

            The reports that we saw, stated he wasn’t reported missing till dinnertime by the family, and the police said his van wasn’t located till that evening. Mainly due to his cell phone being left in his van. GPS at work!
            Then they started a middle of the night search, as best as they could around that area, thinking he was under medical distress possibly.

            My first thought was that he might have had a heart attack or was choking on food, or even just went to urinate, but fell and hit his head. The possible scenarios were numerous in so many minds. Then the next day, teams started assembling in the daylight, and well, we all know what ensued.

            Hal did explain a lot prior, about that port entry in question, from the main shipping lanes. Those docks all along that entry route are under massive survelliance as drug shipments have been, unfortunately, going on for a very long time. But not just this port entry, but others all around many countries, everywhere.
            We are proud to say, that the US and Canada have long ago, signed a declaration (There is a name for this declaration, but it has slipped my mind just now) to assist each other, with border issues, especially drug-runs.
            It brings us a measure of peace and yes, this sounds hokey…but it brings us joy, to see Canada and the US work so well together at the borders and especially at the port entry’s.

            As for locals noticing things, there is a famous saying, or there was in my day…that the blind, older, weathered man, sitting alone at the end of the bar, night after night, nursing his jigger of whiskey, hears everything and knows all about everyone who frequents and works at that bar.

            Hal knows my affiliates, and I hope, pray, expect, and know completely in my heart, that he will honour my safety. All of our safety’s really, we all are discussing some pretty heavy topics. I trust him 100%, always have, he knows what he writes about and he knows what is going on. The people who have run him down are foolish and brass or is it brash?…and ignorant, very ignorant. Most of all, I truly respect him.
            — If I had the money, I would hire him to speak at schools, colleges, drug centers and neighbourhood block-watches etc. And yes, he does look like a younger version of Sean Connery.

            Am I really a Jen? Are you really a Beach Girl, is Steelybird or Anonymous, really who they say they are? We all do what we do to protect ourselves. It is normal and expected in this technology rampant, over-loaded computer era.
            So, with our words alone, with each other here, courtesy of Hal’s generosity, we can hash out (pardon the pun) cases. And under Hal’s direction and expertise, hopefully, really find solutions. No, I am not Hal!!

            My kid’s roll their eyes and try to vacate the room, and probably soon the house, when I start talking, cause as you can tell, I am good at spewing at the mouth. I don’t mean to sound pretentious or a know-it-all, I am far from it. I am still learning, I still ask questions, I still care. I make mistakes every bloody-day! I am sorry for my long-winded entries. I have totally gotten off the subject again, right?…but, it all comes from love. And I want to hear everyone else’s thoughts/predictions.

            More on the Astral Blue soon, I have to get rolled and stuffed into my dinosaur costume. Damn those snack-size chocolate bars! Happy Halloween!
            Peace ☮️everyone!

              • Thanks so much, Jen. That explains a lot. 100% agree about the horrifying nature of all of this and the trauma that has been caused by all of this. My heart goes out especially to the children left behind.

                Not sure whether everyone on this blog knows that Ben’s cell phone was damaged the day before he went missing so. If you go to this link, you’ll see in the comment section where Tonya Kilmer explains that it had fallen from a 10′ ladder the day before but was still working. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f56g9IZ5Qhk. Here is her quote:

                Pinned by Shauna Rae
                FIND BEN KILMER
                3 months ago
                This video was very well done and very respectful of our family wishes, while helping to draw the few details that we know together. Thank you for your kindness in helping to raise awareness of Ben’s case.

                I wanted to add that Ben’s cell phone face was smashed when it fell off a 10 foot ladder the day prior to Ben’s dissappearance. Ben was working on electrical at the time when his phone fell from the ladder. His wallet, cell phone (which was still working), jacket and other personal effects were all left in the vehicle.

                • Hi Beach Girl!
                  Yes, I too, saw Shauna’s video post awhile back. I think she speaks really well and she is concerned for all involved too. So many are horrified at what happened and we all want to help.
                  I did hear about his cell phone damage, but it is good you brought it up again.

                  None of us would ever want to “sensationalize” their deaths. Not sure if that is the correct word to use?
                  I am not here to just see my own comments printed, or to stir up $&#@, as I feel none of us are here for that purpose.
                  These cases are too horrific, too heart-breaking, and I feel, we want to see those responsible caught and hung out to dry.
                  I believe there are people out there who know a lot about all this than they are revealing.
                  Please, come forward, either here or to the officials.
                  Hal can direct you privately as to what to do, if you don’t want certain things made public.
                  He really is highly qualified. He doesn’t list all of the jobs/situations that he has been involved with, in the past, mainly due to the type of work it is and has been, but he really wants to see cases solved and to see those who are responsible caught too.
                  But someone knows something or has seen something.
                  Speak up, find someone who will listen, follow through on what you know, make sure the info you have gets into the correct hands. Do the right thing. Clear your conscience. If not for yourself, but for those sweet, darling little kids.
                  Full-grown men can’t just be found dead without someone having seen or heard something.

              • You are a man of high-caliber, Hal.

                About those reports of people stating they saw the work van by the side of the road several times that day…is it possible those sighting reports aka phone-calls, could have come in from the killers and/or their team of goonies?
                To make it seem that the van was there all afternoon?

                I would test the credibility and get verification that they are true sightings.
                I have a hard time believing that anyone legit, who might have seen that van, where it supposedly was for all those many hours…didn’t do anything about it or call it in asap?
                We are a suspicious society by nature, so for someone to not call it in makes me wonder, big-time.

                I believe these killers have planned out every second, every detail, every inch of their plans. They are trained, ordered and paid to do what is expected to see it all through. Nothing is done on a whim or is last minute.
                They will do anything they can to be able to walk away unscathed and onto the next drug assignment.

                I think we are doubtful they could be so heinous, and want to believe what we are spoon fed because we are coming from the mindset of being a normal citizen.
                Killers/drug bosses/dealers/mules are not normal, they have no conscience, they are not to be reasoned with and they can’t be rehabilitated to live in society and give up a crime life.
                The world they live in is for life and they execute it all perfectly, or someone ends up dead.

          • I was told by those who went searching in the start that when they hit the local tavern and started asking questions, they were told that they should leave and stop asking questions…..That kinda tells me people know something.

            • I agree. I think locals in any situation, especially a crime-related incident, know a lot.
              Anything out of the ordinary routine, puts up our guard and our radar goes into high gear.
              First instinct is to protect ourselves and our loved ones.
              This is ingrained in our psyche, way before we even know what it is.
              Our survival and of our loved ones, is the name of the game in life.

              Secondly, and most importantly, I believe, is the fact that humans don’t want to be inconvenienced.
              We are selfish to a fault and it takes a lot of guts for any of us, to stand up and say that something isn’t right and that what they might have seen/heard is important to a murder case, etc.

              We are creatures of habit, we want to stay in our own worlds where everything works out (in our favour) and where we have all the easy conveniences of life at our fingertips.

              Being questioned is not comfortable, our integrity and personal scruples get examined, we are shoved into the bright spotlight.
              And it complicates our life. Ignorance is bliss.
              But people are dead, there will be more bodies found in remote areas, and until these killers and the ones-in-training, are caught, we all are a target.

              I, personally, would rather be the one questioned about what I saw or heard, than the one lying on the slab, being examined by the coroner.

  10. My theory…

    Ben had been working in the drug trade for some time (likely doing wiring or whatever, being an electrician). He was asked by his “bosses” if he knew of any seemingly normal and trustworthy guys that could do a smuggling run. He thought of his old room mate Ryan and his buddy Dan, knowing Dan had sailing experience. He knew they would be up for the adventure and of course the nice big pay cheque at the end of the deal. It all seemed like a fantastic plan. What could possibly go wrong….

    When the “bosses” were alerted that the load Dan and Ryan arrived with was unforgivingly light, they sent their handlers to collect what was left of the dope and dispose of the two sailors. Because Ben was the one who recommended these two, he would have also been held responsible for their actions. Ben was either pursued by the handlers and given “options” or realized what was going to happen anyways and did it on his own accord.

    This may seem a bit theatrical to some people. However, those of you who have read my previous comments know that I am a recovering heroin addict who has spent a fair share of time around unsavory characters. This is literally (and unfortunately) just a day in the life. To me, it seems more theatrical to theorize that Ben had a seizure, got a nose bleed, wandered away in a daze for a few hours, fell and injured himself, and died in the wilderness, unable to get out (I have read this on various forums more than a few times). I guess people believe what they need to. It has also allowed his kids to have a very successful GoFundMe page so there’s that. Imagine if the ties to the drug trade were publicized! Oh the stigma! No GoFundMe for you!

    I have also read several posts here and elsewhere from Ben’s friends and family stating that he was 100% against drugs. Ok. Well, I also know that people can believe they are 100% against drugs and still justify partaking in an indirect element of it (such as wiring grow houses or wiring surveillance systems for example) if it means they are going to make some cash to help them and their young family get ahead in life.

    I mean no disrespect; I am just stating what I have seen countless times with poor outcomes. I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe in patterns. There is a definite pattern here. I rely on things that actually make sense to form my opinions and theories. These may be biased based on my own history and experiences. Either way, rest in peace Ben, Ryan, and Dan. I am truly sorry your journeys ended this way.

    • I see from where you are coming, but although traveling down the correct road, I think you have a couple of details wrong. I don’t believe that Archbald and Daley just got introduced to the bikers by Kilmer. Archbald and Daley had a long history of drug running (read some of the other comments about them from people who knew them very well). Accordingly, they took part in at least one other hard drug run for the bikers. I do believe that Daley, Archbald and Kilmer, due to their relationship, were in cahoots on this deal gone bad, that the bikers put it all together and gave Kilmer a choice, just as they gave Daley and Archbald a choice to try and sit at the harbour forever and see there family done or meet the bikers and face their fate. Accordingly, I think the bikers escorted Kilmer to where he abandoned his car, watched Kilmer head out to the woods and knew he was done. This theory explains the blood in Kilmer’s abandoned car, the RCMP saying no sign of foul play, the three disappearing at the same time, Archbald and Daley voluntarily leaving the harbour, their murder, and it also explains why neither of their families were touched.

        • Thank you. As always the public is informative. You, and they, have swayed my early opinion on suicide versus murder regarding Kilmer. I now see it as a “forced suicide”, assuming that does not amount to manslaughter in any court but a BC court, hmm…

      • Both Your guys theories make a lot of sense and are sound. Except that dan and ryan both look happy leaving the harbor on security camera, one of them can be seen smiling in the direction they were walking, at least it looks that way to me. And I’ve always felt Kilmer got a text or phone call last minute or was monitored by someone and was forced to go do “the right thing.”

        Ill I’d that I know someone who was close to Ben Kilmer, and I was told that there are some things coming out about Ben soon, he couldn’t say what, but suggested it would be in the news In the near future.

        • We are getting close. I know we are? Can somebody help me out here and explain their smiles without some ridiculous theory that blows holes through the Daley/Archbald and Kilmer collusion? I’m begging here.

          WAIT A MINUTE!

          Daley and Archbald got a phone call, right? Could it have been Kilmer calling them to let them know that they had gotten away with it, that they were in the clear?

          If Ben was under the control of the bikers, which I think is uncontested, then he would have said what the bikers ordered him to say, and he would have sold it because it could save him a lot a pain. If this is true, the RCMP might not know exactly what the conversation was, but they know the call occurred (One has to assume that RCMP investigators found phone numbers and cell records).

          How are we doing, gang?

          • Yes! I was struggling to piece this part together earlier. I felt like there was surely a phonecall between the two. I was thinking possibly Dan and Ryan alerted Ben that the jig was up causing him to panic and flee his van leaving it running on the roadside. But the timing was backwards. Your thought makes more sense. Ben was caught first. Told the other two whatever they needed to hear so they went willingly with whoever picked them up at the harbour. I still don’t get why the van was left running though…

              • Good Afternoon, fellow sleuths!
                Here’s our two-cents worth. We realize we could be wrong in any of our thoughts, we are open to others’ ideas too. This is like that game, “Clue,” who did it with what weapon, in what room. Except people have been really murdered, and that is so wrong. And kids will grow up haunted and horribly shattered by the knowledge that their fathers were murdered. And they will be missed, painfully missed, at every birthday, every Christmas, every mile-stone, and we are very sorry for their losses. Extremely sorry to the children, they are the innocent victims in all this horror.

                It was Kilmer that picked up Daley and Archbald from the dock. We knew this from the start. We have also driven the specified route many times and it all fits; time-wise and logistics.

                Daley and Archbald were asked casually and non-evasively by some of the killers/detectives disguised as fishermen for days, (really, they need to work on trying to look like real fishermen), if they needed a ride or how they were going to get home from the dock.

                -Everyone noticed there were no wives, no girlfriends or close friends/relatives immediately meeting the return of Daley and Archbald.
                This was another big mistake that Daley and Archbald did. This is highly unusual and not normal behaviour for ‘family men’ to return from a very long boat trip away and not have a loved one meet them, gush over their return and hug the stuffing out of them. This fact alone alerted even us.

                To which they replied to all within ear-shot, that they were heading to Jordans River, where one of them owns property, for a few weeks, before heading home to Squamish. They said a friend was picking them up but this friend couldn’t come get them right away, due to work.

                The most important key from the killers sick-point-of-view, was to get Daley and Archbald feeling confident and relieved that they were going to be okay so that on those cameras and to folks around the dock, Daley and Archbald showed no terror or panic. Or went to the border police, or alerted the Harbour Master, or screamed “Bloody Murder!” or even just yelled a simple “Help!”

                Had Daley and Archbald known they were walking into a trap that would get them killed, they might have contacted the police or any of the border-police milling about. They would go into protected custody, might have to give up their dope-boss contact info in exchange for an easier sentence or minimum security prison, still be behind bars for a long time, but get to see their kids once in awhile, even if it is behind glass. But they would be alive, unless one of the “fish” inmates does them in.

                Well, in Canada, a much shorter time cause hey! We might have tough police forces but our judicial system is a joke. Killers know this and especially drug bosses know this…that is another reason why Canada is a target for drug-rings. Slap on the wrist, a hot meal and back out on the street. But…the US DEA is involved…so we knew that this drug-ring extended down to the US. You get two country’s DEA groups involved and you got a recipe for a successful take-down. Two heads are better than one. Operation “Water-Boys” gets underway.

                Also, there were issues with getting long-term moorage for the Astral Blue. Heated and loud discussions ensued because Daley and Archbald didn’t want to pay what was required for a boat that size (they wouldn’t get their final payment from the killers because they didn’t deliver the dope) and they demanded the boat be surveyed etc. This took a few days to deal with and hash out. Pardon the pun.

                As stated, we had driven the route from the dock to where his work van was found, then down to Jordans River, and back up Island again. The timing of it all works and the heavily forested areas are where the killers wanted the three-amigos to go, right into their trap. It was chosen ahead of time, all planned out. It had to be, so nothing went wrong and so the killers could get away, and onto hiring new mules, new boats for future drug-runs. This was just another work day for them.

                The killers would not risk murdering any of them near the cameras or near other civilians and especially not near any waterways. They knew the docks all over are heavily armed with cameras and with incognito border-police. The killers had been watching the comings and goings around that dock for a very long time. They were waiting for their delivery of dope.

                When Daley and Archbald dumped it all in the ocean because they were spotted by the survelliance drones (Yes, both Canada and the US have super expensive -this is where some of your tax dollars go- high-tech drones…surprise!) the killers knew that Daley and Archbald would never make it home alive. Drones can be launched by their survelliance planes nearby as planes are loud and big and easily seen, whereas drones are quiet and obviously smaller, more discreet but with high-powered cameras/recorders. But drones can still be seen…if you are on the look out for them, which Daley and Archbald were.

                The killers would never go after their kids or wives as hey, they have kids too…but the deal was to deliver the dope. And the fewer bodies, the less of a trail to the killers.

                No dope=those who didn’t deliver the goods would die.

                The dope was dumped overboard, the officials knew this too, as it is typical, by the book drug-run procedure, so the border police got things rolling for the DEA to start moving forward, both US and Canada. Chances are as soon as the Astral Blue was away a bit from the dumping, the officials swooped in and confiscated what was floating in the air-tight, sealed, and super tightly wrapped packs. Like they say, The cops have the best dope!

                Traffic on the docks and around the areas, suddenly amplified.
                Harbour Masters all along that coastline were alerted (talk about having a red hot, direct phone to the big-wigs) and incognito, highly trained officers were moving into place.

                The killers wanted them to get to a remote, heavily forested area first, where they wouldn’t be seen and where the killers knew no one nearby had security cameras.
                The killers told Daley and Archbald via phone that nothing would happen to them, nothing would happen to their families, but for them to find their own way home from the dock. The deal crashed and burned, they don’t get the rest of the promised money, but they get to leave. Heck, the killers might have even told them that they would be called in for future drug-runs!

                The killers wanted Daley and Archbald to think they were in the clear so they would walk away looking calm and relaxed and didn’t alert the officials, but to be an open and easy target.
                Daley and Archbald were gullible in thinking they were going to walk away unscathed from this failed drug-run. Which leads us to thinking that the killers are either really, really good actors in convincing them that they were going to get to live and go about their lives or Daley and Archbald were not playing with a full deck.

                Kilmer was known for leaving his work van driver door open and the engine running. He did this on purpose at the last sighting of his work van as a message that he was there. It was his “calling card.”
                Everyone has a “calling card.”
                – A relative of ours always leaves his windshield wipers up, when shutting off his vehicle but planning on returning soon, another flips down the sun visor on the driver side, another opens up the change-drink tray, another moves the drivers seat all the way back and another leaves a specific dog leash sitting on the floor, each and every time they are going to leave their vehicle, etc. The list is too long to describe here, but you get the drift.

                But Kilmer only did this with his work van, when he was only going to be gone only a minute or so.
                This was another key…he planned to get back in that work van and drive away, but he didn’t make it back. Wounded or not, he was going to fight his way back to his kids, whom he loved more than anything on this planet.
                He was wounded by the killers reaching in to grab him and to take him away, like they took Daley and Archbald away. Hence, his blood found in the van and his blood found near a tree close by where the ground was disturbed. Kilmer was injured and trying to fight off the killers. His scent went to a local pond but then disappeared.

                Kilmer specifically went to the pond when he saw it, he was injured and terrified…and, we feel, the killers had dogs after him. Kilmer knew dogs can’t follow a scent through water. He hoped he would shake them off from following him. He also was trying to loop back around, to get back in his van and get away.
                But they caught him when he went in the pond.
                That is where he was met with his death, the police know this was where he was taken by the killers and murdered and then dumped to where he was found recently. They will find knife injuries on him, and dog bites-unless decomposition takes it all away, which we figure was how he was killed. Watch the body language and micro-expressions of those police officers, they knew that Kilmer had already been killed, that day his van was found running. They knew. Most victims are killed immediately or within a short time frame, this is Criminology 101.

                The police officials later had their dogs follow the scent and then ordered the pond be drained.
                The scent was not found again. Why? Because Kilmer was carried away after being bagged and the killers goonies, knew how to clean up a murder scene and get rid of any human scent. We are talking elite, cold-blooded killers.
                There is no other explanation for how his scent just disappeared. None, not one. Someone bleeding and injured, then killed, doesn’t just disappear like a puff of smoke..unless the killers know how to cover up every square inch of the trails left, and move the body to an even more remote place, in heavily dense, uninhabited forest area.

                Whew…a novel, again! If anything, this might help some of you fall asleep, it is very long winded.
                We have other theories and more info to hash out, but that is for another day. Sorry this was soooooo long.

                  • Awwwww, thanks for your cool reply, Hal!
                    Thank you also for your reply after I commented on Steelybirds’ reply, yes, you did post my long-winded other note. I just now saw it. Boy, I have the gift of gab right?! lol.
                    I appreciate you so much, you are so clever and smart and your website is a safe haven for us sleuths to hash out cases.

                    I had a funny thought…what if we all are correct in our findings? Are we in trouble? Eek! I never thought of that till now. Should we pack our bags and head for the hills?

                    Naw…I have big, sloppy-jalopy dogs, crazy kids and a mean, tough old two-ton buzzard of a hubbie, who is not afraid of nuttin!
                    Bring it on!! (Gulp!)

                    • Thank you, but the truth is that it is people such as you and Steelybird who make the forum what it is. I simply provide the space.

                • The timing works if Ben ditched his work van (I’m thinking involuntarily), was picked up and driven out to meet/pick up Daley and Archbald. I have always thought this was a possibility and would explain why the two sailors seemed so relaxed when leaving the harbour.

                  Perhaps he was forced to go pick them up with the killers? He was grabbed out of his van, struggled, tried to run, got as far as the pond before being caught and led back to the killers’ vehicle? That would explain the blood, the scent trail, and why the van was left running.

                  I like your thinking, however, I can’t wrap my head around the part where he flees to the pond and gets killed by dogs. That would be very messy, and professional or not, no clean up crew could handle that scene unnoticed. It’s my understanding the road was utilized by regular, everyday vehicles and the area had houses in a relatively close proximity. This would have been way too risky.

                  Also, if he fled his van and was being mutilated by dogs he couldn’t possibly have made the couple hour drive across the island to pick up the boys.

                • Jen, I would just like to correct the misconception that the road Ben’s van was found on is a lonely spooky road. That is a fairly busy road and it certainly does have houses close to the road. Ben’s van was parked at a driveway to a house. Yes the houses are fronted by large cedar trees but there is not dense forest behind it. I use to live just round the corner from there so I know it well.

                  • Also, please can you direct us to the reports that Kilmer’s van was parked directly at or in a driveway to a house?
                    All reports came in stating he was parked alongside the main road, but we couldn’t find any wording that he was parked at or in a driveway of a particular house.
                    It might have been missed somewhere, please feel free to clarify.

                    • Hi Jen (and all the other awesome people posting on here),

                      There is another online forum with information on Ben Kilmer–specifically the van, when it was found, and that a home owner found it and took pictures as he thought it was suspicious that an empty van was left parked and running in front of his house.

                      I hope it’s ok to post this link:

                      There are photos of how the van was found and several maps/photos of the area as well. Lots of information from locals who identify the road as being busy and populated with houses.

                      Ben was last seen on a job site at 10:23am, earliest report of the abandoned van was around 11am. Ryan and Dan were last seen on the dock at 14:12:55 according to the May 16 surveillance video (2:12pm). The estimated time in takes to get from Duncan to Ucluelet is 3 hours and 10 minutes. Hmmmmm…….

                      I personally think Ben was taken against his will to help “take care of” Archbald & Daley, then was “taken care of” himself–either on his own accord or by the “bosses”. I don’t think Ben was dumb enough to be in cahoots with Daley and Archbald in trying to rip off what was left of the dope (just a gut feeling). But I do think for whatever reason he was found to be partially responsible for their actions. Maybe they found out he knew what Archbald and Daley’s plans were and didn’t appreciate him not being forthcoming.

                      When I was involved in this lifestyle, my phone had been synced to my boyfriend/dealer’s phone without my knowledge so he was aware of every conversation I had, every message I wrote or received, as well as where I was, when I was. He was also able to use my number to make calls without actually using my phone. These people are very skilled at what they do and how quickly they do things such as sync a phone without you even seeing it…even when you are looking right at it happening. Mind blowing. Or they give you a “work phone” and it is already all set up like this. My point being, they are always a step ahead of you and there will always be consequences, especially for those who think they can outsmart the bosses or withhold desirable information (i.e these guys are going to rip you off…).

                      Another thought I’ve had is perhaps Ben simply couldn’t live with what had happened or how out of control things had gotten. One day you think things are going ok, then the next day you are blindsided with how ugly things can turn. Maybe he did commit suicide…voluntarily…after witnessing or partaking in the murders…or at the very least knowing they had happened.

                      Or maybe none of it is related at all……

                    • Hi Jen,

                      There is another online forum with information on Ben Kilmer–specifically the van, when it was found, and that a home owner found it and took pictures as he thought it was suspicious that an empty van was left parked and running in front of his house.

                      I hope it’s ok to post this link:

                      There are photos of how the van was found and several maps/photos of the area as well. Lots of information from locals who identify the road as being busy and populated with houses.

                      Ben was last seen on a job site at 10:23am, earliest report of the abandoned van was around 11am. Ryan and Dan were last seen on the dock at 14:12:55 according to the May 16 surveillance video (2:12pm). The estimated time in takes to get from Duncan to Ucluelet is 3 hours and 10 minutes. Hmmmmm…….

                      I personally think Ben was taken against his will to help “take care of” Archbald & Daley, then was “taken care of” himself–either on his own accord or by the “bosses”. I don’t think Ben was dumb enough to be in cahoots with Daley and Archbald in trying to rip off what was left of the dope (just a gut feeling). But I do think for whatever reason he was found to be partially responsible for their actions. Maybe they found out he knew what Archbald and Daley’s plans were and didn’t appreciate him not being forthcoming.

                      When I was involved in this lifestyle, my phone had been synced to my boyfriend/dealer’s phone without my knowledge so he was aware of every conversation I had, every message I wrote or received, as well as where I was, when I was. He was also able to use my number to make calls without actually using my phone. These people are very skilled at what they do and how quickly they do things such as sync a phone without you even seeing it…even when you are looking right at it happening. Mind blowing. Or they give you a “work phone” and it is already all set up like this. My point being, they are always a step ahead of you and there will always be consequences, especially for those who think they can outsmart the bosses or withhold desirable information (i.e these guys are going to rip you off…).

                      Another thought I’ve had is perhaps Ben simply couldn’t live with what had happened or how out of control things had gotten. One day you think things are going ok, then the next day you are blindsided with how ugly things can turn. Maybe he did commit suicide…voluntarily…after witnessing or partaking in the murders.

                      Or maybe none of it is related at all……

                    • Hi Steelybird,
                      In response to your notes above here, I think it is all related.
                      You brought up some very good points.
                      Analyzing key facts are how things get solved, I feel.

                      I want to sincerely applaud you for stepping away and getting clean, from the drugs, that you wrote several times about. You are truly amazing and strong, and I am in awe of your strength and determination.

                      I am sorry that the boyfriend/dealer you mentioned was so awful to you. To be under such scrutiny and have your phone and you, watched over, made me physically ill. I am no wimp, but what you described and went through was horrible and downright cruel.

                      But you are still standing, you are still here, alive, and you are clean from the drugs. I am very, very proud of you, and as a parent too, I send you big hugs of support. You are better than that awful man who was so cruel to you. Please, do everything to keep yourself safe and clean, from the drugs and all those horrible people. You are worth it, so worth it.

                      I appreciated the link you sent. So many people are searching, like we are, for answers and help, in what is going on here on the Island.

                      My computer is antiquated, so I am not sure, and am unable to blowup the pictures from that site, but is that blood on the side of the face of Kilmer?
                      Also, and I am still stumped as to why, if those van sightings earlier in that day are true…then why didn’t someone call the police asap? And not just take pictures, without looking for the driver (Kilmer) to see where he was?
                      Any work van or personal vehicle that would be left running and abandoned near me, I for sure would have called the police, wouldn’t you all too?

                      There are acreages in that area of winding roads, for sure, some closer than others to the road, some with more trees/shrubs in front, than others, still lots of areas to hide in…all still hold the secret of what really happened to Kilmer.

                • Great theory thanks for the post. I’m told recently that ben attempted to call his shrink just before he went missing, but was told he would have to call back. This happened apparently at 10:30am. Not something one would typically do while being pursued by a team of shady Pricks. Maybe his councillor is undercover le or a drug trade plant ? A sort of middle man that gives lower down types information so there is no direct line from ben to those higher up? A “counseller”. Maybe that’s a reach but….any thoughts?

                  • Hey there Anonymous…I hear what you are saying. I guess we won’t know for sure what is on his call-logs till we get a true report on it all. If we ever do. The RCMP are very thorough and will go through it all with a fine-tooth comb. They want to solve mysteries too, just like us all.
                    The end result is still the same…too many have died.

                    • There are things that others don’t want us to know and there are people in high positions who can’t be trusted, not just with this matter, but with the drug scene in general. Look at Langford, read my posts about it, and ask yourself a question. How does it exist as it does and who enables it?

              • Yes, it could be so simple as that they just forgot to shut the engine off, as it was low priority in said circumstances, and perhaps the alleged white truck was a diesel. and diesels are loud, so they wouldn’t have heard the van running, over an idling diesel

                • Hi 4truth!
                  I am intrigued by your excellent point about diesel engines in pick-up trucks for the average citizen.
                  Please, can you tell us if a diesel truck is running, sitting at idle, with the driver having his/her foot on the brake and the clutch in, so it isn’t in gear…is the engine still loud?
                  I realize a lot of it must depend on the driving habits of the owner?
                  Can a diesel truck be started, moved about either in reverse or going forward really slowly, quietly?
                  I am guessing due to their high level of engine noise, and exhaust fumes (smell and black smoke), they are not a preferred vehicle used for a quick, and quiet, getaway? Or does their power and speed offset the noise/exhaust smell?
                  The few suped-up personal diesel trucks we have had the misfortune to be behind of in traffic, were driven in such a maniac/crazy, fast and yes, loud fashion, that we wondered what kind of hooligan would proudly exhibit those traits in streets with children, families about, and in bumper to bumper traffic?
                  Does ego come into play when deciding about purchasing one?
                  I appreciate your help as I don’t know much about diesel trucks for the average citizen.
                  Thank you.

                  • Hi Jen
                    To answer your questions about Diesel engines ……
                    Yes, they are definitely louder than gas engines. My husband (age 63) has a new Chev diesel pickup, and it’s his 3rd diesel in 15 years. Even idiling, you can totally hear it, however the 2018, is somewhat quieter than the last one. I was of the opinion that ppl buy diesels for 2 reasons….
                    1) twice the mileage as compared to gas
                    2) towing a boat or RV, as the Diesel engine has torque, which makes towing easier and more economical.

                    • Thanks for your info.
                      I didn’t know that personal diesel trucks could be driven farther without needing to be refueled as often as a gas engine personal truck. Is that correct?
                      Isn’t it all determined by the size of the fuel tank despite what type of fuel is used to run the engine?
                      Please clarify. My old brain wants to understand the whole picture.

                      From your experience, can voices be overheard while a personal diesel truck is running?
                      Can you hold a verbal conversation, outside near a diesel truck that is running, and understand what is said clearly? Or does the truck running, drown out any sounds close by?
                      Thanks for telling us that the newer models are a bit quieter. My line of thinking is with the older models.

                      Are all personal diesel trucks standard transmissions, meaning not automatic, and requires a driver knowledgeable in stick-shift driving?
                      Sorry for my gazillion questions, but personal diesel trucks vs commercial diesel trucks are a whole nother ball of wax. And I have my suspicions about what kind of vehicle(s) might have been used by the killers.
                      Thank you again for your time with this.

  11. Hal…..would love to see you use your contacts to get to the bottom of all of this. It cannot just be swept under the rug. Why did it take a week for us to learn of his death from the point of discovery? How did he get to where he was? It is illogical. One minute he is working and then the next minute he elects to walk off into the woods.

    In the absence of information, people speculate. Those of us reading your blog would really appreciate you digging in here and removing the mud from the water.

  12. Hi Hal,
    Ben Kilmer is dead. His body was found, Wednesday, October 17th at 2 pm, by a hiker near the Chemainus river, close to Duncan, BC.
    Reports are just being released today, October 24th.

    You are so right, Hal, there has not been much news from any of the officials till now, as their investigations continued for many, many months. This case is massive, slowly more details will emerge as the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, and as the investigators feel the public should know.
    The public is always the last to be told anything, mainly to not compromise the investigations in any way, and to give the survivors time to start the painful grieving process privately.
    — I know you understand the magnitude of this, Hal, with your long work history in this type of field.

    We are deeply saddened for his beloved young children, his wife and his relatives and close friends.

    Thank you for your website and your work, Hal, as with more discussions, the more we all can, hopefully, help each other to be safe in this crazy world.

      • I agree. I kept hoping and praying though, that he would be found alive.
        What I don’t understand is how the reports coming out today, now state “no foul play.”
        When he went missing, they then stated foul play amid mysterious circumstances.
        I can’t see it being suicide, as wouldn’t he have been found sooner?
        And why was his blood found in his still-running work van?
        His cell phone was in there too with a broken glass-face, but his wife said it broke quite awhile ago.
        The same day and within hours of when Daley and Archbald disappeared en route to Jordans River.

        The search teams all summer long were huge and included highly trained cadaver dogs etc.
        But it was a casual hiker, that found him Oct. 17th.
        In the end, you are very right again…we may never know the Who and Why.
        I don’t believe in coincidences, but I do believe in patterns.
        I hate to quote from a movie, but, “Dead men tell no tales.”

        The DEA (US and Canada) and major crimes units are still crawling all over this place, they haven’t left.
        When do you think they will vacate?
        I gotta tell ya, this case has all of us locals on edge.
        Thanks for your time and info/insight with this, Hal.

        • There is a very remote chance it was suicide. He was under a lot of financial pressure and he wandered off into the woods hoping people would think he had disappeared, and left his cell phone because he didn’t want to change his mind and call somebody halfway through dying. Far fetched, but remotely possible. Perhaps there was even added pressure to finish it himself because he was tied into the disappearance of the dope from Archbald and Daley and he figured he might get tortured before being killed. We could speculate forever on this. All that said, my money is on it having been a murder and I strongly suspect an Archbald/Daley connection. The RCMP could have a dozen reasons to mislead us. Furthermore if the he was murdered and a gun was not used, and no bones were damaged during the murder, with his body in an advanced stage of decomposition there would be no signs of foul play. All that said, if it was suicide there would likely be a knife or a gun with the body. I don’t know what to believe. I will say this though. If he died of natural causes I am suddenly young and handsome.

          • Excellent points you brought up, Hal.
            We could hash this out for months and still not have concrete answers.
            Which is probably why the officials are still here and why the police are saying very little publicly.

            Someone wrote awhile back here, about Harbour Masters and maybe the one where the Astral Blue was moored was in on it more possibly etc. But in Canada, our Harbour Masters are bound by the Canada Marine Act and are highly-trained and held by so many regulations. They are not just a Joe-Blow off the street and handed this job.
            These men are chosen only after a tight scrutiny process and after all the training/testing. People should not be fooled by any misconceptions that these men might be uneducated or too-casual in their job requirements.
            Some think Canadians as a whole are passive, too nice, gullible, pushovers…but like Ryan Reynolds (the Canadian-born actor) said, “Yes, we Canadians are kind people, but we will #$&@ you over.”

            – Plus, there are more than one view of cameras on that walkway where Daley and Archbald were last seen. Yet, the public were only shown one angle. We know why, and we think you do too, Hal.

            Thanks for this platform, your blog forum, to hash out issues.
            For the record, you already are handsome. At first glance, a younger version of Sean Connery came to mind.
            And as for age, it is only a number.

              • Hey Steelybird,

                Notice them looking in the same direction and smiling…they know the person(s) who picked them up. It was the look of recognition. Study the only publicly released video of that one angle and several pictures, over and over; body-language is the highest and strongest form of communication. Look for micro-expressions…they tell everything, in all situations. The police involved are not at liberty to release other footage angles/pictures or reveal transit links, that could compromise any case. It’s not just the average public citizen watching those news stories, the drug bosses/mules are too.

                By the time Daley and Archbald actually left for their final and fatal time, the detectives and cold-blooded killers, knew all their movements, nuances, habits and expressions. They were easy targets and prey.

                It is interesting and odd, that Daley and Archbald were ignorant of the fact that they were under surveillance and that they could just go about their last three days hanging around the dock…thinking no one noticed them.
                They were either too trusting or thought they had outsmarted everyone.

                As we all know, they ended up murdered. There were so many people (good and bad) watching them, if one of them sneezed/passed gas or stopped abruptly…it caused a traffic jam.
                Us locals giggled at how we, laymen, average Joe-Blows, spotted what was going on, yet Daley and Archbald thought they could just leave without any problems?
                Their ignorance or ego got them murdered.

                Canada has been used as a drug port for a long time, and those involved think the officials don’t know about it all?
                How stupid do they think Canadians are?
                Our reputation of being passive or too nice is a fairy-tale, but we say, believe it if you want.
                Go ahead and think we don’t have high-tech surveillance, or that we don’t have tough police forces.
                Or that our dearest and closest friends aren’t the US officials.
                If water could form a pathway, there would be a permanent, visible pathway from the US to Canada, by water, for the border police.
                Same with the Air Forces.

                We have been to that dock a lot, there are many more cameras than people might first suspect. No dock anywhere anymore, has just one angle of camera use. Especially docks that are a possible drug-run route and drop off/pickup.

                The officials (both US and Canada) KNOW that drug bosses will target docks they think are passive! Those are the docks that have even more survelliance and are run by very smart and fast-acting Harbour Masters.
                The cheery and chatty persona the Harbour Masters might exhibit publicly is mostly so others think they are a pushover or too casual, easy to be duped. People slip up more, say too much, reveal too much about themselves, when they think that the people they are in the company of might be someone who they think could be uneducated or a pushover. But it is just a “front.”
                Don’t mistake kindness for weakness!
                The Harbour Masters are there to help and uphold regulations, but also have their finger on the trigger of some of the toughest, armed teams and forces around.

                We know for a fact that shortly after Ben was reported missing, the detectives confiscated all of their family’s laptops, home computers etc. Passwords were ordered to be given up.

                Like Hal has said too, the detectives and DEA are also in Squamish, home-base of one of the men who were murdered.
                Also, Squamish is the location of the person(s) who owns the Astral Blue S/V.
                They are still there, they haven’t left.
                Just like here.
                What does that tell you?
                p.s. Sorry, I have written a novel here…yikes! I had too much coffee already today!
                p.p.s. Study the news video segment of Ben’s wife and the female public relations officer, from July. Watch the officers’ micro-expressions, body language etc, while Ben’s wife is talking. Even though these officers in particular are trained to be public relations liaisons…micro-expressions cannot be hidden. Unless you are James Bond or Tom Cruise. There are volumes of information released, just by studying the body-language.

                • Thank you so much Jen for all this information!! I will definitely re-watch all of the footage. I think you are right about Ryan and Dan thinking they outsmarted everyone and their ego getting in the way of logic. Or perhaps being too trusting/naive and thinking they could talk their way out of things. They didn’t seem like they knew what they were in for when they were leaving the dock.

                  How much do you think Dan and Ben’s wife were aware of? I believe they knew what they were involved in but probably not the extent of the involvement or who their associates were. They had to know something with the extra cash flow and the lavish house Ben was building. Also if my husband was sailing to Panama…I would have questions…or would at least be able to put the pieces together. Not rocket science. I’m not judging these ladies (I’ve done worse), I just think that this is an example of people not respecting the consequences of their actions. Society in general is so preoccupied with “status” and “getting ahead”, that they turn a blind eye to danger when opportunities present themselves for some “easy money”.

                  This case is so intriguing to me because I can see how many levels it goes up in both the law enforcement and drug trade worlds. As well, I live in BC so this is really close to home for me! I completely agree that most people perceive Canada to be slow, passive, nice, and naive. I am so happy I found this blog and appreciate Hal’s insight as well as yours and the other readers that don’t have blinders on.

                  • As I said in my original blog posting, I am confident that many family members knew. In fact, one of the things that chaffed my informant was the act put on by certain family members.

                  • It is great to get your reply too, Steelybird!
                    We are all in this together.
                    You brought up some very interesting and justifiable points in your note above and your “theory” note.
                    I wrote another note but haven’t seen it posted yet, might be cause it is long winded.
                    I think it is good we all partake in these discussions as the horrors of drug use and drug bosses that kill, need to be taught to the younger set, so they don’t get involved.
                    As we all know and fear, it is a dangerous game with drugs and the bosses play for keeps.
                    I tell my kids all the time to say no to drugs.
                    And if something sounds too good to be true or offers a lot of money for a dangerous mission, run away fast and come to a good parent, police force etc.
                    Hopefully, they listen.

                    • I try to post all comments as long as they are not vile or personally disrespectful of a reader or me. And even some of those I post just to vent my spleen on some fool. Perhaps, I messed up. Please resend it. I know your level of respect and caring and know that anything you write will be more than appropriate, and also, worth reading.

          • You hit the nail on the head with that one Hal. This case gets weirder and weirder. More questions now than before he was found.

            • Actually, the more I think about it, the more I see suicide as a possibility. The realization that your life has come to an end can drive a person to take their own life. Hell, there could even have been a conversation to the effect that if he did the right thing his family would not be touched. So, if suicide, we don’t know if it was an act of cowardice or an act of valor.

              • Hi all
                We were in Ucluelet this past weekend, and noticed that the vessel “Astral Blue” is still tied up in the harbour.
                I even took a few photos of her.
                Does anyone have any idea why she would still be there ?
                No crime tape, not chained to the dock, nothing. Just still there.

                • I don’t know if it is the case or not, but if I were a “silent owner” I would not be in a hurry to expose myself. That said, I do not know who the titular owner is, although I assure you that law enforcement absolutely knows everything about that vessel, but knowing and “proving” aren’t the same thing. Hence, nobody is claiming it? Another possibility is that it is undergoing probate, or is a part of some sort seizure/forfeiture action by the province. I think the latter is almost assured.

                  • Hmmmm
                    That makes sense. Proceeds of crime, and probate. Yes
                    Thanks for your input, Hal.
                    Right from the beginning, I thought Ben Kilmer was involved . It’s so unfortunate that these “family men” made the choices they did. I live in Nanaimo, the new “Surrey by the Sea”. It’s hard to believe the drug use here. And such a low percentage actually recover. I shuddered to read your blog about the actual volume of drugs Dan and Ryan had on the Astral Blue.
                    Enjoy your blog and your realistic theories. Thankyou, Holly

              • If Ben choose suicide as an act of valour, he would not have done it imo, way out in said remote area where he wouldn’t be found for months or years. He would want to be found so the bikers would know he is not in hiding.

                • Trust me here when I tell you that the bikers would have known no matter what. With no disrespect to my law enforcement friends the bikers know everything the police know and can conduct almost any investigation the police can conduct. Their tentacles reach far and wide. Regarding Ben’s valor, or lack thereof, not to say you are wrong, but rather to point out a few of the reasons that a man might choose the wilderness path, i.e to spare his family ever seeing his body, for ego’s sake to create a mystery around his disappearance, to create plausible deniability that he was a drug dealer, etc., etc., etc. Yes, some of those reasons might indicate a lack of coherent thinking, but in defense of the insanity, one might argue that somebody who is seriously contemplating suicide is not possessed of a rational mind in those moments.

        • RCMP have stated his death shows no signs of foul play, but the final answer will come to us from the coroners service, which is yet to be announced. There is more to this than most know. A source I trust told me ben and Ryan Daley were roommates before they had families. My source has known ben for 20 years.
          Also, even if the coroner rules no foul play, does NOT mean that circumstances that lead him to his place of death were not aggregious and in the realm of attempted foul play. Why did sniffer dogs track his scent to a pond near where his van was found? Why did his scent vanish at the pond? Why was his van running? Why was he found in the opposite direction of his scent trail nearly 15km away through bush and logging roads? Why has no one investigated his purchase history at his electrical wholesaler? So many questions! Why did all three go missing on the same day??? I’m sorry but I don’t mean to be insensitive but I feel strongly there is way more to this than we currently know.

  13. This may be a silly question but I noticed Ben Kilmer who went missing same day his company name is Norpac there also is a Norpac yacht and ship brokerage wonder if any connection investor wise? Tonya did mention she was dealing with investors just trying to find the missing link if Ben was connected. Who did the Astral Blue come from has any names been released. Thank you for your time and I love your blogs

    • It’s not silly at all. I just don’t know the answer. Regarding the financing of the Astral Blue, all I am allowed to tell you is that it was a very wealthy guy from Squamish. Thank you for being an interested reader.

    • I’m told by someone who knew Ben well that he was roommates with Ryan back in the day and that Ryan and possibly dan introduced Ben to his “clients”. I’m also told Ben had a temper and wasn’t getting paid. Big bills coming in for his lavish home that clearly exceeded his income. He couldn’t pay them because he wasn’t getting paid. Thus he did something out of anger that he shouldn’t have done, which resulted in a decision being made to “take care of him.”
      I believe this is why Ryan and dan were murdered, simply because of bens actions. If they had been left alive they could have fingered bens clients and or the team that “disapeared“ him. It was a house cleaning job.
      Law enforcement knows much more than they will admit, much more. Why make an arrest at one level when you can wait and watch and gather all the evidence you need and take out all the assholes?

      • That is an extremely interesting theory. I absolutely agree that law enforcement knows far more than it is willing to share with the public. Thank you for your information. This leads one to speculate about the possibility that when the dope got dumped at sea there was a pick up pre-arranged if Archbald, Daley and Kilmer were somehow in cahoots.

  14. Hi Hal! I appreciate your website and the opportunity you offer for us all to share our thoughts and information. I live on the far west coast of BC and this murder case is huge news here. The presence of the DEA and Major Crimes Units, both US and Canada, are massive. They are collaborating together.

    Canada may not advertise that we have any high-tech capabilities, but especially since 9-11, our borders by air, boat, car etc, are not as passive as people might think. Be assured that the US would have notified Canada immediately, if a vessel were approaching any port or dock that was under suspicion of being a drug-run. While people might think that no one was watching this vessel dock, the highly trained and incognito personnel were on it asap.

    As you know too Hal, that a drug-run has many people involved to execute their plan. Seeing who they all are is important in order to take them all down. Had Daley and Archbald been apprehended as soon as they docked, all the other parties would disappear and any chance of following/finding them would be gone.

    Just this past week, highly-trained cadaver dogs from Alberta, were flown in courtesy of WestJet airlines to search again for Ben Kilmer, in the area where his truck was found running, abandoned and with blood inside. He went missing the same day that Daley and Archbald did, May 16th. To date, he has not been found.

    Our hearts break for the horror and gut-wrenching agony that the wives, children, close friends and family members have gone through and are still going through. Death and not knowing where your loved one is, is horrible, no matter the circumstance.

    Thank you for your insight and knowledge, Hal. With everyone talking about this, the awful trail of destruction that drug-selling entails, comes to light and is teaching us all what a dangerous game it is.

    As with the continual search for Ben, if someone sees something, then say something. Speak up, contact your local police force office and tell them what you know. Or keep searching for someone who will listen and do something about what you know. Follow up on any information that you passed on, make sure it got into the correct hands. We are all in this together. It affects us all.

      • HAL…..I see some folks trying to connect Kilmer to the murdered sailors and maybe they are on to something although I bet we never get closure on this entire mess. One question I have and has yet to be answered, whose blood was found in Kilmer’s van. Never has it been stated that it was from Kilmer. All we ever hear is that they found blood. Do you have any insight or might you be able to get an answer. I find this to be rather curious.

        • I have also tried to find the connection between the Kilmer disappearance and the Daley-Archbald murders as I wholeheartedly believe they are connected, but… Regarding the blood, I am told it was Kilmer’s blood.

  15. Hi Hal,
    Good theory, what I don’t get is….
    If they knew that they’ve been made, wouldn’t they get rid of all the dope.
    Why try to get a few bricks on land and risk getting caught with those.

    • As I reported, I was told that they did dump the dope overboard before making port. Remember, Ucluelet is not an official Customs Canada port. That said, we are speculating when we say they may have grabbed a few bricks. If indeed they did grab a few, which I think is highly probable, it would seem that greed might be responsible. After all, they wanted/needed some remuneration for the months they had spent on the project. These two are seasoned smugglers, and again if they did take a few bricks, it would either be because they thought they could get away with it, or perhaps they figured they were dead men and just desperately hoped they might be able somehow use the booty to take care of their families.

    • Since you believe that you know WHAT ISN’T TRUE it follows that you believe you know WHAT IS TRUE. Therefore, why don’t you inform us of that truth, or are you just some bored hater?

  16. Just curious but is it possible they were transporting money and not drugs? I find it hard to believe they could’ve been carrying enough product to make the astral blue have such a low water line as to attract attention, I mean where would they put it all? It would take 1ton minimum to do this. Those bags they were carrying look an aweful lot like big ass money bags. I feel like they were killed because they were double crossed, not because they screwed up a run, just a hunch for whatever it’s worth.

    • Anything is possible, but your scenario is extremely unlikely for three reasons. One, the flow of cash would be the opposite direction as Central/South America sells us drugs, not visa-versa. Two, I was told drugs and wasn’t told cash. Three, the chemical tests on board the Astral Blue showed traces of drugs. Thanks for the thought though.

      • Thanks for replying. I am familiar with maritime life and just find it hard to believe they had a significant amount of dope aboard to drop waterline down that far but hey who knows. Another thing I can’t stop thinking about is the possible connection to Ben Kilmer. A friend of mine was good buds with him and said that Ben and dan were roommates back in the day. Interesting considering that official statements are that there is no connection between the men. Ben also gave the go ahead on a 100k pool to be installed at his home he was building. Pretty rich taste for a small plumbing business. Seems like he knew he was coming into a lot of money somehow.

        • I have no idea what the variation in the waterline might have been, what amount of variation raises concerns, or the sophistication of the equipment on board a spotter plain to determine that difference. I do know though that those planes are very high tech.

          It is interesting that you know of a connection between Ben Kilmer and Dan Daley. Perhaps the RCMP is being less than forthcoming with us as it seems they should have uncovered that connection. I did know about Ben’s extravagant spending, but haven’t been able to find the information to make what seems as though it should be an obvious connection.

          Thanks for your continuing interest.

          • I only know what I’m told by people who were close to him. He had some bad habits and was close to some shady people. Low income with high spending. Wasn’t paying his trades. Known to have a temper. At the end of the day one can only speculate what happened. Maybe it’s unrelated to dan and Ryan maybe he just pissed off some real creeps. But you put the pieces together and it adds up to not very good things. My gut tells me these guys jumped lanes from the weed game into something far more dangerous and shady and messed up somehow. Time is like light it casts away the shadows and reveals the truth…one day we’ll know.

              • Hello Hal
                This is all very interesting. I am confused about some points. If you are seen to be sitting low on the water, why wouldn’t authorities be all over them before they got anywhere close to a port in either the US or Canada? I know Ucluelet is likely somewhat porous when it comes to Customs and “self-declaring” so I would expect authorities to stop a low sitting boat (or once low sitting boat that was likely spotted and I expect reported and tracked) to be more scrutinized then to go the self-check-out route.
                If they were going to Jordon River (a heck of a drive from Ucluelet) why not just sail there, drop off the payload (if they kept any or all and did not do an ocean dump) and then sail up to Ucluelet and appear as clean as a whistle?

                • Thank you for the question. I will attempt to clarify the matter from my understanding from my source of what actually occurred and explain how the vastly different law enforcement and defense resources of America and Canada play a major role in similar smuggling scenarios .

                  1). America makes heavy use of very technologically advanced spotter planes while Canada does not. In fact, Canada’s air resources are so limited that it can sometimes take almost a full day to put even an extremely unsophisticated plane in the air to check coastal waters. Remember, it’s a large ocean and Canada has a long coast.

                  2). While both America and Canada do have have coastal radar, America has personnel who watch its radar. Canada does not. Instead, Canada records what its radar sees and if it feels the need will later review those recordings. Thus, while America can know the coordinates of ships off its coast in real time, Canada, for the most part, cannot.

                  3). The Astral Blue was in international waters headed toward Canada. Thus, America had no real interest in it. With no real interest in it, America, as a courtesy, simply notified Canada of its presence, its course, and its suspicious appearance.

                  4). From there on it was Canada’s problem to deal with, and Canada’s approach is to wait for such ships to approach land and review the radar often enough to hopefully know within a few hours of them making landfall.

                  5). Of course, law enforcement personnel at the various marinas would also be notified. Please remember that much of Canada’s coast is unapproachable due to its ruggedness. Also, remember that while there may exist the odd spot that might be approachable that there is a strong likelihood that no roads exist to get to that spot. Therefore, there is a high probability that such ships will make port.

                  6). From that point, if the cargo has already been unloaded from the ship, police rely on working backwards to determine “the who, what, when and where”.

                  I realize that I am describing a somewhat porous border, but that is the reality. While America takes a proactive approach to such matters, Canada takes a reactive approach.

                  I hope this clears matters up somewhat for you.

    • I agree that it could be possible these men were killed for cash. I also think it probably was not what the eventual murderer had planned, but possibly a personal robbery gone bad.
      If they were carryng drugs it would mean they had the drugs left on the boat During the boat assessments. Who would ask for a second assessment if they were carrying drugs on hand. As for the traces of drugs found… the boat came from panama.. this could easily have been from personal use of past owners.

      There was def a motive so if not drugs it could be money as I heard they paid the assessed value and moorage in cash. In a small town that amount of cash on hand may be tempting.
      I also don’t think the two men knew what they were about to encounter. Would you wear crocks off a boat if you thought you were about to be in a life threatening situation?

      • Thanks for your comment.

        1). Regarding the drugs vs the assessment: I was clearly told that the drugs were dumped before they came into port.

        2). Regarding the pair paying in cash: Indeed, a large amount of cash to pay moorage and assessment might have caused a minor stir, but how else would one expect a drug smuggler to pay?

        3). Regarding drug traces on the boat being from previous owners: I was told “fentanyl everywhere”, and since fentanyl in all but the smallest doses is deadly, the personal use by previous owners idea seems very doubtful to me.

        4). Regarding wearing crocks: Nobody knows what telephone conversations the pair had or with whom, and therefore, nobody knows what they might have been led to believe was going to happen when they left the harbour.

      • In the security camera footage at the docks it appears to me as though both men are smiling at someone in the direction they are walking, and they are waking with intention. I find it just bizarre that no one saw these guys get into a vehicle. I also personally believe the dock manager is a “paid man”. RCMP stat says 40% of residents of Nanaimo are associated with HA. Why wouldn’t this dock manager guy be in the same boat? Uki is a known drug port the customs is a call in phone for God’s sake. It almost feels like he made a call for “someone” to come pick these guys up, as if he had been told before hand to look for two guys coming in on the astral blue, help them out, hook them up with a “ride”.

      • i knew dan, wouldn’t so we were close, but knew about the life he led (delaware is small). he got greedy, should have stayed in the weed game.

        thanks for some clarity, for i thought it was a successful run, and that the sellers were in BC to take it back from them (plus the cash they already had)

    • I don’t know if it is still there. Either way though, I suspect that neither Archbald nor Daley were the registered owners, but even if they were, seizures under the “proceeds of crime” legislation require a civil lawsuit. That said, for all we know it is currently seized with no reason to moor it elsewhere or it is part of an existing action. The question in my mind is who is the owner against whom the government has brought, or intends to bring, an action. It is most certainly subject to FORFEITURE as it was used to facilitate a crime. Other possibilities include that the government might just be waiting to see who might come forward to claim it or it could have been regarded as part of the estate of Archbald and/or Daley and the government is waiting for the estate to settle. I don’t have the answers.

      • I went to see… and it’s still there… in fact with another sailboat moored to it. I gather from lack of space at the marina (it was full and the astral blue is large) so the owner of the moored sailboat alongside will have to board the astral blue to get to the dock. I do believe what you have written is accurate I just wanted to see with my own two eyes. I was just shocked to see it there and that it was accessible.

    • It is in the comments and I have responded to it on more than one comment. I did not include it because my source did not tell me that, and because even if true, they still left from Ecuador and sailed to Ucluelet.

  17. You’re making a whole lot of assumptions here my friend. I knew these people, and the broad brush strokes you’re painting both them and the situation in general with is way off base. Fentanal, bikers, these guys being ruthless career smugglers who kill innocent people with the dangerous drugs they sell. All baseless and couldn’t be further from the truth. All speculation on your part…and seems your aim is to sensationalize the story for hits. I’m sure you’ve managed to garner plenty of attention with your story, but you’re also dragging some good people and their families through the mud.
    When you can back up your story with solid, factual evidence, go ahead and write it. Until then, perhaps keep your far flung theories to yourself.

    • As much as it might go against what you want it to be, I believe my source and the evidence. These two got murdered for a reason. I am sorry for your sense of loss, but some things are true whether you believe them or not.

    • Vic intergrated crime unit is all over Squamish and believe there are connections to Daley and Archibald within the community and are not leaving anytime soon and have suspects they have been questioning that are suspected in involvement in this story in one way or another. Biker group from the Islands is also on their radar.

      • Thanks for the info. Please update us as you are able to. One more piece from a reader who did not want his IP address exposed, supposedly the money that bought the boat came out of Squamish

        • Unsure of particulars, shared information from friends of friends, what has been passed around the public is is that many conversations are taking place with locals and the Vic Int making a strong presence and being very open that they are there for a very good reason and they are not leaving, the asking of any biker presence or strange things unfolding in and around the area has also been a common theme.

          • WOW! Of course, one might expect a decent investigation since this involved two murders. However, RCMP knows that nobody will ever be charged with those murders.

            Therefore, they obviously think they have a thread to follow regarding drug smuggling. This is born out by the presence of the DEA.

            All of this causes one to speculate that this thing must run quite deep because investigation going into it makes it seem as if it was more than a “one off smuggling run gone bad” and lends credibility to what I was told which was that Archbald and Daley were not amateurs at the game.

            Thanks again.

            • You are making fair speculation I say Hal! On another subject, in your point of they will not ever solve this murder and so the presence is that they are going after the smuggling. Well it isn’t the DEA that is there as they have been identifying themselves as Victoria intig. crime unit. Not sure if that tells us anyting or not, but my thoughts are the DEA would be sniffing out the drug connection rather then Vic. int. as they came in for Ucluelet after the bodies were found.

              • The DEA actually came before the murders. It’s just that the new media did not know of their presence. In fact, I broke that story a few days ahead of them

                • Also, please recall it was the DEA that alerted the RCMP. Moreover, realize that the DEA would never take the lead role on foreign soil. Finally, understand that the RCMP did not simply barge into Squamish. First, they did considerable background investigation so that their role there had focus.

  18. Hey Hal, very nice job!

    Only thing that bothers me is, wouldn’t you rather be arrested than murdered?
    Why dump it. Stupid!
    Not worth the risk anyway.

    • Thx, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Now to your point, with the paucity of sailors available I am told that having to dump it means you owe a free trip and is not a death sentence. Otherwise they could find nobody to smuggle the stuff because it would be, “heads you win, tails you are dead”.

  19. Hey Steelybird, I have appreciated your article and insights. There’s 2 points that get me hung up a bit though…. First, S.America are not into fentanyl production. It doesn’t come from poppies, it’s manufactufed in a lab from chemicals that mimic the action of opiates.
    Most of the fentanyl comes in from China. It’s quite easy to order it right off the net or order the chemical precursors for local manufacture. (From what I’ve read, I’m not in the fentanyl biz). The main drug export from S.America is coke. That was my assumption as to what the boat was stuffed with.
    Also, I wonder about the panicked ocean drug drop theory. I’m surprised they would have ditched the shipment knowing it would likely mean prompt execution. Do you think there’s any way it’s possible they met with another boat to transfer the load (north of P.Angeles)?
    Also, I have to wonder when the money is exchanged in these sorts of deals… Would the middleman who has come to meet them have the cash payment with him/her?
    What do you think about Ben Kilmer? I personally have a bunch he’s involved in this deal too. Could he have been the middleman tasked to meet them?

    • Regarding fentanyl, the cartels are fairly deep into fentanyl these days also. They have to compete. I have posted a couple of articles about their fentanyl sales in these replies.

      Regarding GPS, I would think the boat had GPS, but I would imagine it was wiped or tossed overboard once Daley and Archbald reached familiar waters. I cannot imagine the dope bricks having GPS.

      Regarding an ocean drop, I am just repeating what I was told and I believe I was told the truth.

      As far as instant death for losing a load goes, I am led to believe that is not the case because of the few sailors available and because almost nobody would take the job under those circumstances. I think the problem arose because these guys tried to pinch a little for their troubles. That is speculation, but others have pointed out bulges in their backpacks when leaving the harbor.

      Regarding payment, the cartel would have been paid in Ecuador.

      Thanks for the compliment. It is you readers who keep this interesting though.

      • Cool thanks so much for your thoughtful reply, Hal. Upon further reflection you are totally right, cartels will supply what’s in demand to make the money. They’re not just going to shrug and decide not to get into the business just because it’s happening alot in China. They’re going to get on board with it too!
        I guess I was thinking about the payment system in reverse – that somehow cash would be transferred upon delivery, but it makes sense that no one is going to hand over the product with only a promise of payment months later once it arrives here.
        I still have a suspicion Ben Kilmer was mixed up in this mess too. There’s just so many similarities and similar interests amoung the three. And to disappear on the same day?! I believe in patterns more than I believe in coincidences.
        Thanks again! Keep up your great work keeping us informed and our minds inquiring!

  20. All the elements of a great screenplay! One question: Do you think that perhaps Ben Kilmer was called by these two to rendezvous and pick them up? Presumably, the police are searching for any past point of contact between the two of them & Kilmer.

    Also, would GPS have played a role here? Perhaps the boat and some (or all) of the drug packages had GPS tracking. If the bikers always knew where their drugs were, it’d be pretty easy to take these two out. Or would they be too scared to use GPS because of potential government tracking?

    • I used to lean that direction, but lately my thinking is, “no”. First, no connection has been unearthed. Secondly, Kilmer’s car was abandoned quite a distance away. That said, I would love it if somebody could give me some evidence and hit me with an “I told you so”.

  21. Hi Hal, what do you make of this strange behaviour, hardly the grieving wife of Dan. There are fundraising for herself, and yet nothing about Dan Archibald funeral, just some disco going on. Dan’s wife is all smiles on this recent photo of July 20th 2018.


    Oceans & Mountains of Love Fundraiser for Leah, Olive and Josie
    Tonight at the Joinery in Squamish there will a fundraiser for the family of Dan Archibald who died tragically after sailing from Panama to Ucluelet with Ryan Daley in May. The event starts at 7:30 with food, drinks, live DJs, well over 100 silent auction items and 50/50 draws, it’s a family event and all proceeds will go to Dan’s wife, Leah and their children, Olive and Josie. Kristin Furtney, a friend of the Archibald family was here to tell us more.

  22. Hi Steelybird.

    I am leaning toward the same thought as you, hired to import the dope, and keep their own stash and set up shop, they looked like resourceful guys.

  23. Body found in waters of tofino investigation underway. Two French Canadian survivors from the three missing tofino natives fiasco managed to get released from the tofino hospital within hours after the incident and on a planed back east before RCMP could interview them!

    • This seems as though it might be a case worth keeping an eye on, thanks.

      Publication of a comment is not an endorsement of that comment.

      That said, and meaning no disrespect to anyone, I want readers to please understand on what basis I approve/disapprove comments for publication.

      I only approve the publication of comments which I believe accomplish any of the following criteria relative to the post they follow.

      1). I believe that they might clarify particular information therein, either by the comment itself, or by my response thereto.
      2). They might bring into the light of day circumstances that seem relevant because those circumstances seem suspicious in view of what you/we now understand about the subject matter in the particular post to which they pertain.
      3).They are responsive to another previously published comment.

      Understanding my reasoning, please do not be offended if I do not publish your particular comment. Thank you.

  24. Hi Hal, I think they were both clearly involved, despite what the family say, and It is likely Dan’s wife knew more than she is letting on.

  25. Hi Hal, My stream of thoughts arise from the drugs being overthrown in the ocean, and steelybird comment on this.

    Firstly Daley sister describes him as incredibly smart (above average) and resourceful, hence got rid of the drugs.

    Daley could have just got involved with being a loyal friend to Dan, as it is said he was helping a friend bring the boat back to Vancouver, having been described as fiercely loyal and adventurous, and a qualified sailor, although both were keen and qualified sailors.

    From his sisters description of Daley is hard to think he could have got involved. While Dan on the other hand is described as a hippie, so not surprised with him being involved, also a money motivated wife.

    From your personal experience of those who use drugs, would you say there is a possibility they were both using drugs or just setting up as a dealer or dealers?

    As I investigated earlier, there are dealers who only sell and not take them.

    His sisters description of Daley again: Sister Lauren Glynn

    ‘’Ryan is my oldest brother. He is fiercely loyal, beautifully creative, edgy, adventurous, strong, incredibly smart, and loves with all his heart. He is extremely familiar with the terrain in BC, he’s resourceful, and he doesn’t get himself into stupid situations’

    • Hi Sara,

      I have enjoyed reading your thoughts and comments. I am so happy I found this blog!!

      If I can offer my opinion….I am a former heroin addict and there is no way I would have thrown even the smallest amount overboard. The addict brain would not allow this. In all seriousness, I would have jumped in after it. I do not believe these two men were addicts.

      Having said that, it is possible that Ryan and Dan were sampling the product which may explain the trace amounts identified by Hal’s source “all over the boat”. Or perhaps it was not packaged properly.

      I do not believe they were using the product regularly based on their appearance in the video footage. They looked way too healthy to be using. Again, this is based on my own experience of being in and out of heroin addiction (along with crystal meth and cocaine) for eight years (I have since been clean for 4 years). The drugs take over your body quite quickly and your physical appearance is extremely frail and gaunt within days of consistent use. I do not believe they were “addicts”. With that much dope on board they would have indulged and overdosed–I certainly would have.

      Possibly they were hired by someone to import the dope? Then got the ingenious idea to keep their own stash and set up shop? That is what I’m leaning towards.

      • Hi Steelybird,

        Thank you so much for you input on my thoughts, really appreciated your reply. It is very helpful to get an insight from someone with your experience with having been a user. As you said the looked too healthy to have been users, although would have tested or explored them. They sound more like the dealers. I read about a dealer in Vancouver who said he used a gas mask to deal with Fentanyl.

        It is extremely admirable that you came through and turned away from the habit, it takes a huge amount of willpower. My friend in Vancouver was telling me how she is counselling parents who are devastated, broken from losing their twenty something child who took fentanyl. I must confess not ever taken alcohol or been drunk so have no idea what a person goes through with addiction. I guess having been a hard core mediator from a young age, one steers away from such things.

        Unfortunately I know so many people dying from alcohol addiction, some in my own family, and thought that was bad, had not even come across these drugs until Hal mentioned them on this website.

        It is wonderful to hear how people overcome their addiction like yourself. It gives hope, and very encouraging.

        Bless you steelybird!

  26. Hi Hal I too believe they must disposed of the merchandise overboard, without thinking of the consequences.

    From what I read Dealers think differently from those taking the drugs. I read about one dealer in Vancouver who does not take the drugs himself, although he sells them to put his children through school, and justify it as a business, and if does not supply someone else will. It is Rather a careless and selfish attitude.

    Dan’s wife was asking for money to support her daughters during these times, saying she needed money because her husband was the main breadwinner.

    This again was an odd request because how did she support herself while her husband was away for 8 weeks, plus hew was going to spend additional week surfing with his friend. It a lots of time for a family man to take off and not be earning.

    This again leads one to think he must have been setting up a smuggling business. His wife said he was setting up a charter business.

  27. Hi Hal, When I read about the following stories in the news, it completely understand the stance you take on drug smuggling. The following drug raid was on the 30 June, just after Daley and Archibald went missing.

    RCMP are announcing the seizure of Fentanyl along with other drugs, weapons and cash as part of a trafficking investigation in Chemainus and Crofton.

    Mounties say the raids on three properties on Saturday, June 30 stems from a lengthy investigation that started in February.

    The properties were located in the 1500 and 1700 block of Chaplain Street in Crofton and 2800 block of Hillside Street in Chemainus.

    The police seized over two pounds of Crystal Meth, a pound and a half of fentanyl, eight firearms to a go a long with both fake and real cash.

    “The RCMP recognizes the impact fentanyl has had on the Cowichan Valley and the number of overdoses and deaths it has caused. As part of our commitment to address the fentanyl crisis, the North Cowichan Duncan RCMP initiated this project to hold those accountable for making money off this deadly drug,” RCMP said in a statement.

    Mounties believe the drugs were going to spread across the Cowichan Valley.

    Four men, 22-year-old Taygen Butler, 22-year-old James Downey, 41-year-old Christopher Hamilton and 43-year-old Timothy Greer all face numerous drug possession and trafficking charges.

  28. Hi Hal, was reading the comments about Ryan Daley made by his family, it does not sound like he was a naive guy, or perhaps he was just helping a friend out.

    The other fact I find awfully difficult to get my head around is that after 8 weeks of being away, would a family member not come and pick them up or offer a lift?

    Dan’s wife comment on an interview was rather suspicious, even before her husband was declared missing, she thought he could be dead. I wonder if she knew something.

    Go fund me- Sister Lauren Glynn ‘’Ryan is my oldest brother. He is fiercely loyal, beautifully creative, edgy, adventurous, strong, incredibly smart, and loves with all his heart. He is extremely familiar with the terrain in BC, he’s resourceful, and he doesn’t get himself into stupid situations’

    Sally Daley, Ryan’s mother, said her son was “a remarkable and unique man with a huge heart, and he will be dearly missed.

    They had two go fund me accounts for Ryan Daley alone, and raised 11,560 plus 18,000, they certainly got a lot of support from the public.

      • Hi Hal, That makes sense if the family were told to stay away, otherwise it is very hard to account for the family not caring or bothering to pick them up after 8 weeks of being away.

        The whole behaviour of these two men and their family sounds fishy.

        I am guessing his sister saying “her brother Ryan does not make bad decisions” was a ploy to get the public to make donations on the go fund me account, eliminating any suspicion her brother could be involved in drugs or responsible for his disappearance, due to his own actions.

        We live in Cowichan, it seem this terrible drug is killing so many young people, can’t believe how the dealers manage to get their hands on these substances.

  29. I feel like your theory/source is accurate up to the point where Ryan and Dan “panic” and just start throwing the merchandise overboard.To envision this scenario in my head actually makes me chuckle because it seems so absurd.

    Having been down the dark road of addiction and experiencing the unsavory lifestyle that goes with it, I can’t wrap my head around them just dumping it all into the ocean. Even at my worst (and I was pretty far gone), my paranoid junkie mind would not fathom destroying a supply. And by the looks of these two on the video footage, they weren’t into the stash that deep. They would have had some common sense between the two of them (agreed–not enough common sense to prevent them from being drug smugglers; but enough to not destroy a huge investment).

    Fair enough, if they thought they had been made they would know harsh consequences would soon be upon them (both legally and otherwise). But throwing everything overboard?? Not an option. It’s not like the authorities were in hot pursuit of them. According to your source, they just saw one plane fly overhead. There are so many isolated and unoccupied islands around that area–wouldn’t it make more sense that they ditched the dope on one of them? Maybe they did. Then maybe it got jacked or the tide came in and washed it away. That seems way more likely than throwing it into the ocean.

    When you are involved in scenarios like this, you tend to hang on until the very last possible moment. You don’t make it 90% of the way to your so called finish line and then dump everything in the damn ocean.

    • First, congratulations as I read your comment to say that you are beating the demons of addictions. I know many who have and it takes strength, focus, and a healthy serving of self respect.

      Secondly, I understand your viewpoint. Perhaps this thought mighy give you pause.

      Once they believed that they had secreted/secured enough in their backpacks to fully and generously compensate them for their troubles, they were throwing somebody else’s dope overboard, not their own.

      Regarding it being only “one plane” it was the type of plane it was that freaked them, not the number of planes.

      • Thanks so much, Hal! Recovery has definitely not been quick or easy, but every living minute is well worth it. Fall down seven times, stand up eight! I appreciate your acknowledgement!!

        My point was that if they had been hired to bring dope back for someone in that big of a quantity, I would think they would be aware of the consequences screwing over an “investor” of that stature. No ways they would have just tossed it. Or if they did -omg- they had far fewer brain cells than any of the characters I ever encountered…and I just don’t see how this would be the case. And then to keep some for themselves?? That would be stupidity upon stupidity. Then for them to just sit in the harbour for three days…sitting ducks. It doesn’t add up.

        I feel like they would have (or should have) tried to the bitter end to get the cargo in safely. This makes it seem like they just gave up. I would think they would have (should have) been more resourceful than just tossing it.

        I feel like they ditched it on shore somewhere, thinking it could be salvaged. Or could it have been anchored somewhere? Was you source specific about it getting a free fall toss in the ocean? Maybe their handlers went to retrieve it (which may explain why they had to sit and wait in the harbour for 3 days) and it was either gone or destroyed (washed up/soggy) which led to their outcome. I feel like maybe they kept what they stashed in their bags as a sign of “good faith”, which clearly didn’t get them far. I feel like when they left the harbour, they were on their way to a “meeting” to explain themselves and offer their stash. It clearly did not end well.

        Granted, I could be completely wrong…just expressing what my junkie addict mind is trying to comprehend here 😉

        I’m curious as well about the cause of death and how that went down. Any thoughts on that? Seems like a dark question I know but I can’t help being intrigued by it. They didn’t seem to know what they were in for when they were leaving the harbour….

        Love your blog by the way! Keep it real!

        • I will attempt to answer in no particular order.

          1.) Regarding the cause of death: Another individual commenter said they were shot in the head with wads of money in their mouth. More importantly though, RCMP is classifying it as a murder. Therefore, there must be evidence that it was a murder. Considering that the bodies were mutilated by bears, there could exist no evidence of strangling, poison, stabbing, etc. Accordingly, the only possible hard evidence of a murder would have had to have been either spent shell casings or actual bullets. If actual bullets, the only likely possibility of recovering one or more of them would have been the skull. That is why I am buying into the bullet(s) to the head theory. If the wads of cash in the mouth is correct, this commenter seems to know more than she should. Maybe she has a better source than I, damn, or…

          2.) Regarding three days in the harbour: I think they felt safe in the harbour because they realized nobody was going to come for them when all that somebody had to do was wait them out. For whatever reason they decided to leave the harbour. Perhaps they received a message to the effect that you better come to us or your family is dead. In my heart, I believe that there was some sort of threat delivered to them.

          3.) My contact simply said that they dumped it in the ocean, nothing less, nothing more. I do not believe I would have been told that as a fact unless it was known. For instance, instead, I could have been told, “We think they dumped it in the ocean, or evidence suggests that they…”

          4.) If the other commenter is/was correct, money stuffed in the mouth strongly suggests, not that the buyer(s) thought they acted carelessly, but that the buyer(s) believed that they had acted with greed.

          Finally, thank you for the compliment.

        • You really identify with that ” junkie ” word. The fact is you don’t know what happened. You keep thinking what you would do. That’s fine. But Daley And Archibald had clear minds that weren’t tainted by addictions. Myself , I feel a boat got thete , shipment was handed off in the darkness. Than they noticed missing stuff a few days later. Thiefs due to greed.

  30. Ok, any thoughts or connections on the boat that sank with three locals missing and two ‘tourists’ surviving in the middle of the night shortly after off of Tofino? Seems like limited coverage since the initial story, perhaps an ongoing investigation?

    • I think some accidents are just that, simply accidents with noting sinister surrounding them. I see no reason to think otherwise in this particular case.

  31. If you zoom right up to Daley carrying his bag to the parking lot you can see square bricks of sorts in the rear of his bag once he gets going and the bag over his shoulder tightens up, I would post the still shot of it if I could, also played with the colours and you can really get the shapes protruding from using the shading and contrast. Give it a shot if you wanna see for your self. Not to say it is bricks, could be anything else maybe lollipops for the easter bunny like Hal mentioned earlier.

    • Except how did they by pass customs w all of that on board and why would they request a second asssesment be done on the boat if they had something to hide?

      • They dumped it in the ocean before coming into port. The other thing to understand about customs though is that they were two Canadians in Canadian waters so without an indication they had been in international waters there probably would have been little need for a customs’ intervention. The plan had obviously been, at night, to off load it onto an island or deserted shoreline or transfer it to another boat. When they got the fly over by the U.S. recon flight, they decided to dump the dope. The request for a second inspection (I had not heard about that) would seem to be more of an indication that they were afraid because of that fly over and hoped to avoid any personal search by trying to appear absolutely innocent. That is pure speculation on my part though.

        • The request was made when paying taxes and duties on the boat, Cortes is quoted stating, “Archibald found the blue book value to high and wanted another appraisal to pay lower taxes on the boat, so I called in a guy from Port Alberni ,a Harbour Surveyor named Don Kimura.” Also at this time Cortes knows they have come sailed in from international waters, he states Panama, he is quoted saying so, with him knowing they were in international waters would that not be shared to the Surveyor?

          • When you said another “inspection” I thought you meant another customs inspection. Now if I understand you correctly, you are/were referring to an “appraisal”, not a customs inspection. That is obviously an entirely different matter as an appraisal determines the value of the boat, while an inspection/customs inspection looks for contraband. Am I understanding you correctly, or am I still missing something here?

  32. Do drug smugglers surf on the way back up w a boat full of drugs?
    No they don’t not unless they didn’t know they had a boat full of drugs
    They were surfing on their way back
    You can even see them w their boards
    And no
    I don’t think they wandered in the woods and were killed by the Easter bunny
    Perhaps there is another story yet to be told

    • I cannot believe you are such a fool. Try this from the DEA regarding the murders:
      DEA confirms involvement in RCMP’s Ucluelet homicide investigation
      “We stay in our lane, which is drug crimes. That’s where we stay.”

    • To answer your question, “yes they do if they want to appear like they don’t have a boat load of drugs which is exactly the appearance one carrying a boat load of drugs that a smuggler would like to create. I’m sure you have more square feet in your house/apartment than that boat. Do you think I could hide a couple of million dollars worth of dope where you live so that you wouldn’t see it? STOP THE INSANITY!

      • Hmmm
        Perhaps I am a fool
        Perhaps bc of false stories and speculation but NO PROOF they have asked the DEA if they can find any PROOF.

        • Absolutely amazing! There was wild speculation until I broke the story, and I got what I got from the DEA, so it was involved before any stories were out there. Also, the RCMP does not invite a foreign law enforcement agency to go on a wild goose chase and even if they did, the DEA would not accept the invite.

      • I personally would have no idea how much space that amount of drugs would take up. However from the sounds of it 2 mill would take up a lot of space. Seems like that would be hard to hide from anyone and pretty risky to stop and surf? Unless someone hid it wi the boat? And in that case it could have been hidden without them knowing.

        It’s ok
        You can keep calling me names

        • I don’t believe I called you a name in my most recent response b/c I was starting to realize that you are probably just a genuinely nice person who wants to think the best of people. That amount of dope would not be hideable. Again, the risk is in smuggling it and in NOT APPEARING TO BE A NORMAL TOURIST.

          • Am i missing something here with the Waterline theory
            how would the planes spot this from the air? if the boat was heavier than normal, it would be lower in the water and therefore the old waterline (from when it carried less) would be covered by water providing no indication that there was anything untoward. in addition, sailing in anything but glass like water would obscure any waterline as the boat goes through chop/waves.
            I suppose as the boat went up and down in the water there is an opportunity for the plane to see the old waterline. seems like an obscure reason for them to throw all the dope out?
            believe they were smuggling dope 100%. you don’t get executed in the woods for nothing but not sure i buy tossing the dope over board.
            i feel like they were originally headed to victoria – tried to pull a fast one and head to the obscure port of ucluelet to make a break for it with all the dope and cash. got tracked by their backers and that’s how she ended.

            • The Coast Guard and the DEA are very familiar with all larger boats. Therefore, any known boat riding a few feet deeper in the water than normal would be almost instantly noticed, even from the air, and would signify a heavy load and target that boat for inspection. When these planes spot a boat, they overfly a couple of hundred feet above the water, not a couple of thousand.
              Regarding the waterline analysis, this is something that was done later, after the boat was inspected by authorities in port in order to determine the size/weight of the load it had carried. Regarding tossing it, that is what my informant said.
              They were originally never headed for any legal port until they had the opportunity to pass their dope on, or as it turns out, until it was dumped.

    • Anonymous, I am glad you noticed the board bag too. Tell me this, where is the board bag and the water proof black bag over Dans arm when he goes to put a whole different pack on when he leaves towards the parking lot? Where is the board bag? Where is the black water proof bag that was around his right arm and where is the different shaped back pack with different colour straps he had when they are coming down the dock? With these things no longer in the picture what does that say? Couple possibilities I suppose.

  33. One of the candidates for mayor of Squamish, where both Archbald and Daley resided, was good friends with Archbald and his wife. Don’t tell me she didn’t know her close friends lifestyle was funded by being a poison pusher.

  34. Please realize that Port Angeles is 55 nautical miles INSIDE the Strait of Juan de Fuca. No one is going from South America to Ucluelet via Port Angeles. Conversely, anyone smuggling would likely be hundreds of miles offshore to avoid being seen.

  35. What about the possibility that they were forced into this situation or did not know about the possible cargo before leaving?

    • As to not knowing it was aboard until after they set sail, not with an operation that was obviously at least a year in the planning. Why would you risk a million or so dollars worth of dope without knowing the people would keep it safe when you could just pay somebody to transport it? As to a forced situation, the answer is the same as above.

    • Year in planning?
      How about finding a good deal on a boat. Getting investors. Getting it fixed bc it was a good deal and not fit to sail. Taking off work, most people w real jobs can’t just take 8 weeks off, THAT takes planning. Sheesh

  36. Things of interest.

    1)Dan was in flip flops.

    2)Dan looks to the parking lot like there is some one picking them up.

    3) Dan has a black water proof bag over his arm and a pack on his back that is different in
    size/shape/and strap colours from the video of him picking up a bag to head to parking lot, there is also a board bag he is also dragging in the pictures of the them on the dock walking, and in the shot of him picking up the back pack to leave the bag is not the same as in the earlier shot. There are clearly no bright straps the bag is smaller and a different build all together. It took 18 minutes of time from first shot of them walking on the dock to the second shot of Dan leaving the office and putting on the pack and leaving to parking lot, where is the other bags he was carrying?

    4)Not sure if it is media or Cortes who gets it wrong but he is quoted saying two different situations about Dan and Ryan paying Moorage. 1a) CBC has Cortes stating. “the day before they left, Archbald paid for a month of moorage for his boat”. 2a)Global News has Corte stating, ” I put the men in contact with a local surveyor, adding on May 16, he got a call from Archbald wanting to pay the moorage fees, adding they were packed up and ready to go.

    5)There was a reported phone conversation with an X girlfriend she said she was unable to get them for whatever reason, could he know more then what we have been told? We know the men were are looking for a ride because of this statement, the Greyhound leaves Ukee at 1:40pm, this is speculation but could they have been intercepted on the way to the bus?

    6)Cortes is the last one we can say that we know for sure who saw them and was quoted, “When they left, they had full packs, so they wouldn’t have been going hiking because they left with a lot of gear,” Cortes said. “I assumed they were going home, or at least in that direction.”

    7) He was on his phone and outside in the exact area where the parking lot is while they are leaving, It appears he catches Dan in his peripheral as he rotates he keeps his head down in view of the camera looking the oppoite way while they are leaving, yet saw no one picking them up in a fairly polarized parking lot. He said by the direction they were walking it did not look like they were hitchhiking, there is two ways out of that parking lot if driving both take you to the same road, I find this to be an odd response.

    • You have a very discerning eye. Please understand that I have to be careful about stating a position publicly on individuals who have not yet been implicated as I could create civil liabilities for myself.

      • Yes fair enough, not accusing here or making a conclusion that any one is a suspect here, just pointing out things that are sticking out, I respect your position you have to take, thank you.

  37. This story reads like completely fabricated bullshit!! It’s all guesswork and speculation. It certainly isn’t journalism

    • I suppose the DEA is investigating it because they were smuggling lollipops and they wandered out into woods and got murdered by the Easter bunny. I don’t know what you do for a living, but for your sake I hope it is not something that requires thinking.

    • Tim, The story is definetly not fabircated, if you made an effort to do your own research you would know that.

      Now it is confirmed in an newspaper that their deaths are being investigated as a durg smuggling case. Police have come to the sam conclusion, or clelary have evideicne to support this.

      Hal has givien us the heads up, and has written an excellant journalism piece. When i researched other drug smuggling cases, it appears Panama is a route that is used, and there are are many facts.

      As for the family, according to Daley sister she quoted her brother is a smart guy, and does not make bad decisons, and she will have to face the truth. As far as the family were concerned these guys were setting up a charter business.

  38. Without commenting on the case itself I will say that finding out a loved one is involved in criminal activity is devastating for those who were close to them, trusted them and defended them. But it happens every day all over the world.

    35 years ago Glenn Frey wrote a song about the subject and the lyrics are just as heavy now as they were then:

    Here’s your ticket
    Put the suitcase in your hand
    Here’s a little money now
    Do it just the way we planned
    You be cool for twenty hours
    And I`ll pay you twenty grand

    I`m sorry it went down like this
    Someone had to lose
    It`s the nature of the business
    It`s the Smuggler’s Blues

    • The lifestyle they and their families led (Dan was an artist and his wife a SAHM yet they could afford boats and vacations and climbing in one of the most expensive parts of Canada. Ryan a cabinet maker with a home in the lower mainland and acreage on the island) would indicate this wasn’t their first time at the rodeo.

      And now the wife has a Go Fund Me.

  39. First I would like to commend you on your research, you sure have dug up a lot. When I study the video of them walking the dock carrying their bags that is far from looking like two people who’ve hit a loss, they look like they have had a successful sail, are you 110% sure that they threw dope over board? Is it not possible that they were intercepted on the way to where they were going? It looks like they were making a move to get some where promptly in the pace they are walking, and the body language and facial expression shows radiating, rather then we may be going to be killed for losing a load look? Just my opinion…. The bus was about to depart from not to far from there right close to the time of their departure from the harbour, as they are leaving Cortes is on his phone, I’ve rewound this hundreds of times, it appears Cortes is rounding the corner checking Archbald in his peripheral vision then isolates looks his head down and refrains from looking at Daley while being in front of the camera and on the phone and keeps it down. Daley walking off the dock also does not get a look of any sort from Cortes, one would think Cortes would look here or wave, but thats just an assumption who knows his demeanor, I also see a white truck in that parking spot in the area Archbalds headed too, there is obv a parking lot right there, Cortes line of vision comes from where Archabalds headed, how could he not see anyone in the parking for them? Perhaps no one was and they were headed to the grey hound, but were intercepted? One thing we can say for sure Cortes was the last to see those two leave his dock right in front of him, clearly something took place during this time as Dans baggage has also changed from him carrying a black smaller bag on right arm a back pack on front and a Hiking pack and appears he is pulling a board bag, where are these things in the second shot they provide of the angle of them leaving? I thought maybe he stuffed into his main bag after the first shot of them coming off the dock because we see him in another shot just picking that bag up only off the ground and bearing nothing else? So either that other stuff got put into a vehicle already with Cortes in the area, or he jammed into his main back pack, even had the hypothesis it was Cortes cut in those other bags. It was also said an X girlfriend got a call to pick them up, more on her may be of interest too she may know more then she has said, she could of easily sent some one too. Thanks for reading and wish you the best in your future work Hal.

    • Thank you, but it was mostly good note taking combined with some logic and a little street smarts. On the other hand, you are a real Sherlock Holmes my friend. I would be honored to be your Dr. Watson anytime as that is definitely a keen analysis which I will share with a friend. (I am assuming since this is a public posting by you that you would have no objection.) Regarding the dumping of the dope overboard versus offloading it somewhere, I was told, “dumped”. I am assuming that revelation was based on the digital records of the unmanned Canadian radar. Another possibility as an and/or is that it would take a certain amount of extra time to unload dope versus dump it in an unorganized panic, perhaps twice as long. Can I be certain it was dumped? No. Do I believe it was? Yes, I trust that my source knew of what she spoke.

      • Thank for the reply Hal and No objections at all please share and I hope it may be of some help even, honestly I have always wanted to be a P.I. thanks for such a compliment Hal, Sherlock Holmes was the man. Ok, going with your source and a dump taking place, what has them trying to arrange a ride to get out of there I am left to wonder? You mention this is a top tier smuggling operation in your article, would a top tier not have some one there to pick them up? Do you not have a rendez vous in place being such an affiliation? It seems this took a couple years to plan from the dates you provide, you’d think a ride out would be a part of the plan. Why would anyone know they have even left the Harbour to head out for these guys to get killed? Then as your leaving the Harbour Master happens to be on the phone as you are headed off into the sunset to never be heard from again with a bunch of bags filled up that are weight bearing as you can see the sway in Daleys walk.I also seen you mention 20 min from town they were found, I put that in to the closest logging road that would cut to Jordan river on google maps from the distance of Ukee and it put twenty minutes right at the reservation on a logging road that heads to out to Port Renfrew and then West Coast road right into Jordan River. I also seen the comment from a woman where you were involved in a comment with where she said she has Government family contacts and she was told shot with money in their mouths on the road out to their destination. If they were found 20 min away the killer(s) sure did not waste anytime, pure speculation.

        • I am certain there were pick up plans. However, I opine that those plans, at least as far as Archbald and Daley were concerned, changed drastically after they dumped the dope, especially if they set some aside for themselves. Therefore I think that the Ucluelet Small Craft Harbor was NOT the original, agreed upon meeting place. The bikers have solid connections who can assist them with their smuggling. Thus, I would assume that a harbor employee probably alerted them as to the presence of Archbald and Daley. Hell, the bikers might have even put out an alert to all harbors whereat they had connections. Regarding Archbald and Daley getting a ride from the harbor, it would not be farfetched to think it possible that all those who might potentially offer a ride had been contacted and warned to stay away. I can assure you that the bikers knew of any possible individuals who would potentially assist Archbald and Daley before they were allowed to load up a boat with what was likely a million dollars or more worth of dope. If your perception of a swagger to Daley’s step is correct, it was a swagger born of stupidity. I will leave it to you and to other readers to speculate on who the harbor contact was, if indeed I am correct. Regarding the execution with money stuffed in their mouths goes, I cannot comment except to say it would have been logical and in keeping with sending a clear message. Thanks again for your participation.

          • Thanks Hal and ya know that would make sense, the dump happens steal a piece to make your trip worth it, go to the harbour where they won’t get searched with the stolen shit, and whamoh you’ve been caught lying and stealing and now you are dead. Have to see what the DEA comes up with I guess.

            • Thanks. The only reasons the DEA is here is because they suspect or now know that this is a part of a past or continuing operation and want to investigate it further for their own files.

      • I think that is the report I also read. Of course, were I one of them I would not have been anxious to venture out either. They had to have come to the realization that the world was no longer a safe place for them. For all we know, perhaps they were contacted and told it was time to leave or their families would have problems.

        • They report that Dan thought the book appraisal was to high and wanted to get the taxes lowered so Cortes called in an appraiser from Port Renfrew, that was the given report on why three days. Arrive day one get book appraisal and arrangement are made for a new appraisal, day two second appraisal takes place as well as calls out, day 3 pack up leave harbour. Nothing strange about that and pretty standard by other reports given on this particular situation of having to get this done. Cortes is quoted saying he saw nothing strange about there stay at all, they just seemed tired he said.

  40. Dear Hal, Good work done on peicing this together, becuase now it has been confirmed in an News paper that the U.S Drug squad are invoved in the investigation.

    The News paper Article: U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration ‘assisting’ RCMP in Ucluelet double-murder probe By JESSE WINTER StarMetro Vancouver Fri., July 6, 2018

  41. you dont really care. you are an ego driven and motivated individual who loves to use situations like these to lord your feelings of superiority over others. i wonder how many other comments you’ve deleted and facts you disregard to preserve the image of this weird ego game you have going on. you are transparent

    • There are many fertile minds out there who wish to speak respectfully to the issues that this site raises and I welcome their comments as being of possible interest to my readers, therefore I share them and respond to them with the same level of respect that they demonstrated. Sadly for you, your mind seems neither fertile, nor capable of lucid thought as you resort to hate, disrespect, and total idiocy. That is why I disregard your vitriolic comments, and the comments of those you emulate. Now, I gave you your fifteen minutes of fame which you will never enjoy because you choose to use anonymity as a cowardly cloak so people can’t identify you, and therefore, won’t connect you with your idiotic comments here, and probably on other blogs also, and recognize you as the fool you are upon sight. My recommendation? Keep your mouth shut and you won’t have to hide so much. As I always say, “A troll is gonna troll because that’s what they do.”

  42. Hal,

    You’re a shitty writer at best. If I ever randomly bump into you, I’m going to kick you square in the nuts for writing this garbage article, that is plagued with both spelling and grammatical errors. You just disrespected two dead mean, both of which were decent human beings, based on your paranoid speculation. In conclusion, go fuck your self.

    • By the way, “If I ever randomly bump into you, I’m going to kick you square in the nuts for writing this garbage article, that is plagued with both spelling and grammatical errors.” should have no commas. Additionally, it is not “your self”. Yourself is one word. The two dead “mean” [sic] were dope smugglers. That is why the DEA is assisting. Regarding kicking me in the nuts, threats are illegal you nimrod. Did you know it’s often possible to identify people by their IP address which comes to me with every comment sent to my site. I’m just wondering if it is possible to make more mistakes than you made in a few sentences.

  43. Fascinating Story!

    I suspect that Ben Kilmer, Daley and Archbald were all involved. I also suspect that the bikers apprehended Ben Kilmer’s vehicle with all 3 in it. If you look at the map of the highways on the island, the two men would have had to get past Port Alberni and Duncan to get to Jordan River, north of Sooke. That Hwy 14 that passes by Jordan River (home of one of the men and where they apparently were heading), connects up to a paved road that connect to Cowichan Lake and Hwy 18, the road that Kilmer’s running vehicle wth blood in it, was found. It is possible that Kilmer took the smaller Hwy 18 instead of the Highway through Victoria to avoid detection. The bikers may have caught up, made the vehicle come to stop, and taken them all by force from Kilmer’s vehicle, and transported 2 of the bodies back to Ucluelet to throw the police off their scent. If so, Kilmer’s body will be found in a different location than the other two.

    • I have done several postings regarding the Buziak story and made my beliefs as to the murder very clear. You can simply type Buziak into the search area of my home page and it should bring up those blog postings, including a confession that is not conclusive.

  44. Hello Hal, since reading your article it got me looking in to other cases, and it seems there is alot of drug smuggling going on, and this Lethal Drug FENTANYL, see below. Also six men were charged drugs destined for the Canadian market and perhaps the U.S. as well, was being shipped through the Panama Canal and north to Nova Scotia. THIS WAS Was being Shipped through the Panama Canal, it seems to be a route used. One of the accused men, Paul Arthur, a former crane operator at the Port of Halifax.

    It appears all kinds of people get involved in this drug smuggling, for a bit of cash, and a lifestyle, of big trucks as you mentioned.


    Two people from the Lower Mainland have been hit with drug trafficking charges in connection to a massive drug shipment that was seized before reaching the Port of Vancouver last year. According to a release from B.C. RCMP, 132 kilograms of cocaine and 40,000 fentanyl pills were seized from both a shipment headed from Brazil to Vancouver and a Richmond apartment. Yan Chau Lam from Richmond and Gertrude Cheong from Vancouver have both been charged with one count of conspiring to possess a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking.

    Ben Kilmer disspeared near from North Cowichan, and his wife there was stress as he started his own electrician business, and started to build there dream home, so he could have been involved in drugs too, since it not far from where he dissapered. This is of course speculation on my part, since it is down the road from where we live, and the police were asking if he was under any stress etc.

    RCMP seize FENTANYL, weapons in Vancouver Island drug raids. “The RCMP recognizes the impact FETNTANYL has had on the Cowichan Valley and the number of overdoses and deaths it has caused. As part of our commitment to address the fentanyl crisis, the North Cowichan Duncan RCMP initiated this project to hold those accountable for making money off this deadly drug,” said Staff Sgt. Chris Swain.The locations of the raided properties were in the 1500 and 1700 block of Chaplain Street in Crofton, and 2800 block of Hillside Street in Chemainus.“We believe the bulk amounts of crystal meth and fentanyl were intended for sale to other drug dealers in the area. These amounts would then be sold to local users. The amount seized represents over 15,000 individual doses of crystal meth and over 10,000 doses of fentanyl.”

    In 2001, a fishing boat called the Western Wind was seized with 2.5 tonnes of cocaine aboard off the coast of Vancouver Island. No one was ever charged.

    In 2010, police found 1,000 kilos of cocaine hidden on a beach near Port Hardy that had been smuggled from Panama aboard a sailboat called the Huntress. Two men were convicted and sentenced to 16 years.

    In 2006, police found $6.5-million worth of marijuana on board a 47-metre fishing vessel off Vancouver Island. Four men were charged, but the charges were all later stayed.

    2017- PANAMA CITY (Reuters) – Panamanian authorities arrested 64 people and seized four tonnes of cocaine following a two-year investigation into a drug trafficking ring,past 22 months, police have seized a total of $2.5 million in cash, 49 vehicles and one tonne of marijuana from the group that included Panamanians, Colombians, Cubans, Guatemalans, Mexicans and Venezuelans, according to investigatorsDrug trafficking prosecutor Eduardo de la Torre told reporters that the gang had been moving drugs by boat from South America Thirty-three more people have been charged in the probe, including police officials, the government said in a statement. Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela has complained that a peace deal between the Colombian government and the Marxist FARC rebel group has led to a spike in drug trafficking and violence in Panama.

    In the ABOVE Situations it appears even police officals were involved in the smuggling ring.

    Investigators watched a speed boat from Canada meet up with a boat travelling from the U.S. and saw large bags passed from one boat to another in Washington’s San Juan Islands, east of Victoria.
    RCMP Chief Supt. Keith Finn said police seized 55 kilograms of cocaine, 47 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine and a kilogram of heroin after one of the boats docked in Canada on Feb. 23, 2017.

    Four young Canadian residents with apparent links to B.C. have been arrested in Melbourne, Australia for allegedly trying to smuggle five million dollars worth of drugs into the country. One of the bags of heroin four Canadian residents allegedly tried to smuggle into Australia. (Courtesy ACBPS) The powder tested positive for heroin – 17 kilograms total – and police arrested 21-year-old Jason Singh, 20-year-old Tyrell Brown, 19-year-old Madison Trim and a 17-year-old suspect who is too young to identify

    • That’s a lot of research. Yes, the drug business is huge. Sadly, it likely goes to or near the top tier of provincial and federal politicians

      • hahaha i guess it is alot of research. Since reading you article, it motivated me to investigate to see what is happening aound the area we live on Vancouver Island, since one was clueless. I cannot see how anyone can say your article is far from the truth,

        I cant believe someone on this site said they think you story is made up, It is only once you start doing the research that one is able to see there are so many clever ways dealers bring in drugs, and these could be family men, who have no issue of harming others, to them it is just a business transaction.

    • I am sure your “FBI connections” helped you fill in a few holes, but your theory was what most people I know were thinking once it was released that they were murdered. A lot of the people that don’t believe this are simply in denial because they knew and loved them This isn’t some fake news, just people in pain. Thanks for the theory, but you can dial back on the tough guy thing.

      • 1.) What I gave you was fact as relayed to me days before anybody else KNEW what had happened. The DEA (not the FBI) verifying they are part of the investigation also verifies my facts. 2.) I agree with you on the denial thing. 3.) I don’t know how old you are, but I am 71 years old so you playing the role of daddy advisor to me doesn’t really work. Furthermore, I didn’t play “tough guy”. I simply responded with the same tone and text with which they approached me, which is exactly what I have done with this response to you. 🙂

  45. Pretty much everyone local on the west coast of the island called it a drug run gone bad from the instant they were reported missing. No one sails past their destination to port in Ukee unless they’re trying to avoid a boat search. Interesting to me that you haven’t tied Ben Kilmer into your story though?? Check out the likeness of him and Ryan Daley, Ben’s van was found running with blood inside on the same day these 2 went missing, but down island on the backroad these 2 would have taken to Ryan’s property they were supposedly aiming to get to. They haven’t declared Ben Kilmer suspicious, just a missing person, but really, a missing person that looks a lot like a guy that just hauled a bunch of coke up on a sailboat and maybe for a buyer that didn’t want to pay.

  46. i find it hard to believe that your FBI sources would tell you information on an ongoing investigation. And if they are then they can get in a shit load of trouble. Plus fentanyl does not get transported to Ecuador and then up to Canada when it is manufactured in mostly Asia and a bit in Mexico. so I believe you made up a story (a good one at that) so you can premote a bunch of other bullshit you came up with. I have family in FBI and they definitely don’t tell facts about cases. Definitely when this person is going to put that information on Facebook

    • 1.) It was not an open investigation when I was given the information. As far as the U.S. was concerned it was a solved smuggling case with the smugglers on the run. The information about the murder came to me as public information. 2.) I said my contacts at the F.B.I. put me in touch with other law enforcement contacts. I did NOT say the F.B.I. gave me the information. 3.) Despite your opinion to the contrary, there is fentanyl available in So. Amer., and as long as these guys were shopping in So. Amer. they obviously decided to get all their dope in one place instead of adding the risk of an extra and different smuggling run. 4.) I don’t give a damn if you think I made up the story or not. You are free to believe whatever fairy tale floats your boat (pun intended). 5.) Testifying to you believing in fairy tales is your statement that the F.B.I. doesn’t give up info about open cases. Check the Mueller investigation, check the news on Comey and McCabe, etc. Then check out the stories on Ali Watkins.

  47. I agree with everything in here except for the part ot the two not caring about how many people they would kill for the sake of having a nicer truck. Drug dealers do not force drugs on anybody. Drug users have every choice not to buy and use drugs. Saying Daley and Archibald are “murderers” is like saying tobacco companies are murderers as well. Everybody has choices in life and at the end of the day you yourself are responsible for the choices you make.

    • If tobacco killed as quickly and had the same percentage of fatalities as does fentanyl I might be able to accept your comparison of the two substances. However, if that was the case my acceptance would not be to let tobacco vendors exonerate Fentanyl dealers, but the reverse. I stand by my statements.

  48. While this, and many of the stories you craft up on his blog may hold some truth or validity, this story is reaching.

    Your whole basis on which you seem to get your authority and ‘authoritative knowledge’, is that you had a roommate who was a drug addict once upon a time, not you though – you just watched and you ‘broke the street code’ by coming forward with information to the police about some aspect of it. Since then, you seem to have seen it as your duty to ‘out’ people. I mean, good for you if you’re doing ‘good’ I guess?

    This story seems totally plausible, but I always question the source. I’d read some stories on this blog before, but I had never bothered to read your bio before. I just read it. I figured you must be a retired cop or something. Nope. No background in law enforcement, forensics, law, journalism or anything that could qualify one to purport such conjecture(s).

    I liked Breaking Bad too, but I am not accusing my neighbours of being Heisenberg.

    I’ll admit, your stories have got me reading though! They are super interesting reads, eventhough I would question the ‘facts’ in many of them.

    • I love your honesty. Thank you. Still though, despite your skepticism, they are honest stories and where speculation is involved I label it as such. “Some aspect” was that he jumped somebody from behind to rob him and then strangled the guy to death.

      • middlemen painted that picture for the blokes who put up money and got the whole load oh geez its gona be a gooood sunmer genius plan really , kill the sailors of after they show where the dope is hid and theyl never know only way if someone recognises the dope on the street im sure they wait a while and change the stamp and jacket if their smart

      • middlemen made story they threw overboard for the people who put money up in reality they hid the dope and middlemen killed em once sailors took them to where the dope was. its a dirty game as 2pac says

          • Why no comment here HAL? You are providing insights and comments and then someone presents a plausible scenario and you say no comment…..why?

            No question these guys were in the drug game. It was everyone’s first reaction. We have seen this movie before.

            Like other folks posting comments, I am curious as to your take on Ben Kilmer? Do you see it as unrelated? They say they found blood, but have never said it was his blood.

            • If you are the same person you sent the previous two comments, I respond to comments when I believe my response might be of interest to my readers. The previous two comments did not fall into that category. Regarding Kilmer, I have only looked into it briefly and although it seems as though there should/might be a connection with this case I have yet to find one.

  49. Why go up a logging road on the way back from Uki? How about to bury the drugs for later pick up. I take it they were found around Kennedy Lake somewhere.

    • I do not have that answer. Remember, my info came from south of the border, and while accurate, might lack some of the detail that might have been available were I using a Canadian source.

  50. Hello Hal, this is my final comment on these men, and that is only to Thank for this update on the website, very much appreicate it! Sara

    I believe your source is right,

  51. Hi Hal the more I have been relooking at the information from the perspective of your article and drugs involved, and now I am connvinced they were involved some shady business, it seems you source is correct!

    For example, they were definelty murdered for a reason, and the boat was damaged.

    1. Inspector Dave Hall said.

    “We can now focus our attention on answering the who, what, when, where and why, in an effort to determine who is responsible for their deaths, it was not a random killing”

    Cortes told the Westerly News that Daley had paid for a month’s worth of moorage before the two men departed.

    “[Daley] came into my office and asked what the amount was. He wasn’t sure before that if he wanted to stay a couple of days, but he decided to spend the month. I worked out the numbers for him. He left my office, came back with some cash, and paid me,” Cortes said.

    Dan Archbald and Ryan Daley spent three days in town. Then on a cloudy afternoon, they walked up the harbour gangplank, hefted bulky sea bags over their shoulders, walking with inttention towards a car in the parking lot. They had too much weight for hitch hiking, and the direction they were going was not towards someone going htich a ride, Cortes.

    Daley, 43, and Archbald, 37, and a father of two, are friends from Squamish, both of them accomplished sailors.

    After clearing customs, Archbald wanted to get the boat reappraised, Cortes said, to try to reduce the import tax they’d have to pay for bringing it into Canada

    “CBSA gave them a blue book value on the boat he thought was high,” Cortes said. “I hooked him up with a marine surveyor out of Port Alberni who came down and did his thing.”

    Two weeks ago, the RCMP searched the vessel stem to stern. Witnesses at the harbour said they used police dogs and forensics teams.

    The Astral Blue appears in good shape, save for a string of gouges along the starboard gunwale. Don Kimura, the marine surveyor who inspected the vessel, said Archbald told him the damage happened during a storm while on their journey home.

  52. Fentanyl doesn’toriginate from Peru and so that kind of information is pure propaganda. Drug dealers don’t want to kill their clients otherwise they wouldn’r make money…it’s common sense! The government or perhaps other agencies are to blame for the fentanyl crisis. And though cocaine is an awful drug that ruins lives, selling it is no worse than millions of other legal yet harmful products that arw aold daily. This reporter writes about drug dealers as if they are war lords in some kind of fiction. They are people with families and they deserve respect. Not a smear campaign just so the reporter can get more readers! Everyone has a vested interest and this piece of shit author is no different.

  53. I am curious how they passed P.A. and were seen when P.A. is on the inside of the Oylmpic pennisula and they past on the outside with mountains in between, did they enter the JDF strait and come down before circling back up towards Ukee ?

    • I have no idea what P.A. is? Oops, DUH, I finally got it, sorry, stupid me. P.A. is obviously Port Angeles. While Port Angeles is inland, its radar array in on the coast.

  54. I have read everything on these two men, and I found out one of the men Daley 43 Tried to sell his life for one million dolloars on craig list. https://bc.ctvnews.ca/b-c-man-puts-life-up-for-sale-on-craigslist-1.683824

    Daley was born on 26/11/174, and Dan was born on the 1/1/8i, who had two daughters age 5 and 9.

    Dan’s wife described him as a Hippie, who was kind hearted, soft spoke, and did not make enemies.

    The wife and the friend of the other said they bought the boat to start a charter business, and Dan bought this two years ago, and his freind Daley offered to help him bring it to Canada, and she also added it was his dream to do a voyage.

    Daley sister said her brother was smart and did not make bad decisions, and he had a big heart, and very loyal.

    Having read about these two men, I did find it extremely hard to accept that they could have been involved in drugs etc.

    Wait to hear more on the final verdict when the police release more details. The Police did say they are going to look for the Killer, and that it as a Homicide, so does not sound like the grizzly bears got them.

    • That is some wild information on Daley. Thank you. The money for the boat obviously came from drug people, period. Archbald and Daley were first murdered and then the bears ate them. A hiker found a jacket and called RCMP. RCMP then investigated and found piles of bear crap with clothes mixed in. Bears crap immediately upon, or very shortly after, eating. Further searching turned up some bones and their skulls. Analysis of those findings obviously revealed it to have been a murder as there was no soft tissue in a non-decayed state with which it would have been possible to determine a cause of death. Regarding the morals of these two men, my source told me that while awaiting their boat to be loaded, their behaviour was far more than than just sociable at a couple of parties.

      • Hi Hal, thanks for pointing out the Moral of these two men, interesting your source mentioned their behaviour was far more than socialble at the couple of parties. It is by a man morals that one can see the character of these men. Cortes the last man who saw them said they both seemed TIRED!

        Dan wife said in one article when she last spoke to her husband he was in High Spirits.

        • I am sure police are offended by the kid glove treatment the media is giving these two in spite of the obvious facts that they were drug smugglers. I would be offended and I would pass information about lack of morals unto somebody who might write about them.

    • We don’t have Grizzly Bears on Vancouver Island, they would’ve just been our friendly black bears looking for a ready made meal (the same ones who steal our garbage cans… dead meat is dead meat, all the same to a bear).

  55. Again thanks for this brillant write up, it helped enmoursly to break my illusion! Was getting taken in by the media and family, who were raising money in go fund accounts to search for them.

    Truly truly appreicate your pointing out the truth, even my Husand and his freinds said it was drug relatated, and I did not want to believe it. However I can stop wasting my energy now being overly concerned.
    THANK YOU!!!

  56. Huge Thankyou Hal for makeing an effort for this write up, it makes sense what you are saying.

    I believe you could be correct in saying they got Murdered. It was clear they got a lift when they were in the car park ,

    it was odd they did not contact family memers, and non of the family memebers came to pick them up, since not having seen them for 8 weeks.

    The most odd thing that struck me was that after this triip they planned on going to Jordon River to surf, according the the married man’s wife. Would he not want to go home and family.

    I was taken in by the media that they had been killed by someone etc, and felt devasted that they should die so young.

    The other odd thing was that one of them called an ex-girlfreind in Victoria to pick them up, and she was not able to do this, in which case I thought maybe they were killed by strangers who they upest during the tree days at the harbour,

    Ryan Daley father said he heard from his son once when they stopped in Hawai, is what you saying still the case if they stopped in Hawai I wonder?

    I guess I was so sad they died after such a long trip, and so yong, they looked like nice family men.

    The police did day it was not a Random killing, so there must be evidence of murder.

    Naturally they were killed on the day they got that lift, and over the weeks the body must have rottened.

    Oh Still very sad they had to die like this.

    • That is some great insight. Thank you. As I said to another reader, “If the Hawaii thing was not a ruse, you assume that they pulled into port in Hawaii as opposed to having just set down anchor out of port and then going ashore by dingy.” Remember also that I pointed out that it was difficult not to speculate that a family member knew they were on a drug run. As far as RCMP goes, they have declared it a murder.

  57. There are media reports that these guys went via Hawaii and contacted their families from there. Sailors on another site have confirmed that the best route from SA to BC would be via Hawaii.

    • Regarding Hawaii, my person made no mention of it. Having made no mention of it, I then laid down a logical course on the map I provided. That understood, they might have stopped in Hawaii. However, Hawaii is south of the U.S. mainland and their boat could still have easily been spotted passing Port Angeles as my source told me. Again, the map I showed was based on the information I had that the boat had departed from Ecuador and passed by Port Angeles. The possible Hawaii stop alters nothing about what occurred. It only changes their course before passing Port Angeles.

      • How does it not change anything? Why would they stop in Hawaii if their boat was full of drugs and they were trying to avoid US authorities?

        • If the Hawaii thing was not a ruse, you assume that they pulled into port in Hawaii as opposed to having just set down anchor out of port and then going ashore by dingy.

  58. One news article says they stopped in Hawaii on their journey home and checked in with family at that time. I can’t imagine them doing that if they had a boatload of drugs. What is your explanation for this if they did, in fact, stop in Hawaii?

    • Hello Anonymous, you really need be objective before conculded these were better men, and look at facts and possibilities. and can’t rule out the posbbiblity they were not inolved.

      Who would not stop in Hawaii, it a major place for drug related issues.

      The wife clearly mentioned and Ryan friend also confirmed they were setting up a charter business together to do this as a career, it was not just a holiday.

      If you did you research properly you would have found out in Hawaii it is easy to have a load of drugs on a boat, and not be decteced. Their boat was around 49 feet long.

      News article about Hawaii border on drugs and The facts about boats:

      Drug cartels in Central American have developed a sleek new smuggling vehicle that is practically impossible for law enforcement to track by radar, crime experts say.

      Much continues to slip through, both in boats and in so-called narco-subs – underwater vehicles stuffed with drugs which are extremely difficult to find when they are on the move.

      The criminals have replaced older, slow boats with sleek models that are long, thin and can confound detection methods, the analysts said, are much as twice as fast as traditional smuggling vessels while carrying around a one ton of illegal drugs each.

      Adam Isacson, a security expert at the Washington Office on Latin America, said the developments are another sign of the criminals’ high-tech struggle with authorities like the U.S. Coastguard.

      He told Fox News that the cartels’ tooling-up is: ‘clearly indicative of the cat-and-mouse game they are playing with the law.’

      The new boats also have a more efficient design, which means they use less fuel, saving money and making room for more illegal drugs, the report said.

      By employing fiberglass as the sole building material for the hulls – rather than just parts as before – the boats have also been made practically impervious to radar, confounding Coast Guard authorities who try to catch them.

      The boats, which measure 32-48ft long, are equipped with three separate 200 horsepower engines. An equivalent sized fishing boat may have 50 horsepower at its disposal – a twelfth of the power. ‘go-fast’ boats that are almost INVISIBLE to radar on Central American smuggling missions

  59. Your sources? Coke and fentanyl all over the ship yet they lived? It didn’t kill them on the journey?
    These were good men who made a bad decision. And I’ll bet they were better men then you in many ways.

    • Listen up fool. The tests revealed coke and fentanyl had been all over the boat. Ion scans are designed to pick up “microscopic traces”. In other words setting down a package that was not 100% airtight would probably be enough to leave a traceable trail. That is a helluva lot different than what your feeble mind was capable of imagining. Good men do not smuggle drugs, especially drugs responsible for so many deaths. You must have the morals of an overused outhouse.

    • Anonymous comMent: Coke and fentanyl all over the ship yet they lived? It didn’t kill them on the journey?

      Infact if you did some research you have the anwer to why they did not die. There is an article online from an FENTANYL DEALER, and he makes it clear he does not take the drug himeself, and when dealing with this deadly drug HE WEARS A GAS MASK.

      • I will add to the post by S. Microscopic traces were found everywhere, not copious amounts. If you doubt the drugs, then why is the DEA part of this investigation?

  60. well i would have put it on a long line set the anckor’s no floats just a idea where it’s at come back and use a meat hook and get it at a later date that’s what i would have done

    • Of course you are assuming that the packages were watertight. You are also assuming a few large packages as opposed to a bunch of smaller packages, not likely. Finally, you are assuming an anchor heavy enough to withstand the ocean currents. Respectfully, I think you had better go to Plan B

  61. I spend a lot of time on the water off of Ucluelet. It would be impossible to see the waterline on a vessel that was traversing the open ocean from an aircraft. There are waves out there and the vessel would be moving. It would take tons of “cargo” to cause that boat to sit even 2 inches low in the water.

    • 1.) I would suspect the boat was loaded as completely as possible, meaning tons. 2.) I am not a mariner, but I do have commonsense and realize that the amount of weight required to cause a boat to sail deeper in the water would be determined by the square foot/meter measurement of the hull. In other words, the size of the boat would make that determination to which you make no reference. 3.) Even if you are correct about weight versus displacement regarding this particular boat, which is by no means a given, perhaps somebody should have told that to Archbald and Daley so they wouldn’t panic. Finally all the math in the world might not calm the minds of people who are doing something that would make anybody paranoid.

  62. “Archbald and Daley were prepared to let hundreds, perhaps even thousands, die from overdosing on fentanyl so they could have a new truck or a nicer iPhone.”

    Smuggling info aside, I can’t help thinking… drug addiction is as much a consumption problem as a supply problem and our local resources are wholly inadequate to treat our people suffering from addiction. The statement above equally applies to any of us who vote for politicians promising tax cuts over funding for treatment programs. We are all culpable.

    • Without the supply there would be no consumption problem. If you want to blame yourself for others addictions you are obviously free to do so. However, assigning any level of responsibility to politicians and/or the general public is just absurd in my book. Moreover, using your “general public” argument as a way to excuse the actions of Archbald and Daley is almost akin to blaming their mother because she gave birth to them. You sound like the kind of liberal thinker who wants whites to feel guilty because they are white.

      • Drug dealers do not put fentnyl in their supply. It’s a pharmaceutical that only big pharma can produce. Not drug dealers or coke producers. Open your eyes!

      • >>>Without the supply there would be no consumption problem.<<<

        I agree with this, and can even agree that if the pharmaceutical companies in Canada hadn't bribed the doctors and the medical industry to prescribe opiods such as oxycontin etc. creating hundreds of thousands (or millions) of addicts in Canada, and then the politicans hadn't decided it was a crisis, requiring doctors to refuse patients requests for prescriptions…maybe there would be no demand for fentanyl, which I have read is the go to drug for opiod drug addicts who can't get their prescriptions anymore…

        Let me go down the rabbit hole further… Maybe if the Rothschild banking cartel was not behind the British Govt's. Opium wars on China of the 19th century, maybe China would not seek a similar type of revenge meeted out to them by the British Army, on every other western civilization by flooding their markets with fentanyl. And now flooding the American countries south of the USA with chemicals to produce it…

        Let's go down even further… Maybe if the banking elite, including the Rothschilds did not retain control of the money supply, printing money out of thin air and then charging govts. interest on non-existent money that regular people have to work for and spend their lives doing so to put themselves into a home and car, then just maybe this scheme that the drug lords (connected to the banking lords) to pay off innocents to do their dirty work, with the temptation of making it rich, would not work at all…That is, if nations wrote laws to exclude private banking from printing money and did it themselves with interest going to the govt. or no interest…we might not have people willing to do these things to get rich quick.

  63. You don’t know much about sailboats and their waterlines or how to voyage on a sailboat . Sailboats are rarely vertical, they move forward by converting wind pressure into forward motion. A side effect of wind pressure is heeling, the boat literally leans over in the water and the water line on the boat constantly changes as the wind changes velocity, direction and how aggressively the crew sails the boat. Sailboats have been described as badly designed submarines, so salt would not be a good indicator of cargo, especially high value cargo where a little costs a lot. Most sail boats use sailing routes established in the age of sail and it is highly unlikely they would use a slow and rough course as you have indicated, a few hundred miles off shore. The preferred route would probably have been thousands of miles off shore and would have been faster, smoother and safer, based on ocean currents and wind directions. What you indicate in your essay could all be true but based on your limited knowledge of sailing and sailboat facts, what other facts have you flubbed?

    • I know damn little about sailboats, but I do understand corrosion and chemical analysis of it. I also understand that a loaded boat will sit lower in the water than an unloaded boat whether tilted or not. Regarding the course I showed, it was there only to show the line of that course in order for the reader to visually understand the wider sweep of the boat past Port Angeles, not to indicate the distance from shore of the vessel. Thus, there was no flub. Thank you for your sailing expertise though.

    • There are three widely accepted routes from Central America to Canada.
      1: Coast hopping – sailing northbound usually within a few miles of shore. Come ashore
      when the weather worsens.
      2: Hawaii route. Sail to Hawaii then straight north from Hawaii until you find the westerly winds, then head east.
      3: The ancient “Clipper” route whereby all the old sailing ships rounded the Horn and then
      headed north on voyages of discovery, and later, trade. This would be the route of choice
      for most sailors. (Jimmy Cornel “Ocean Passages for the World)

  64. Just found your website Hal,
    Great sleuthing work. I have a question…… what do you “think” happened to Ben Kilmer in Lake Cowichan ?

    • Thanks for the compliment. Truthfully though, my actions were about being a good listener and taking notes rather than about any sleuthing. Regarding Ben Kilmer, it is almost as though he was somehow kidnapped. In my mind, I cannot find any connection to the Kilmer thing and this thing other than the coincidence of timing of his disappearance. Still, I don’t like coincidences. If I knew more about Mr. Kilmer’s life I might be able to make an educated guess. All I can tell you now though is that police who do know a lot more about him than I know do not see a connection with this Archbald and Daley matter.

      • Hi Hal
        Word on the street about Ben Kilmer’s life is the following….
        1) ticketed electrician w new company started
        2) married to an occupational therapist ( but now working for Westjet remotely), due to being a “stay at home mom”.
        3) building a 9000 (questionable) square foot waterfront house somewhere between Cobble Hill and Goldstream)
        4) tons of “builders liens” on home half built
        5) was wiring “grow ops” for cash in rural Lake Cowichan to pay the bills (didn’t pull permits)
        Here’s the need. A good Christian family man, that made a dumb choice and had pressure from the princess, and did what he thought he could to pay the bills.

        • If “the word on the street” is accurate, I see several areas in which Mr. Kilmer could have had problems. Wiring grow ups can put one in relationships with the wrong people. Meaning no disrespect to you, I just cannot vouch for the accuracy of that information. Ty for sharing it.

          • Speculation but wonder if there is a connection to Kilmer and the marine survey dude from Port Alberni at all. Kilmer going missing like this on the same day is baffling, they say coincidence, no such thing as coincidences I was told once.

  65. They came from Panama, not Ecuador which is the whole basis of your story. And that’s a lot of pretty trashy speculation, it’s not the most difficult thing to save up 100, 000.. many people save up much more for homes and land, and if they saved it up which seems reasonable then I don’t see why it’s so ridiculous that they would want to save some money. Or ridiculous for anyone wanting to save money for that matter. They may have inherited money as well, or things that they sold. How much do you really know about these two mens employment and financial situations throughout their lives?

    • They didn’t tell people the truth about where they were going because they were picking up dope and had undoubtedly been told to lie. This is not rocket science. I know, and am not allowed to reveal, who bought the boat, and it wasn’t them. You go ahead an believe they are innocent if you want to be stupid. So why would one pay for two one way airline tickets to So. Amer. and two tickets back to save a a few dollars a month on docking fees for the winter? And you believe that they just happened to take a hike on a deserted logging road in the middle of nowhere and ran into a murderer? Have ypou lost your mind?

      • Both of you guys are correct. They bought the vessel in Ecuador 2 years ago, and docked it, at some point in Panama for the winter. Then, this spring, flew to Panama to bring vessel to Canada. A few things are sketchy about this.
        1) Vessel was registered as a Cdn vessel 2 years ago, but wasn’t even here in Canada.
        2) duties and taxes not paid till landing @ Ucluelet.
        3) Ucluelet is not a registered customs office. There is a phone that VISITORS can call to clear into Canada, not a place that one can import, pay duties and tax associate. Check the CCBA website.
        4) Harbourmaster, Kevin Cortes must somehow be involved.
        5) They dock in Ukee and head to Jordan River, 5 hours away ? Victoria is one hour away (by vehicle), and Vic has a “legit” customs office.
        Thoughts anyone ?

        • You have obviously thought this through with a knowledge far superior to mine regarding your understand of boat registration. I really appreciate your insight as I am sure my readers do. Regarding Kevin Cortes, I do not have enough knowledge of these matters to speculate on his culpability or lack thereof. I do know that when the bikers require services they can be very convincing. Regarding a “legit” versus a “non-legit” customs office, if I had a few bricks of dope in my backpack and/or if I wanted to avoid answering questions about my outing, and/or if I needed to avoid any type of inspection, personal, or of the boat, I would certainly pick the “non-legit” office over the “legit” one. Thank you for well thought out comments.

  66. Just curious if the video device, which captured the pair at Ucluelet, might also have picked up the perpetrators of the crime? We only see a snippet of what was surely recorded, and even that shows a big dude on a phone passing through the screen capture. The RCMP were quick to declare this disappearance suspicious and I am betting the video was the trigger for that. Your thoughts?

    • The other person walking by was the dock manager. Hal, to my knowledge none of this information you have written is factual. It is all your speculations. You have no evidence to back your story. You did not know them or anything about their lives. I’m really surprised by the amount of people that are sharing this tabloid type article. Absolutely no respect for these men and all those who now grieve their loss.

      This article is total slander

      • I will give you the same answer I gave the last doubter. “In other words, I am lying or my source is lying. Thanks for the respect, not! If you want to believe in fairy tales go right ahead and do so, and go right ahead and believe two broke guys have $100,000 laying around to buy a boat and then the money to sail coast to coast (twice) and purchase airline tickets (twice) between So. Amer. and Canada, and that all of that is cheaper than mooring costs. Also, believe that they took a leisurely stroll twenty clicks from nowhere and then bumped into a murderer who just happened to be out in the middle of nowhere also.” I have no respect for people who are willing to help other people who are weakened by drugs to kill themselves. That said, I have no respect for fools like you. Oh, and by the way, truth is never slander.

  67. So customs boarded the boat in Uclulet and cleared them with a couple bricks in their luggage? I think not… Although I do believe 100% this wss drug related. Also why do you choose the “Hells Angels?” There are many other gangs and individuals who are capable of this.

    • Why would customs board a boat owned by a Canadian and sailing in Canadian waters, especially if that boat, unbeknownst to customs cut a wide birth north of Ucluelet and then swung back in so as not to appear as though it came from the U.S? As a Canadian in Canada, I don’t have to go through customs unless I am known to have left the country instead of just having come down the coast. My contact said bikers. I never said HA.

      • You can’t be serious. You know very well they were importing a boat which they bought overseas. The pair cleared customs normally and began the process of paying for import taxes. The RCMP themselves stated as much.

        You’re clearly delusional.

        • Then the DEA is up here in Canada investigating it because there is no dope involved, is that what you think? Overseas? “Overseas” means Europe. As far as leaving from Panama goes, if they go to Ecuador from Panama, load the boat in Ecuador and then head to Canada, that is referred to as “leaving from Ecuador” because they left from Ecuador to Canada. You are clearly an idiot.

  68. It’s really scummy to drag 2 mens’ names through the mud on pure speculation and zero proof. You are accusing Daley and Archbald of some pretty serious things without backing up any of those accusations with actual proof.

    • This is not rocket science. You go ahead an believe they are innocent if you want to be stupid. So why would one pay for two one way airline tickets to So. Amer. and two tickets back to save a a few dollars a month on docking fees for the winter? And you believe that they just happened to take a hike on a deserted logging road in the middle of nowhere and ran into a murderer? Have you lost your mind? Of course, all that doesn’t account for the ion scans.

      • Why would they do it? For an adventure. I come from a family of sailors (who do nothing illegal). Sailors would see a big, challenging trip like this as a great opportunity. These men have no history of drug smuggling – they DO have a history of adventure seeking. Why would middle aged family men with no known criminal history decide to suddenly smuggle large quantities of drugs? Seems completely out of character.

        • This isn’t “suddenly”. Their first trip was two years before. Why? The obvious answers are stupidity and greed. The less obvious is a possible dope habit. I really cannot guess why. I just know that they did it. That fact is beyond a doubt.

          • Some of these comments are extremely hard for me to read. I understand that this story is big…people are interested and there’s a lot of question marks. But as a person with an insiders view, so many of these speculative and sensationalized theories really bother me. I knew these people. They weren’t career smugglers, addicts, dealers, bikers, killers or anything even close to the sort. They were kind gentle souls with families and many friends who loved them. Responding to Hal’s comment about why they travelled down 2 years previous… Hal says “stupidity and greed”, like this big smuggling plan has been in the works for years? If you actually did some research, you’d know that neither of the boys owned that boat until recently. It had been sailed down by a mutual friend and his wife on their honeymoon years previous. They left the boat down there so they could travel down during the Canadian winters and sail. Plain and simple. If Dan travelled down 2 years ago…it was simply to go sailing with his close friends and nothing more. Making wild and unfounded speculations like that is a slippery slope. It feeds these completely unfounded theories and fuels more and more of these sorts of negative comments. The point is, even the people closest to these guys don’t fully understand what happened. No one who knew them can imagine any sort of scenario where someone would want to kill them. They were kind, gentle souls, good people who would never hurt anyone. Obviously they somehow got themselves into a bad situation. Or perhaps just wrong place wrong time. As far as your “evidence” regarding trace Fentanal all over the boat…I challenge anyone making that claim to produce that documentation, because I would wager money that it’s complete bullshit. And anyone who thinks those duffle bags had drugs in them is completely clueless. Silly people making baseless judgments, probably based on dumb shit they’ve seen in the movies.
            Exactly what happened, no one really knows. So until the absolute facts are revealed, I wish people would stop with the far flung theories. Imagine this was your friend or loved one.

            • I can tell you with ABSOLUTE ASSURANCE that Dan Daley was a longtime/career drug smuggler. I know you don’t want to hear it, but that is a fact. I have been told by a reliable source that there are people who are doing, and/or who did, jail time for him because he paid them to take the fall. I can also tell you that with his record in the U.S. there is no way that some member(s) of his family dis not know.

              I can also tell you with ABSOLUTE ASSURANCE that if my source said that swabs tested positive for fentanyl, then the swabs tested positive fentanyl. The individual who told me did not know me from Adam and did not know either of your friends, and therefore, had no reason to lie. Add to that the fact that the DEA has publicly announced that they are here to investigate Archbald’s and Daley’s drug connection and the question as to what they were doing is moot.

              As far as them being gentle souls goes, they might well have presented themselves as persons of mild manners, but they were willing to watch people die from what they smuggled. How do you square your perception with the picture of Daley proudly brandishing two shotguns?

              No, we don’t know EXACTLY what happened, but we do know in general what happened. They were smuggling dope, something went terribly wrong, their partners/employers blamed them for it and murdered them. To believe they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time is silliness. They just happened to have found themselves twenty miles from nowhere on a deserted logging road; really, is that what your head tells you?

        • Financial and personal desperation? Dude tried to sell his life for a million bucks. A dreamer, probably naively thought he might help his buddy and himself get ahead and the people they trusted killed them and robbed them. This is only a guess and I am only an interested Vancouver Island resident who would like to see these murders solved. But if I had to guess, I’d say treachery and murder.

  69. So they were cleared by customs with a couple bricks in their bags? I think not… Although I am sure it was drug related. Also why do you refer to the Hells Angels? There are many other gangs etc besides them that could be involved.

    • Why would customs board a boat owned by a Canadian and sailing in Canadian waters, especially if that boat, unbeknownst to customs cut a wide birth north of Ucluelet and then swung back in to as not to appear as though it came from the U.S? As a Canadian in Canada, I don’t have to go through customs unless I am known to have left the country instead of just having come down the coast. My contact said bikers. I never said HA.

  70. What would the reasoning be for dumping at least the majority of their load. If they knew they still were going to meet whomever, I’m assuming to protect their family. Was that a better option of likely being killed rather than going to jail?

    • This is obviously speculation but my take on it is that had they dumped 100% of dope they would have been okay. The bikers would not have been happy, but they understand that not every smuggling operation is successful. So they would have looked at the situation and made a decision as to whether or not dumping the dope was a reasonable action. You must appreciate the fact that there are not a lot of people who have the ability to sail from Ecuador to Canada and there would be other days to try again. However, I am guessing that these two, rather than dumping it all, decided to hang onto to few bricks so their trip would not have been in vain, and they got caught with those bricks and that is what signed their death warrants. That’s my thinking. Why did they do that? My contact told me they were party animals in Ecuador while waiting for their ship to be loaded. Maybe they were high, and they don’t call it dope because it makes you smart.

      • This whole article is speculation. There is absolutely no proof that there was any drugs involved. Only word of mouth. There is much more proof of a serial killer prowling the island then this theory honestly.

        • In other words, I am lying or my source is lying. Thanks for the respect, not! If you want to believe in fairy tales go right ahead and do so, and go right ahead and believe two broke guys have $100,000 laying around to buy a boat and that sailing cost and two one-way airline tickets (twice) between So. Amer. and Canada is cheaper than mooring costs. Also, believe that they took a leisurely stroll twenty clicks from nowhere and then bumped into a murderer who just happened to be out in the middle of nowhere also.

      • If you smuggle and lose a load, you are responsible for it. Doesn’t matter if it’s dumped, stolen or you get caught. You pay $ or your life. Then there was the stalling for 3 days to leave the dock because they knew. What about the part where they sailed to hawaii and then to Canada. You saying that was a lie?

        • Being responsible for it with dollars means that you might be allowed to do another trip in order to pay off the debt. In other words, as I said, losing a load can be forgivable depending on the circumstances. However, losing a load and stealing at the same time is an entirely different matter. Regarding Hawaii, my person made no mention of it. Having made no mention of it, I then laid down a logical course on the map I provided. That understood, they might have stopped in Hawaii. However, Hawaii is south of the U.S. mainland and their boat could still have easily been spotted passing Port Angeles as my source told me. Again, the map I showed was based on the information I had that the boat had departed from Ecuador and passed by Port Angeles. The possible Hawaii stop alters nothing about what occurred. It only changes their course before passing Port Angeles.

          • Trying to sell your life for a million dollars, later implicated in drug smuggling. Here’s a thought: selling his life was an attempt to pay an existing debt for a lost load, present run was an attempt to fix it. Or not.

            • It is a bizarre story. I have it from a confidential source that this was at least the second run with the first having been successful. I truly do not know exactly what to believe, other than it is 100% that they were smuggling.

  71. Why does the Red Line go so far up the coast of BC? Even if they went wide around Port Angeles, they still have to go to Ucluelet which is near the entrance to the JDF Strait, which is only maybe a 4-5 hour boat ride from Port Angeles.

    • The point of my map was to show the boat well out to sea as it passed Port Angeles, not to show its path in the waters north of Port Angeles. For all I knew, and still do not know, they may have continued North and doubled back to Ucluelet. My contact is American and only told me the course of the boat from Ecuador to Port Angeles. Therefore, I simply showed the red line turning toward the Canadian coast after passing Port Angeles

  72. I’m confused on the whole “wide berth around Port Angeles” point. Were they originally destined for Northern BC? Because the red line from Ecuador to Canada that shows it going “wide” around Port Angeles, shows it going North of the Haida Gwaii. Ucluelet is located in the middle of the Western side of Vancouver island, near the entrance to the JDF Strait, maybe a 4-5 hour boat ride from Port Angeles. Just a little confused about this point. Not trying to discredit you for your info but the red line is no where close to Ucluelet. Other than this fact, everything else seems like a legitimate explanation.

    • I don’t take it as a negative from you at all. The point of my map was to show the boat well out to sea as it passed Port Angeles, not to show its path in the waters north of Port Angeles. For all I knew, and still do not know, they may have continued North and doubled back to Ucluelet. My contact is American and only told me the course of the boat from Ecuador to Port Angeles.

    • Thank you. A few readers on Facebook called me out on that. So I called my contact and confirmed that I had made a mistake by going rogue on her and digging up those court records on my own. I corrected the site about an hour ago and appreciate you pointing out my error to me.

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