Drugs Lead To Another Woman Being Beaten

Drugs Lead To Another Woman Being Beaten

More Drugs, More Thugs, More Drama, and Sadly, More Abuse of Women

Victoria, BC – One man is in custody after a serious assault and forcible confinement that occurred on Saturday, January 24th.

In the early afternoon, the Victoria Police were called to the 100-block of Gorge Road East. They were responding to a report of a badly injured woman. She had been found by neighbours in a hallway at an apartment building. When officers arrived they found the victim with what were described as significant injuries. Consequently, she was rushed to hospital by the Provincial Ambulance Service.

As the investigation unfolded, officers learned the identity of suspect. They were able to talk him out of the suite and make the arrest without incident. The victim remains in hospital with significant serious injuries and is being supported by police.

The suspect is a 40-year-old Victoria man. He was the subject of a tele-bail and will appear in court today. Due to the circumstance, police are recommending charges of aggravated assault. Additionally, they are asking crown for charges of uttering threats and forcible confinement.

Drugs are unforgiving

Can you say “drugs” or “alcohol”? Obviously, addiction is at the root of this assault. When you see this kind of rage, you can’t think anything else.

The rage this guy carries reminds me of Wyatt Prince. When I knew Prince he used to beat women. Then one night he crossed the line and told me he had murdered Paul Rouxel. Consequently, I turned him in.

Addiction and anger lead to violence, and sometimes death. This woman beater needs to do some serious jail time. Maybe that will teach him not to hit women.

My voice is limited; yours is limitless

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