Escapee Tyler Fong Re-captured in Surrey

After two weeks on the run, escapee Tyler Fong was re-captured in Surrey on October 21 following a brief foot chase. Let’s hope that the next time Fong is escorted somewhere that there are two guards on him AT ALL TIMES. If you missed my original posting, I have included it below.  First though, I will deal with a comment from Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps.

My cartoon, above, caused a controversy

After posting that cartoon, Mayor Lisa Helps decided to criticize me on Twitter by calling me disrespectful.

I don’t appreciate this kind of disrespect.

I would like to remind Mayor Helps of a few things

  1. Truth can never be disrespectful.  However, every half truth or outright lie is rooted in disrespect.  They are simply self-protective attempts to deceptively manipulate a person’s thinking and/or actions.
  2. What was disrespectful was these guards not doing their job properly.  It was their failure that allowed Tyler Fong to escape.
  3. The ultimate disrespect was to the public who was endangered.  It was also to our police.  They were tasked with having to re-capture Fong because of the failure of the guards.

My cartoon was not disrespectful

Mayor Helps’ comment was not about my joke.  I believe it was about my disagreement with the mayor regarding her quasi-legalization of pot stores in Victoria.  Not wanting to fight that fight with me, I believe she decided to play the “politically correct” card.  By doing so, she hoped to lessen my credibility.  The effect of that would be to blunt my criticism of her drug policies which invite motorcycle gangs to Victoria and threaten to turn Victoria into a dope destination instead of a tourist destination.

Now, here is my original posting about Tyler Fong’s escape.  (Please read carefully exactly what I believe these guards did and the compelling evidence behind my belief.  Then you decide)

If you didn’t see all the commotion at Victoria General Hospital last night (Oct 4), it was Tyler Fong escaping lawful custody. In yet another EXCLUSIVE, I am reporting that he is now on the run after having beaten a Wilkinson Road Prison Guard.  He then carjacked an unsuspecting victim and upended a motorcyclist in the process. Without a doubt, an intense manhunt has already begun.

The Two Faces of Tyler Fong
—- The Two Faces of Tyler Fong


Here is a May 22nd, 2015 news release about Fong from the Nanaimo News Bulletin

Property crime suspect rams police cars, jumps in Nanaimo River to avoid capture

Nanaimo police arrested a 31-year-old man Thursday afternoon, but only after the suspect fought with police, rammed several police cars and jumped into the Nanaimo River to evade arrest.

According to an RCMP press release, Nanaimo Mounties were tipped off by Island District General Investigation Section members monitoring the suspect, who was wanted for driving offences and property crimes, that he was driving a vehicle near University Village shopping centre in Harewood.

When police tried to block his car, the suspect rammed police vehicles and sped off.

An RCMP helicopter tracked the suspect’s car as it travelled at high speed southbound on the Nanaimo Parkway where police deployed a spike belt, deflating the vehicle’s tires. The suspect abandoned the car near the Duke Point overpass where he made attempts to get other drivers to pick him up.

When police moved in again, the suspect jumped into the Nanaimo River and injured his ankle.

He was finally apprehended when he swam to shore. He was held in custody to appear in Nanaimo provincial court Friday to face previous charges for offences allegedly committed in Ladysmith and Duncan and additional recommended charges from Thursday’s chase that include evading police, resisting arrest, dangerous driving and possession of stolen property.

Charges, including five counts of assaulting a police officer – with a motor vehicle – dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and evading police were sworn against Tyler Fong Friday.

Fong remains in custody until he appears before a provincial court judge who will decide whether Fong will be released.


Tyler Fong was at Victoria Gen. Hosp.
Victoria General in View Royal, BC

How did Tyler Fong pull it off?

There was a huge breach of sound security protocol

Incredibly, Fong was allowed to go into the bathroom by himself.  He was wearing only shackles, and not even accompanied by a guard.  Fong had obviously “suit-cased” [inserted into a body orifice not made for eating] a homemade key of some nature.  He then simply used it to release his shackles.

Next, he surprised the guard just outside of the bathroom.  He then beat him badly, and escaped out the public doors of the hospital before any “lock down” or security personnel could trap him.  Once outside, Fong carjacked some innocent bystander.  He hit the motorcycle while speeding off, and disappeared into the night.

How you know the account I gave you is correct

I realize that the original police media release said nothing about a carjacking, and  instead referred to Fong as having “stolen a car”.

All I can tell you is that on the run from hospital security, and perhaps a Prison Guard, and with cops definitely on the way, Fong did not have time to hot wire a car.  [It was a carjacking!]

While watching the news last night, I saw one of the reporters ask how many Prison Guards were “ON” Fong at the time he escaped.

There was one Prison Guard only at the “moment” he escaped when there should have been two. How do I know this? Because had there been two Prison Guards, two guards would been beaten instead of one, or does anybody believe that a second Prison Guard just watched it all go down without doing anything?

The Two Faces of Tyler Fong should have been shackledHow can I be so sure that the prisoner removed his shackles? 

Because a shackled prisoner cannot “out hobble” an unshackled guard.

What makes me believe that the inmate was allowed into a bathroom alone?

Because Fong would not have been able to remove his shackles while sitting with guards in the emergency room. Therefore, Fong must have been alone in a room and the only logical room in which to have left him alone would have been a bathroom with no windows and only one door. Even in the bathroom though, Fong could not have removed his shackles had a guard been in the bathroom with him watching.

Why do I think that the one guard watching him was outside the bathroom door?

Because it has already been proven that Fong must have removed his shackles which he would not have been able to do had the guard been in the bathroom with him and because the only logical place for the guard to have been was outside of the bathroom door to ensure that no civilian walked in on the situation.

Tyler Fong escapesTyler Fong has a lengthy and violent record going back as far as 2002

He is an active drug user, deeply involved in the drug trade.  He has been been found guilty multiple times with “Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking”.  Additionally, he has been found guilty of “Break and Enter”, Possession of Stolen Property”, and of running from the police.  Moreover, he has a record of violence toward the police.  When police do catch up with him, Fong will not go down easily.

Tyler Desmond Fong is a violent and dangerous fugitive, the apprehension of who will certainly demonstrate the risks our police take to protect us

car model stolen by Tyler FongFong was last seen in a stolen 2000 Chrysler Concorde, similar to the one pictured here, BC License # 166 RGC, although as I update this blog sometime after midnight, I sincerely doubt that he is still driving it. It is just too hot by now.

My educated guess? He is a drug addict and will go where he has a relationship with drug dealers and that would be Nanaimo. Drug addicts always seek drugs. That is why it is called an “addiction”. He’s probably thinking, “I’m going to get caught; so, I may as well get high first”. In fact, I believe Tyler Fong escaped for the sole purpose of doing drugs and crime. To believe differently is to think that he escaped with the intent of getting clean, assuming a new identity, melting into society and getting a normal job. Thus, Fong will likely be re-captured somewhere North of Duncan along the Vancouver Island drug route. At this point, I believe Fong would be exceedingly lucky if he remained free for more than another twenty-fours hours

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