Drug Dealers Sell Death

drug dealers sell death

I am totally disgusted by the Times Colonist and especially by Louise Dickson who writes for it. It appears that neither have any concept of community values, nor of the evils of drugs. They excuse drug dealing because somebody was out of work.  Now, for the second time, they have published an emotional article about the death of a drug dealer in January of 2014. Why eulogize a dead drug dealer, again? Drug dealers sell death.

Drug dealers sell death and

sometimes reap what they sow.

Drug dealers sell death
Kyle Jansen

Kyle Jansen was a drug dealer and drug dealers sell death.

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Kyle Jansen, the 29 year old murder victim of a stabbing in his leg died in hospital on Thursday. This was a drug related stabbing. The Langford Stabbing Wasn’t A Horrible Freak Accident as reported by the Times Colonist. It was part of the risks that Mr. Jansen had signed up for when he decided to sell drugs.

A long time criminal

Jansen had moved to Langford from Vancouver where he had been been convicted of, surprise of surprises, drug trafficking. In greater Victoria, Mr. Jansen was also arrested for…surprise of surprises…drug trafficking. While on pre-trial bail for that charge, he was found guilty of Breach of Recognizance.

Jansen was beaten and stabbed in the leg while being robbed. Sadly, though, the knife probably hit his femoral artery with deadly effects.

Thus, for the Times Colonist to have called this a ” freak accident” at that time was bad journalism. A “freak accident” would be an accident at which no damage was anticipated.

When you stab somebody, you can expect severe damage, if not death. People do bleed to death, and Kyle Jansen was left in a vacant parking lot where it should have been expected that death might ensue. This was NOT a “freak accident”.

This is the same writer and newspaper who misreported facts surrounding the Wyatt Prince murder.

Drug dealers sell deathThat was the Times Colonist trying to make us feel sorry for Jansen.

Then the Times Colonist went on with its liberal clap trap with the following remarks about Jansen.

  • Jansen had been trying to get clean.
  • He was in and out of rehab.
  • Jansen was studying to be a carpenter.
  • He was only selling drugs because he got laid off.

Neither the Times Colonist, nor Louise Dickson have the slightest clue about addition

A drug habit will consume every penny somebody can earn. Accordingly it made no difference whether or not Jansen was working. An apprentice carpenter could NOT earn enough money to support a heroin habit. Jansen, knowing the miseries of a drug habit, chose to sell his drugs to others, not caring about their miseries, only his own. Those are the facts.

Drug dealers sell death and Jansen was a drug dealer.

To how many of your sons, daughters or loved ones did he sell poison? Did anybody overdose and die on drugs he sold them? How much crime was committed in order to raise money to buy drugs from him?

We will never know the answers to those questions. But the Times Colonist doesn’t care. Instead, it would rather write a bleeding heart story about how Jansen was trying to turn his life around. Maybe somebody he sold to was trying to turn his/her life around? Did they ever think about that?

Drug Dealers sell death
Daniel Phelps

There was overwhelming evidence that Daniel Phelps killed Kyle Jansen

  1. Jansen’s blood was found on Phelps.
  2. Jansen made a “dying declaration” that Phelps had stabbed him.
  3. Jansen had no drugs on him when discovered. As he was a drug dealer, this indicates he may have been robbed.
  4. A  T-shirt and rags, a floor mat covered in blood, cigarette butts and a baseball hat belonging to Jansen were recovered on Millstream Lake Road. Phelps’ DNA was found on the shirt and some of the cigarette butts.
  5. When Phelps was arrested the day after the murder, he was overdosing on a plentiful supply of heroin.

You should not feel sorry for either Phelps or Jansen. They each made their choices.

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