Fear Mongering or Warning?

Fear Mongering or Warning?

Some of you have accused me of fear mongering.  My friends, the only difference between fear mongering and giving a warning exists in the eyes of the listener.

It is not fear mongering to suggest you educate yourself

If you want to stay in denial, then you see it as fear mongering.  On the other hand, if you are a realist and are willing to listen to people who know, you will be grateful for the warning.  Then perhaps you will take whatever action you feel appropriate for your family.

I would suggest that your first step should be educating your family and yourself.  You see, I lived for some 15 years within the element of which I speak.  As a result, I have been attacked with bear spray.  Also, I fended off a stabbing.  Accordingly, I have an inside perspective that can only be gained by experience.

Since I have walked the walk I know of what I speak

There are gangstas, real ones from gangs you have heard of.  They call me from prison because they know they will get truth from me.  As I said, I know from the inside.  Am I fear mongering or warning?

My voice is limited; yours is limitless

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