Fentanyl, Braiden Rathy, Red Scorpions (Part 1)

I often follow the news coming out of Nanaimo because that port city is central to the Vancouver Island drug chain. As such, problems that exist in Nanaimo will find their way down island to Langford and other south island cities. One of the stories that caught my interest lately is the story of an alleged prolific burglar and drug addict, Braiden Rathy.  Accordingly, this blog will be about fentanyl, Braiden Rathy and the Red Scorpions.

Fentanyl, Braiden Rathy, Red Scorpions is a six part posting with links for the other parts to follow at the bottom of the page

One – The Crimes, the Accomplices(?) & the Motivation

Two – The Justice System Responds to Braiden Rathy

Three – Braiden Rathy’s Victims Have Been Psychologically Raped

Four – Braiden Rathy Avoiding Consequences of His Crimes

Five – How he cased and burgled his targets

Six – Is this the “Old Brooklyn Two-Step?

Red Scorpions & fentanyl

The Red Scorpions are a key to this story. That’s because that gang is the primary supplier of fentanyl here on Vancouver Island. As discussed in other blog postings on this site, fentanyl is a highly addictive and often deadly drug. Consequently, it is at the root of much violent crime and many overdose deaths.  It is a fentanyl addiction that fueled Braiden Rathy’s rampage of burglaries.

RedScorpions-death banner copyFentanyl has changed life for the addict and the public

Fentanyl has altered the drug scene throughout Canada and here on Vancouver Island. While Surrey has for the past decade been mired crime. Vancouver Island has, for the most part, escaped those things. Fentanyl is changing that with overdoses soaring, an increase in home invasions and escalating violence.

Fentanyl is being added to almost every drug you can imagine. It is being used to strengthen cocaine, marijuana and heroin. It is even used in combination with stolen pills that are sold on the streets. Those pills include drugs such as hydromorphone, oxycontin, etc.

Fentanyl is inexpensive for the Red Scorpions and other gangs to acquire when purchased in larger quantities. Additionally, it can be procured in many forms. Therefore it is cheap and simple to adulterate any drug with it. It is also used to counterfeit other drugs.

Fentanyl’s price, combined with its superior addictive qualities, make it wildly profitable for upper level dealers. Fentanyl is fast becoming the drug of choice for many addicts.

Braiden Rathy will be part of a “landmark” case

The case against Braiden Rathy could set a new standard for crimes involving burglary here in British Columbia. It is a standard that needs to be set.

www.breakingthecode.ca fentanylHeretofore, burglars brought their stolen goods home. Then they sold them off for drugs or drug money according to the demands of the black market. The result of this acquisition and sales dynamic was such that a prolific burglar often had a selection of stolen goods at home awaiting a potential buyer.

When the police happened upon that burglar at his or her home, they often found a cache of stolen property. Then only the burglar was charged with the crime no matter who else might have resided in that home. It would have been difficult to prove others had knowledge of the fact that the goods were stolen.

Why do I think this will be a “landmark” case?

The news release from RCMP mentioned that the parents of Braiden Rathy, namely Douglas Rathy and Ruth Rathy, are also being charged with “Possession of Stolen Property”.  The inference to be drawn by those charges is that RCMP believes it possesses enough evidence to prove the parents had substantial knowledge of the burglaries.  Thus, they were complicit by allowing their son to store his stolen goods in their home. To my memory, this prosecution of the parents is a “first time ever” type of prosecution in British Columbia.

What other facts can we discern from this news release?

How could the parents not have known that their son was bringing home stolen merchandise?

You need to consider that RCMP is a professional organization. Accordingly, it must have had strong evidence as to the alleged awareness level of the parents before asking Crown to lay those charges.  I believe it must have taken into consideration thinking such as what follows herein.www.breakingthecode.ca

  1. The parents had to have known that their son had a drug addiction. One cannot hide a fentanyl addiction for any length of time from people with whom that addict is close.
  2.  Multiple passports were among the stolen items recovered. It is difficult for anybody to come up with a credible explanation as to how they came into possession of another individual’s passport.  It is impossible to explain away multiple passports. Therefore, anyone aware of the passports certainly knew that they must have been stolen.
  3. Knowing their son to be a drug addict and to be both unemployed and unemployable, from where did the parents believe the merchandise that their son was bringing home came?
  4. Bearing those factors and other factors in mind, can there exist for the parents any legitimate claim for “plausible deniability”?

At what point does turning a blind eye become complicity?

When speaking of Douglas and Ruth Rathy, we are not dealing with uneducated individuals. The father has a home design and contracting business and attended B.C.I.T. whereat he studied architecture. Accordingly, the following questions require answers.

  1. At what point do parents have a responsibility to “the law” and to society that supersedes their desire to protect their son?
  2. At what point was the parent’s silence enabling their son’s drug addiction?
  3. When does a parent’s enabling their son’s criminality cross the line to criminal complicity?
  4. Braiden Rathy has been charged with twenty-two criminal counts. Additionally, with reports of some one hundred similar crimes, it becomes obvious that even more charges will follow. Can you imagine the volume of merchandise generated by a three month crime wave? Therefore, how could the parents have not been aware of what was happening?

Fentanyl, Braiden Rathy and the Red Scorpions links for various parts

Two – The Justice System Responds to Braiden Rathy

Three – Braiden Rathy’s Victims Have Been Psychologically Raped

Four – Braiden Rathy Avoiding Consequences of His Crimes

Five – How he cased and burgled his targets

Six – Is this the “Old Brooklyn Two-Step?

What is your opinion? Leave your comments below.

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