Fentanyl, Braiden Rathy, Red Scorpions (Part 3)

As we have been analyzing the story of Braiden Rathy and his alleged string of some one hundred burglaries, reminiscent of Derek Fast’s burglary spree two years ago, we have talked about the Red Scorpions and other gangs who who have set up shop on Vancouver Island and grow rich from killing people with fentanyl and other drugs.  We have talked about the great job done by the RCMP in identifying and arresting Braiden Rathy, what Crown Prosecutors must now do, and we have even discussed our judges, what they must do and how they are failing us.  We have not discussed the fact that Braiden Rathy’s victims have been psychologically raped and what their victimization will mean in their lives,

Fentanyl, Braiden Rathy, Red Scorpions is a six part posting.  The links to the other parts follow at the bottom of the page

One: The Crimes, the Accomplices(?) & the Motivation

Two: The Justice System Responds to Braiden Rathy

Three: Braiden Rathy’s Victims Have Been Psychologically Raped

Four: Braiden Rathy Avoiding Consequences of His Crime

Five: How he cased and burgled his targets

Six: Is this the “Old Brooklyn Two-Step?

My ex-roommate and I know what it means to be a victim

crimesceneShe has been threatened and attacked on the street because of the minor role she played in the conviction of Wyatt Prince for the murder of Paul Rouxel, and she and I have been attacked with bear mace once, me with a screwdriver another time and I have endured the insults of an idiot judge, Madam Justice Susan Griffin. I have also had my house burgled by Wyatt Prince, and I can tell you first hand that the burglary occupied my mind as much as any of those other events because those other events were things that I could face head on while the burglary was something against which I could not defend my ex-roommate or myself.

There is no such thing as a “petty crime” to a victim

The following is quoted from http://www.safessentials.com/Blog/the-psychological-effects-of-a-home-burglary-/How do Burglaries Affect Homeowners?

Being the victim of a burglary can take its toll. In addition to financial loss, burglary victims are often left with psychological and emotional scars.  In fact, studies show that victims of burglaries often experience emotions similar to those of victims of assault and other types of violent crimes.  The psychological effects of a break-in can lead to feelings and emotions like the following:

  • Constant and overwhelming fear.
  • Anger that can affect all areas of a victim’s life.
  • Grief over lost belongings, as well as over lost feelings of safety, security and peace of mind.
  • Feelings of guilt over failing to protect one’s home.

This could be a frightened victim of Braiden RathyAlso, due to the way break-ins are handled by authorities, as well as their low probability of ever being solved, many victims develop a deep distrust of police and their ability to protect and serve homeowners. This can cause burglary victims to feel perpetually unsafe and afraid in their own homes. As a result of this, many victims even experience difficulties in their careers and personal lives. The emotions associated with being the victim of a burglary can lead to physical symptoms as well as emotional and psychological. Many victims of break-ins report physical symptoms like the ones listed below.

  • Chronic anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Sleeplessness or insomnia.
  • Obsessive/compulsive behaviors.

All of the above is compounded by the fact that the alleged victims of Braiden Rathy were targeted in a manner unlike the random targeting of most homes by a burglar.  For a lack of a better word, they were actually “stalked”…

Because of this stalking, these were brutal crimes, not just regular burglaries…

  1. It is one thing to be randomly targeted.  It is quite another to be studied by a criminal and then to have to worry whether that burglar might come again.  Maybe the next time he might accidentally strike when somebody is home.  If so, that could turn violent.
  2. As a husband, I would be thinking about what might happen every time I left my wife alone.
  3. As a father with children in my home, I would be worried what might happen every time I left my wife alone with the kids.
  4. Also, as a son or daughter of an elderly couple, I would spend my days and evenings fretting about my parents and their safety.
  5. Even as a neighbor of one of the victims, I would find myself dwelling on the “what ifs”.

www.breakingthecode.caCrime begets more crime

Mixed in with Braiden Rathy’s string of burglaries and the charges against Rathy’s parents, is yet another crime by a 33 three year old, unnamed female. This person is charged with “Fraud”. While there are no details concerning those fraud charges, one can make certain assumptions.

Most fraud charges stem from the illegal use of somebody’s identity, either to sign documents or to use their credit cards and/or cheques. Since we already know that certain forms of identity were stolen in the burglaries, it becomes evident that some pieces of identification were used precisely for that purpose, hence the fraud charges.

This type of theft from victims further terrorizes them by stealing, not just their possessions, but also their “good” name and can have repercussions on their credit and on their lives years down the road. It is a heinous and despicable crime.

Should there be any conviction(s), our courts need to take all of those facts into consideration when passing sentences on Douglas and Ruth Rathy, on their son Braiden Rathy and on this unnamed female

Judges Failing To Protect The Public 2It is time for our courts to stop molly cuddling criminals.  They need to start handing out sentences that get the attention of the criminals.  We cannot afford anymore liberal sentences and lenient treatment.  These true for criminals who terrorize us when they invade the sanctity of our homes.  It is times for judges to start protecting us instead of protecting the criminals.  It is time for justice.

Fentanyl, Braiden Rathy and the Red Scorpions

One – The Crimes, the Accomplices(?) & the Motivation

Two – The Justice System Responds to B. Rathy

Four – B. Rathy Avoiding Consequences of His Crime

Five – How he cased and burgled his targets

Six – Is this the “Old Brooklyn Two-Step?

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