Fentanyl, Braiden Rathy, Red Scorpions (Part 5)


Is justice just around the corner for Braiden Rathy’s victims? Will Crown Counsel stand up for them, or will it allow Rathy to cop to some ridiculously short sentence? Will the judge hold Rathy accountable for the damage he has done within the community, or will Rathy’s parents escape unscathed? This is the continuing saga of Fentanyl, Braiden Rathy, Red Scorpions (Part 5) and how Rathy pulled it off.

Incredibly, according to my reading of Court Services Online, 50 counts of B & E have been added to the already existing 22 counts. This brings his grand total to 72 counts so far.

Also, think about this, this only represents the number of counts that RCMP has been able to convince crown that can be proven to a court standard of “Proof beyond a reasonable doubt”. Additionally, there are an untold number of other cases of which Braiden Rathy is likely guilty. Though sadly, RCMP forensics was unable to establish a definitive link.

Braiden Rathy - www.breakingthecode.caImagine the dollars RCMP had to spend to get this case to this point.

While I have no direct knowledge of the costs of running an RCMP Detachment, I have run million dollar companies and understand budgets. Therefore, I can assure you that the hours Braiden Rathy consumed were enormous. In addition to the regular man hours, there overtime man hours. Imagine the time spent interviewing victims and witnesses and the time spent investigating the various crime scenes. Additionally, they had to take fingerprints and shoe prints, etc. Moreover, they had to talk to neighbors and surrounding businesses about any video surveillance. Finally, they had to catalogue the evidence from 100+ crime scenes and then the time spent having forensic examiners painstakingly analyze it. I would estimate it cost RCMP and you well north of $100,000.00.

Braiden Rathy - www.breakingthecode.caI have spoken with several victims of Braiden Rathy who were kind enough to contact me after having seen my blog. What they have to say is astounding and I believe has a bearing on the case(s) against the parents of Braiden Rathy.

According to several of Braiden Rathy’s victims, Rathy often showed up in a Rathy Custom Contracting truck. He wore a hard hat and was clothed in all the gear to look legit, vest, boots, gloves, etc. If challenged by anybody, he had logoed notepads from Rathy Custom Contracting. He had everything to make him appear as though he was there to conduct legitimate business. In other words, he was using his parent’s business as a cover to case houses and rob them.

In a few of the businesses I have run, I had multiple vehicles for employees to use.

I didn’t always know where every vehicle was at all times. However, on most days I could pretty much account for who might be using what vehicle at what hour and for what purpose. That being the case, had somebody been using one of my vehicles five or six times a week, I absolutely would have known.

Braiden Rathy - www.breakingthecode.caDid Rathy Custom Contracting have so many vehicles that Braiden Rathy could grab one at will and trundle off for a few hours every day for three months or so to pull off his surveillances and burglaries?

At what point might you draw the reasonable conclusion that at least one of the parents knew that he was using the truck for illegitimate purposes?  Remember, if either parent knew that he was using a company vehicle, even once or twice, he/she had to know that he was using it for illegitimate purposes. They each knew:

  • He was a drug addict.
  • He was not employed by Rathy Custom Contracting.
  • He was unemployable.
  • He had no use for all the garb that accompanies a legitimate construction worker.
  • Therefore there was no reason for him to have a company vehicle. Additionally, him driving one with his drug habit caused an insurance risk and a risk to the public.

Braiden Rathy - www.breakingthecode.caNow, re-iterating, below, points made about the parent’s obvious knowledge in Part 1 of this series and adding those points together with the fact that RCMP saw fit to ask that the parents be charged, plus the fact that Crown Counsel agreed to do so, I ask again “At what point does turning a blind eye become complicity?”

REMEMBER! When speaking of Douglas and Ruth Rathy, we are not dealing with uneducated individuals. The father has a home design and contracting business and attended B.C.I.T. whereat he studied architecture. Accordingly, the following questions require answers:

  1. At what point does a parent have a responsibility to “the law” and to society that supersedes his/her desire to protect their son?
  2. At what point are parents enabling their son’s drug addiction which was a driving force behind the burglaries?
  3. At what point does a parent’s enabling their son’s criminality cross the line to criminal complicity?
  4. Braiden Rathy has been charged with twenty-two criminal counts. Additionally, there are reports of some one hundred similar crimes. Therefore it becomes obvious that even more charges will follow. Can you imagine the volume of merchandise generated by such a crime wave in the approximately three month period that the article states is being examined? How could the parents have not been aware of what was happening? [That number has now climbed to 72 counts, so please re-imagine the volume of stolen merchandise coming into the house.]

Braiden Rathy - www.breakingtrhecode.caAre the parents good people?

Undoubtedly they are. However, good people sometimes do bad things, or at least dumb things.  Conditional Sentence Orders were designed to deal with just those circumstance, when those bad/dumb things involve violations of the law, not with the violent situations to which too many BC judges currently apply them. Conditional Sentence Orders tell the people that they made a mistake, but do so in a manner that does not tear their life apart. Under Canadian Law, sentencing is also supposed to send a message to the country and to the community that certain actions are intolerable in a society ruled by laws. This message must be sent.

This needs to be a “slap on the wrist”, but one heard across the country.

If adjudged “Guilty”, to allow the parents to walk away from their actions with zero consequences would serve neither justice, nor our country. Both must be served. If ever there existed a time for a Conditional Sentence Order of some nature, I believe this is it.

What about the sentence for Braiden Rathy?

Since it is obvious that there will be no trial. Facing this many burglary charges, even if the number of charges is reduced somewhat, this case will end with a PLEA. The only question are what PLEA the Crown is willing to accept. To how many counts will Braiden Rathy plead guilty? Finally, to how many years will he and his lawyer agree?

The defense will come in asking for two or three years. They will say his spree was driven by the evils of fentanyl and that he is a first time offender. Of course, he could have chosen “rehab” instead of burglary. And from my viewpoint he is a 72 time offender, not a first time offender.

Braiden Rathy - www.breakingthecode.caHow many counts?

At first blush it should make no difference whether he pleads to 7 counts and 65 counts are stayed [dropped], or whether he pleads to 50 counts and 12 are dropped [stayed]. The reality is that there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE. It won’t affect his sentence, because his sentence will be agreed upon no matter the number of counts to which he might plead, “Guilty”.

The difference will come in the message sent to our RCMP. The “stayed” counts tell them that all their hard work is not recognized. Those “stayed” counts say that all the hours their families sacrificed to allow them the time to properly investigate Braiden Rathy aren’t appreciated by the Crown or by the Court. It is an insult to these men and women who serve you with honor and distinction.

How many years?

For how many years will a strange noise not just startle the victims, but instead, alarm them? For how many years will their son wake up in the middle of night, afraid of the dark? For how many years will one of the wives be leery of construction workers? For how many years will their daughter run to her room and hide when a stranger rings the doorbell?

Braiden Rathy - prison+sentenceI think a day under 7 years is just another way to insult the RCMP. But you tell me how many years for invading your home and stealing your family’s peace of mind. Actually, better yet, you tell the Crown. You pick up your telephone and call them at 250.741.3711 and tell them. Then you show up in court by 9:30 AM on October 20 and make sure that they heard you.

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