Fentanyl, Braiden Rathy, Red Scorpions (Part 6)


According to Court Services Online, Braiden Rathy’s trial has been re-scheduled. With the Braiden Rathy trial moved to Oct 19 at 9:30 A.M. I fear we might be victims of a smooth legal ploy.

So, I ask again

“Is justice just around the corner for Braiden Rathy’s victims”? This is the continuing saga of Fentanyl, Braiden Rathy, Red Scorpions (Part 6).

Braiden Rathy trial moved to Oct 19 www.breakingthecode.caIs this the “Old Brooklyn Two-Step”?

I grew up in the U.S.  I had been kidnapped out of Canada at six years of age.

Living there, I watched the politicians down there  use the court scheduling to their advantage.  With great fanfare, they would schedule any hearing that the public might view as controversial and then quietly re-schedule it to a semi-holiday in order to assure as little oversight as possible.  We called that the “Old Brooklyn Two-Step” because the New York politicians were particularly adept at the ploy.

I especially worry that with the Braiden Rathy trial moved to Oct 19 we might be a experiencing that type of chicanery as October 19 is the federal election day.

I think and hope that the Crown is sincere and that this hearing/trial is being re-scheduled to allow for more time so that the victims of Braiden Rathy will have the opportunity to tell of the impact that these crimes had on them and had on their families and I pray, if that is the case, that the judge is going to listen to them and consider what they had to say before making his/her mind up as to the sentence.

This sentencing decision MUST include the victims’ needs

In many plea bargain situations, you do not have a victim, per se, and you certainly don’t have dozens of victims. Accordingly, in many plea bargain situations any agreement reached between Crown and the defense is basically rubber stamped by the judge. That should certainly NOT be the case here.  Otherwise victim impact statements become an insult to the victims, only allowing the victims to think that what they have to say is important.

It is critical that you immediately contact Crown Counsel at 250 741-3711 to let them know that you expect a maximum sentence for Braiden Rathy and that he MUST PLEAD “GUILTY” TO ALL COUNTS. Do you remember why from Part 5 of this ongoing saga?

How many counts?

Braiden Rathy trial moved to Oct 19 www.breakingthecode.caAt first blush it should make no difference whether he pleads to 7 counts and 65 counts are stayed [dropped], or whether he pleads to 50 counts and 12 are dropped [stayed].

The reality is that there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE, not on his sentence, because that will be agreed upon no matter the number of counts to which he might plead, “Guilty”.  No, the difference will come in the message sent to our RCMP.

The “stayed” counts tell them that all their hard work is not recognized.  They say that all the hours their families sacrificed to allow them the time to properly investigate Braiden Rathy aren’t appreciated by the Crown or by the Court. It is an insult to these men and women who serve you with honor and distinction.

With the Braiden Rathy trial moved to Oct 19, will a judge be assigned who is willing to look at what Braiden Rathy did and understand that a recovery program was an option for him, an option of which he willingly refused to avail himself because he was so successful in his criminal activities? Will the judge recognize how much funding Braiden Rathy provided the Red Scorpions so that gang could continue buying fentanyl and other drugs with which to poison and kill our citizens?

Braiden Rathy trial moved to Oct 19 www.breakingthecode.caShrewd move by the parent’s defense lawyer, not also moving their trial date?

With the Braiden Rathy trial moved to Oct 19, what about the trial date for the parents? It is still October 20 at 9:30 A.M. By not tying the parent’s trial to that of their son, defense might be hoping to isolate the parent’s alleged offenses from those of their son, hoping that the judge in the parent’s case might not see the damage done to the victims and the community. If the parents are found guilty, or if they plead out their case as their son Braiden Rathy surely intends to do, the victims need to have their opportunity to also be heard by the presiding judge in the parent’s case. Victims, do not drop the ball here and let a smooth piece of lawyering steal your rights in regard to the parents.


My blogs have spoken often of the justice system

Braiden Rathy trial moved to Oct 19 www.breakingthecode.caThe most important arm of the justice system

Do you know what the most important part of the justice system is? It’s not the Police; nor is it the Crown; it’s not even the Courts. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE JUSTICE SYSTEM IS YOU. Without you, there would be no need for a justice system.

  • Remember, it is your tax dollars that elected the officials who hire the police, the legislature, the courts and the prosecutors
  • It is your tax dollars that pay the salary of every individual who works for any of those organizations
  • It is your tax dollars that built the buildings which those various government arms occupy.  You pay the rent and the maintenance on those buildings

Why would you waste your money?

Without your voice there is no justice.  Because without you, we would have none of these people and we would have no laws or need for laws. Would you spend your money running a business over which you exercised no control? When you put your dollars into something, you have the obligation of “stewardship”. You cannot blame the justice system for failing you if you fail it by not participating in any manner whatsoever.

There can be no justice system without your participation. Make your voice heard on the matters about Rathy and about his parents.

CALL 250 741-3711

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