Gang Murder of Troy McKinnon Is Nanaimo’s Future

Troy McKinnon, blog frontpiece

Let’s just start with the basics. The murder of Troy McKinnon known on the street as “Dax”, was a gang murder.

Troy McKinnon was an Independent Soldier
Two gangs cannot peacefully co-exist in the same territory

Troy McKinnon was a known associate of the Independent Soldiers. However, he was in Nanaimo and if you are non-biker affiliated in Nanaimo you answer to the Red Scorpions. You don’t do your business in another gang’s territory if you value your life. McKinnon knew this and made a decision to take the risk anyhow.

Troy McKinnon was bored by small town life

He had been released on parole to family members up island, but did not like the laid back atmosphere of the small, quiet town. McKinnon was from Vancouver. So, he was accustomed to the big city and the big city ways.

Therefore, McKinnon requested and had his residence transferred to Nanaimo. In Nanaimo, he was back in his element. He was surrounded by Nanaimo’s gangsters, drugs and dangers from the rival, Red Scorpions.

Why run this risk? For two reasons, greed and danger. Greed is an addiction, and never forget that danger is also an addiction.

There are few highs as exciting as risking ones life.  But as with the base jumpers and extreme sports practitioners, their addictions often kill them. Troy McKinnon od’d on his addiction as surely as those to whom he sold drugs sometimes od’d and died. Perhaps there is a slice of justice in those facts.

As expected, Troy McKinnon had an extensive criminal record

In checking Troy McKinnon’s criminal charges, he had 20+ weapons and assault charges. This is exactly the type of profile you might expect from a gangster.

With a record such as Troy McKinnon had it is apparent that he was in compliance with his conditions at the time of his murder. I say this because his conditional release status had not been terminated.

Take my word for it. As a high risk individual, he would have been under heavy surveillance. Accordingly, had he violated any conditions he would have been arrested. Thus, his freedom indicates his compliance.

Troy Dax McKinnon
Troy Dax McKinnon [Updated]

Among his conditions, Troy McKinnon wore an ankle monitor

This is a device with built-in GPS which alerts the police if the wearer goes outside of a given geographic area. Therefore, McKinnon obviously had geographic restrictions as well as curfews.

These facts might be the reason it was a daylight hit/murder. Living in Red Scorpion territory, Troy McKinnon had probably set up some sort of intrusion warning system in his residence. Additionally, there was a likelihood of multiple surveillance cameras.

These hitmen were professionals

Troy McKinnon murdered gangland styleDon’t kid yourself about that fact for even a minute. Proving this, I have it from a good source that every bullet they fired found its mark.

Accordingly, this hit squad would have anticipated alarms and cameras. Because of that they might well have chosen a daylight hit as the most likely to be successful. It would have kept their faces off of his video. As well, it would have avoided him being alerted.

There were three of them.  They used silenced, automatic weapons and two stolen cars. There are no reports of the recovery of those stolen vehicles. However, common sense tells you that if not already found, when found, there will be no fingerprints.

My guess though is that the cars have already been found and were recovered not far from the murder scene. [No, the police do not tell you everything.] In my opinion, this case, like the Lindsay Buziak murder, will probably never be solved.

Do you remember the violent home invasion the next day in the 600 block of Howard Street?

According to the, the police said, “the home invasion incident resulted from an ongoing dispute between a group of young men and was not connected to the fatal shooting of a man in Harewood [McKinnon’s murder] on Saturday, nor is the dispute connected to drugs or organized crime in Nanaimo or elsewhere…

Was this a Troy McKinnon drug houseWith all due respect to the police, I’m not sure I buy that.  My street sources tell me that they were connected.

I’m told that Troy McKinnon controlled the supply of drugs to that house. Accordingly, after McKinnon was murdered, a message was delivered by the Red Scorpions. That’s what the home invasion was. It said, “We are taking over as your drug supplier.”

With consideration of the police statement, I have to ask a few questions:

  • 1st – How often do police issue extensive releases telling us what did not happen?
  • 2nd – If there were no ties to drugs, why were men of such diverse ages gathered together? How is a 47 year old victim considered part of a group of “young men“?
  • 3rd – What kind of ongoing dispute was it?
  • 4th – Why tell us what it wasn’t instead of telling us what it was?
  • 5th – What could it have been to cause several men to do the home invasion, instead of just one?
  • 6th – Obviously, there was an expected violent resistance. Why would one expect such resistance from non-criminals?

My opinion?

I believe the police released their information as they did for two reasons. One, they did not want to cause alarm in the community. Two, they did not want to further a potential gang war.

I warned over a year ago that Nanaimo was turning into a Vancouver Island version of Surrey

Additionally, my blogs also explained how the courts must shoulder a large part of the blame for Nanaimo’s catastrophic rise in crime. Moreover, I even warned about the proliferation of crimes involving weapons. Finally, I warned about lazy crown prosecutors.

The entire justice system, except for the police was in shambles. There were no deterrents coming from the courts. So, it was only a matter of time before gangsters like Troy McKinnon were gunned down in broad daylight by other gangs like the Red Scorpions.

These two stood in the way of police funding

The one bright spot I saw was the police

Sadly, employees/politicians of questionable backgrounds or standards of behaviour have decimated the Nanaimo RCMP. I am specifically referring to Victor Mema, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Tracy Samra, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO).

The City of Nanaimo used to have provisions for the hiring of police. They knew that they needed to accommodate for growth. However, with these two at the helm those funds are no longer available.

The police are disheartened and who can blame them?

With under-funding came under-staffing. Add that to an impotent and lazy crown. Then mix in the judges who know the criminals they release will be living next door to you, and not to them, and the city has been lost.

Because of the lack of law from the courts, Nanaimo, at least the south end, is now ruled by the law of the jungle.  You have biker gangs, ethnic gangs, and lone wolf drug dealers.

How would you like to be a cop?

First, you go out there and risk your life to catch these scumbags. Then some junior crown in a cheap Sears suit doesn’t take the time to build a case.  Instead, crown accepts a plea agreement.

Next, it’s time for the arrogant judge. He/she doesn’t have a clue that gang oaths and drug habits carry more weight with criminals than any respect they could ever have for the court. So, he/she releases them back to the street. Finally, you arrest them again. Then the same broken system makes the same idiot decisions and they are again your dangerous problem with which to deal.

Troy McKinnon cut the guy's ear off
Can you hear me now?

No wonder somebody like Troy McKinnon was free to roam the streets and to set up business again

Do you want to know about this guy? He was on parole after having kidnapped and tortured a North Vancouver drug dealer by the name of Eric Low.

Low wouldn’t answer any questions. Instead, he just sat there screaming in pain from the torture. It was as though Low didn’t hear the questions.

So, Troy McKinnon grabbed a knife and cut off Low’s ear. McKinnon then yelled into the ear that he was holding in his hand, “Can you hear me now?”

UPDATE: A reader tells me it was not Eric Low who had his ear cut off, but another individual.  I thank him/her for that.  The reader also has some other insights. You may read the four comments by this obviously well informed reader following this post. I strongly recommend you do so. The comments give you a deeper understanding of the gang life.

Who lost their ear is unimportant. The story here is that this is the type of individual our who crown counsel are too lazy to prosecute to the max and who our judges think will show their court respect.

Is there any wonder why Nanaimo is overrun with crime?

Well judge, I have a question,

“Can you finally hear us now that a 15 year old boy in Vancouver has paid for your arrogance with his life?”


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    • The last information I have was a report within a week or so of the shooting that RCMP had found the burnt out body of one of the cars, but it was still looking for the other car.

      Then there are the comments appended herein by an obviously very knowledgeable player in the drug world.

      Inn my mind, I believe the only chance the killer(s) in this case will ever be punished will have to come in the form of retaliation from the gangsta world.

      Thank you for your interest.

  1. I skimmed your article and you got quite a few things wrong. I’m just going to Name two things- 1-the photo you have of Troy is actually Jesse. 2- Eric is not the one who had his ear cut off. That was someone else

    • Thank you. I relied on the Vancouver Sun for the photo and on a street contact for the identity of the ear victim. However, the point about the BRUTALITY of the act still holds true. If you find anymore inaccuracies, please let me know, and if you can, please share a link for a picture of Troy McKinnon, and again, thank you.

      • That’s rob McMillan, brother of Jon, who got killed by Jesse M (his partner). Lost a finger and an ear that was kept in the freezer. Reason for that is because he set his brother up to rob Jesse which left Jon dead and Jesse near death. Troys photo is in the times columnist. And Troy is independent of is/rs but has worked with them like most guys in the game. Anyone’s guess who killed him but highly doubtful rs has anyThing to do with it based on history between them)

        • Thank you again. I love it when informed readers get involved in correcting the record. I have put in the correct picture in the blog posting, above. As well, I have referenced your two comments in that posting so people will get accurate information.

          Some, unlike you in your comments, ask for absolute anonymity in the form of not verbatim publishing their comment(s) and/or not publishing them at all but simply using their information and referencing it as coming from “street sources”. I am happy to honour such requests.

          • Info doesn’t matter because troy’s dead and Jesse is a vegetable for life. They’ve never been charged for Murder (quite a few) and given both these guys’ condition, doesn’t matter now obviously. A lot of murders go unresolved because the killers themselves end up dead. So if there’s 100 murderers and 10 of those bodies killed 5 people each before being murked themselves, that’s 55 bodies accounted for but not “solved.” Just an example. Those guys M.O. was robbing dealers/gangsters and selling the spoils through their own line. They hated the HA and even jacked them too. Ton of enemies but I think the smart money behind this is obvious.

          • So your article re troys murder was related to local rivalry is false. It has nothing to do with that. It has everything to do with payback on the shit those two guys have done in the past. These guys couldn’t wage a war on any established crew. They’re more of a jump-from-the-shadows, act like a ninja type jacker. Mostly independents but basically any situation/where they feel they can get away with regardless of affiliation except rs (“allies”). Pretty sure rs founder and Troy/Jesse are friends or acquaintances. Anyway, Jacking is their business not drug sales. These guys are incapable of running a “real business.” If they competed on turf, they would’ve been gone long ago. Of course, you can’t get away with robbing so many people forever. It’s frowned upon especially when someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone got robbed by them. Word gets around.

            • Ghost is right. I knew daniel penton well (jesse margisons half brother) worked closely with him on a few “jobs” . These scumbags are jackers with no real network. They will fuck over everyone and anyone to get what they want. And then try to start a line in whatever area they have setup shop in. Ffuck em all

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