Gangford – Langford Gang Solution UPDATED

Gangford - Langford Gang Solution UPDATED 6

Let’s start by explaining what cannot be done.  Then I will explain why it cannot be done.  By doing this you able to judge this solution from a background of knowledge.  You will need a quick history lesson to understand.

Before giving that history lesson though, you might want to know why you should believe me instead of the propaganda coming at you from Stew Young’s public relations machine and why I believe I have a viable Gangford – Langford Gang Solution.

By The Way, Why Does Nobody Ever Ask Stew Any Tough Questions?

About Me

You can read the “About Me” section from my home page to get a sense of who I am.  But perhaps more importantly, you might want to consider the predictions I have made over the last two months.  Most, if not all of those, have proven true.

Here were my predictions

About two months ago I began telling you about the coming increase in crime for Langford. Now the facts are out and I was correct.

That was followed by me telling you that the gangs were on the way.  Now the gangs have arrived.

Here were more of my predictions

Next, I explained to you that the geography of the island and the proactive police work of Victoria PD and Saanich PD, along with the lack of foresight of Stew Young, meant that a gang was on the way to claim Langford as a distribution center for dope.  The Devils Army arrived soon afterward.

That prediction of a motorcycle gang was quickly followed by me telling you, on Twitter, the name of the motorcycle gang. I told you it was a Hells Angel puppet club.  The Devils Army is a puppet club to the HA.

There were even more predictions by me after that

I predicted that Stew Young’s reckless mismanagement was going to cost other West Shore municipalities more money.  Here is a quote from a May 04 Times Colonist article:

But Young said the biker club is a secondary concern, compared to the attacks on women, which remain unsolved. “We’re concerned about these type of events — they’re preying on the helpless in our community and I will be throwing [in] as many resources as I can,” Young said, adding that all municipalities policed by West Shore RCMP would have to help pay for new officers”.

Then Finally

On Friday, May 01, I predicted the large bike ride and the biker party at the new clubhouse.  I said that it would occur within two weeks.  It happened the next day.

mounties-32A Brief RCMP History Lesson

I love our RCMP.  I love knowing that the RCMP is out there protecting us.  And I love the recognition it brings to Canada in the international community.  I love the sense of pride it brings to Canadians.  I even love the red serge uniforms.

Yesterday’s RCMP Is Not Today’s RCMP

As a child growing up I remember RCMP mounted horses prancing in parade.  Members came to my school in Winnipeg and demonstrated bicycle safety.  Then as I grew older I watched  the RCMP solve this burglary or that mugging or robbery.  It seemed the RCMP was everywhere.

There was a culture of “The Mounties always get their man”.  It also seemed there was a mandate that the RCMP investigate every crime, no matter how small.  The knowledge that an RCMP Member was only a telephone call away suddenly changed though.  In fact, the world changed forcing the RCMP to change.  You remember.  Two hijacked airplanes erupted into fireballs as they flew into a pair of New York City towers.

How could the Mounties’ priorities not also change? 

There was a new threat and it had to be met.  Terrorism raised its evil head and the RCMP rose to the challenge. terrorist bomb

Suddenly, seasoned Members were pulled from detachments across Canada.  The manpower was stretched thin.  Regions that theretofore were secure under the watchful eye of the RCMP were suddenly in need of the policing  that had been withdrawn.  New departments were formed within the RCMP.  Still terrorism continued to increase. So those new departments demanded more and more manpower and ever increasing budgets.

RCMP Had To Make A Choice

As a result, the RCMP found itself in a position where it had a choice of solving the “break and enter” at the corner of Somewhereville, Canada or stopping the next terrorist attack.  It’s choice was simple.  It went after the greater threat.  Criminal enterprises, seeing the shift in priorities took the opportunity to grow, and so, we have arrived at today.

Past-Present-and-FutureToday’s RCMP

Today, local detachments have been gutted and RCMP Members from those local detachments are justifiably frustrated.  If a city wants twenty new Members, the RCMP cannot supply them on a timely basis.

With the rise in terrorism, it cannot train Members fast enough.  Moreover, the vast majority of those trainees are needed to meet the ever increasing threats of terrorism and are not available for local crime.

How the RCMP allocates its members

You might read that Crimeville, Canada just added thirty new Members.  What you were not told is that those new Members would be phased in at rate of five per year over the next six years.

There are still some intact, crime-busting detachments of the RCMP, such as Nanaimo. But they exist only because of the foresight and leadership of a proactive city government. It followed the advice of seasoned Members of their local detachments.  Accordingly, it gave the RCMP leadership in Ottawa sufficient advanced notices of required Member.  It also budgeted for those members years in advance.

Kudos to those cities who have allowed the RCMP to continue to follow its initial mandate, and therefore, have overcome the momentum which is changing our beloved RCMP to a principle role as an anti-terrorism and anti-corruption organization.

Stew Young Versus The Reality Above

bs-meterStew Threw You More Blah, Blah, Blah

Don’t believe Stew Young’s pathetic performance in his television interview today, May 04.  Even though he finally seemed to recognize the reality of what is happening on the street in STEWville – Langford.  Short of some considerable political clout, he cannot make good on his promise therein to deliver five or six more police because the RCMP does not have them available, at least not on a timely basis.

Therefore, there will not be a surge of red serge riding in on horseback to rescue Stew from his motorcycle club debacle.  Accordingly, another solution must be sought.

Stew will go ahead and run some sham meeting authorizing the hiring of more RCMP.  He will announce it with his customary fanfare and hope you buy into it as a solution.  But now you know the reality as well as Stew knows it before he lies to you.

In Direct Disagreement with The Police, Stew Downplayed The Arrival Of The Devils Army

Also, please note how Stew downplayed the arrival of the Devils Army in that interview despite the fact that the police are obviously deeply concerned about it.  Stew is up to his old “shuck and jive” having been caught by the ignorance of his absolute refusal to effectively manage Langford’s growing crime problems.

That response, downplaying the Devils Army, echoed the sheer idiocy Stew displayed a few days ago when questioned about the arrival of the Devils Army, wherein he said, “We don’t condone criminal activity.”  “If they’re a legitimate biker group or whatever, that’s fine. I’m hoping they are, and there are no issues.” [My bold format added]

granny on bikeStew ignored the RCMP warning

Did he really think that the RCMP was warning him that Martha’s Motorcycle Mamas had just set up a new clubhouse?

Why would Stew not be concerned about something that is very concerning to any police force with whom you might speak?

Why would he feign lack of knowledge as to who the Devils Army is?  And if not feigned, Stew’s total lack of knowledge makes him unfit to lead.

We have had enough STEWardship.  We need LEADERSHIP.  His stated ignored about the Devils Army alone proves to you that everything Stew Young says is just political blah, blah, blah and is entirely contrived for public consumption.  How could he not know that the Devils Army was a criminal biker gang?

The evidence proves that Stew Young will say almost anything.  It also proves that almost nothing he says has any basis in fact or in logic.  It was only a few weeks ago that he was going to handle things with a few Bylaw Enforcement Officers.  Now suddenly, he wants to add more RCMP.  According to him, he is supposedly concerned about the women who have been attacked, not about the Devils Angels.

misdirectionSHAME ON STEW!

Stew is unconscionable.  He is using the suffering of these women to draw your attention away from his greater failure of protecting you from motorcycle gangs

Do You Want To See Through Stew’s Doubletalk?

First Stew says that other West Shore municipalities are going to have to put up more dollars.  Then he says that he is not concerned about the Devils Army.

So if it is true that a request for more officers is about the attacks on women and not about the Devils Army, why is Stew expecting other municipalities to pay for any portion of Langford’s sixteen percent increase in crime?

It just proves that Stew Young is using the suffering of these unfortunate women, above, to manipulate politics and to run from his fiasco of “expansion before safety”.  It is that expansion which is responsible for the attacks on the women, for the rising crime rate and for the Devils Army setting up in Langford.

Does Stew Not Recognize The Proven Connection Between The Devils Army & The Hells Angels?

Continuing this discussion, please realize Stew’s stated lack of concern about the Devils Army is a lack of concern that is even more ignorant than it appears at first blush, as Stew obviously fails to understand or care about the Devils Army connection to the Hells Angels and what that connection portends for Langford once the Devils Army is more established in Langford. Can he really be that STEWpid.  Does Stew really not understand that both of those organizations are blood brothers and are nothing more than “drug distribution machines”?  Of course he does.  He just doesn’t want to admit it because admitting it admits his failure.

In The Scheme Of Things, Five Or Six New RCMP Would Be Meaningless

Also, please understand that Stew is talking about five or six Members that must be stretched over the various shifts and over a seven day period, which means he would be adding, at most, one officer per shift.  It is a hollow promise, that even if somehow fulfilled is totally meaningless.  It will do nothing to stop the drugs and the violence, and even less to combat the Devils Army.  A minimum of thirty new Members are needed.

Stew Young Needs To Stop With The Posturing And The BS.  He Needs To Lead, Follow Or Get The Hell Out Of The Way.  Frankly Though, Based On His Performance Thus Far, The Entire Lower Island Would Be Far Better Off If He Did The Last

Understanding The New Policing Model

Let us return to the solution though.  In doing so, you will need to understand a little more about policing and how it has changed as our RCMP has been forced to change priorities.

From the impact of the new RCMP mandate, municipally created and controlled police departments have risen to the forefront in dealing with street crime, with drugs on the street and even to a large degree with gangs.

Proactive Policing

I explained to you in a previous blog how proactive policing had kept the gangs out of Saanich and out of Victoria. Both cities, unlike Stew and Crew in Gangford, have a government that realizes that the number of police must grow proportionate with the population.  Both cities have anticipated and planned for that growth in police resources.  As a result, both cities have professional forces which are successfully combating crime and keeping gangs from establishing strongholds within their respective communities.

Understanding The Devils Army And Its Timelinerunning out of time

It should take somewhere between three to six months, perhaps a few months longer, for the Devils Army to get any kind of firm grasp on the drug trade in Langford. So, that is the window that law enforcement has to effectively neutralize this incursion.

Does There Exist Within The Lower Island An Example Of A Solution?

Let us look at Esquimalt which also has a proactive attitude toward keeping crime at bay. Although it has gone through some shifts in policing, it eventually contracted with the City of Victoria to police Esquimalt, and from all I can gather, successfully so.

langg-col border copyThis Bikers Arrival, The Dramatic Increase In Crime In Langford And The Threatened Spread Thereof Is Stew’s Gift To The West Shore And The Lower Island

With your understanding of all the elements and obstacles ahead, and with the only intelligent comment from Stew regarding what is now happening in the West Shore being his comment that this new threat in Langford is not just a Langford problem, but a regional problem, we are now at the point where other West Shore municipalities must quickly react to avoid Stew’s lack of leadership which will further spill crime into their communities.

In other words, Stew’s reckless management of Langford has forced those other communities to reach into their pocketbooks and add to their policing budgets.

I propose the following Langford gang solution

Langford should attempt to negotiate with the City of Saanich to provide policing for Langford.  If Saanich and Langford can reach an agreement, which they should be able to within a few months, provided Saanich is willing to come “on board”, Langford, within the time constraints imposed by the Devils Army presence, will have a professional police force that is familiar with most of the criminals in Langford and will have canine units, intelligence units, rapid response teams, etc.

Of course, there is nothing to say that Victoria might not want to throw its hat in the ring

Please note that both cities have a vested interest in what goes on in STEWville.  Accordingly, they might see any policing contract as a way in which they could assume greater control over their own destiny.  This is especially true with the mangled management of Stew in regard to policing and the problems Stew’s lack of diligence is creating for the entire lower island.

The portion of the West Shore RCMP which is presently assigned to Langford should be absorbed into those other West Shore communities.  This would effectively beef up the police numbers within those municipalities.  This is something that is required of them anyhow now that Stew has caused them to be threatened.  As an added bonus, the Members consolidated into the other West Shore communities would already be familiar with the areas.  Therefore, many of the large number of the drug dealers and other criminals with whom they would be dealing would already be on their radar.

The City of Langford and those other West Shore communities should develop a joint plan that projects growth.  Then they should proportionately budget for future police needs with those West Shore communities still being policed by the RCMP immediately asking for more Members.


Stew, The Flim Flam Mayor, Pulls The Abovesham_med Predicted Sham/Scam

Please note the Stew has suddenly morphed from a position of handling the rise in crime with a couple of more bylaw enforcement officers to wanting you to believe he is a “tough on crime” mayor.

You have now forced him into budgeting for a handful of additional RCMP Members.

You need to keep up the pressure though.  If you do, maybe Stew will really morph into a mayor that actually becomes part of the solution, instead of being the entire problem.

I originally posted this blog spot on May 04.  Since it was announced on the evening news tonight, May 05, that Stew Young and other West Shore mayors, as I had predicted, met with the RCMP today to shore up [no pun intended] the West Shore RCMP.  Accordingly, I wanted to post this update.

It is suggested in that news story that somewhere between five and ten new members might be added.  You need to understand, as I explained earlier in the pre-update portion of this blog posting, that those numbers are meaningless because their impact would be zero.

The Sixteen Percent Increase In Crime Would Not devil's armyEven Be Covered By The Announced Addition.  Then You Add To That The Arrival Of The Devils Army.  That By Itself, Requires At Least Twenty New Members To Police.

This Is The Fake Solution About Which I Warned You, Above

We are told that new boots are already on the ground and that more are on the way.

We Are NOT Told:

How many Members have already hit the streets, if indeed, the number of Members actually increased and Stew was not mixing words and referring to the special provincial detachment that came over from Vancouver for a day or two so they cold identify the bikers

We Are NOT Told:

How many new Members are really expected.  Over what period of time they are expected

Again, The Truth Is Explained In The Pre-Update Portion, Above.  Go Back And Read It

It is NOT POSSIBLE for Stew to cover himself with new RCMP Members.  There are just not enough Members available to make any difference whatsoever.  Stew is shucking and jiving again.

Stew is trying to play you for fools

In doing so though, the solution I proposed herein to consolidate the West Shore RCMP and have Langford contract with Saanich or Victoria actually becomes more viable, as if followed, once the West Shore RCMP is consolidated to exclude Langford, it would proportionately benefit even beyond the immediate gain from consolidation from any additional Members, as those new Members would be added to what would be a smaller population and area.

Don’t Trust Stew, He Is Pulling Another Charlatan Act STEW IS LYING

Here is what happened and what will happen:

  1. Stew and the others met and agreed to budget for more Members
  2. Stew and/or they approached the RCMP West Shore Commander and said they had budgeted for additional Members
  3. A request for those additional Members has been or will be sent to Ottawa
  4. Ottawa will sit on the request for a couple of months before it even makes it into the pile to be decided on. (There are at least one hundred such requests pending in Ottawa right now.)
  5. When the file finally moves to the top of the pile, Ottawa will then review it.  Then they might  promise to send an additional Member or two within a year.  The truth is Stew will NEVER get more than one or two new Members.  Moreover, he will NOT get them before a year or longer has passed


Do you agree or disagree?  Participate in the discussion at the bottom of the page.  Share this article on social media with one of the links below.  Make yourself heard!

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  1. So you are saying that if the DA applies for a “rezoning” application and council denies it that the courts would have a problem with that? It looks pretty simple to me. Doesn’t council have a right to deny a rezoning application?

    Mayor Stew Young said the city’s lawyers have advised the clubhouse isn’t permitted under the property’s current zoning, which allows for uses from veterinary hospitals to gas stations, but not motorcycle gang clubhouses.

    “They would have to come in for a rezoning, and because of the proximity to a school,I can tell you I don’t think council would approve that. Even if they prove to us that they are not a criminal gang, it’s not the appropriate place for it.”

    The city’s likely next step is to apply for a court injunction to close the clubhouse, he said.

    “If they don’t bring it into compliance, obviously then there is court action.”

    Gordon said that’s probably the best the city can do, noting other B.C. municipalities have used bylaw or business licensing rules to help run biker clubs out of town.

    • There does not exist a zoning bylaw that specifies “motorcycle clubs”. Why would there? DA club does NOT have to apply for a variance to a bylaw that does not exist. I’m saying, if challenged, the courts will not allow such a bylaw unless it grandfathers already existing clubs. Stew is blowing smoke.

      • The other thought I have is that Stew, in his rush to run from the biker debacle which he created, has already come out on record with a public declaration that DA are not a threat to women and children. That comment was Stewpid and will be very harmful to the city in any possible litigation.

  2. Awesome job on your blog Hal!!!

    I have a question, is the Devil’s Army club house leasing the property as a business or residence? If business, what is their business? Biker club house??? Is there any rules under the “BC Tenancy Act” or “Commercial Tenancy Act” that would warrant an eviction? Did they mislead the property owners when they signed the lease? All too often criminals will have someone else lease a property for them to avoid a criminal record check, etc. Could the owners of the property simply not just say “I’ve decided to sell here is your three months notice and pay out the lease”. Stew Young claims he is working with the owners to get the Devil’s Army out of the neighbourhood. Is it possible the owners could be associated to the HA which would explain why that particular property was chosen? It seems Stew Young is now back peddling after his initial statement on April 29, 2015. I’ve included and excerpt below of his statement. The article was quickly removed within hours of Young’s statement.

    Mayor Stew Young certainly agrees, and didn’t mince his words when asked about the possibility of a chapter opening in Langford, confirming that the rumour is true – based on what he has been told by police.

    “They’re simply not welcome here and we’re going to get rid of them. It’s as simple as that,” he said. “We’ve been told by the RCMP that this is what’s happening, and they have our full support. I understand that this is their priority right now, and they’re devoting more resources to dealing with it. “I can’t say more than that, because it’s in the hands of both the provincial and federal RCMP, but I have confidence that they’re on top of it.” The page you are looking for does not exist

    Than on May 4, 2015 Stew Young says this: “The biker gangs aren’t going after children, they’re not going after women and they’re not punching them out and assaulting them on a trail, he says.”

    If Young does nothing about this biker gang issue I don’t for see him being re-elected when his term is up.

    Another thing I would like to bring up, rumor has it that there are four biker gangs in Langford and Stew employs some members at his Alpine Heavy Duty mechanic shop. Word also has it that Stew was seen at one of the club houses having a beer. This is all hearsay and I’ve not been able to confirm yet. I am working on it though.

    • Regarding your question as to whether the clubhouse is leased or purchased, I cannot answer you with absolute assurance, but 95% of the time these clubhouses are purchased in order to avoid just the situation you stated, landlord troubles, etc. If leased, it was probably leased from a friend or family member of one of the HA. Stew can do nothing about the clubhouse. He also spouted off about changing the zoning bylaws to get rid of them, but no court in the land is going to allow that to happen. The clubhouse is probably here unless and until civil forfeiture can prove it is an instrument of criminal activity, and that could take years.

      Regarding the women and children, Stew’s is hoeing my point made in my blog posting that was put up just before my most recent posting that they are not here to target them. However, that said, it is not the HA who threaten women and children, it is the drug culture that grows around the HA and assimilates itself into the community that threatens them. Stew likes to ignore that fact. The truth is the drug culture s what is responsible for attacks on women, the rise in B & E’s, etc. That drug culture will become more pronounced with the arrival of the bikers, and that does not take into account collateral damage from the gang wars that are coming. WITH THE ARRIVAL OF THE DA AND ITS CONNECTION TO THE HA, LANGFORD NOW HAS A DIRECT CONNECTION TO SURREY. That is scary.

      Stew CANNOT do anything; it is TOO LATE. THE MOUNTIES HE PROMISES ARE NOT COMING AND THE BIKERS KNOW THIS. The only chance is a solution akin to the one I presented in my most recent blog posting. If you read it carefully, you will see that Stew is lying trying to hide the fact that he has failed miserably.

      As far as who is employed by Stew, I cannot comment with any evidence, but it certainly would not surprise me if his hands have some dirt.

  3. Ps not sure stew would want to pay the contract saanich would demand. Rcmp is always cheaper. Always. Exactly why Esquimalt wanted to jump ship as they found vicpd too pricey but level of manpower on streets would go down with RCMP hence would be cheaper contract. Vicpd always has two to three cars (most often 2 man vehicles inc one canine unit) patrolling Esquimalt and langford barely has that with rcmp! A shame because it’s the same service dependent on municipal budget. Same passion same dedicated heroes in uniform but vastly diffetent agencies. The Mounties work at half the cost of municipal police but perform the same job with three times the overload and stress! They simply stretched too thin from federal budget constraints. No wonder lots of stress leave and if leave of absence like maternity there’s no back fill so it’s department loss has to be picked up by fellow members… Highly stressful. No watch is ever running at full power. In municipal they juggle around quicker and more efficiently so always stacked. Timely manner is key on a local vs federal level. RCMP takes a looonngg time to get things done (look at carbine training stats across Canada and it’s terrible – sad because it’s cost precious lives!!) . Something about the top brass… Out of touch. It’s military like structure. Plus there’s no police union in rcmp. Voices aren’t heard. It’s always “april budget coming up keep it tight” (like they get pats on the back or bonuses at the top if they come under!!). Morale suffers – it’s jumping through hoops to just get a new pair of boots!! I worked both agencies and municipal is cushy and spoiled with latest gadgetry and 2-man patrol cars and best of everything (I mean have you seen their top of the line bmw motorcycles and fast muscle cars!! Don’t see that in rcmp sadly). But with that said we all remember the paul battersill days of misspending at vicpd so there’s that too… Expensive expenses like allowances and daily lunch meetings at tax payers expense blah blah blah. But yes, no way stew would want to fork over even more money on policing with saanich (they are expensive!) and truthfully not sure saanich would be interested – they have a good gig going on not stretched too thin and langford is heavy duty stuff. Ok it’s s mess! lol They didn’t even throw their hat in the ring when Esquimalt opened up contract discussions. But change is needed quickly to keep up with what’s happening here.. Your predictions are spot on and that’s why I always tune in. They need you on staff at local newspaper for opinion pieces 😉 you tell it how it is and we need that!
    Ps Surprised Surrey hasn’t gone municipal… Centralized policing is key in that type of volatile territory.

    • Thanks for the pat on the back. Yes, city policing is more expensive, partly because Ottawa picks up 20% or so of the tab when a municipality contracts with the RCMP and partly for the reasons that you expressed. yes, if Saanich, or even Victoria, was willing to hire out their services, it would not be cheap, but it wold be a helluva lot cheaper in the long run than allowing Langford to become another Surrey. Stew need to put up the dollars or move aside, and if he refuses to do either, he needs to be removed. He is dangerous and reckless.

  4. Agree wholeheartedly. I come from an rcmp extended family – a long history of Mounties and have retired family members as well as active members. I also worked with both rcmp and municipal police in radio room dispatching 911 calls. The culture has changed and the image is suffering from top down. You got it spot on. The recent 16/9 segment on rcmp is an example of excellent journalism and tells a story of mismanagement at top brass level. Morale is suffering and service. And it’s sad. these men and women in the yellow stripe are the same passionate driven proud members of long ago – it’s an extended red serge family really – and deserve the best to provide the best level of front line service to our communities, which is the same as any municipal force.

    — side note: police memoir-book written by my dad “cop: my 43 years with Royal canadian mounted police” is a good read, even if I am bias ; > ). Find at local library!!

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