Gangford’s Drug, Crime & Gang Woes

Gangford's Drug, Crime & Gang Woes 3

I wonder how many votes Mayor Stew Young thinks that he can now expect from the Walfred Road area of Langford. I wonder about Stew’s votes because  Gangford’s drug, crime & gang woes continue with yet another SWAT Team action on Walfred Road. Gangs are destroying family neighborhoods.

This is an area that only days previous the RCMP had described as a “family area”, and in fact, it was a family area. It still would be except for Stew Young’s adamant refusal to properly fund the RCMP.

Gangs are destroying family neighborhoods - mayor stew young x'edStew, what is to become of the families who live there? Are you going to continue to ignore their safety in order to continue building your empire?  The city that you are fast turning into Gangford, is actually Langford. It will never be STEWVILLE except in the minds of the criminals you invite to set up shop there. Gangs are destroying family neighborhoods because you don’t fund police.

Remember Stew Young’s arrogant quote:

This isn’t a threat. I’m just saying if you criticize development, then I’ll use whatever resources there are under the law to shut you up.”

Well, bring it! Because this is a criticism of development and of everything you represent.

Here is an article from the Times Colonist of April 7, 2015

“Gun call leads to arrest of Langford man on outstanding warrants”

“West Shore RCMP and the emergency response team arrested a 19-year-old after receiving a call about a man with a handgun.

Mounties received the report about 4 a.m. Tuesday. Tactical officers from Island district RCMP and a Saanich canine team assisted in the arrest in the 900 block of Walfred Road in Langford. Police found a replica firearm in the house.

West Shore RCMP spokesman Const. Alex Berube said the man had two outstanding warrants for his arrest for alleged breaches of probation and court-ordered conditions. He was held in custody and appeared in court Tuesday.”

Here’s Hoping

The article mentions a 19 year old male being arrested on outstanding warrants.  It might be too much to wish for, but one can only hope it is the 19 year old rapist Brandon James Seguin who violated a friend of mine.

Real Estate Values on Walfred Road

Gangs are destroying family neighborhoods - house-pricesYou need to understand that this police response, as did the one ten or so days ago, came after the fact, and thus, much of the damage to that area has already been created, damage that a properly funded RCMP intelligence unit might well have prevented by never having allowed this gang incursion into your neighborhood.

What do you suppose is happening to the real estate values in the Walfred Road area because Stew Young abandoned the residents there to further build his empire?

How many raids:

  • does it take before the value of your property declines?

  • before families no longer want to live in the Walfred Road area?

  • does it take before your wife and children are afraid?

  • how many neighborhoods must be abandoned to fall prey to gangs, drugs and crime before somebody says, “ENOUGH”?

  • when do you realize that gangs are destroying family neighborhoods? How many raids does it take before you demand that Stew properly fund the RCMP?

Stew, Rent-a-Cops and Bylaw Enforcement Officers Just Don’t Cut It. Gangs are destroying family neighborhoods - security-officer-gold-coast-qld

Please note from the article that Stew Young has underfunded the RCMP.

“Tactical officers from Island district RCMP and a Saanich canine team assisted in the arrest…” [RCMP not having a canine unit in Langford is a recurrent theme]. This comment tells you that the RCMP does NOT have the funding to handle these types of occurrences without help from other municipalities. The RCMP NEEDS PROPER FUNDING.

With Tongue In Cheek

Bylaw Services CarAlso, please notice that the RCMP did not conduct its raid with rent-a-cops and Bylaw Enforcement Officers.

Ponzi Schemes Don’t Work Because They Always Run Out of Victims.

Perhaps Stew thinks he can create new voters faster than he loses them by building his empire from new development as he allows family neighborhoods to turn into gangsta hangouts by refusing to properly fund the RCMP.

Stew, if this is your game plan, you need to build faster.

Important: City of Langford Feedback Form

Included with this post is a link to the City of Gangford feedback form provided by a reader.

Please click the link and please send your thoughts to the city. Let it know that gangs are destroying family neighborhoods. If you get a response from the city, please share it with me so I can alert everyone as to the “blah, blah, blah” produced by Stew Young’s public relations machine. use it to Please share.

My voice is limited; yours is limitless

Do you agree or disagree?  Do you think gangs are destroying family neighborhoods? Participate in the discussion at the bottom of the page and share this article on social media with one of the links below.  Make yourself heard!

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  1. Interesting police stat read here:
    So of 31 municipalities over 15,000, Langford has the second lowest manpower per capita, and cost per capita ($141). Cost in Victoria is $455.
    To properly analyze West Shore’s stats you have to look at types of calls (nature of crime) and we know Langford is the worst of all West Shore municipalities. They need to reestablish the Regional Crime Unit for a start and city hall needs to kick in more to boost those police numbers!
    This place is always on the edge of chaos. They need twice as many officers to be staffed properly here.

  2. Vicpd is one per 400 to give everyone the idea of how under serviced we are. I feel for police and us the residents who are undervalued.

  3. Interesting article in TC:
    Terrible police per capita ratio in western communities. it works out that West Shore Det. has one police officer per 1,126 people. I wonder what it is for Langford as each city pays for so many, i.e. View Royal may pay for five and Colwood for twenty-five and the unorganized (province) may pay for three. I’m betting that Langford cop to pop is even worse than 1:1126. That is shocking. How does city council + mayor get a way with that? Like above comment I wonder if top cops are asking for more manpower and resources?

  4. Again, an excellent post.
    I wrote to city via feedback form on city of Langford website and got some rhetoric response and my hubby and friend wrote messages and received similar blah blah blah reply from the bylaw enforcement/ community safety officer. In a nutshell he stated that we should start a block watch program and volunteer at detachment! Wow offload the responsibility to the residents. Unbelievable! Working over 20 years in this city position, his response is to hire 2 security guards to walk the trail systems at night to submit a morning report that he forwards to RCMP. Pretty feeble response to crime rotting the foundation of this city. Treat the symptoms not the disease, like you stated. Five or so police officers on general duty front line response at any given time all across Westshore plus not having emerg resources available ie canine unit speaks volumes to the problems plaguing this city. And regional crime unit has dissolved so there is a lack of combined police forces fighting the roots of crime (vicpd refuses to share canine unit with rcmp any more). One police officer per approx 1200 people in Gangford is madness. If I was a criminal I’d be out here too! I only hope the white shirts at Westshore detachment speak up for their troops and demand more resources from city hall. Attrition rate and overall morale must be atrocious there, an apt reflection of our feelings as frustrated residents. We need more police. That simple. That is the only way we will feel safer. Close door policy at city hall isn’t working. It’s destroying our neighbourhoods. I will continue the campaign of writing to city and enlisting friends and family to assist. It’s easy to find people out there who feel similarly- as I go for walks I meet other women who share the same concerns over increase in crime. They walk in pairs or with a dog. I walk with pepper spray. That’s street smarts on our part but pathetic at same time. Never did I ever feel unsafe living downtown Vic and in Van but out here in Gotham City yes I do. The community voice is too quiet here and the suburban neighbourhoods out here lack a certain spirit that brings people together. How do we change that? A hobnodge of transplants from all over gravitating to cheap affordable Lego housing doesn’t necessarily create unified neighbourhoods. We need a neighbourhood association like other communities ie james bay and Fairfield etc. We need an organized community voice. And hope eventually this collective voice penetrates the thick walls of city hall and persuades city officials to listen to our needs as residents.
    I am going to visit John Horgan’s office on Jacklin and also raise these issues with campaigning MPS. This is a sign some are already listening:
    Perhaps you can suggest to readers to write to city also – lets inundate them with citizen pleas for action and change!

    Any other recommendations to your readers? Perhaps an activism post and what we as citizens can do to fight back, make our voices heard, and demand action would be beneficial. We need to get more organized. Power in numbers. Change starts with one person.
    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”
    Margaret Mead

    • Thank you for your suggestions and for your City of Langford feedback form. I will add this form to my current post and to all future posts about Gangford. If you would be kind enough to please scan and email me jpg’s of the responses that you or others are getting from the city, I would be appreciative, [email protected]

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