Gangs, Crime and Street Life in Gangford

Gangs, Crime and Street Life in Gangford 11

We finally got somebody’s attention at City Hall because you made your voices heard. CTV News aired a special report on violent crime in Langford tonight, March 11, 2015. Don’t be fooled though. The fight is just beginning. Stew Young is destroying Langford and the problem is the gangs, crime and street life in Gangford. A single report on television can only broadcast the problem, not cure it.

Stew Young is destroying Langford.

No More Blah, Blah, Blah Please

This is especially true when Stew Young addresses the problem with nothing more than blah, blah, blah. Folks, blah, blah, blah isn’t going to drive away the gangs. Additionally, it is not going to stop the drugs and the deterioration of the older areas of Langford. City Counsel spends its time crowing about expansion and ignoring the problems.

Stew Young is destroying Langford. I’ve watched the same song and dance shtick in Surrey. It didn’t work there and it won’t work here.

A Bandage is Not a Plan Stew Young is destroying Langford - Neon Bandage High

Stew Young is simply putting a bandage on a gaping wound. He will not make a difference by hiring four rent-a-cops who have zero authority to do anything. Perhaps Stew hopes that hiring them will convince you that they will make a difference. They won’t.

Stew Young is destroying Langford. Unless you guys demand a plan from the city, things will only get worse.

Stew Young is destroying Langford - QuotesA Stew Young Quote

I had to laugh at the quote that Stew Young was going to take matters “into his own hands” if things don’t improve soon. Whose hands have things been in for the last twenty years? What a joke of a comment that was!

Stew Young is destroying Langford with misdirection and talk instead of action. Don’t get sucked in by his rhetoric. It’s an illusion, a bit of prestidigitation. Again, don’t be sucked in.

Langford needs to realize that it has a gang and drug problem. However, that is something that was never mentioned in the news story as Stew Young put his special spin on it and CTV threw him powder puff questions.

Would you rather have one RCMP Officer protecting your family or four guys in subcompact cars?

Treat the Disease, Not Just the Symptoms

Actual solutions will take more RCMP Officers, not private security roaming the parks. Yes, there have been disturbing incidents in Langford’s parks, but the problem is not the parks.  The parks are merely the evidence of the infection. The infection is the gangs, drugs and deterioration.

The problem is that politicians are talking the talk, but not walking the walk. The problem is that your politicians are trying to cure a disease by treating the symptoms and not the cause.

Stew Young is destroying Langford - mayor stew youngSome More Stew Young Quotes

Stew Young was also quoted as saying that if things like this continue to happen [crime], “…we’re going to be changing a whole bunch of things around here…” Exactly what is he going to be changing? Is he going to talk even tougher? I remind you, twenty years, twenty years!

Stew Young went on to explain that, “my” RCMP is doing a good job. When did they become his RCMP? What does that say about Stew Young’s mindset? I didn’t know the RCMP worked for Stew Young. I thought they worked for the citizens. He should probably tell the RCMP that they work for him; they might like to know that.

Maybe he meant the private security being hired are his rent-a-cops?  Hmm… I think they work for you also, don’t they?

I have a question for Stew Young: “If his RCMP is doing a good job, and I totally believe they are, then what is going wrong in Langford?”

What is going wrong is that Stew Young is hiring four private security people when he should be hiring six to ten RCMP officers. I don’t know if six to ten is the right number, but I do know that the RCMP knows the correct number and somebody needs to ask it.  If Stew Young was serious about crime, he would bring “on board” people who can do something about it other than just talk about it as he does.

Stew Young is destroying Langford - Budget_headerRCMP Are Not in the Budget

Hiring those RCMP is probably not going to happen though because budgets are being directed toward new developments so your elected city government personnel can pat themselves on the back for now, instead of protecting you. Does it remind you of Nero fiddling while Rome burned?

Crime Being Chased Out of Other Communities and Moving to Langford

The gangs and drugs are in Langford because the active police enforcement by Victoria PD and Saanich PD has squeezed them out of those areas. Stew Young is destroying Langford - rapist 2Those gangs and drug dealers then decided that if they wanted to avoid jail that they needed to set up shop somewhere else to peddle their poison. Langford, with its understaffed police force and its deteriorating communities because of focus only on new growth, became the perfect spot.

Are You Tired of Being Fooled Too?

Do you think I’m being a little hard on Mayor Young? I don’t think that I am. I’m sick of politicians “pitching” me, and I’m tired of being played for a fool. Are you?

Stew Young Hires His Own Cheering Gallery Stew Young is destroying Langford - Bullhorn-icon

I started warning you months ago about this coming crisis that some of you are finally recognizing.  I am telling you now that rent-a-cops are not the solution.  Hiring them will only give Stew Young more contacts with businesses in Langford.  This will do nothing for the city.  It will only allow him to have another group to speak about the self-assumed “mantle of plausibility” as to what improvements they are making in Langford.  I say “self-assumed” because private police have no real training and have no legal authority to enforce anything.

In other words Stew Young is spending your tax dollars to do nothing more than create a third party to trumpet his achievements. Do you really think, no matter what the reality might be, that the hired hands are going to speak ill of Stew Young or give you an honest picture of what Stew Young and they are accomplishing, or do you think they will say they are making a difference, no matter what the reality is? When do you tire of the “smoke and mirrors”?

Stew Young is destroying Langford - gun-crime-police-logo-jpgRCMP Says It Needs More Officers

Again, you need more RCMP. Did you listen to what the RCMP’s spokesperson said? She said that they were fortunate to have other resources from other communities to call on. Is that not a diplomatic way of saying, “We need more troops”?

Has Stew Young Overstayed His Time?

Ecclesiastes says, “To everything there is a season…” Is Mayor Young’s season ending; should it be ending? Is not twenty years of building contacts and making buddies enough? Again, what does it say about the mindset of a man who refers to the RCMP as “my” RCMP? “Term Limits” Stew Young is destroying Langford - running out of timeare a reality in many countries for a reason?

I think Axel Rose may have said it best in one of his song lyrics, “Nothing lasts forever in the cold November rain.”

Had Mayor Young come forth with a plan, I might feel slightly differently, but he did not. He simply tried to hide what are genuine concerns with his rhetoric, trying to fool you into believing that he had it under control. Well folks, the gangs aren’t leaving because Stew Young scored a public relations interview; the drug dealers aren’t vacating because of a sound clip, and the druggies aren’t moving until the gangs and dealers move. Drug addicts don’t try to get further away from their supply; they move closer to it.

Reality Check

Drugs are infiltrating your schools, and your neighborhoods are becoming infested with crime. Stew Young wants to hire private security to meet the problem. The problem is seasoned criminals are not twelve year old kids, at least not yet. But that can change unless the unless Stew Young stop the drugs invasion of our schools stop.

Seasoned criminals are not afraid of a private cop or of Stew Young’s sound Stew Young is destroying Langford - realitybites. Stew Young is destroying Langford with his big mouth substituting for meaningful actions. You are dealing with hardcore criminals and the only thing that impresses them is “hard time”, not Steve Young’s hard words.

Gangs and dealers shoot people and stab people. Also, their customers rob people, do home invasions and beat people. As Stew Young has been talking, your women and children are paying the price as his “great political machine”. In the meantime, he just keeps grinding out more purple prose.

The Solution

We need a group of RCMP professionals who can form an Stew Young is destroying Langford - mounties-32“Intelligence Unit”. It can focus on the disease, instead of cruising around with radios reporting on symptoms. This will not happen unless and until you demand actions instead of words. You need to refuse to be misled again, and your friends and neighbors need to do the same.

Stew Young is destroying Langford. Stop him! Tweet, Facebook, and otherwise scream your outrage at what is happening.

Together, you and I brought enough attention to this that CTV News aired a story about it. Now, make your voice even louder through social media. Let’s put an end to Stew Young’s tenure. Stew Young is destroying Langford.Stew Young is destroying Langford - if-youre-not-outraged-youre-not-paying-attention

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Important: City of Langford Feedback Form

Included with this post is a link to the City of Gangford feedback form provided by a reader.

If you also think Stew Young is destroying Langford, please click the link and please send your thoughts to the city. If you get a response from the city, please share it with me, [email protected], so I can alert everyone as to the “blah, blah, blah” produced by Stew Young’s public relations machine.

My voice is limited; yours is limitless

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  1. oh my goodness! you hit the nail on the head! you are writing everything i have been saying to family and friends!!!! as a woman i am terrified of all this crime. something has to be done! this region is spiraling down hill fast! how can i help other than social media. i tried writing to city hall but got some by law officer response full of rhetoric. i have gone to papers and little response. budget is coming up – how can we have our say and get more rcmp officers in our city! not everything should be about affordability, low taxes and development. what about crime? regional crime unit is now dissolved, which i assume is because most of crime and criminals based out here and saancih and vicpd dont want to share! 4 or 5 officers on general duty in all of west shore pathetic – counting stress leave and time off etc. i feel badly for them – overworked, underfunded, undervalued by city hall. how can we demand positive change in west shore? how can we lobby for action?

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