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How the Middle East Influences Your Children Toward Terrorism

The Middle East is not a half a world away from you or your children

140821191537-isis-the-power-of-terror-tom-foreman-orig-jtb-00013720-story-topEven though the events unfolding in the Middle East and Africa with ISIS, Boko Haram and Al Qaeda seem a half a world away from us here in North America, they are not. They play out every night on your child’s computer. Thus, terrorism represents danger to your children as do gangs, crime and street life.

Recruiting venues for terrorism and gangs

Just as gangs recruit at schools for our discontented youth, terrorist organizations seek to convert our youth to their causes. You may tell me that your children are Christian, or Buddhist, or Jewish and that they would never convert to Islam. What you need to understand is that these terrorist groups are not about Islam, which at its root is a non-violent religion. Terrorists are about hatred and fear.

The religion of terrorists and the root of terrorism

These terrorists have their own religion. It’s called HATE. They preach their RELIGION of HATE to the discontent, to the disenfranchised, and to the lonely. They attempt to convert those individuals to their religion. They do so in the hope that their converts will commit at least one act of brutality that will bring even greater attention to their causes.

Terror and terrorism have no country

The RELIGION of HATE carries no flag from any nation. Nations have boundaries, but terrorism has no boundaries. There are no physical boundaries and there are no moral boundaries.

Discontented, disenfranchised and abandoned souls live in every nation, speak every tongue and come in every color. So the RELIGION of HATE preaches their message through social media which is equally unconstrained by physical borders, by language and by race.

The role of social media and how our youth are targeted

social_media_podcas_450Terrorists reach out through social media with their message. Social media allows them to speak louder and longer to our youth. They seek our youth as it is our youth who are the most vulnerable. It is our youth whose minds are the most malleable and whose discontent is the most deeply felt.

Terrorists speak to the youth of the world

Just as they reach out with their message of intolerance and of violence to our youth, they reach out to the youth of the world. It is the young whose minds are more likely to seize on an ideal without thought or reason.

It is the young who most deeply feel the pain of their own rejection. Therefore, it is the young who are more likely to drape themselves in the senseless idealism of a sick mindset. It is our young that they hope to convince to take up the false cause of a fanatical group to whom murder is a sport.

To the RELIGION of HATE, there can be no better target than our youth. Alarmingly, the world’s youth are becoming increasing susceptible to the terrorism message of violence due to the proliferation of video games whose only purpose is to kill as many people as possible, due to the increasing size of the pyrotechnics in movies and due to the growth of the genre of gangsta rap which teaches that women are whores and that the “rule of law” exists only to be rebelled against.

Recruiting demands escalating violence

With these influences on our youth, it takes more and more outrageous acts to gain their attention. This is why the RELIGION of HATE pride themselves in distributing internet videos. These videos depict unspeakable acts of violence, horrific scenes of mass slaughter and even instructions on how to rape a young child.

The RELIGION of HATE and its misunderstood goal

eye of terrorI have listened to countless hours on CNN and other networks by pundits talking about how the RELIGION of HATE will quickly burn themselves out because they represent no nation, because they distort Islam and because they have no target audience.

The pundits are wrong

Folks, terrorists represent no nation because they are attempting to represent the unhappy souls of the world. They distort Islam because they physically exist in the Middle East where Islam is the predominant religion. Thus it is difficult for those nations surrounding them to effectively engage them in combat without risking an insurrection in their own countries. As I have said. They do have a target audience. Their target audience is your child.

The RELIGION of HATE also preaches that they embrace Islam. They do so because they understand that it makes it more difficult for non-Islamic nations to speak out against them. When other nations, the terrorists simply claim intolerance and antisemitism by those non-Islamic nations. Accordingly, they shift the focus of the argument from being about the RELIGION of HATE to being about the religion of Islam.

How to defeat the RELIGION of HATE

Short of taking up arms and going to the Middle East to do physical battle with them, how do you effectively fight them? You do it in your home.

You do it by talking with your children, not just to your children. You do it by engaging your children in meaningful conversations. You do it by listening to your children and understanding what your children are telling you about their feelings. You do it by teaching your children reason and how to react to reason with conversation, not by reacting violently or emotionally.

Love always overcomes terrorism

How do you accomplish all this with your children? That my friend is so simple. You accomplish this by telling your kids how much you love them each night. You accomplish this by making sure that there is family time each and every day in your home. Dinner time is a perfect time to insist on family time. You accomplish this by being actively involved in your child’s life.

Most importantly of all though, you accomplish this by realizing that you cannot designate that a certain time of a certain day of the week will be quality time. Instead, you must understand that quality time will appear randomly, but only if you create a sufficient quantity of time in which it can occur. You accomplish it by practicing what you preach, by being a good role model.

Idle time is danger time

Also, you need to understand that idle time is the time wherein your children are most vulnerable.  When they are idle they are free to think about and embrace tenets and emotions which are antithetical to their best interests.  After classes are done for the day, your child should be busy with organized extracurricular activities.  A part time job occupies the mind and teaches responsibility.

Gangs = the RELIGION of HATE and visa versa

Ironically then, the solution to fighting the RELIGION of HATE here at home is much the same as fighting gang recruitment. gun-and-bloodstain

After all, are not the practitioners of the RELIGION of HATE the same as the gangsters and thugs who sling their dope and preach and practice their hatred and disrespect? Is there any real difference between hatred which wears a dishdasha or jalabiyyah and hatred that wears a hoodie or a leather jacket? Can you determine a real difference between a hater that rides on roads of sand, instead of on roads of cement?

You win the battle at home

While countries need to defeat the RELIGION of HATE by military means, to win victory over those vermin, you must also cut off their recruitment of fresh blood to their cause. To accomplish this, you must defeat their ideology. That is easily defeated by ensuring that your child is content with his/her life.

First, make sure that your child feels loved. Next, enure your child does not feel lonely or disenfranchised. You do this making him/her a part of your life.  Lastly, help your child develop goals which he/she believes are within reach.

The military have one fight, you have another

So, let the military do that which it does in the Middle East. Help the police fight gangs and crime through your vigilance. But above all, resolve to fight the fight that you can win. Fight the fight for your child’s well being and future. Your victory is where it has always been; it is in your home. It is in your child’s mind, and it in your child’s heart.

Let us leave hatred to the haters and let use win the fight at home, with love, with reason and with logic.  Carpe Diem!

My voice is limited; yours is limitless

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