Gangs, Drugs, Crime Increasing in Langford

Gangs, Drugs, Crime Increasing in Langford 1

Welcome to the reality I have been warning about.  It is a warning some of you chose to argue with me. “Gangs, drugs, crime increasing in Langford”.

If you want evidence of crime increasing in Langford, read this from the Times Colonist of 02/19/2015, this morning. Then answer some tough questions for me.

Crime increasing in Langford - war+on+drugs
School kids robbed for drugs in Langford

Four people were arrested and one teen was taken to hospital after a violent drug-related robbery in a Langford park Wednesday afternoon.”

“Witnesses in Danbrook Park called West Shore RCMP around 4 p.m. after a group of four men and one youth robbed a 13-year-old and 17-year-old of their drugs.”

“Investigators believe the four men knew the victims had drugs on them.

“They range in age from 17 to 22. One man is from Langford and three are from Sooke.”

Here are some tough questions for Stew Young about crime increasing in Langford.

  1. If drugs are not invading your schools, where did a 13 year old and a 17 year old get drugs?
  2. What in the hell are drugs doing in your high schools? Get the drug dealers away from our kids.
  3. Did you read that right, a 13 YEAR OLD?
  4. How does a 13 year old even know a 22 year old?
  5. Since at least one of the assailants was 22, what is a 17 year old doing with 22 year old?
Crime increasing in Langford - school-yard-kids
Drugs in Langford, BC schools

What would cause three individuals to travel from Sooke to your little city to rob kids for drugs? Let me answer that one for you. “Because if you are hunting tigers, you go to the jungles where you know tigers live. Therefore, if you are hunting drugs, you go to the little city where you know drugs are to be found.” These guys knew the kids were dealing and they were targeted.

  1. Do you think that they got robbed because they had a joint on them? Or do you think they might have had something more?
  2. Do these kids know something that you don’t know or are you just in denial?

From the same edition, also comes this.

Crime increasing in Langford - Coat-Hanger-to-Break-Into-a-Car-Step-4
Addicts break into cars

Between 6 and 12 car break-ins have been reported on each of the past three days, said Cpl. Mike Holmes. In most cases, police believe, the cars were left unlocked. Thieves try door handles and target vehicles with GPS, alcohol, cash and other valuables visible.

We’re seeing a steady increase in these thefts from vehicles that are insecure…

From the same edition, yet again, comes this

…gun shot heard and a person screaming.


Here is what you are looking at just recently. You are seeing the tip of the ice berg here. Common sense tells you there are a plethora of other crimes that never get reported or never make the news. There are drug busts, B & E’s, as well as other attacks, etc.

This is Langford’s news lately.

  • increasing B & E’s aimed at targets of opportunity.

  • three drug related home invasions.

  • drug dealer stabbed to death.

  • drugs in the schools, with a 13 year old and 17 year old getting robbed in a park for drugs.

Crime increasing in Langford - crime-scene
Drug activity creates crime scenes

Signs of Drug Activity

Those are all signs of DRUGS. Be Alert. Report anything suspicious. If you don’t, you are the authors of your own demise.

Protect your children.

Below are some actions that you ABSOLUTELY NEED TO TAKE NOW.  Read them and answer these questions.

Where are your kids tonight? What do they do after school? Do they have too much free time? You need to do the following.

  • Learn about the world your son or daughter sees, and understand that world.
  •  Look at things through your children’s eyes and understand the pressures that they feel.

    Crime increasing in Langford - Life lessons
    Protect our children with leadership
  • Actively engage with your children. Talk not just about how their day went, but also about their feeling. Ask what interests or concerns them.
  • Be a good role model in the manner in which you talk about others and in the manner in which you speak to others.  As well, show respect when you interact with your kids or your significant other.
Crime increasing in Langford - Sad teen
Distraught and lonely teen

Important: City of Langford Feedback Form

Included with this post is a link to the City of Gangford feedback form provided by a reader.

Please click the link and please send your thoughts to the city. If you get a response from the city, then please share it with me, [email protected]. I want to alert everyone as to the “blah, blah, blah” produced by Stew Young’s public relations machine.

My voice is limited; yours is limitless

Stew Young and his “build at any cost” attitude are solely responsible for crime increasing in Langford

Do you agree or disagree?  Participate in the discussion at the bottom of the page and share this article on social media with one of the links below.  Make yourself heard!

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  1. A response from Langford city hall:

    My name is Lorne Fletcher and I am the Manager of Community Safety and Municipal Enforcement for the City of Langford.

    I am taking this opportunity to reply to your message and provide you with some information which I hope will help toward resolving those fears you have expressed – this is in addition to letting you know that our Mayor and our members of Council are aware of the concerns you have relayed within your message.

    You have mentioned the apprehension you are experiencing as a result of recent media reports around certain incidents. I‘m pleased that you have brought these concerns forward.

    As a community we can all work together to address the type of activity that isn’t welcome here. In the interest of preserving safer streets, Parks and Trails, the City and many of our citizens work closely with our RCMP by taking an active role in reporting these activities. As you might appreciate, we simply cannot expect to place a police officer at every corner and so it is up to each of us as residents to never hesitate reporting situations that we believe to be troubling or out of character for our neighbourhoods, or those areas we are travelling through. The police are very interested to learn when and where any suspicious activity occurs, so they can implement measures to deliberately watch these locations and effect investigations and arrests where possible.

    You haven’t named the actual area of Langford where you have the greatest concern, but if you are willing to advise me of any location causing you unease, I would certainly be willing to pass the information along to the Officers in charge of the General Duty patrols units of our local police. If you would prefer to quietly make such reports directly to the police on your own, you would be well received by calling the West Shore RCMP detachment and ask to speak with an Officer or the Watch Commander on duty. When calling, it would be tremendously helpful if you could provide information to the RCMP such as person or vehicle descriptions and certainly license plate details. A good description of the individuals you notice engaged in any suspicious activity will assist the RCMP too.

    You have suggested additional police presence would help you feel at ease. I can advise the subject of police numbers is very regularly reviewed and adjusted as necessary. I have been with the City of Langford in a Community Safety capacity for over 20 years and I know that over those years, our Mayor and Council have never hesitated to increase the number of our RCMP Officers where it has been deemed appropriate or necessary. In addition to police, the City of Langford operates night time security patrols and we also have our Bylaw Enforcement Officers (Peace Officers) patrolling trails and Parks – especially during evenings and weekends in the summer months. We can divert these patrols to areas that we hear are causing people concern too.

    I look forward to hearing more from you and I do encourage you to join the many citizens in our community who actively push back against all illegal activity – this way the criminal element will learn they cannot hide their activities from us.

    I appreciate getting any feedback you can offer.

    Lorne Fletcher, Manager

    Community Safety and Municipal Enforcement

    • Dear Ms. Fletcher,
      It is comforting to know that Langford police take reports of crime seriously, and I believe that is true. Nevertheless, what is happening to Western Communities…and perhaps Victoria in general? I want to stop the criminals at the ferry, but realise that is not easy. I honestly think it should be treated as a border crossing. I’m not joking. We should have done that with Scotch Broom and Grey Squirrels.
      This evening my 32 year old niece stopped at a stop sign at Brock St. and a man tried to get into the passenger side if her car. Fortunately, the doors were locked (automatically). Her 4 year old daughter was in the back seat. I am still shaking to imagine what could have happened to them. The incident was reported, and I know the police will be on the alert. I am grateful for that.
      But you know, I lived in Montreal for 27 years, and I was never afraid, morning or night.
      Thank you for reading thus far. I am serious about the ferry check. Just an ID presented at the entry points and a photo would be sufficient.
      Thank you,
      Joan Garcia

      • I am sorry for your experience and thrilled that your niece is fine. A solution must be found and it starts with LEADERSHIP at the city government level. A fish rots from the head down.

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