Grow Op Bust in Langford – Gangford

Pot shops bring crime.  It is that simple.  That’s why Victoria has had a rash of armed home invasions and armed robberies lately.  Also, it is why, in yet another exclusive, I am reporting that there was another Langford grow op on Friday, December 4th.

Crime doesn’t just happen.  Rather it is facilitated by a lack of thoughtful actions.  This Langford grow op is a direct result of bad decisions by Lisa Helps.

The pot shops encouraged by Lisa Helps’ clever politicking have spread their crime wave to Langford.  Allow me to explain how.  Stew Young’s “do nothing attitude” about crime in his city have encouraged gangs and criminals to reside and “set up shop” there.  Hence you have this Langford grow op.  So first, Mayor (part time mayor) Stew Young provided the venue to commit crimes in the form of grow ops.  Then next, Mayor Lisa Helps provided the venue for the criminals to sell their illegal wares.

Mayor-Stew-Young-I-run-Gangford-no-matter-who-is-acting-mayor by Hal Hannon.jpgSpeaking of Stew Young, didn’t he make some threats against the Devils Army?

  • Back in May didn’t he promise us more RCMP?
  • Do you remember when he was going to get rid of the Devils Army with a court injunction?

All he has done since those promises is to set up a rotating system wherein different council members take over as acting mayor for six months at a time.  In doing so, he is attempting to deflect the responsibility for his broken promises to others. Langford grow opIn this Langford grow op bust, RCMP kicked in the doors and seized the automobile(s) of the alleged culprit under B.C.’s Civil Forfeiture Act

While still having to adjudicate previous charges, I am told by multiple sources that Charbel Alex Hage allegedly had a 200 plant Langford grow op when the RCMP kicked in his doors and seized his automobile(s) under the Civil Forfeiture Act.  Additionally, he also faces weapons charges from this arrest, despite already having a weapons prohibition.  Hage is no stranger to the criminal courts, with an extensive list of charges and convictions going back to June of 1999.   According to the CSO website, Hage remains in custody awaiting a December 7th court appearance.

Langford Grow Op - Charbel Charges from Grow Op

Here are the charges stemming from Hage’s Friday arrest


*Limited Access is normally as a result of Domestic Abuse

The questions still remaining are, will he get one of B.C.’s infamous liberal judges or will there actually be accountability for his actions?

              Here are his previous charges                             Langford Grow Op - Charbel Previous Charges

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