Canadian Police and Their Role in the Hood

Police, whether RCMP or local Canadian police departments perform a vital service for every member of society, including for you and your family.  What do you do for your family or for society?  For those of you who are steeped in the drug culture and street culture, this posting will be about understanding our cops and their role in the hood.

Police are your friends when you really need a friend and that is the best kind of friend to have

I recall when I took one of the working girls to lunch.  This is a relatively regular occurrence with me because I enjoy just talking with them.  I like learning about their pasts and about their aspirations for their future.  Those aspirations hold the key to them getting their life back.  Therefore, talking about those aspirations might set off a chain reaction within them.

Sometimes though, I just sit silent with them if that is their comfort zone.  It is nice to get to know them as real people and let them know that I am not there to preach to them.  I tell them that I will try to be there for them when they are ready to quit drugs and to start earnestly pursuing their hopes and dreams.

Anyhow, she and I were chatting.  Actually, I was listening and she was doing all the chatting.  She was telling me about the recent arrest of a dealer.  He had wanted to take this particular lady to another city to work, instead of her working here.  She wisely declined.  Telling me about why she had declined – I did not ask – she gave the following soliloquy.“This [Victoria] is the best place in Canada.”

He must have thought I was crazy to want to go over there and be pimped out.  There was no way I was leaving to spend weeks flat on my back and get beaten by him and his friends.  I like my safe little city. Hell,  I can walk down any street at any hour and feel safe.  The cops watch out for me and the other girls.  There are no pimps here and no gang activity to speak of .  [Victoria police and Saanich police have very successfully kept the gangs largely at bay].  I can just do my thing until I am ready to get clean.  Why would I leave here?  This is the best place in Canada.”

I like the cops and I feel safe because I know they care.  There are some as*hole cops, but there are as*holes everywhere.  People need to quit calling them pigs or cussing them.  They’re just doing a job.”

”[Name withheld for privacy] had a bad date the other day.  The guy took her to his hotel room and smacked her around.  He demanded that she give him a blow job.  He even punched her in the head while she was doing it.  She escaped and was hurt and crying, but wouldn’t call the cops.  She didn’t want to be a rat.  Fu*k, that’s not being a rat.  That’s refusing to be a victim.

Bravo!  This lady absolutely gets it and was spot on with everything that she said.  Working girls and even user-dealers need to wake up and understand that the peace and safety they experience here is a direct result of the police department(s) keeping the gangs and the professional pimps largely out of the area.
Death by Gang Membership

Police are not your enemy.  Drugs and gangs are your enemy. You are more your own enemy than the police

Let me break it down for you like this

  1. To you working girls, read the quote from the lady with whom I had lunch and realize that you get the same protections as she.  Nobody is throwing you on a mattress in the backroom and holding you there against your will to provide sexual services to whomever your captor might desire.
  2. Also to you working girls, if you get a bad date, you can and should call the police.  They will treat you with respect.  They will take your complaint seriously and even try to protect your girlfriends from your predator so those girlfriends do not suffer the same fate as you.  CALL THEM. I BEG YOU AND THEY BEG YOU.
  3. To you user-dealers and just users, male and female, nobody is threatening you.  Nobody is beating you.  Nobody is stabbing you or shooting you.  And nobody is telling you that you have to buy your dope from if you want to work at this corner or that corner.
  4. To you nonuser-dealers, your gang associates are your real enemy.  The truth is that you will likely be dead by the time you are thirty unless you get out or call the police.

Do you think your safety just happens by accident?  Not only no, but hell no.  It happens by vigilance and by leadership.  It happens by police having a plan and by them adhering to that plan.  And it happens by the cops working together as a team and focusing their resources and efforts on protecting the citizens, of which you are one no matter how you make a living.

Honor a Police OfficerShow the cops that you appreciate them

If for no other reason than that, the next time a cop car rolls by you, you should flash a quick smile, or give a slight nod or a friendly wave, and if some idiot challenges you for doing so, just break it down to that fool the way I have broken it down here.  Tell that fool who wants to diss you that he is able to do so because of the blanket of protection afforded him by the police.

Are all cops great people?

Does this mean that all cops are nice people?  Again, “Not only no, but hell no.”  Just as the lady said, there are some jerk cops.  I have tangled with a few of them.  But there are also jerk garbage collectors, jerk judges,  and jerk lawyers.

Some of you guys on the street are jerks also.  There are jerks in every profession, every job, and every walk of life. Just like the rest of society, cops are a cross section of the people.  Frankly, most cops are at least okay individuals. Some are really great people.  I had the privilege of working with a few of the really great ones on Paul Rouxel’s murder, on Crazy’s attack, and on the Lemay attack.  In fact, I still have their numbers in my phone book.

So you think cops are cowards because they often come in the middle of the night or they come in large numbers? If that is what you think, you are a fool

  • They often come in the middle of the night to surprise you.  If they can catch you off guard, there is a much lesser chance that you will do anything stupid.  And if you do nothing stupid then nobody will be hurt, not any of them, and not you.  They surprise you to protect you and to protect them.  Do you get it?
  • Why do they come in large numbers?  They do it to protect you and them through intimidation.  If you are intimidated, then there is less chance that you will do something stupid.  If you do nothing stupid, then…  Are you starting to see a pattern here?
  • Do you hate the cops because they arrest you?  Let’s break that down right now.  Assuming you’re a criminal of some nature, then you have chosen to make committing crimes your job.  It is the job of the police to bust your a*s for doing your crimes.  It’s that simple.

Mr. Big ShotYou wanted to play “big shot”.  So “man up” when you get taken down a notch, which you always will if you are selling dope

You’re the fool who wanted a seat at the big table, but then didn’t play well enough to keep your seat.  So who is really at fault for you being arrested?  Take ownership of your actions and stop blaming others because you fu*ked up.

Those of you who are arrested and who then start ranting about how you hate the pigs, you’re fools.  What you are really doing is whining because the cops were smarter than you.   When I was raised in sports, we were not happy about losing to another team, but our coaches taught us to shake our opponent’s hand and resolve within ourselves to play a better and smarter game the next time.

If you sit on the curb, hands cuffed behind you as you make snorting noises or hurl your invective ridden insults at the cops, you are a whining, sniveling idiot

With each snort, with each foul word, and with each taunt, you are telling the cops that you hate them for being smarter than you.  Do you really think that is going to get under their skin?

Hell no . It will only make them laugh at you and feel happier that they busted your dumb a*s.  I’m not suggesting that you go shake their hands.  Actually, you can’t anyhow because you are the fool with your hands cuffed behind your back.  Although I am telling you that you might look more like a man if you just shut up.

Police Humour
You are fun to arrest

What do you think the other team would have been doing if our coach had told us, after losing a game, to begin yelling at that team?  They would have gone to the locker room laughing at us and thinking what losers we were.

Then they would have resolved to kick our as*es even harder the next time we met.  When you sit on the curb acting like a fool, the people from the street who have even half a brain are quietly laughing at you.  They know you are painting a target on your back because you make yourself so much fun to arrest.

So, you still think you’re a smart guy, huh?

Then why in the hell is some uniform with a hand spread atop your head helping you into a paddy wagon while you are wearing the bracelets of stupidity if you’re so damn smart?  Can you explain that one to me, fool?

Those are my opinions

What are yours?

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