Ignoring Drugs, Gangs & Crime In Gangford

Ignoring Drugs, Gangs & Crime In Gangford 4

Did you catch the latest article (03-26-15) in the Times Colonist about crime in the West Shore? Please allow me to point out the relevant sections as they relate to ignoring drugs, gangs & crime in Gangford.

pr machine2We are starting to get some press.  It came first on CTV and then from local newspapers.  Do not be deceived though.  Stew Young has not even broken into a sweat yet.  His great PR machine has kicked in though.

Did you notice that the only politician quoted in the referenced article above was Mayor YoungThis is despite the fact that there are six other cities that were part of that discussionWHY?

I strongly suspect that Mayor Young’s next move will be an attempt to discredit me instead responding to your needs, but my life is an open book.

What Was Not Relevant In The Discussion About The Safety Of Any West Shore Community Resident Or Langford Resident

relevanceMeaning no disrespect to the thoroughness of the Time Colonist’s article which was not meant as a response to my blog, it covered the West Shore in general and was not specific to Langford. Still, by reading the article carefully, there is much information to be gleaned from it regarding Langford.  In doing so, please realize that neither my blogs, nor your safety, are about pocket dials, traffic stops or the mental health act. They are about gangs, and the drugs and crime that accompany gangs and about the adamant and abject failure of Stew Young to properly fund the RCMP.

Let’s parse the article from the Times Colonist to find what is really happening in Langford

Please read the following quotes from the Times Colonist article.  When doing so, please realize that Langford has, by far, the greatest percentage of crime compared to the other municipalities (see charts below).  Therefore, that most of these crime increases refer principally to Langford and Stew Young’s lack of diligent stewardship.

  • Four prolific offenders were in contact with police a total of 59 times, even though several of them spent most of the year incarcerated. RCMP attribute a drop in property crimes to those offenders’ incarceration and curfew checks….

  • Langford had the highest number of calls for service relative to its population size. There were 30.6 files per 100 people in Langford.  That was followed by View Royal’s 24.0 per 100 and Colwood’s 18.9 per 100. [Hal’s Note: Langford also has the highest population.  It is approximately twice the size of any other West Shore community.  Accordingly, Langford accounts for most of the crime in the West Shore.  Thank you Stew.]

  • Criminal Code offences against people — the category includes assault, robbery, sexual offences, weapons offences and manslaughter/murder — rose about 8.7 per cent overall.  Individually, robberies dropped to 20 from 22.  Weapons offences rose to 65 from 54.  Sexual offences rose to 27 from 25 and assaults rose to 274 from 254.  There were no cases of manslaughter or murder.

  • Drug offences showed one of the biggest drops, but Chomyn [RCMP Spokesperson] said the 50 per cent decrease in drug-production charges had more to do with shifting policy than actual production.

“Crime in the West Shore is up 16 per cent so far this year compared to the same period last year…” police-lights-crime-tape-jpg

So, with Langford accounting for the highest percentage of crime in the West Shore, and with crime rates rising 16% so far this year, who do you think is responsible? If Stew Young was really concerned, instead of just talking about it among staff and throwing Bylaw Officers out to do a job not within their purview, namely, busting gang members, stash houses and safe houses, Mayor Young would increase the RCMP budget and let real cops protect you and your family.

Graphic Proof Of The Failed Leadership Of Stew Young From The Times Colonist’s Article

crimebycity2 copyThe above graph shows the reality of crime in the West Shore and reveals Stew Young’s lack of effective leadership as he continues to concentrate on development over your safety. Look at crime in Gangford (Langford)!

criminal Code Offences copyThe above graph shows the types of crimes that are being committed in the West Shore.  Realizing that Langford has, by far, the highest crime rate, it is “res ipsa loquiter” that these are the crimes against which Stew Young refuses to mount an effective fight, preferring to fund development, thereby revealing Stew Young’s lack of effective leadership as he continues to concentrate on development over your safety. Notice the assaults and weapons charges!

Stew Young’s Great Lie

Gov trust meterThis Blog Complained About Budgets For RCMP. It Did NOT, As Implied by Stew Young, Complain About The Performance of RCMP

Stew Young’s PR machine is trying to spin the complaint, deflect it from his lack of performance, and frame this as a battle between you and the RCMP.

Read his quote, “For 23 years, I really have had no complaints about the RCMP. They’ve done a hell of a job as far as I’m concerned. They’re really reactive to trends and what’s going on.”

My blog has never uttered a single word critical of the RCMP. However, it has consistently complained about the budgets given the RCMP to perform its duty. Let’s clear this up right now with a definitive statement, “The RCMP is doing an excellent job with the budget it has been given; “Stew Young and company just need to provide the RCMP a budget that allows it to protect you.

This Blog Focused on Crime In Gangford, Not In The West Shore In General

langford-gngford copyAgain, Stew Young is coming at you with an attempt to distract you.  He wants to mis-frame the debate.  He hopes to deflect your attention from his budgets and what is happening in Langford in particular, not in the West Shore in general.  You should not fall for his pathetic attempt to drag me into a debate with other municipalities in the West Shore.


In fact, if those other municipalities are to be dragged into this debate, it should be because they are upset with Stew Young and his policies that are allowing crime to spill from Langford to them.

Give The RCMP A Workable Budget To Protect Us

In reading the Times Colonist article with its statistics from the RCMP and inclusion of RCMP statements therein, you should take note of the fact that the RCMP never said it has enough officers.  In fact, what is abundantly clear from the RCMP discussion is that it needs more officers.  If that was not the case, why would the RCMP have been required to re-focus its attention away from drug related offences? mounties-32 This re-focus was referenced by the RCMP statement.  It said, “…decrease in drug-production charges had more to do with shifting policy than actual production.”

Here is my response to Mayor Young’s continuing refusal to recognize the gang problem.  “Stew, you can shuck and jive, and you can try to hide the real issues behind your smoke and mirrors, but the truth is that this debate is about crime in Langford, about your lack of performance and about your singularly focused mind to put development above the safety of your constituents.

Stew Young Just Keeps Refusing To Replace Any Portion Of His Empire Building Strategy Or Protect You

By refusing to mention The RCMP budget, Stew Young adamantly refuses to even discuss the idea of increasing the budget of the RCMP. Here is another quote from the article of the Times Colonist this morning (March 26, 2015). Please pay particular attention to the portion I have underlined, which are words out of Stew Young’s own mouth.

More Rent-a-Cops And More Bylaw Enforcement Is An Ignorant Response To Gangs With Guns

Still from the Times Colonist Article: Langford Mayor Stew Young said he’s concerned about recent assaults, including a sexual assault on a woman jogging near Glen Lake Park, the fatal beating of a 26-year-old man on the Songhees First Nation reserve and a case where a woman was punched by a man who grabbed her suitcase on a Colwood trail.security-officer-gold-coast-qld

We’re putting staff resources, security and more bylaw enforcement in,” he said.

Handing out parking tickets and calling in a crime after the fact does nothing. It will not stop the gangs, the drugs and the violence.  That is being reactive. not proactive.  Get more RCMP!

The Truth about Stew Young Is In His Quote from 2010; It Says All You Need To Know About Him

Here is that Stew Young quote:This isn’t a threat. I’m just saying if you criticize development, then I’ll use whatever resources there are under the law to shut you up.” 

Again, is there a difference between a drug addict and a power addict? I tell drug addicts whom I counsel that if you keep on doing what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten. I believe the same holds true for “power addicts”. Is there a way to get the mayor to understand that?

When Is Enough Enough?

BS-meterHis Honor needs to stop the BS.  We have had enough PR, enough  development over safety, and heard enough about rent-a-cops and Bylaw Officers.  This is about protecting your family, about you being able to allow your daughter to walk home from school, about your wife being safe in the park, about nobody trying to sell your child drugs, about knowing there is not a drug stash house or safe house down the street or on your child’s route home from school.

This is about tough cops enforcing laws against hardened criminals. It is not about a new interchange or highway, or a new development or mall, or about Stew’s personal empire.

This is about commonsense, about recognizing a problem and taking meaningful and appropriate actions to solve that problem. This is not about a PR battle or Stew creating another legacy of concrete and steel, or about Stew’s abundant ego.

Stew needs to do what you tell him to do or you need to throw him out.

Aaron LaFlam

Use It Or Lose It

The petition I promised is still on the way. In the meantime, you need to SHARE this post and my other posts about what is happening in Langford.  I am one voice; you are thousands of voices. If you don’t use them, you will lose them.  Crime will overtake your community.  In the meantime Stew Young will gloat about new development.  Sadly, he does so at the cost of your safety and the safety of your family.

My voice is limited; yours is limitless

Do you agree or disagree?  Participate in the discussion at the bottom of the page.  Share this article on social media with one of the links below.  Make yourself heard!

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  1. another article in TC on drug bust on jacklin. the people there are big time drug dealers and went to school with lindsay buziak who was murdered in a vacant house. coincidence? the ties in langford are less than 6 degrees of seperation. i bet landlord at jacklin home is a zailo. gangford is right! organized crime is deep in this town. there are even ties to the basi-virk rail scandal. this is interesting website:

  2. You are so on point! Excellent reporting. Keep it up! We support you and this need for action. People are paying attention, slowly but surely. Your blog articles are making a difference. Thank you!

  3. You are correct; there was no rocket science involved in this prediction, only common sense and an understanding of how drugs are distributed. Stew Young and his crew are sadly devoid of common sense and unwilling to learn about drugs. Somebody needs to kick Stew and his crew to the curb. But hey, Stew caught a fish everyday. Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Stew fishes while Langford sinks into the mire of drugs and gangs. I also hold a lot of news media responsible for not pressuring Stew, especially the Times Colonist who eulogizes drug dealers and just did a “softball” story on Stew yesterday.

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