Imodium, Just Like Fentanyl, Is Killing Addicts

Imodium is killing addicts
Imodium is a killer just like fentanyl

Heroin addicts are increasingly turning to Imodium, an over the counter remedy for diarrhea.  That’s because it contains an opioid known as loperamide.  And Imodium, just like fentanyl and other opioids, is killing addicts.

Imodium contains the opioid lopermide
Imodium contains the opioid loperamide

What exactly is an opioid?

An opioid is a synthetic opium similar chemically to fentanyl or W-18, but considerably less potent.  Synthetic opiates mimic the effects of heroin.

Why would the maker of an anti-diarrheal want to use an opioid?

Have you ever heard of OIC, “Opioid Induced Constipation”?  Heroin and its base ingredient, opium, alter the timing of digestion so that the small intestines have more time to absorb fluids and nutrients from the foods you eat.  This added retention time causes constipation which is the exact opposite of diarrhea.  Thus, it is an effective remedy for diarrhea, as well as some other colon and/or stomach problems.

Of course the explanation of why Imodium might choose an opioid instead of other possible ingredients assumes that there exists no greed factor on the part of the manufacturer to produce an addictive product

Addicts are taking up to 200 Imodium pills a day
Addicts are taking up to 200 pills a day

Anything containing an opioid will be misused by the addict

When warning you about Victoria’s tent city I told you of the almost endless creativity of addicts to use anything and everything to further their habits.

Imodium, as do any over the counter drugs, warns the consumer not to overdose, but that is more of an advertisement than it is a warning when opioids are involved.

Lopamide is a generic form of Imodium
Lopamide is a generic form of Imodium

The danger of Imodium and its generic counterparts

Imodium/loperamide can cause the heart to suddenly stop beating resulting in instant death.  One might take it multiple times with no effect, but then…

There are many ways to ingest this product.  But a popular method is to take a hundred or more pills and make a smoothie.  While it is not their drug of choice, heroin addicts turn to it when they are broke, suffering, or about to suffer, withdrawal.

Pharmacy SymbolWhat the pharmacies and drug stores need to do

Any and all forms of over the counter drugs that contain opioids or other addictive substances need to be placed behind locked displays.  You should also know that this stuff is not safe for young children, in any dose.

What Health Canada needs to do

Health Canada needs to develop a simple symbol that warns consumers that a particular product is addictive and/or contains an addictive ingredient.





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    Look do you know something that works better or as good for diarrhea because I can’t even find anything that comes close..

    I don’t want to ask the pharmacist…

    Maybe medical marijuana:)?

    • What you need to understand is that opioid based medicines are addictive. Using an opioid for diarrhea control is especially clever as one of the first symptoms of opioid withdrawal is diarrhea. Thus if you quit using Imodium, you will bring about the very problem you were trying to medicate against in the first place.

      Additionally, your body will adjust to an opioid presence rendering the opioid less and less effective over a surprisingly small amount of time. Thus, you will gradually require more and more of it to bring about the same results you initially experienced. This is insidious.

      I strongly urge you to talk to your doctor about these matters. An additional benefit of talking to your doctor, besides avoiding opioid addiction, might be that he/she is able to prescribe you an effective medicine that is covered by health insurance.

      Good Luck

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