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An Engaging and Charismatic Speaker for Interviews or Presentations

Mr. Hannon is perfect for interviews or presentations.  He is an experienced interviewee in all forms of public media.  As well, he is a published author and blogger with a casual style.  He loves interacting with is audience and is credible and informative,

Mr. Hannon speaks about and with

  • concerned parents as to how to establish and maintain interviews or presentationscommunication with their children in order to help those children avoid drugs and gangs,
  • family members and parents about the warning signs that their child is in danger of turning to gangs and drugs,
  • concerned parents about indications that their child might already be involved with gangs or drugs,
  • police about how to establish and maintain professional relationships of trust and respect within the street community which they serve,
  • abused women as to why and how they must go about shedding themselves of their abuser,
  • troubled youth as to how to avoid becoming involved with gangs or drugs.

Mr. Hannon’s background and life experiences make him ideally suited to speak on all those matters, and more

Mr Hannon

  • was an international kidnap victim at six years old,

  • was orphaned some years later,

  • has been a highly successful entrepreneur, founded, managed and eventually sold several businesses, two of which achieved over a million dollars worth of sales in their first year

  • was a Confidential Informant for the police for some two years on a successfully concluded murder investigation resulting in a conviction,

  • has interacted for 15 years, one on one, with many on the street, assisting several with housing issues, even appearing with them in front of the Residential Tenancy Branch to help them fight major apartment management companies,

  • has written an outspoken book, Breaking The Code, about many of his experiences as a Confidential Informant and about his insights in working with the “street”,

  • writes a blog at about drugs, crimes, gangs and any other topics that might peak his interests,

  • has been credited by several as the inspiration behind them getting clean from drugs and getting their life back together.

Polite, Respectful, Knowledgeable and Professional

Mr. Hannon brings a level of first hand expertise to all these topics, and more. He is polite, professional, respectful, knowledgeable and always interesting and candid.

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