Kerry Chang, Makayla’s Dad, Puts Me On To Do List

Kerry Chang Threatens me

In late March I published a blog seeking the public’s assistance in finding Makayla Chang, a missing 16 year old young lady.  That blog also explained that Makayla’s father, Kerry Chang from Nanaimo, was a prolific and infamous drug dealer who was in jail at the time.

Additionally, I speculated on various reasons why she might be missing.  Then, just as did other news media, I updated that posting as events unfolded.

Kerry Chang has since been released and is now threatening me, but being threatened is nothing new to me.  Nor apparently, are making threats new to Mr. Chang

Kerry Chang scheduled to appear in Victoria courthouse
Kerry Chang’s scheduled appearance in Victoria for having previously uttered threats

I often get threats from haters and others who don’t appreciate the truth.  And Mr. Chang is no stranger to threats either.  In fact, he will be in court in my backyard, Victoria, on June 29th for having previously uttered threats.

Before detailing Mr. Chang’s threat to me, and in order to put that threat in context, I will first paste, below, my blog posting that drew his wrath.

Please just understand the audacity of this guy.  He made a clear threat against me, and did so in writing while he was already scheduled to appear in court for the same offense from a previous threat against a different individual.

Furthermore, as you will see, he threatened me from his own email and while bragging about how violent and dangerous he is.

Now, to that first post:

Hells Angels, Did They Kidnap Makayla Chang?

[UPDATED – 6:07 PM PDT, March 31, 2017 & April 07 & April 12, May 18]

Is there a Hells Angels connection to the disappearance of Makayla Chang?  I don’t know, but let me tell you what I have been able to dig up.  I have beaten the street for information, and what I have found is very alarming.

As you might recall, Makayla is the sixteen year old teen who went missing from Nanaimo and has not been seen or heard from since March 16 of this year.

I don’t like the nagging feeling I am getting.  It seems to me that there are too many coincidences in her disappearance.

Father Kerry Chang and daughter Makayla Chang
Father Kerry Chang and daughter Makayla Chang

Coincidence One

Makayla Chang is the daughter of prolific offender Kerry Chang

Kerry Chang is infamous in Nanaimo, and is rumored to be connected with the Hells Angels.  Since the Hells Angels basically run crime in Nanaimo, it is difficult to be a big time criminal there without a Hells Angels connection.

That understood, Mr. Chang recently got busted with a loaded semi-automatic handgun and $7,000 in cash.  Accordingly, he was sentenced to 90 days in jail.  This money supposedly belonged to the Hells Angels.

As an aside, what I can’t understand is why this guy was out on bail.  After all, his criminal record is almost beyond belief.  Also, with that in mind, it’s astounding that he got only 90 days for a loaded semi-automatic weapon.

Coincidence Two

Steven Michael Bacon
Steven Bacon is being sought in connection with the disappearance of Makayla Chang

The RCMP wants to talk with Steven Bacon in connection with the disappearance of Makayla Chang

Bacon is 53 years old, 5′ 11″ tall and weighs 209 pounds.  He is also rumored to have connections with the Hells Angels.

Please take notice of the teardrop tattoo under his left eye.  In the old days, this meant that you had murdered somebody.  I don’t know how fresh the tattoo might be or if it is from the old days, so I can’t assign a murder meaning to it.  Accordingly, it might just mean that he did jail time.

Whatever its exact meaning is though, the tattoo makes it clear that he is part of the criminal world.

Coincidence Three

Nanaimo Courthouse
Nanaimo Courthouse

Kerry Chang was sentenced on March 16, 2017.  This is the very day that Makayla Chang went missing

Folks, I don’t like coincidences, and this set worries me.  Accordingly, I fear that Makayla Chang, an innocent 16 year old child, might be a pawn in a dope game.

I fear that it is possible that she is being used as insurance.  Perhaps the bikers are holding her to make sure they get their $7,000 back, or perhaps they are afraid of what her father might say to the police while in custody.

There was a time when reaching out to family members, especially children was taboo.  However, the dope game is now more dangerous than ever.

The dealers think nothing of their customers dying of a fentanyl overdose.  With the Hells Angels puppet clubs, like the Red Scorpions, the game has become even more vicious and the ground rules have changed.

Here are a few more of the many faces of Makayla Chang

She could be anywhere on the mainland or anywhere on the island.  Accordingly, contact the Nanaimo RCMP with any information, and please, pay special attention to her lip piercings.  One cannot easily hide the holes they produce.

Additionally, Makayla, who also sometimes goes by the name Kayla, is 5′ 1″ tall, has green eyes, weighs 110 lbs and is fair skinned.

Let’s bring her home safely

Makayla Chang
Two faces of Makayla Chang
Three different looks for Makayla Chang
Three different looks for Makayla Chang

[UPDATE #1 – March 31]

Makayla’s grandmother is now reporting that Makayla was living with Steven Bacon and might be involved in an inappropriate relationship with him.  True or not?  I don’t know; I hope not, but it does not necessarily mean that the possibilities I outlined are incorrect.

Bacon could still be holding her against her will, either for his own depraved reasons, or at the behest of, or under pressure from the Hells Angels.

On the other hand, they might be voluntarily hiding out together for whatever reason(s).  However, that would require outside help or a significant amount of planning.

[UPDATE #2 – April 07]

Nanaimo RCMP is reporting that it has spoken with Steven Bacon, but has given no update on the whereabouts of Makayla Chang.  I do not like this one bit.  It makes me fearful for her.

[UPDATE #3 – April 12]

There was an interview done on April 11, 2017 with Kerry Chang, the father of Makayla Chang.  In that interview, Mr. Chang said he feared that Makayla was being “held against her will“.

Since Steven Bacon has been located and interviewed by the RCMP, one can only speculate who Mr. Chang believes might be holding his daughter

[UPDATE #4 – May 18]

Sadly, the fears I have been expressing for the past two months and that all my detractors have been haranguing me for have come true.  It was announced today that Makayla Chang has been found deceased.  Her death is being investigated as a homicide.

It is my understanding that Steven Bacon has been located again.  That being the case, I will bet you that Steven Bacon will be found to somehow be connected with this murder.  In any event, now begins the hopeful, yet tedious and painstaking gathering of evidence to charge Makayla’s killer.

A murderer must be made to pay which is entirely different than there being justice

NEWS FLASH: Notice nobody is asking the whereabouts of Steven Bacon.  Make what you will of that.  For me, this means that he is alive and that the RCMP know exactly where he is.

Kerry Chang’s threat and my response to it

In an interview on June 7th you vowed to turn your life around as you said, [referring to Makayla]“Absolutely it’s the least I can do for her”.

Then just two days later, on June 9th, you sent me the following threat [pictured below in the yellow borders].  That was a quick renege on your word.  Your solemn vow obviously didn’t mean much.  It didn’t even last 48 hours.

Kerry Chang’s threat to me

Before responding to your threat in detail, I will first say this.  Please know that I am truly sorry for your loss.  I cannot imagine what it must feel like to lose a child, especially in the manner in which you lost Makayla.

I want you to also know that this blog which you hate so much generated multiple tips that were immediately turned over to police.

That said, I will now respond to each of your comments, and I will do so with the brutal honesty which has always been my hallmark.

In response to your weapons charge

I never used the word “possession“.  That is the word you chose, not me.  Accordingly, my statement, while it was generalized, was accurate.

In response to your claim that I said this was because of $7,000

Again, you have misquoted me.  I said, “I fear that it is possible…”  I also mentioned another possible reason to which you chose not to respond.  In fact, in an interview you gave on April 11 to the Times Colonist, long after I published my blog about your daughter, you were quoted as saying the following.  Without a doubt in my mind, she’s being held against her will…

In response to your implication of pedophilia on my part

That is poppycock and you know it.  I think youth are the future of this country.

In response to your claim that I disrespected your daughter

Please show me exactly where I did so.  If you can, which you will not be able to, I will issue a public apology within my blog and edit any insult out of the blog.

Brutal truth for Kerry ChangIn response to my having supposedly dragged your family name through the mud

You are the one who dragged your family name through the mud with your drug dealing, your assaults and your threats, not I.  I simply stated a very small portion of your extensive criminal record.

In response to your claim that I called you a “very dangerous and violent criminal

As with the supposed insult to your daughter, it just did not happen.  Although, I am not arguing with your self-characterization in that regard.

In closing, I want you to know again that my heart goes out to you for your unimaginable and tragic loss.  I hope that someday you are able to put this behind you and to recognize and put into perspective the part that your life style and life choices played in Makayla’s tragic passing.  On the street it’s called “manning up“.  I simply call it “ownership“.

UPDATE JUNE 29 : Kerry Chang’s next appearance in Victoria is posted below

P,A 171280-1 CHANG, KERRY Wallace Victoria Law Courts 13Jul2017
9:00 AM
103 AHR SBD 403:17-9004 View File Details


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  1. what a Pee Brain.could somebody Pleeeease take vid. or pics.(not to show yours of coarse) cause dont want somebody elses good looks to distract us from what id like to call ‘My LOVE TO DO’ ya KC.buddy.billy from the 6th

  2. Your a goof ball.Nd u should really just mind ur own business! You have no clue to what this family is all about, you have absolutely no right to jump to ur dumb ass assumptions of what u seem to think happened to Makayla! Your nothing but a clown,blogging about shit you have no real facts on! And if you don’t like being threatened witch you weren’t! Clearly! Then find something better to do with ur spare time like minding your own!!!!!

    • Take the needle out of your arm and listen up you illiterate moron.

      1. I never claimed to know what the family is about. I simply stated that Kerry is a drug dealer and I made no comment characterizing any other member of the family.
      2. My, as you put it, “dumb ass assumption” about Makayla was, sadly, correct.
      3. Here is another fact. Kerry is a criminal.
      4. I recognize a threat when I see it. If you are too stupid to recognize it, there is nothing that can be done for you.
      5. Actually, I love being threatened, because with each threat I get to go to the police and possibly see another criminal put in jail.

      Lastly, if you know the family so well, as your comment implies, why do you comment anonymously?

      • Not looking to argue here, or trade insults, but it may be a little premature to make the following statement, regarding the last point in particular..
        “I hope that someday you are able to put this behind you and to recognize and put into perspective the part that your life style and life choices played in Makayla’s tragic passing”

        Truth is until more information is released we don’t know if her Fathers lifestyle choices in any way contributed to this tragedy…While it would seem unlikely with this Bacon character lurking in the background of all this -for all we know she may have been randomly targetted which can happen to anyone regardless of their life choices or those close to them.

        Now dont get me wrong -Im not saying this in defense of Mr. Chang, (truth be told thou I would tend to agree with him solely on the one point he made regarding the possibility of a motorcycle club forgoing traditional debt collection strategies and going to the extremes of murdering ones uninvolved 16 year child …over 7 grand, nah, not gonna happen especially not the exact same day ones father is put in jail….where he is in close quarters with law enforcement and at a low point in life….kidnapping ones daughter when the guy is sitting in the can , shit, how many people are gonna maintain their solidarity at that point?!?!?! …..not that they wouldent kill for smallish money…no doubt its been done, but that club isint gonna jeapordize a cash cow market share in the dope game over relative pocket change ….
        you mentioned quite rightly about the club being carefull with its public image…they would know that the case would likely be a hot potato in the media given the young age and gender of victim….the last thing they would want is being fingered as baby killers, the public outrage would be fucking huge if such a cold blooded plot was uncovered..and then the RCMPs hand would be forced to aggressively target the club , the RCMPs politically active overlords would demand it, as theres an election around every corner……its not that the bike club WOULDENT kill over 7 grand, no doubt in the right situation they likely would, ..however id fathom to guess that self presservation , greed and a desire to maintain the status quo will ensure that when they do kill over 7 grand the victims are unconnected, easily forgotten or outcasted and unlikely to muster up any sort of public sympathy – the sort of folks whos human remains are sadly found accident rather then in any sort of search.

        • Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Although we disagree on several points, I will only take the time to respond to your point about what responsibility Mr Chang bears for decisions that impacted his daughter’s life. Here is that response, partially drawn from the opening page of my blog.

          Learn about the world your son or daughter sees, and understand that world.
          Look at things through your children’s eyes and understand the pressures that they feel.
          Actively engage with your children. Talk with them, not just about how their day went.
          Also talk about their feeling concerning certain events that to them might have felt important.
          BE A GOOD ROLE MODEL in the manner in which you lead your life, speak to, and speak about others.
          As well, lead them by an example of how you interact with them and your spouse and/or significant other.

          Randomness comes from the circles which you inhabit. A random killer/molester in India could not have affected Kayla’s life. The circles she inhabited and the environment she sought out were a direct result of parenting.

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